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Coweta soldier returns home and surprises brother
Coweta soldier returns home and surprises brother
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Kevin Durant, James Harden on Jimmy Fallon
Thunder stars visit Late Night host
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HELP WANTED: Welders in high demand
Brandon Richard reports.
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Segment 2: Dr. Oz's Top Foods
The top 5 foods Dr. Oz says you should put in your grocery cart.
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Ronnell Lewis brings the pain
Dewar native made 22 tackles in 2009
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Consumer Reports tests olive oil
Consumer Reports tests olive oil
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Funeral services held for Donnie Ray Crawford III
Funeral services held for Donnie Ray Crawford III
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Deer protects goose's nest in New York cemetery
Deer protects goose's nest in New York cemetery
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Tulsa Upsets Notre Dame
Tulsa 28, Notre Dame 27
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Concerned? Tips for Ford Escape owners
New questions after Arizona crash; tips if you drive a Ford Escape
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Jamar Rogers of Tulsa appears on The Voice
Booker T. Washington graduate Jamar Rogers gets selected to be on Cee Lo Green's team on The Voice.
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Insurance companies cancel policies because of dirty roofs
Insurance companies cancel policies because of dirty roofs
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German POW visits Camp Gruber
German POW visits Camp Gruber
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Tulsa Police corruption case
Two Tulsa Police Officers will remain in jail pending their federal court trial.
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2000: OU crushes Texas 63-14
With OU going into the Cotton Bowl on a 4-0 roll, the Sooners were looking for more. Not only a fifth win, but redemption against a team that had handed OU a loss the last four years.
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Good jobs without a college degree
How to land a 50K job without college debt
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Dillingham, Clarke give impromptu performance in B'ville
Oklahoma violinist Kyle Dillingham and composer Callen Clarke, with his oud, give an impromptu performance June 14, 2012 outside of Jude's Health and Java House in Bartlesville. They were in town as guest performers for OK Mozart 2012.
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Joplin, Missouri tornado damage from the air
Tornado damage of Joplin, Missouri. Aerial coverage courtesy of Bruce Taylor.
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Walk-on Dominique Whaley shines for Sooners
Lawton native has break-out performance against Tulsa
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Oklahoma getting closer to "open carry" gun law
Oklahoma getting closer to "open carry" gun law
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Thieves steal 2,000 lbs of copper from Wagoner business
Brandon Richard reports.
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Segment 2: Biggest Loser Danny Cahill update
His weight loss transformation last year was nothing short of amazing. Now, Broken Arrow native Danny Cahill has another surprise.
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Dog saves three kids from pitbull attack
Dog saves three kids from pitbull attack
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Pryce Macon - Comes up big in Big 12 Championship
Sooner defensive end Pryce Macon has struggled with injuries but is finally healthy and making an impact.
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Tornadoes seen from Monkey Island
Terry Davis got video of two tornadoes Sunday night near Shangri-La on Grand Lake.
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Adley Stump on The Voice
Family of The Voice star Adley Stump couldn't be more proud of the Tulsa contestant
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Muskogee Co. drug interdiction vehicles
During a time when law enforcement agencies are strapped for cash, the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office is adding top of the line drug interdiction vehicles to its fleet. It's all thanks to a traffic stop on I-40 near Muskogee a few months ago, that netted nearly $400,000 in drug money.
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Bundy, Bradley drafted in Top 10 of MLB Draft
Bundy taken 4th by Baltimore, Bradley 7th by Arizona
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Soldier proposes to girlfriend
Soldier proposes to girlfriend
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Consumer Reports tests lawn mowers
Lawn mowers tested adn rated
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Children with mental illnesses
Parents should be aware of red flags for mental illness in their children.
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Dignified transfer for Oklahoma soldier
Dignified transfer for Oklahoma soldier
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Thunder trade James Harden to Houston
Sam Presti explains why Harden trade had to be made
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Mine explorer's body found
Body of missing man found inside abandoned mine.
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Oklahoma Wildfires
Oklahoma Wildfires
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Morgellons research in Tulsa
Tulsa medical research lab studying mysterious condition known as Morgellons
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Mother Tucker service
Memorial service for Mother Tucker
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Cherokee County jailhouse beating caught on tape
A jailhouse beating was caught on tape. Now the man is suing for his injuries
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Teen RND treatment
After one teen tried everything from drugs to physical therapy, a new treatment was able to help relieve him from severe pain caused by the nerve disorder RND.
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Electrical fire sparked by cooling system
A man was treated for smoke inhalation after an electrical fire was sparked in his attic by an air conditioner.
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Mosquito Spraying
Mosquitoes are everywhere which increases the chance of contracting encephalitis. The health department is spraying to keep you healthy.
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Gas and food prices expected to rise in 2011
Inflation is expected to increase cost of groceries and gasoline next year.
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Garth Brooks speaks out about lawsuit
Barth Brooks talks with 2News about his lawsuit with Integris
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Dave Ramsey shares his financial success
Five tips to achieve financial freedom
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Signing Day Profiles: Kevin Peterson, OSU
Wagoner defensive back to sign with Oklahoma State
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Tulane player fractures spine during football game
Tulane player fractures spine during football game against Tulsa
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Signing Day Profiles: Archie Bradley
Broken Arrow's Archie Bradley hopes to a two sports star at OU
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17-year-old caught with counterfeit money
Owasso Police and Secret Service investigating case
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Cancelling satellite radio
Cancelling satellite radio
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Instant Stain Removers
Tide sells more than ten million Tide-To-Go instant stain removers a year. Now more companies are jumping into the market. Consumer Reports just tested half a dozen instant stain removers. 2News Anchor Erin Christy shows which are best at making spills disappear in Segment 2.
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