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A Great British NekNomination
Got fed up of the nek-nominations all over the internet so decided to fight back! Thanks to those mentioned in the credit for their help , Music rights to the London Philharmonic Orchestra
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Watch This Space; Announcement trailer
For the last 3 months I have been traveling the USA, I filmed my progress and have turned it into a web series. Here is the trailer, episodes to follow! It's corny, it's cringy, it's a cliche! Music is 'Magic of Love' from Two Steps From Hell which is available in the Youtube audio library.
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Top tips for London
An utterly unique and comprehensive travel guide for those who plan a trip to the greatest of world cities; London! Take heed of these golden rules or fall foul of common sense... or at the very least to avoid dropping your ice cream. The channel is still in it's early days so please like, share and subscribe the rollocks out of this! Recorded on a mobile phone by Corban from InTheMoment while wandering around the city. Thanks to Corban for having most of the ideas!
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And so it begins...
Welcome to "100 days"! This is the first in what I hope will become a critically acclaimed youtube series showing my life in the build up to a 3 month trip to the USA. Videos will be posted weekly, each one based around my preparations and what I'm looking forward to. Also, if anyone is still watching by the end of these 100 days, then you can come along with me to the US as I vlog my way through the summer. So sit back, like, share and subscribe as I reveal the quirky life of a Britishman soon to be abroad.
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