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GIMP 2.8 Perspective tool
Shows how the GIMP Perspective Tool is able to fix photographs taken at an odd angle
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A Python Variable versus a Python Object
Looks at a Python variable with specific reference to an object and its object reference.
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Finding the 2's Complement
Shows how to find the two's complement of a binary number
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Signed Binary Numbers
Describes how negative and positive binary numbers are represented in a computer system
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Python Class Members
Looks at the members of a Python class and also illustrates the documentation string as used in Python code.
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Introduction to tkinter
Here we look at tkinter and how it allows Python programs to treat graphical widgets as objects. Thus it allows the development of GUI from the view point of the object oriented paradigm.
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Fetch-Decode-Execute Cycle
Shows a typical fetch decode execute cycle for a machine code instruction (that uses implied addressing)
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Python Methods and self
This Video Tutorial looks at a Python method and how it is added to a class. It also considers the formal parameter self.
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Machine Code Instructions
Describes the structure of typical machine code instructions
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Binary to Hexadecimal Conversion
Shows how to convert a binary number to a hexadecimal number
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GIMP 2.8 Resetting Layout
Shows how you can recover the default GIMP 2.8 layout. Helps when you have lost various tool windows and you do not know how to get them back.
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How to Download and Install Python
Shows how to download and install Python
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Copying Python Object References
A 'schematic animation model' that looks at how an object reference can be copied to another object reference.
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Python an Immutable Object
Describes the immutable nature of an integer object and introduces garbage collection.
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Pythons Object Reference
Looks at the relationship between an object reference and a variable
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Denary to Binary Base Change
Shows how to convert from a Denary (decimal) number to a Binary number
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Finding the 1's Complement
Show how to find the one's complement of a binary number
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Exclusive Or Gate
Describes the Exclusive Or gate its symbol, Truth Table and Boolean representation
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Two Variable Karnaugh Map
Shows how a two variable Karnaugh Map can minimise a two variable sum of minterms
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Quick 2's complement
A quick way to find the two's complement of a binary number
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Half Adder Design
Shows how to design a Half Adder using logic gates
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Local variables in Python methods
In this video tutorial we look at local variables as they appear in Python methods and we also discuss how they differ from instance variables.
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GIMP 2.8 Fuzzy Selection Tool
Illustrates a use for the fuzzy selection tool and introduces levels
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GIMP 2.8 How to change the Size of an Image for printing
Shows how to change the Size of an Image for printing using GIMP 2.8
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A Python String is Immutable
Discusses the immutable nature of a Python string
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Combinational Circuits (1 of 2)
Deriving Boolean expressions from logic gates in combination http://www.johnphilipjones.com
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GIMP 2.8 Clone tool
Shows aspects of the clone tool and also illustrates a typical use for the tool i.e. the removing of unwanted areas of a photograph
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Python Class and Object
Looks at the Python class and object and how they relate to each other. Also recommends a model that helps visualise the relationship.
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Binary to Denary Conversion
Shows how to change the base of a Binary number to a Denary (decimal number)
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Pythons self parameter
Discusses Python self parameter
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Python Immutable and Mutable Types
Uses a schematic model to help explain immutable and mutable types in Python.
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Pythons Augmented Assignment Operators
Illustrates the subtract assignment operator www.PythonByteSize.com
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GIMP 2.8 Create a simple frame around a photograph
Shows how to select a border around a selection and use it to help produce a simple frame around an image.
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Python Assignment Operators
Looks at Python assignment operators in general and the 'ADD and ASSIGN' assignment operator in particular. www.PythonByteSize.com
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Pythons range function
Shows how to use Pythons versatile range function
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A Transistor
A transistor as a switch http://www.johnphilipjones.com
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Python find() method examples
Illustrates more examples of using the find method to locate sub-strings within a string. At the same time it reinforces the concept of messaging an object.
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Python Keyword Arguments for functions
Illustrates how keyword arguments can be used to pass parameters to functions.
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Python Binding a Name to an Object
Describes how Python does not have an assignment statement in the 'traditional sense' of its meaning. Instead it has names that are bound to an object. This video uses two programs and a model animation to help explain the Python mechanism for assigning when dealing with immutable integers.
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Logic Circuit Design for Memory
Shows how to design a logic circuit for a memory system
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Perfect Induction
An alternative method for proving theorems
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GIMP 2.8 Layer Mask
Illustrates how to use the GIMP layer mask
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Pythons __init__  method
This video tutorial looks at the use of the Python __init__ method used when writing classes from which objects are created and then initialized.
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Downloading and installing GIMP 2.8
Shows how to download the GIMP 2.8 installation file
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Pythons Parameter Passing Mechanism
Looks at a suitable model to describe the Python parameter passing mechanism. Also recommends that you regard passing parameters in Python as pass by object reference. Furthermore it recommends that you ignore pass by value and pass by reference as being a suitable description for parameter passing in Python.
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The Python find() String method
Describes the Python find() method as applied to a string
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Combinational Circuits (2 of 2)
Drawing a logic circuit from a Boolean Expression http://www.johnphilipjones.com
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Python function with no arguments and no return value
Looks at a program that calls and defines a Python function with no arguments and no return value.
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Pythons Arithmetic Operators
Describes each of Pythons arithmetic operators from the obvious through to the more unusual, such as the floor division.
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Unsigned Binary Numbers
Describes how unsigned binary numbers are represented in a computer
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