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Audi TT Brochure Hack
The Audi TT is the first model to feature the revolutionary Virtual Cockpit. Our task: inspire customers with this futuristic feature. The challenge: do it with the conventional sales brochure. The Audi TT brochure hack – an augmented touch based journey through the Virtual Cockpit. Using conductive print, the brochure becomes a smart surface, letting you explore every aspect of the Virtual Cockpit. This tech hack turned a static brochure into a storytelling platform. It also got Audi customers one-step closer to driving the TT by letting you book a test drive directly from the app. http://www.projectgallery.de/brochurehack/
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IKEA hej
FROM CATALOGUE TO FANALOGUE Every year there is one IKEA catalogue. Yet, inspiration is limited to 300 pages. What if we added a new page everyday? And showcased the products in more than one context. Styled, redecorated and combined by IKEA fans for IKEA fans. Real people, real homes, real dialogue. IKEA presents hej.de – the first social magazine for realistic product presentation. IKEA democratic design transformed into democratic commerce.
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Audi #TGIF
The first idea in a series of posts tagged #TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) across Audi’s international social media channels.
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