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Jordan vs Bird Commodore 64 (entire song)
This was recorded on cassette directly from my Commodore 64, so it is not crystal clear. Listen to 1:28 where it says J-J-J-J-J-J-J-Jordan! Link to another Commodore 64 piece of this game, but has actual game play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lN90JMQRNI
Zork tutorial; the baddest text adventure ever!
This game was a semi-religion to me, when I was a kid! It's like reading a great book, but you can interact with it!
Adventure Creator (from Spinnaker) on the Atari 400
Thanks to Phaeron of Virtual Dub for converting the casette WAV file to an emulated disk file! Thanks to Kevin Savetz whom I emailed and who posted my situation on atariage.com! I had an old WAV file converted from a cassette from around 1985, when I had the cartridge "Adventure Creator" from Spinnaker software. I thought of investigating the situation of resurrecting my old self-made games to use on an emulator and quit putting off one day, to actually do it! Phaeron's Atari Emulator page: http://www.virtualdub.org/altirra.html Kevin Savetz's podcast: http://ataripodcast.libsyn.com My Atari page with this story: http://www.ultrafaction.com/exex100/atari The board: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219702-help-me-convert-a-cassette-wav-to-cas
Start of Batman: Arkham Origins
I played the game a little bit (got it free with purchase of a video card), but since fighting games really are not my thing, I didn't get into it too much. I loved this beginning, though! I also loved the trailer for it.
Hexadecimal code example from actual "Compute!" magazine
In the old, ancient days, you had to TYPE IN EACH LINE OF THE PROGRAM that you wanted to have! I can NOT believe that we actually did that!
"Encounters" on the Commodore 64
Credits are at the end of the video. I had this passed down to me.
Retro piece on "Console Wars"
I got inspired by the channel Thug Lyfe Gaming (user/author "Born Legit") when he did a piece on some more recent material, of the so-called "Console Wars". Since I have got to be close to twice his age, I may remember some stuff first hand, that he'd be too young to recall. He watched it and said it was informative. I try to keep only gameplay stuff on my Iron Talons Quasar channel, so I figured it'd fit better here. The pictures I ripped off of google, I forgot to give credit; sorry!
Ultrafaction: summation of my website intentions
I start with a little business theory, then get into the binary number system, logic gates, some bare-bone functionality of the "home computer" (such as my old Atari 400 and Commodore 64), and then some of my social theory, in order to try to tie it all together.
Atari 400 program "Adventure Creator"
I contacted a random user (Kevin Savetz) online, who in turn, got on the Atari Age forums, to solicit help in resurrecting this collection of cassette drive files into something that would be playable. The guy who does Virtual Dub (Phaeron) actually DID IT!!! I thought I'd post the actual sound file, not only to preserve it on YouTube, but to display it for academic reasons. This was REALLY old school! Before I owned my second-hand Commodore 64! Here are the links to the forum, and pages of Mr. Savetz and Phaeron: http://www.ultrafaction.com/exex100/atari
Number Guess in B.A.S.I.C. on the Commodore 64
I demonstrate the concept of a "back door" in software. I then demonstrate the use of the random function for the Commodore 64, and the concept of manipulating the bare bones function of the machine, into making it do what you need it to do. I think my cat purrs at 6:11, ha ha.
Saved positions (Titanic: Adventure out of time)
There are endings where the Soviets take over Europe, the Nazis take over Europe, and you prevent both world wars from ever happening. http://www.ultrafaction.com/titanic.zip
"Interstellar Marines" purchase and endorsement!
[Purchase:] http://store.steampowered.com/app/236370 To Mister Kim Haar Jørgensen (and the rest of Zero Point Software), I am now one of your "Spearhead" customers! I saw some real passion in your voice and mannerisms, when you discussed the workings of the game. You stressed hard work, and dedication to detail, on such elements as dim/inadequate lighting, that makes you capable of shooting your own fellow Marine (since you can't see distinguishing outfit colors), the fact of sprinting affecting your ability to hold the rifle still, and raindrops on your headgear, harming your viewing efficiency. I cited a few things about you, and another Steam users comments on your company/coworkers! Hats off to the ENTIRE staff at Zero Point Software! Oh, and to the rest of the staff at Zero Point Software, I wasn't trying to play "favorites" with Mr. Kim, ha ha! It was just that for the first few "behind the scenes" pieces of footage, he was the first, and subsequently recurring, face that I saw :) Here's the video, that I took this still shot from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW7MOaXFjFY

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