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Dogs playing fetch at the lake!
Dogs & Lake
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Socorro Diving
Liveaboard dive trip aboard the Sea Escape in Socorro. March '12.
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Sea Snakes of Indonesia
I had the opportunity to dive with sea snakes in Indonesia with the Arenui Liveaboard. While very poisonous, they are incredible creatures to dive with!
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Monterey Bay Diving
Our trip to Monterey, CA was amazing! We had a great time with Oceanic Worldwide, AERIS and Lavacore Int'l! The Beachhopper II is a great dive charter, and we're looking forward to going back again soon!
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Edmonds Underwater Park Diving
A group of us drove to Edmonds, WA, and dove Edmonds Underwater Park and Mukilteo. Great diving and super friendly, informative local divers!
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Wreck Weekend at Britannia
I went out with the Shipwreck Exploration and Conservation Society this past weekend to check out some wrecks at Britannia. We had great visibility and a fun time out there!
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Sea Lion dive Hornby Dive '10
The Edge Diving Centre's annual sea lion trip with Hornby Island Diving.
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African Safari: Hyenas vs Wild Dogs
Safari in South Africa. This video was shot in Sabi Sand. A pack of 4 hyenas go up against a pack of approximately 9 wild dogs. The hyenas stay in the water for protection as the wild dogs don't like going into the water. There is a young hyena hidden away in the bushes behind the rest of them.
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Whistler Bungee Jump March 31, 2013
Two year anniversary of losing my brother and best friend. We spent a weekend in Whistler boarding and bungee jumping to pay tribute to the best person I've ever known!
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African Safari: Hippo Pod
In Kruger National Park, we were able to see many hippos in the river. These hippos spent the early evening yawning, farting, and grunting, until nightfall, when they would go out to graze. We were long gone before that!
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Port Hardy with the Nautilus Swell
I was onboard the Nautilus Swell in Port Hardy, BC celebrating the boats 100th anniversary! This is some of the best diving I've ever done, and I'm looking forward to getting back there in the New Year!
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HMCS Cape Breton Dives
Sea Dragon charter with The Edge Diving Centre. Diving the HMCS Cape Breton.
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Britannia Wrecks
Exploring Britannia wrecks.
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Nanaimo Dive Trip
Weekend away in Nanaimo. Great dives, great buddies!
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The Edge Diving Centre Ice Diving Trip ' 11
A trip to Edmonton, AB for PADI Ice Diving & Altitude Diving courses with The Edge Diving Centre & Northwest Scuba.
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White Tip Reef Sharks of Cocos Island
In Cocos Islands with the Dancer Fleet, I did a few night dives with white tip reef sharks hunting for fish in large schools. It was very impressive to see!
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Elephants of Kruger National Park
While in Kruger National Park, SA, we had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with this herd of elephants. Just my mom, myself, and our guide. It was incredible to spend that much time with these guys!
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Tuwanek Dives
2 dives at Tuwanek
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The Edge Diving Centre U/W Naturalist Course '12
We went out in Howe Sound with Sea Dragon Charters for an Underwater Naturalist course.
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Tiger, Lemon, & Reef Sharks of the Bahamas '10
I recently dived Tiger Beach, Bahamas with tiger, lemon, and reef sharks. This was an amazing experience to swim with these sharks, and spend 5 full days diving amongst them.
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Costa Rica Minute!
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World Kora Trio in Vancouver
Checked out World Kora Trio in downtown Vancouver. Visit: www.artsvista.com for more info on events happening in Vancouver, BC!
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Wrecks and Sharks of North Carolina
Sharkfest 2012 with Big Fish Expeditions in Morehead City, NC. While the Sharkfest event was stormed out, I had extended my trip to get in water with the amazing wrecks and sand tiger sharks! We dove the Caribsea, U-352, and Aeolus wrecks.
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Lingcod Egg Mass Survey '12
Collecting data with The Edge Diving Centre for the annual lingcod egg mass survey.
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Mantis Shrimp
Mantis shrimp are one of the funniest creatures to video! They're pretty quirky, and fun to spend a dive with.
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Race Rocks Diving
Dive trip to Victoria, BC where we dove Race Rocks and Ogden Point Breakwater. Stunning locations!
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Socorro Island: Ocean Sounds
Humpback whales singing in the background, and the reef full of activity.
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Whistler Riding Jan '12
Whistler snowboard trip '12
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DIVE72: Behind the Scenes
Whistler's 72 Hour Filmmakers Showdown April 2012.
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Palau Scuba Diving
I was on an underwater photo/video workshop with Backscatter this past couple of weeks. We had a great time in the water, and I learned a ton about my camera!
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Halloween night u/w pumpkin carving 2011.
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Whistler POW
Snowboarding up at Whistler during a huge snowfall!
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Whistler Bungee
Whistler Bungee, March 31st 2012
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Port Hardy Diving
Port Hardy diving trip with The Edge Diving Centre. We stayed at Browning Pass Hideaway, and did some incredible diving!
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African Safari: Baboon Troop Shenanigans
South Africa safari trip. Hanging out in the early morning with a troop of baboons! They were just waking up, and making their way out of the tree to start the day.
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South Africa: Sabi Sand Local Choir
South Africa safari trip. A local choir in Sabi Sand, and some resort staff sang and danced as a part of our outdoor dinner.
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Kelvin Grove video clip
A night dive at Kelvin Grove. A fun visit with a squid.
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Trip Video Spoof
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