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10 year old brings Austin police to tears with two simple words
With two simple words, a lot of tough, brawny Austin police officers were brought to tears Saturday by a sweet, 10-year-old girl from Tyler, Texas.
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Austin teen dies months after bedside Florence + The Machine concert
Hear Karinya Chen's story battling cancer and her message to everyone out there to enjoy the life you have
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Educators head to Marine boot camp
A group of teachers from the Austin/San Antonio area recently attended a Marines Educator Workshop in San Diego. The workshop gave the teachers a week-long and hands-on experience at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot.
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Will Ferrell Express
Will Ferrell made a special appearance for the Round Rock Express.
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Man mistakenly tackled by police gets $800k settlement
Pete Hernandez suffered injuries to his back
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Wrongfully towed? How to get your money back
You’ve parked legally and come out and find your car gone. KXAN Investigates the recourse you have when you are wrongfully towed.
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Oil change shops caught cheating under the hood
When you take your car to the shop for maintenance, you expect to get what you pay for. But a KXAN undercover investigation found that’s not always the case at some oil change shops in Central Texas.
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An extended tour of Rafik Kaissi's motorcycles
Rafik Kaissi shows off his hand-built motorcycles.
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Ben Breedlove funeral -- sister Ally's speech
Ally Breedlove said the day was a celebration and a chance to find truth in the message that he left for everyone. She shares the story that he told her about the vision he had during an early December episode where his heart stopped.
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Bobby Bones' last day in Austin
It's the last day for the Bobby Bones Show in Austin before the move to Nashville and huge transition to country!
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Homeowner wins court judgment against contractor
An Austin Homeowner who claims a local contractor took his money and never did the work finally has justice.
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Do drug-sniffing dogs pass the smell test?
One high school student was mistakenly singled out
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Keith Urban surprises Ohio woman he calls his 'number one fan' at hospital
Marissa English, 25, had bought tickets for his show scheduled for Thursday, but she wasn't going to be able to go because she could be put on hospice soon.
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Austin teen dies months after bedside Florence & the Machine concert
Karinya Chen has died at age 15 after a six year battle with bone cancer.
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President Obama visits Torchy's Tacos on South Congress
The president ordered an Independent, a Republican and a Democrat.
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Towing Laws: Know your rights
Whether you are a music fan enjoying the 2nd go-around of the Austin City Limits Festival or a football fan heading to Dallas for the Red River Showdown, parking spaces are sure to be precious real estate. But the struggle for parking could lead to clashes between drivers and tow companies looking to take advantage of them.
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Deputies couldn't believe who they had stopped
Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg initially denied having been drinking on the night she was arrested, video from the dashboard of a Travis County Sheriff's deputy released on Monday shows.
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The art of motorcycle building
Rafik Kaissi, an immigrant from Lebanon, makes his own motorcycles from junk parts.
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Fighting back against the tow company
Some businesses along South Congress Avenue have taken to warning drivers that their cars are about to be towed away.
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Volunteer fire departments worried about next fire
Local volunteer firefighters say they need help
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A perfect warm-up routine to do before your morning jog.
8 exercises you can do without equipment in just 5 minutes
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Legalize marijuana group moves to Texas
One group is hoping to change marijuana laws in Texas. The Marijuana Policy Project helped to pass Colorado's recreational marijuana laws back in 2012, and now they're setting up shop here in Austin.
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Lincoln Durham - "Living This Hard"
Live performance by Lincoln Durham during his August 2010 visit to KXAN Austin News.
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'Squatter' laying claim to vacant homes
A Michigan man is moving in and claiming ownership of vacant homes in foreclosure. Realtors are unable to sell the properties and police have been unable to force him out.
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Adalia Rose holds fundraiser for Progeria
Adalia Rose holds fundraiser for Progeria
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Hutto student forced to change 3 times for dress code violations
A sleeveless shirt with “On Wednesdays we wear pink” written on it has turned into a big headache for a Hutto mother.
