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Syd Parrot Sings the Adam's Family Theme Song
Syd loves it when we sing songs to him, but if we start singing the Adam's Family Theme, he completely loses it! He dances and clicks and tries to sing along. I caught him practicing when no one was looking.
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Tequila Fast and Slow
Making my sister laugh was one of my favorite pastimes when we were kids in the 80s. Dad handed down a stack of old 45s from his collection for us to play on our portable and Tequila by The Cramps was one of our favorite. We enjoyed listening to it super fast, then very, very slow. Countless times we would drag our fingers across the record to hear them shout "Te-qui-la!" so deeply and drawn out at the end. We'd crack up laughing every time. We had no idea what the word 'Tequila' even meant! This one's for you, Sissy!
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Parrot Loves Knight Rider
Syd Parrot loves the Knight Rider theme song.
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Flash Flood
Covington, KY, just south of Cincinnati, OH - Flash flood came through and tore up the hill we live on. Well, truth be told, the hill was already torn up (there are more pictures of the damage done to the road and our house on my blog: http://shedreamsindigital.net/flashflood). There's been heavy construction going on out front for nearly a year now. They put new pipes down, covered it with sand, then capped it off with a temporary layer of concrete next to the sidewalk. This made for a really messy mess when it started flooding. My handy-dandy Droid shot the footage while I was anxiously looking for my husband to arrive home. Warning, there's some adult language.
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Syd Parrot Plays Peek-A-Boo
Syd loves to play peek-a-boo! He's really good at remaining still under a towel or behind a hand until just the right moment, then he pops his head up. Peek-A-Boo! You can see him ducking down and popping up while he practices... for three minutes straight! He has trouble saying S's so he doesn't say "Where's Syd?" he sticks to "Where?"
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Syd Parrot - Madcap Laughs
Here's Syd impersonating each family member's laughter.
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Syd Parrot's Counting Game
I was trying to get Syd to play our counting game. He is able to go up to 4, but as you can see here, he is holding out on me so I look like a big fibber! P.S. He acted like he was going to nip me because I wasn't cautious of his pin feathers when I was petting his head.
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Syd Parrot can't contain his fluffers
Syd gets fluffy when he's happy. Watch as Syd gets fluffier and fluffier until he just can't contain it any longer...
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SydDance Eyes On Fire2
Syd has rhythm.
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Syd Parrot Flips Out
Syd Parrot's favorite toy is his mirror with the bell on the end of it.There's just something about this toy that makes him go nuts!
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Spore Creature Creator Video
This video was created using the Spore Creature Creator.
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Syd Parrot Cuts a Record and Laser Beams
pew-pew-pew-pew! I know the video is junk (phone cam zoom for the lose) but you had to hear this cute thing Syd does.
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Syd Parrot practices his vocab
When Syd thinks he's alone, he'll practice his vocabulary. Sorry for the poor visuals, I had to set my phone cam up on my desk in the other room so he wasn't aware of it. Here's just a sample of some of the cute things he says.
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