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Lamborghini in Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar vlog
Lamborghini in Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar vlog In today's video i am showing you the Bhubaneswar but not in brief because of time. We will see Lamborghini in Bhubaneswar and ee with many food items of orissa. Just have a look to the video at once. Just watch and enjoy. If you like then give a thumbs up to this video, share this video and do subscribe to iur channel. follow me on instagram : www.instagram.com/indrajee_nayak_ . vLoG TuBe || vlogtube || Indrajeet Nayak.
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Ships everywhere in Paradip port
#Paradip_Port Hello guyz, as all of you know that I am in Paradip right now and therefore I decided to vlog in such a place where we will not bore and only get some sort of entertainment. therefore I decided to plan a tour for Paradip port and hence the footages taken in the video were from Paradip port. Though you will not see Much but I tried to make you watch somehow the best part of Paradip port. Link for previous video: https://youtu.be/YeAY7_lLL5I you can follow me on Instagram: indrajeet898337 Just watch and enjoy the blog, don't forget to give like if you really like this video and subscribe our channel for more videos and also press the bell icon for notification of upcoming videos. vlogtube|| vLoG TuBe || Indrajeet nayak
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Most exciting day with friends , BDA City Center , Nicco Park , Bhubaneswar
Hello guys, welcome to the vlog, today in this video i took you to the bda city center. It was the most amazing day for us, here us refers to the following: Indrajeet(me), Tarini prasad, Gyanesh, Deeptiranjan, Suman, Manish, Anup, to Nicco park, also known as BDA City center, in Bhubaneswar. And we really enjoyed a lot, and captured that into camera, and share the experience with you. Each and every ride was supposed to be good but, i will suggest you if you ever visit Bhubaneswar, then do individual rides, don't go for combo rides. Hope you liked this video, if so, then don't forget to give this video a like, also subscribe to our channel. Deeptiranjan pradhan is also uploading the scenes of this video: check that out too: https://youtu.be/Z5d1fnQeewI Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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Marine aquarium in Paradip Sea beach
Hello guys, i am with a new vlog today, it's small bcoz where i go (marine aquarium) has nothing much to show but have a quiet life of fishes there. You must see this vlog as it can enjoy you a little bit, am not sure for the much but a little, it's my guarantee. It's marine aquarium in paradip. must watch and enjoy. follow me on Instagram- www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337. vLoG TuBe || vlogtube || Indrajeet nayak. Ourinternetworld.com
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Dil kyun yeh mera, tujhe bhula diya ho, slow motion dance ft. Raghav Juyal !
Hey guys, first of all sorry for not uploading the video for so long. But still videos will not supposed to be come as i am concentrating on my studies. Hopefully we will meet again soon. Keep supporting me, after studies i will definitely be there with you to travel with you. In this video i just tried a slow motion dance for our juniors in the song Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare and tujhe bhula diya ho just like raghav juyal. If you like this video, then give a thumbs up, share the video and don't forget to tell me how much you like or dislike this video in the comment section. Till then, it's Indrajeet nayak, signing out😊🤘 Follow me: @indrajeet_nayak_ Follow tariniprasad naik: @tariniprasad.tpn3
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Regional science Park, Bhubaneswar vlog
Hello guys, i am with a new vlog. I went to SCIENCE PARK, in BHUBANESWAR, and tried to make an entertaining vlog. I was going there with my friend - MANISH TUDU (@manishtudu99) and SOUMYA RANJHAN . they both accompanying me to that place. Also the winner of the giveaway was Srk1999, so i am requesting him to send me his address into my email. Follow me on instagram- @indrajeet898337. Also checkout my friend's channel, he creates awesome action videos, with fabulous editing- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA Follow manish tudu on instagram And he also creates a meme video on youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4tRamNhri0fcSPxqluI_w My new website- ourinternetworld.com Vlogtube | vLoG TuBe | Indrajeet Nayak. Just enjoy the vlog and don't forget to give this vlog a like.
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Flight journey from Dehradun to Delhi
Flight journey from Dehradun to Delhi Hey guys in the first video, i disscused you about my journey from uttarakhand. And in this video you will see the video of flight journey from dehradun to delhi in which we covered 200km in 35 minutes in indigo flight. The journey was really very awesome and i have an amazing experience in flight though it's my second time in flight journey, but it's awesome. Please like this video, share this video and do subscribe to our channel.
