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Agile NYC
Meet the Agile NYC community during the Agile Day'14 in New York City, our annual conference day. Several open space events and nearly 100 user group meetings since 2007 make us the most active group of agile professionals in the NYC metro area. Join us and learn about our upcoming events at http://www.agilenyc.org
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Agile Day'13 Mary Poppendieck - The Lean Mindset
Mary Poppendieck, author of "Lean Software Development", "Leading Lean Software Development" and "Implementing Lean Software Development" spoke about "The Lean Mindset", Mary's and Tom's latest addition to the lean bookshelf.
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Agile Day'12 - Dave Thomas "Lean Value Driven Product Development"
Watch Dave Thomas in his keynote during the Agile Day'12 in New York City. The title of the keynote is "Lean Value Driven Product Development -- Faster, Better, Cheaper!". The Agile Day is the annual 1-day conference in New York City about all things agile and lean. You can learn more about the agile user group events in New York by visiting http://www.agilenyc.org
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Ken Schwaber Birthday Wishes to 10 Years Agile NYC
Live from Scrum.org, Ken sent us his birthday wishes for our first decade
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Agile Day 2013 Karl Scotland
Karl Scotland speaks about "Kanban - Isn't It Just Common Sense?" as part of the Agile Day'13 in New York City. Karl is true expert in Lean/Agile and an Agile Coach with Rally Software in the U.K.
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Agile Day 2013 Ken Schwaber - Agility Path
Ken Schwaber speaks about the Agility Path as part of the Agile Day'13 in New York City. He uses agility for business needs and the transformation of the energy companies in Europe.
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Agile NYC - User Group Meeting with Chas Mastin
Enough Theory: How do you put Agile and Scrum into practice on the development side using github issues, physical kanban boards, pull requests, +1ing and integrated Quality Control? Chas Mastin, Director of Sprint Teams at Control Group will share some pitfalls and promises of Agile from sales and stakeholder buy-in, all the way through product delivery. Along the way Chas will share three tales of Agile woe: The Agile Tool Dependency, The Integration Paradox, and the Neverending Project.
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Agile Day'13 Keynote - Achim Nowak "Stop Communicating - Start Connecting"
Achim Nowak, keynote speaker, author of "Infectious" and "Power Speaking" at Agile Day'13 in New York City.
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Jochen Krebs speaks with Ken Schwaber about the state of Scrum
Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum, will present his view of the "State of Scrum" at the Agile New York City user group in the evening of the 3rd of November. Joe and Ken discussed a few points about his presentation, for example time-boxing, the agile manifesto and of the new PSM certification program. You can also find an audio version podcast of this conversation on iTunes. Ken is in NYC during the first week of November'10 to deliver the NYC premiere of the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course. The PSM course represents the next evolutionary step in Scrum training. On Friday the 5th of November, Incrementor will complete the Scrum Power Pack with a 1-Day Scrum Workshop. You can find more details about the "State of Scrum" and the registration for the training and/or user group meeting at http://www.agilenyc.org
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Agile Day'12 - Dave West "Scaling Agile in the Enterprise"
Relive David West's presentation "Scaling Agile in the Enterprise" which he shared with Agile NYC community during the Agile Day'12. If you are interested in upcoming agile user group events organized by Agile NYC, please visit http://www.agilenyc.org
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Agile Day 2010 Open Space Talkback
After our open space we had each group present their results.
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Agile Day'16 in NYC with Natalie Warnert - Owning your Bias
Natalie Warnert at the Agile Day'16 in New York City. www.agilenyc.org
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Agile NYC - User Group Meeting with Jurgen Appelo
Jurgen Appelo present "How to Change the World" to Agile NYC 6/20/12.
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Agile Day 2010 Open Space Talkback
After our open space we had each group present their results.
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Agile Day'16 - Richard Lawrence
Richard Lawrence presenting at Agile Day'16 (www.agilenyc.org) "Finding the First Slice"
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Agile Day 2010 Open Space Talkback
After our open space we had each group present their results.
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Agile Day 2010 Open Space Talkback
After our open space we had each group present their results.
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Agile Day 2010 Open Space Talkback
After our open space we had each group present their results.
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Roman Pichler Agile Day'16   Agile NYC
Agile Day'16 in New York City with Roman Pichler presenting "Product Roadmaps"
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Pavel Dabrytski- Agile Day 2016 / Agile NYC
Requirements Engineering for Agile Product Owners: Hunting value with structured conversations (Discovery Dojo) - Agile Day 2016 NYC, www.agilenyc.org
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Achim Nowak Welcome Agile Day'13 - Agile NYC
Connect with Achim Nowak, author of "Infectious" and "Power Speaking", who will deliver the keynote for the Agile Day'13 in NYC on 9/19/13. http://www.agileday2013.org
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Agile Day'12 - Harrison Owen "Organizational Agility"
Relive Harrison's presentation titled: "Organizational Agility: A Natural Act" which opened the track "self-organize" of the Agile Day'12 in New York 9/20/12. Harrison is the creator and author of Open Space. More information about the agile community in NYC at: http://www.agilenyc.org.
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Agile Day 2013 Scott Ambler
Scott Ambler speaks about Disciplined Agile Delivery during the Agile Day'13 conference in NYC. He is the (co-)author of twenty one books, including Disciplined Agile Delivery, Refactoring Databases, Agile Modeling, Agile Database Techniques, The Object Primer 3rd Edition, and The Enterprise Unified Process. Scott is a senior contributing editor with Dr. Dobb's Journal and he blogs about DAD at DisciplinedAgileDelivery.com.
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Agile Day 2011 Keynote - Linda Rising "Fearless Change"
Linda Rising's Keynote at the Agile Day 2011 in New York City. Linda opened up the 250+ (sold-out) person conference day held at Pace University 9/27/2011. Jochen (Joe) Krebs, co-organizer of Agile NYC, introduces Linda.
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Agile NYC - User Group Meeting with Jeremy Kriegel
http://www.agilenyc.org "As a [user], I want to..." This is very familiar if you've written requirements as stories, but just who is the user? In the absence of having real users on hand for key decisions, you've likely found that many conversations still revolve around, "I think we should..." with the loudest or most senior person in the room dominating the conversation. It is easy for different people to claim that they are the true voice of the customer, but it is hard to make good decisions with all those conflicting voices. Personas solve this problem by creating a realistic profile that aligns team members and stakeholders alike by giving them something they can relate to, empathize with, and agree on. Creating personas is also easy. You have everything you need to get started now. With a small commitment from the team, you'll bring focus and direction in time for your next sprint. Starting with what you know, you'll bring together all the knowledge the team currently has into a common understanding. Then, using the same prioritization and incremental improvement strategies you've come to love with agile, you will refine your personas into living, strategic guides.
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