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Stronger than cover(Gabe bondoc) by aaron
Hi and welcome to my very first video I hope you guys have enjoyed this cover I did stronger than by Gabe on dock if you want to see more videos subscribe to this Channel and if you would like to leave a comment below of the next song I should sing thank you for your support
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Together again cover (buck Owens)
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I'll find another you cover (John mayor)
I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any requests even in the comment below and you guys might see your request in my next video
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My love an Original by Aaron Tudon
Hey guys this is my very first song I ever wrote I hope you in joy and tell me what you think
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Anywhere anything
For those who commented on my last video I will be doing your songs no doubt about that it's just it does take some time to learn new songs share this video with your friends let everybody know make sure you subscribe tune in for more
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Heaven cover (Los lonley boys) with a special guest
Hope you guys enjoyed this video and yes that was my little brother little
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The math ( a Gabe Bondoc cover)
Check out my friend sad boysins this link will take you to his channel watch his contents and subscribe to him https://youtu.be/jQ19tda2joY
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Revenge cover(XXX tentacion)
Thank you guys for watching this video all the way to the end it was a hard song to get out but I managed to do it and don't worry my second song that I am writing will be published or will be posted in a few more days
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When I was your man cover(Bruno Mars)
Thank you so much for watching this video till the end I want to thank all my subscribers being amazing and please please please share this video with your friends I know we can hit 100 subscribers
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Nothing more cover(Gabe bondoc)
Thank you guys for joining me today if you want to hear me sing a song on this channel
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If we never met cover(Gabe bondoc)
Hey guys just wanted to let you know again I will only be posting videos Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays so leave a comment below and a request and maybe you'll see me singing yours on my next video
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Me and you (my 2 original song)
Sorry guys I've been gone long also this song is called me and you not with you sorry
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Thinking out loud cover(Ed Sheeran )
Thank you so much guys for subscribing please share this video with your friends make sure they subscribe to this channel and my second song that I'm about to write will be up soon
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Your beloved
This song was deticated to my Tia
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Mercy cover (by Shawn Mendes)
Here he video to my last video https://youtu.be/ot1_XpqdtVM Hope you guys injoyed
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First choice cover by Gabe bondoc
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Isn't she lovely cover
Hope you guys enjoy if you did give this video a thumbs up if your new, subscribe
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Beautiful cover by Bozzi
Sorry guys about the sound
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Love is a verb cover(John Mayer)
Thank you guys so much that we reach 200 subscribers I hope that more consume joint until then stay tuned for more videos
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In my blood cover(Shawn Mendez)
Thanks so much guys for sticking with me guys I really appreciate you so much
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My new intro
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