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Time to say "Good bye" , Farewell party to our seniors, BJB College
#vlogtube Time to say "Good bye" , Farewell party to our seniors, BJB College Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. In today's vlog i am going to show you the experience of mine and my fellow batchmates on the occasion of farewell given to our seniors. It was very much auspicious day for all of us. So if you like then don't forget to give a like. Also Share and don't forget to subscribe too. Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 My website: https://www.ourinternetworld.com
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Paradip Port Trust, Nehru Bangla Sea Beach and Ships | Cinematic  Day
#vlogtube Paradip Port Trust, Nehru Bangla Sea Beach and Ships | Cinematic Day Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. Actually, i thought to take a break on my YouTube videos, but i don't know why, but, event came and with event my eventful vlog came too. So enjoy the vlog. In this vlog i have visited several places like Nehru bangla, sea beach, Paradip port too and get some amazing footage over there. This vlog gonna be complete cinematic, and you will really like it. Follow me on Instagram: @indrajeet898337
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Now the chance to explore Keonjhar || Keonjhar vlog (Part-1)
Hey guys, welcome to the vlog, in todays blog, i will tell you how i startef the NIGHT LIFE OF BHUBANESWAR, and also my brother joined me at Bhubaneswar, and we went to Keonjhar, and tried to explore most of the parts of Keonjhar. This is the exploring part, which i include this in Part1 of keonjhar vlog, thus, wait for the part 2(where i will include riding for exploring keonjhar vlog) Dont forget to subscribe, as new contents with entertaining one always presented for you. Follow me on instagram: www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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Throwing Vivo phone , Durability Test, 99.9999% clickbait
Throwing Vivo phone , Durability Test, 99.9999% clickbait RECOMMENDED TO WATCH THE VIDEO IN 720p FOR BETTER EXPERIENCE !! #vlogtube Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. Hope you guys are doing well. In today's video, you will see the durability test of vivo, as in this video i will throw the vivo phone 10-12 times, and finally from a 100 ft. height. Enjoy the video: LOL; You can follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 my website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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Dhauligiri vlog, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Hello guys, in this vlog, i went to dhauli which is in bhubaneswar and showed you the seanic beauty of that place. I went there with My friends Gyanesh - @gyaneshroy Tariniprasad- tariniprasad.tpn3 Manish - @manishtudu99 Suman singh Indrajeet nayak- @indrajeet898337 We enjoyed a lot there, and experienced the natural life too. You should watch this vlog completely as it will definitely entertain you. Just wait and enjoy. Like/ dislike- all depends on you, but comment for your opinions, share and subscribe us too. Ourinternetworld.com - find new tips and tricks here.
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A trip to Konark - Sun temple, Chandrabhaga with Friends
#vlogtube Hey guys, welcome to the channel. Today's vlog is all about Konark, its beauty, its love and everything related to konark. Nothing much to say about, Just enjoy the vlog. Deeptiranjan channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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Why google why ? Sisupalgarh search fail
Hello guys, welcome to the vlog, in todays vlog, i am going to show you, about how we have foofled by google one day. First of all, this month you will going to get the videos on SUNDAYS, but from the nest month, there will be frequent vlogs for you, so that i will be connected better with you. In this vlog, me and my cousin went to SISUPALGARH FORT, BHUBANESWAR. But what happened with us was that, check it on the video(you will find there). If you like this vlog, then give this vlog a like, share the video and also don't forget to subscribe our channel and press the bell icon too. NOTE: i am not blaming google, but have a request to all of you that, first check everywhere before going to any place. GOOGLESHOULDUPDATEIT'SDATA. Also checkout my friend's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA he creates animation and best editing, action comedy videos. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 google fooled vlogtube google fooled indrajeet nayak indian youtuber indian vlogger bhubaneswar,odisha orissa indian the day we fooled by google sisupalgarh google maps
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Odisha biggest fair, Balijatra, Cuttack, Odisha
