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Logos, Branding and Web
Select logo design, branding, and web design projects by ImageCo, a creative design studio specializing in brand identity design.
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Lucy's Patriotic Songs
Lucy serenades me with some songs she learned for veterans day.
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Arch Cape Sunset 2
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What kind of insect?
Okay bug experts, what is this thing? It circled a piece of paper on my desk for a couple of minutes and at first glance it looked like a regular old daddy long leg but I noticed one leg that was twice as long as the others and it used it like a sensor tapping it out in front like it was feeling things out. Any ideas?
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Arch Cape Sunset
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Lucy 7th Birthday
Lucy getting sung to at Red Robin and blowing out her candles
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Goose Poop Park
Filmed at Lake Sammamish State Park
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