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Lexa's Legacy Panel Part 2 ClexaCon 2017
This was a video made by Foomatic called Lexa Kom Trikru. They played it towards the middle of panel for the 1 year anniversary of Lexa's death, there wasn't a dry eye in the room that day! They even kept the lights off after the video finished so we wouldn't see each other crying.
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Fifth Harmony - Write On Me (Las Vegas 05/15/16)
Fifth Harmony performing Write On Me at SPF Vegas on 05/15/16. I was so happy they performed this song, they were amazing!!
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Selena Gomez - Nobody (Las Vegas 05/06/16)
Selena singing Nobody on her Revival Tour in Las Vegas on 05/06/16. She started crying during the beginning of the song so she was trying not to cry through the rest of it and you can see at one point she says "Thank you God!"
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Fifth Harmony - Worth It (Las Vegas 05/15/16)
Fifth Harmony performing Worth It at SPF Vegas on 05/15/16. I've seen them 3 times now and they just keep getting better!
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Fifth Harmony - Going Nowhere (Las Vegas 05/15/16)
Fifth Harmony performing my favorite song off their Reflection album, Going Nowhere at SPF Vegas on 05/15/16
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Fifth Harmony - Work From Home (Las Vegas 05/15/16)
Fifth Harmony performing Work From Home at SPF Vegas on 05/15/16. They all looked absolutely gorgeous!!!
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Fire N Gold - Bea Miller ft. Debby Ryan (Las Vegas 08/13/15)
Bea closed her set with Fire N Gold and Debby decided to come on stage and finish the song with her!
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One Bad Night - Hayley Kiyoko (Los Angeles 09/21/16)
Hayley performing One Bad Night off her new EP Citrine at Revolt Studio in Hollywood.
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Perfect Picture - Bea Miller (Las Vegas 08/13/15)
Bea performing my favorite song Perfect Picture off her Not An Apology album in Las Vegas on 08/13/15
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Selena Gomez - Revival (Las Vegas 05/06/16)
Selena singing Revival on her Revival Tour in Las Vegas on 05/06/16. I loved that she decided to open and close with this song because it was different each time!
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Dreamers - K. Flay ft. Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons (Las Vegas 02/04/17)
It was so awesome having Dan Reynolds there, they did this song justice!
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Selena Gomez - Survivors (Las Vegas 05/06/16)
Selena singing Survivors on her Revival Tour in Las Vegas on 05/06/16
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Selena Gomez - Revival/Same Old Love (Las Vegas 05/06/16)
Selena Gomez singing Revival and Same Old Love as her opening numbers for her 2016 Revival Tour in Las Vegas on 05/06/16
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Selena Gomez - Me & The Rhythm (Las Vegas 05/06/16)
Selena singing Me & The Rhythm on her Revival Tour in Las Vegas on 05/06/16
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Selena Gomez - Who Says (Las Vegas 05/06/16)
Selena singing Who Says on her Revival Tour in Las Vegas on 05/06/16. Ignore the guy screaming next to me in all my videos he was going crazy the whole night.
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Fifth Harmony - Sledgehammer (Las Vegas 05/15/16)
Fifth Harmony performing Sledgehammer at SPF Vegas on 05/15/16
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Fire Meet Gasoline - Sia (Las Vegas 10/07/16)
Sia performing Fire Meet Gasoline on her Nostalgic For The Present Tour. Again sorry for the shaky videos but a group of drunk girls was next to me and one of them kept bumping into me and pushing me.
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Cool for the Summer pt. 2 - Demi Lovato Live Tell Me You Love Me Tour (Las Vegas 03/03/18)
I had to record this song in 2 parts cause my camera started zooming in on its own and I had to stop to figure out what was going on.
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Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself (Las Vegas 05/06/16)
Selena singing Hands To Myself on her Revival Tour in Las Vegas on 05/06/16. Sorry for the sudden drop of my camera, one of the people next to me bumped my elbow and knocked my camera out of my hands!
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One Million Bullets - Sia ft. Kristen Wiig (Las Vegas 10/07/16)
Sia performing One Million Bullets on her Nostalgic For The Present Tour with Kristen Wiig.
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Rich Kids - Bea Miller (Las Vegas 08/13/15)
Bea performing Rich Kids in Las Vegas on the Reflection: Summer Tour on 08/13/15
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Lexa's Legacy Panel ClexaCon 2017
This was the video they played before they introduced the panelists, towards the end you can hear all the sniffles of people trying not to cry! The people on this panel were Rin of the YouTube channel Rophydoes, April also known as Foomatic and a couple people from LGBT Fans Deserve Better.
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Selena Gomez - Sober (Las Vegas 05/06/16)
Selena singing Sober on her Revival Tour in Las Vegas on 05/06/16
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Gravel To Tempo - Hayley Kiyoko (Los Angeles 09/21/16)
Sorry it's sideways, it was recorded on my phone. This is Hayley doing a free pop-up performance in L.A. at Revolt Studios on 9/21/16
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