Hello guys, Today i am with the vlog which i think that i should upload it earlier, but due to some wierd reasons , i can't did that. Hence today, we were going to experience balijatra of cuttack which is said to be one of the biggest sand fair of orissa. It's somehow late but is enjoyable to watch. Just watch the vlog, as it will make you entertain. And one more thing, giveaway will be organized once again, as i didn't get any reply feom the last giveaway winner : srk1999 SO JUST BE READY !! If you haven't visit deeptiranjan pradhan's channel (action comedy with vfx editing channel) yet, just click the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA Gyadu cc(miscellaneous channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCccrpDVAAGBSnhCHrsiME8A Follow me on instagram for latest updates regarding vlogs, and connect to my life : @indrajeet898337 My website: ourinternetworld.com Get solutions regarding every technical problems. December onwards, vlog will be frequent. Just be connected with us. Balijatra Baliyatra Sand fair Orissa fair Biggest fair Cuttack Bhubaneswar India Orissa Video Vlog Vlogtube Justvish Hindi video Odisha fair Odisha biggest fair
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Most saddest journey from Bhubaneswar to Keonjhar , vlogtube
Hello guys, today in this video i am going to keonjhar from bhubaneswar, and it takes about 7 hrs , to complete this journey, but this time i am not happy with the journey, because of what happened to me. This journey also made my schedules down, and this is the only reason for irregular uploads. Must watch this to know, why vlogs became late, and why i was sad that time. And if like, then give a thumbs up too, and do subscribe the channel . It is the last vlog of irregular schedules, upcoming vlogs will be in schedules, i.e., frequent vlog started from here right now. If you haven't checked the channel of Deeptiranjan pradhan, then click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA Also check out my friend's another channel, whose creators were vivek semwaal, and ankit kumain: gyadu cc: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCccrpDVAAGBSnhCHrsiME8A Also check my website, if you have problems regarding android or desktop: ourinternetworld.com Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337
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Lets see Paradip from Light House
In this video i showed you my problems from which i suffered a lot from few past days. I struggled a lot for my laptop. I also take you to a very much pretty place from where you can see the whole paradip as described in the title of the video. Just watch the video and enjoy. LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE TOO!! Vlogtube || vLoG TuBe || Indrajeet nayak. My new website: ourinternetworld.com
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Asus vivobook S510
#beyondtheedge , #asusindia Hey guys, this is just the promotiinal video of asus, if there will be any sound problem, then i will prefer you to watch the video using earphones, or headphones, this will be comfortable. The giveaway was organized by mumbiker nikhil for the creators of our india, also entrepreneur. Get the link here https://youtu.be/lOD6R47LJsM Like share and subscribe, if this will be informative for you anyhow. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @indrajeet898337 WEBSITE: www.ourinternetworld.com
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Mobile shops everywhere, Bapuji nagar, Bhubaneswar
#vlogtube Hey guys, welcome to the channel, today in this vlog, i am going to take you to a place, where there is mobile shops everywhere with my friend manish tudu. We have done a lot of fun. We have a great time enjoying and shooting their. Must watch and enjoy the vlog. Don't forget to like share and subscribe.
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Syria war explained | 5 lakh people died (Hindi)
#vlogtube Hello guys, this video gonna be somehow offensive, but believe me, It's gonna be 100% true. Syria's war has been explained into the video, and how neighbouring countries doesn't helped them, how children died, everything has been showed into the video. We from our house can only pray for them, or share this video, so that islamic countries can help them !! AMEN FOR THOSE 500K PEOPLE INCLUDING INNOCENT CHILDREN DEATH !!
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Riding for exploring !! Bhubaneswar
Hey guys, welcome to the vlog, in todays vlog, i will show you how i ride cycle to shoot some parts of bhubaneswar, also took some great footages, some timelapses and many more, even i enjoyed while taking those footages, so i am 100% sure that you will also like that. Check out my another channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtfDcvOk6qmAWKA5bdwTfw My friend , Deeptiranjan_pradhan's channel link is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA Also don't forget to like this video, subscribe this channel. Follow me on Instagram: @indrajeet898337 Check the website: www.ourinternetworld.com NOTE: Sorry guys, the video is uploaded on saturday, i supposed to upload it on Sunday, but where i will be in sunday, there will not be any internet connection there, therefore, i uploaded it on Saturday, and there will not be any vlog for tomorrow.
