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MySQL ON DELETE CASCADE - Deleting Data From Multiple Related Tables
We delete parent and child's table records in multiple request separately but we can delete both table's record automatically in a single request and through this video I will show step by step how we can implement On Delete Cascade in Mysql.
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Install Xamarin for Visual Studio 2015 or 2017
Here is the tutorial how we can install Xamarin for visual studio 2015 and visual studio 2017
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How to install and uninstall sap hybris commerce
In this video you can see how we can install and uninstall sap hybris
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Real Time Notification to Web App Using Pusher in PHP
We are used to implement real notification for mobile devices implemented through mobile app. But sometimes we also need to send real time notification to web application or web clients. And we can implement such feature using Pusher in PHP and Mysql. Please follow this tutorial to see step by step implementation of Pusher in a PHP based web application.
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