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Product Marketing by Numbers - Objectives, Goals and KPI frameworks
Product management should be data driven, consumer-centric, and informed by deep insights derived from tracking and analysing user behaviour at scale. But this can only happen if you use a framework; if you've defined what 'good' looks like before you start implementing tracking and collecting data points. I explore a couple of frameworks - including my own hybrid model - and share processes which overcome analysis paralysis and enable truly data-driven product development.
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Doing an Awesome Site Audit
Technical SEO is easy. Making recommendations on site structures, opportunities and technical initiatives is pretty straightforward. But the psychology, politics and processes around delivering actions which are understood, bought into, and acted upon, is much harder. Here's the fix.
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Advanced Keyword Research
The depth, quality and insight derived from thorough keyword research makes the difference between delivering an effective strategy which wins search results and consumers, versus just chasing the pack. I explore some approaches to taking your keyword research wider, deeper and more granular than you’d have ever thought possible (without losing weeks in the process!), and provide actionable approaches to applying the learnings to your websites, brands, content and consumers. This webinar explores: How to define, discover and explore an entire industry of keywords Identifying niches, behavioral indicators and buying-cycle patterns through large-scale language analysis Spotting niches and opportunities which align with your own strengths and capabilities Forecasting against campaign performance over time, and against competitors Joining all of this up to tell a compelling story, to get signoff on budgets and strategies, and to win big
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Digital Marketing By Numbers - from Linkdex's "Going Beyond The Data" ThinkTank
The biggest challenge in becoming truly data driven is one of language and process. My framework for aligning strategic business objectives to tactical activity and tailored KPIs ensures that senior stakeholders have confidence, that recommendations align to organisational goals, that efforts are measurable and produce tangible outputs, and that the whole process is simple and transparent. Tried and tested by some of the world's largest organisations, the framework can transform companies and put data at the heart of the decision-making process. More information and other speaker videos available at: http://www.linkdex.com/resources/r/going-beyond-the-data-videos-download/ Slideshare deck at: http://www.slideshare.net/jonoalderson/digital-marketing-by-numbers
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