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Cinematic aspects of Budhakhol trip, BJB College, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Hey guys, welcome to the vlog, in todays vlog, you will definitely enjoy the scenez, and it will really not waste your time. In this vlog you will experience what we did, what we see, what we feel, and you will feel amazing moment with us, in this video. Like share and subscribe, if you haven't. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 Watch the other part of this trip on Deeptiranjan's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA
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Nandankanan zoo, Bhubaneswar
Nandankanan zoo, Bhubaneswar hello guys, in this video i am going to nandan kanan and shoots some fabulous footages there and have an awesome experience there. The vlog is really an awesome vlog ever made in Nandankanan Park. You can realize by seeing the video. you should watch this vlog at once and enjoy!! YOU CAN FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM - Indrajeet898337 If you like the video then also share this video and please do subscribe to our channel by pressing the bell icon too. vLoG TuBe || vlogtube || Indrajeet Nayak. Ourinternetworld.com
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Finally get a chance to vlog | Paradip
FINALLY GET A CHANCE TO VLOG IN PARADIP IN VISHWAKARMA PUJA It's been too much late for me to upload this video as i planned to upload this video yesterday but due to some technical problems i was unable to upload that!! So i planned to upload it today, and hopefully its the nice one for me, as i get chance to vlog in paradip in a grand occasion of vishwakarma puja and i upload that video finally. This video covers all the footages of Vishwakarma puja in paradip and all the arrangements made by different units of PPT paradip. The youtuber whom i met was a vlogger whose name is AVINASH NAYAK . The video is entertaining, if not you can tell me on the comment box. DISCLAIMER: DON'T MIND FOR THE QUALITY OF THE VIDEO. I THOUGHT IT FOR 720p BUT IT'S 420p. If you like then please do subscribe to our channel. Vlogtube || Vlog tube|| Indrajeet nayak
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Trying to vlog in Paradip
#vlogtube In this video , i vlog the situations and conditions of mine from bhubaneswar to paradip. you can also have a chance to see the paradip beach once again. just watch thus video and enjoy. like share and subscribe this channel. vLoG TuBe || vlogtube || Indrajeet Nayak. Ourinternetworld.com
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Supernatural Powers | Action cinematic vlog | Experimental try | Short action film
#vlogtube Hello guys, hope this experimental try helps me to understand you all, as action video is completely in different direction as that of my niche topic. This video is all about entertainment purpose and is all about the supernatural powers. So don't judge this, as this is only an experimental try towards more cinematic !! We worked hard on it, so first watch the video and then let me know in the comment section about your opinions. Subscribe deeptiranjan channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 Follow deeptiranjan: @deeptiranjan_pradhan Follow manish tudu: @manishtudu99 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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Did and experience some insane things || Keonjhar vlog (Part-2)
Hey guys, welcome to the vlog, this is the part 2 of keonjhar vlog, where i did some really craziest things , and shared with you. Must watch this vlog till end. Keonjhar vlog part 1: https://youtu.be/sui6zamp4rI Must watch the part 1 also. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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State museum , Odisha
Hello guys, today in this video i am going to show you the complete view of state museum of odisha. This makes you somehow bored but its also somehow interesting. Just watch and enjoy. IF YOU LIKE THEN GIVE A THUMBS UP, SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL BY PRESSING THE BELL ICON TOO.
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Neither Valentine's day nor Mahashivaratri || Nastik kind of guy !
Hope guys, you like this vlog. You can watch the Valentine's video of deeptiranjan pradhan channel: https://youtu.be/GnfT-B0q-ug Hope you like that video too. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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One level up | Cinematic try
Hope guys, you like this video, but i tried my level best , and one more thing, last video has some quality resolution problem, i found that, and sorry for that. If you like this video for any reasons then do subscribe. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 Follow tarini peasad naik: @tariniprasad.tpn3 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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Have you visited Puri in Odisha ?
