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Stranger Shows Girl With Autism Kindness While on a Plane
Mom writes an online thank you to the stranger that helped her daughter cope with flying on a plane.
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Taxi drivers angry over new booking system
Hundreds of Canberra taxi drivers are continuing their protest outside the Fyshwick office of fleet booking service, Aerial Capital Group against a new booking system they say is unfair.
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Rory McIlroy beats Adam Scott by a stroke to win Australian Open
Adam Scott's hopes of capturing the domestic triple crown vanished on the 18th hole, as Rory McIlroy snatched victory at the Australian Open at Royal Sydney.
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Truck Tire Blows Up In Shop
a tire explodes and flips a man in the air
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Amazing see-thru cabin built in California
Lucid Stead was created by artist Phillip K Smith lll in Joshua Tree using mirrors and LED lighting to create its stunning visuals.
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Money... He got money
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Video game designed based on French President's alleged affair
A video game has been designed for the recent rumor concerning French President Francois Hollande and girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler..
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Children Extreme swearing
I was Told my kids swear alot when i'm not home. So i decided to do an experiment to test this theory . Turns out The people who told me were infact very correct check it out don't worry they didn't get away with it either
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Robin Roberts joins Michael Strahan for 'Live' Co Hosting Preview
Robin will join Michael Strahan to fill in for Kelly Ripa on the popular talk show.
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Analogue television comes to an end in Sydney
After six decades analogue television has come to an end in Sydney. Melbourne and Central Australia will be the last regions to switch off analogue TV next Tuesday, marking the end of an era in Australian broadcasting.
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Naked man trashes Lambo, Aston, Jag, Rolls Royce
According to Houston police, officers arrived at W Luxury Rentals on Westheimer Rd. to find Ugo Iyegbu, 28, standing naked atop a Rolls Royce. The windshield had been bashed in with the butt of an unloaded shotgun, and sticking out of the shattered glass was a University of Houston flag. Iyegbu was charged with criminal mischief. The owner of the vehicles said the damage to his vehicles totaled more than $100,000. Police said Iyegbu's rampage started at a Shell gas station across the street. The store manager said Iyegbu, who was fully clothed at the time, began ransacking the store with his bare hands after an employee refused to turn on a gasoline pump before he paid. The gas station was closed for ten hours while employees cleaned up the damage. Witnesses said Iyegbu damaged another car at the gas station before he inexplicably shed his clothes, grabbed the U of H flag and stormed toward the luxury cars. No word why Iyegbu decided to strip down or why he had a UH flag with him.
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Utah fertility clinic worker swaps clients' sperm with his own
They thought it would be a fun genetics test to learn about family heritage but, after a startling discovery, a family has triggered an investigation into alleged sperm tampering at a former Utah fertility clinic.
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Arrested in SkyView Academy chemical rupture incident
SkyView Academy in Highlands Ranch was evacuated and five people were taken to a hospital Tuesday after a chemical incident at the school.
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Play of the Day  Pastor Tim Christensen Speeds Through Service for 49ers NFL Playoff Game
Pastor Tim Christensen's one-minute Sunday worship makes time for his beloved 49ers.
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Ron Burgundy guests on real life TV news bulletin
Actor and comedian Will Ferrell became his alter ego Ron Burgundy when he co-hosted a news programme in North Dakota. As part of his promotional tour for his latest Anchorman movie, Ferrell joined the staff of a local news station KXMB in Bismarck. Footage courtesy of KXMB
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TV Host's Funny Reaction On Giant Drop Ride
I think he might need a new pair of pants after that.
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US doctor takes to the streets to treat homeless
Dr. Jim Withers operates his practice with a simple idea: The best way to care for the homeless is to treat them where they live.
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Two guys jumped off a bridge and killed
Two deaths in one day.
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Cop stops to play football with kid
Video of Sgt. Ariel Soltura stopping to play football with a boy who was all by himself is drawing national attention as a example of true community policing. "While a 2 minute game of football might not mean anything, to some it could mean everything!" the Rosenberg (Texas) Police Department posted on Facebook. Soltura said he was clearing the scene of a traffic stop in the area when he saw the boy waving to him.
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Same sex marriage laws : Federal Government and ACT face off in High Court
The High Court has begun hearing the Commonwealth's challenge to the ACT's same-sex marriage laws.
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CCTV catches wheelie bin vandals red handed
CCTV footage has been released showing vandals in Yorkshire throwing bins and rubbish into the road but they were caught red-handed by police.