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My Pet: Teach your dog to put it's toys away
Through the magic of training you'll never have to pick up after your dog ever again!
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Texas Ranger pulls gun on driver who flipped him off
A Texas Ranger stationed in Austin exercised “poor judgment” in an incident where he pulled over and pointed his gun at a driver, DPS found.
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Alamo Drafthouse takes on texters
Alamo Drafthouse takes on texters
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District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg's arrest
Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving while intoxicated
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Eternal rest disturbed after 29 years
Nearly three decades after James Holley's death, the Forest Oaks Cemetery told his widow that his casket had to be removed from its mausoleum crypt -- it was leaking a mysterious fluid.
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Constables issue citations to shoppers parking illegally in disabled spaces
Deputies and volunteers from the Travis County Constable, Precinct 5 will be issuing citations for people who are parked illegally in disabled parking spots over the weekend.
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Service dog and owner told to leave Whole Foods
The man says the store's manager misunderstood that the dog was a search and rescue dog
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6 things to know about the 'super blood wolf moon' Sunday night
Skygazers across the nation are setting their sights on a lunar eclipse set to take place Sunday. Texans who stay up late should get a good view. Here's all you need to know about the uniquely-named "super blood wolf moon."
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FULL VIDEO: First debate between Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke
The hour-long debate in Dallas, hosted by KXAS, The Dallas Morning News and Southern Methodist University, took place at SMU in front of a rowdy live audience.
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Texas State Guard graduates
10 new officers in the new Texas State Guard.
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Fake service dogs: The harm caused by pet owners who break the rules
Laws currently require no identification or government certification for service animals. However, the provisions have also opened up opportunities for abuse.
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Neighbors fed up with HOA parking rules
A neighborhood parking restriction has homeowners pumping their brakes against their HOA. We're talking about the Shadowglen neighborhood in Manor where homeowners were given citations for parking in front of their own homes.
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Author Ernest Cline talks about "Ready Player One"
One reviewer described the book as "Tron meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - loaded with cool 80s references." That's a pretty good description - but this book is also a thriller. And the author owns a Deloreon, as in "Back to the Future."
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Inside the Bandidos: Exclusive look inside the ‘Brotherhood’
Who are the Bandidos? How did members get involved? KXAN Investigator Brian Collister takes you inside the brotherhood of bikers.
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Handicap Parking Patrols
Handicap Parking Patrols
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Juror who convicted Morton feels guilty
For years, a retired Round Rock teacher believed that sending Michael Morton to prison for life was the right decision, until she learned about a stack of evidence that never made it to the trial.
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Nursing home residents prepare to play
More than 500 residents of Austin assisted-living centers and nursing homes are in training for the annual Games of Life.
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380-acre solar farm goes online
Webberville solar farm is the largest solar farm in the U.S. and it went online Friday east of Austin near Manor.
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Pit bulls can be used as therapy dogs
"They really love people. They like to be around people, so they do really well," said pit bull advocate Lydia Zaidman.
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Dog missing for 6 years reunited with Austin owner
Grisel Jaramillo got to the airport almost an hour early to wait, twitching as nervously as a dog's tail wrapped under the rocking chair.
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Stolen cars on Craigslist trick Austin buyers
Several Austin neighbors received unexpected bad news, after they unsuspectingly bought stolen cars with fake titles off Craigslist and tried to register the cars.
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Fort Hood celebrates Army’s first Vietnamese-born General
Hundreds watched the promotion of the U.S. Military's first Vietnamese-born General Wednesday.
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Austin police video: 'It gets better'
The Austin Police Department is putting itself on the line with its uniformed officers talking about being gay, all in an effort to reach out to the LGBTQ youth that it does get better.
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Obama skips the line, dines at Franklin Barbecue
President Obama stopped at Franklin Barbecue before hopping on Air Force One and returning home to Washington, D.C.
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