Hey guys, WELCOME to Exclusive Puri Vlog by vlogtube. In this vlog i am with my three friends Gyanesh Roy, tariniprasad and Suman (college mates) and as in the video you can see that we enjoyed a lot much. Be connected with us. Also check out the video where the giveaway for bike/bicycle mount has been declared https://youtu.be/7fh-HpFPKA4 Also check out my friend's channel (action, comedy and best editing stories) - Deeptiranjan Pradhan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87... Follow me on instagram - www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 Follow tariniprasad - www.instagram.com/tariniprasad.tpn3 Follow gyanesh- www.instagram.com/gyaneshroy Follow suman on facebook- https://m.facebook.com/100007202537605 HOPE GUYS YOU WILL ENJOY THIS VLOG . IF YES, THEN LIKE ELSE DISLIKE THE VLOG BUT MENTION THAT IN COMMENT ALSO DO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS. NOTE: #Dost _____ ( your comment) with this format the first commentor will get a chance to win BIKE / BICYCLE PHONE MOUNT HOLDER. Video Vlog Vlogtube Indrajeet nayak Bhubaneswar Gyanesh roy Tariniprasad naik Suman singh Puri Puri vlog Bhubaneswar vlog South indian video Exclusive puri vlog Jagannath temple Golden beach Golden tree Swargadwar market gundicha temple
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I got my 1st sponsorship , 8x zoom camera lens
#sponsored Hey guys, sorry, actually, i was not ready to create any vlog or edit it, hence i haven't uploaded the video till now. But am hoping for the weekly vlogs. Lets hope for the best !! Hope you will like today's video. In this video, i will share my experience about the product, how i get it and all !! Must watch till end . Buy the product from here: https://amzn.to/2FwXutQ Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 My website: https://www.ourinternetworld.com
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I have lost $112 in one day || NO CLICKBAIT
Hey guys, hope you get the idea of pain, but you should have also idea, that, if there is no pain then there is no gain. Though i worked from two months, and lost $100 approx. in just 1 monute but still, i get offers from NGO's to work with them. This is what gain after pain is !! My website: www.ourinternetworld.com Now i used to run amazon ads on it, instead of adsense ads. And by the mean time, you also get idea that, it is not any CLICKBAIT. And i never used to do such things too. Hope for any reason, like or dislike the video, subscribe and comment too. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337
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An unbelievable support from ASUS !!
Hey guys, welcome to the vlog, today in this video you will get to know of what i got surprised from. Just watch this video till end. Thanks asus for the support. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 Website: ourinternetworld.com If there is any suggestion , let me know in the comment section.
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Basic vlog equipments
#vlogtube Hey guys, this is just a casual vlog, where i told you about what i used equipmemts for my vlogs, neither its a technical vlog nor a travelling but is aomehow informative for all of you if you want to be a vlogger. My friend channel, deeptiranjan pradhan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV87GjTxPTD-dOWxfM5Y7YA Just watch and enjoy the vlog. Comment for any issues regarding this, or if having fun also comment for the same. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 Website: www.ourinternetworld.com This is used to be my website but, i will sell this site soon Stay tuned.
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Those 10 days | Interesting vlog
hey guys, welcome to the vlog. Basically this vlog is nothing but everything which happened to me in these 10 days(from 1st march to 10th), and i shot those happening into the camera and present for you in the form of my vlog. Hope this vlog is enjoyable for you. If it is, then let me know in the comment section about your feedback. But everything will gonna be somehow interesting. you can follow me on instagram: www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 my website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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We missed it ! | Try to vlog on Republic day
Hello guys, welcome back to my channel, as something everyday, happens with me, thus i thought i should share with you all, by the way thanks for your support in the last video. Actually documentary video can take about a month only to create a 2 min. Video. Sorry, but that's true. That's why I am creating the vlog, in a regular manner. Hope you like today's vlog, this is about 15 min. Vlog, hope you will like this. By the way guys, this vlog is. Of 972 MB, LOL. These long vlogs can be only created by me because of your love and affection. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 Checkout my website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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How to vlog using a phone
Hey guys, hope you will like todays vlog, it's informative cum fun vlog. Just learn and earn something. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337
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Secret visit- Fails very bad, Bus accident
Secret visit- Fails very bad, Bus accident Hey guys, welcome back to the channel, today in this video, i am going to share my experience with you, about a secret visit or surprise visit to my village. In this video, you will going to see, about how my mission fails, and from how much problems i suffered from . Hope you will like this video. Also guys, I am in a big depression nowadays. So i took a harsh decision which i am going to discuss with you in coming video. Lets hope for the best. Also you can buy 8x zoom camera lens for mobile, zebrics: https://amzn.to/2FwXutQ You can follow me on instagram: www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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Taken selfies for 5 months , EPIC SELFIES
#vlogtube Hello guys, welcome back to the channel after such a long time of 6 days. Hope you like today's vlog. And don't forget to like share and subscribe the vlog. Also you can follow me on instagram : @indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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No idea about MINECRAFT and MINECRAFT GAMES !! Totally different vlog
#vlogtube Hey guys, todays vlog is totally different from everyday's vlog. Todays vlog can also be known as reaction video. I tried a game- minecraft and want to share my worst experience with you and also shared my opinion about the game. If you want energy in my vlogs, then watch this one. Also todays vlog gonna be some energetic, so dont judge feom the first try. I dont know how to play this game, if you have idea, then let me know in the comment section. Also if you want more such vlogs, then like, else dislike. Also share and subscribe to our channel for more vlogs. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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1080p HD camera, unbiased review (proof)
hello guys, welcome back to the channel. This video is gonna be confusing one for me. In this video i have several things to be shared. In this video, i have shared the unbiased review of the 1080p HD camera. follow me on instagram: www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 hope you will like this video, let me know in the comment section about your opinion.
