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Como duplicar objetos formando un círculo (Illustrator CC)
Aquí les dejo un tutorial de como duplicar un objeto formando un círculo en illustrator CC, sigueme en mi canal de youtube y visita mi página web www.isamcintire.com
Tutorial tansición de página para WEB utilizando InDesign
Transición de página para website utilizando InDesign. Al final de mi video coloco en swf en mi sitio web contruido con WIX, el swf para cualquier web creado en WordPress o Muse (y otros ). isamcintire.com
Tutorial Flip Page for Web design  (Wix)
Hi my name is Isabel Rodas McIntire and I made a Tutorial to teach you how to make a flipping page magazine effect using InDesign, at the end of the video I teach how incoorporate the SWF on WIX and display it.
Tutorial GIF para web con fondo transparente (Flash y Photoshop)
En este tutorial te indico como realizar un gif utilizando flash y photoshop. Al final del video indico como colocar el gif en mi sitio web generado con wix. M. Isabel Rodas McIntire (Freelance graphic designer) Visita mi página: isabelmcintire.com Para sugerencias sobre futuros videos: [email protected]
Transparent background GIF using Flash and photoshop (+ Adding to wix)
Tutorial to create a GIF with transparent backgroud using Flash CC and Photoshop and add it to a web site created on WIX (web page builder). I am a freelancer graphic designer you can check my work and have access to my blog at www.isamcintire.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012395227762 Web page: www.isamcintire.com
How to duplicate any shape around a circular path (Illustrator CC)
In this tutorial I explain how to duplicate a shape around a circular path using Illustrator CC, to see more tutorials subscribe and visit my web page www. isamcintire.com
Demo Caminando entre tumbas  ( Video Game )
A colleague and I created a children's pop-up book using editorial and multimedia design to improve the aptitude in young children suffering from the learning disability, dyslexia. You can view my tesis publication; which is my final, year long project that I completed in order to obtain my bachelors degree at:http://dspace.uazuay.edu.ec/handle/datos/4792.
Animation using after effects
Objetive: Animate a commercial promoting a TV channel (AXN) usign the software After Effects.

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