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Paul Walkers Crash two different angles Caught On Camera
It's not very clear but has two different angles. Low Quality No Audio
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France's First Lady Valerie Trierweiler Hospitalized After Affair Rumors
Valerie Trierweiler reportedly in shock after seeing tabloid photos of her husband and a famous actress.
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Car crash near Moscow sends driver sky high!
One second your tooling along then......
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Dog swims with dolphin
This pooch & dolphin are the best of friends.
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60 years old Chinese woman gives birth to twins following IVF treatment
Chinese woman gives birth to twins following IVF treatment Chinese woman gives birth to twins following IVF treatment Chinese woman gives birth to twins following IVF treatment
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Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall
Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall
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Very Very Funny Incident In World Cricket Rare
Very Very Funny Incident In World Cricket Rare
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Emmy Rossum on UK hospitals: "They're amazing!"
Emmy Rossum, the star of Showtime's Shameless, has marvelled at the 'amazing' and 'free health care' she received in Britain.
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Cat Scared Of Close Lightning
Run Noodles Run.
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Cuba finally gets new cars but no one can afford them
Cubans finally have the right to buy new and used vehicles from the state without special permission for the first time in half a century, but mark ups of 400 percent or more quickly dashed most people's dreams of...
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CCTV : The split-second before Lee Rigby is mowed down
'Butchers of Woolwich': Moment Islamist pair runs down drummer at 40mph before attacking him.
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Woman steps in to prevent man from touching girl's butt
Woman steps in to prevent man from touching girl's butt Woman steps in to prevent man from touching girl's butt Woman steps in to prevent man from touching girl's butt
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Lucky man from live Accident
Lucky man from live Accident Lucky man from live Accident Lucky man from live Accident
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Friends say final farewell to Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs
Family and friends have gathered in Golders Green in London to say a final farewell to Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs.
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Guy Touches Electrical Wire with Stick
do not touch electrical wires
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US Border Patrol sends robots into drug tunnels
As border security has tightened, drug cartels in the US and Mexico have turned to tunnelling beneath the ground to avoid detection.
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Russian Man Vodkas His Knee Kicking A Door
Watch his ligaments tear as he attempts to kick down some guys door
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Intelligent killing machines aka. Terminators now in Syria :)
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TV Sports Announcer almost Crying on Live Broadcast
Watch her LIVE on Sports TV channel ready to cry after the production director reprimanded her for misspelling the name of Spanish newspaper "Marca"..
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Stop That Train!
Abandon ship, abandon ship!
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Woman Flies out of car after crash - Died at spot
Woman Flies out of car after crash - Died at spot
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[CCTV] Woman survives as car flies off overpass
Anne Spiess survived after her car skidded off the overpass near Little Canada in Minnesota and landed in a river. Luckily for her, the river was frozen solid at the time.
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Massive steel X-mas tree collapses in Vladivostok
Massive steel X-mas tree collapses in Vladivostok Massive steel X-mas tree collapses in Vladivostok Massive steel X-mas tree collapses in Vladivostok
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Drifting Car Loses Tire
When this yellow car did an epic drift so hard, it lost a tire. Luckily for the driver, he was greeted with a cheering crowd.
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Nitrogen Triiodide Detonation with a Feather
Nitrogen Triiodide Detonation
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Asian Super Light-Weight VS Black Super Heavy-Weight
Round One: FIGHT!
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Man rubs woman's crotch in park
Man rubs woman's crotch in park Man rubs woman's crotch in park
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'Die you muslim die!' Shop worker abuses customer
In the ghastly wasteland of Balsall Heath, a shop worker tells a customer to 'go on, die you Muslim!', after a bit of a barney over the cost of shopping bags. The gentleman was not aware the bags are not free of charge. CASHIER: 'Arrogant, arrogant, that's what he is. He's wasting time?' Customer: 'I am wasting time?' CASHIER: '£16.70. No, I am right. You don't judge me and my personal life. You understand? You're a customer. Just go, just go, just go. Listen, Mohammed. It's arrogant. Ten years in this place.' Customer: 'And you messed up one customer.' CASHIER: 'Who are you? Who are you? Who are you to judge me?' Customer: 'I judge you - the way you behave, that's why I judge you.' CASHIER: 'How dare you judge me and my personal life. Who the f*** is he?' Customer: 'See, she's having a bad day. Are you having a bad day?' CASHIER: 'Are you Muslim? Are you Muslim? You're not a good Muslim. You're not a good Muslim.' Customer: 'You're having a bad day and you're just taking it out on me.' CASHIER: 'No, how dare you? He's not bothering me. I've been here 10 years. I was having a good day until I saw your f***ing face. Go. Go. Go on, you Muslim, die. Arrogant man. Arrogant Muslim man.'
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