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Should i leave social media ?
Hello guys welcome back to the channel. Today in this video, i am going to talk about my those stressful days, from which i was suffered from. Also i took the new decision, which was hard to implement but is a good decision. I am talking about the impact of social media on me. So watch the complete video, and don't forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. Also follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 Also visit my website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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First vlog of Uttarakhand
Hello guys, this is my first ever uttarakhand vlog #vlogtube Here, my life journey as a vlogger started, i am much inspired by #mumbike_ nikhil. In this video i am showing you about my travelling from uttarakhand to bhubaneswar. The video covers the environment from new tehri to rishikesh and to dehradun too. Its just an awesome try, if it is then please like the video And subscribe our channel. JUST ENJOY THE VIDEO OR WE CAN SAY A SHORT VLOG.
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The TOP of BHUBANESWAR , Khandagiri and Udayagiri Vlog
Am i in top of bhubaneswar, in this video i am going to udayagiri caves and believe me its the best place to approach if you have the passion of taking awesome pictures. I have take some nice footages from there and make this vlog somehow creative. I made this vlog short as i have some health problems right there during vlogging. Vlogtube | vlogtube indrajeet| Indrajeet nayak. previous video link: https://youtu.be/opYpbHFviyI Just watch the video and enjoy the vlog. Is it the top of bhubaneswar Khandagiri and udayagiri vlog vlogtube indrajeet nayak vlog indian vlog travelling vlog udayagiri caves udayagiri bhubaneswar bhubaneswar city Khandagiri
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vlogtube की कहानी, मेरी जुबानी , Story of vlogtube
Hey guys, welcome to the vlog, this was my last video of 2017, next video on 2018 will be about the vivobook s510 promotion , don't forget to check that out also. I was very much busy in 2017, and hope not to so on 2018, hope you will like the story of Vlogtube. But at last, thanks to Mumbiker nikhil, from whom i got inspired for vlogs. Let me know in the comment section. LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337
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Wonderful beach, i didn't know about in Paradip !
Hey guys, sorry for the disappointment during the last vlog. But todays vlog will make you enjoy for sure. So sit in rest position and just ENJOY THE VLOG. In this vlog we will going to explore Paradip. Follow me on instagram: @indrajeet898337 My website: ourinternetworld.com
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Best and cheapest products for vlogs
In this video i discussed about the best and cheapest product for indian vloggers and its not matter what they are, may be riders, cycling vloggers, simple vloggers anyone. must watch this video as this may be informative to all of you. The link to the previous video: https://youtu.be/bGiv7_R-gBU DISCLAIMER: Sorry to say but i am not sure that those products which i bought were best or not!! SORRY FOR THAT. But in upcoming videos, i will give the review with proof of these products. So check it out. If You like then give a thumbs up and share this video and also subscribe to my channel by pressing the bell icon too. follow me on instagram: www.instagram.com/indrajeet898337 . vLoG TuBe || vlogtube || Indrajeet Nayak
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Mai, cinematic sequence aur ap !
#vlogtube Hey guys, welcome back to the channel, in todays vlog, i just shared some of the cinematic sequences which i edit feom premiere pro, so let me know how you have find this !! Also follow me on instagram:@indrajeet898337 My website: www.ourinternetworld.com
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I broke my mount, an unfortunate event before Valentine's day | Bhubaneswar
Hey guys, welcome to the vlog, today in this vlog, i shared you my two day task with you where i went many places in bhubaneswar which you will come to know in the video. Yeah video will somehow make you enjoy. Follow me on instagram:@indrajeet898337 Www.ourinternetworld.com
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