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Creepy baby monitor pickup
Sorry about the feedback sound half way though. I have been hearing a loud thumping noise over my baby monitor recently and I under there is interference over frequency but this doesn't seem like ordinary interference. What you you guys think?
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Old world order
Hopefully this won't be my last video
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When animals get bored
My girlfriend and I, just chilling out... and the animals decided they we going to act like plebs.
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geo engineering over Devon, UK.
These types of videos are not wanted on-line as they point out the bigger picture of what's going on here. The Elite government have been in bed with the military industry complex for years experimenting with different chemicals and how they react with things. they have been creating diseases for certain populations and now the lid has been blown right off by people paying attention but they will continue to try and distract us and make us fight each other but the people are waking up faster than before and its getting faster. there system is falling apart.
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Reaching out
I was anxious to put another video out after so long but I’m hoping to have some great conversations with you all and am open to commentary on how I can improve my videos. I hope you are all well.
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Here are some cows
I was taking the Spud out for a mid day stroll and seen some pretty chill cows
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The spiritual revolution.
We need to accept love into our hearts and show love towards those who are angry, no matter the reason they are angry. There is not enough compassion and understanding towards the people who really suffer and total ignorance towards those who make people suffer. We have gone through enough violence, fear and death. Introduce a new way of thinking. Instead of worrying about what religion you follow, or who said what about a certain person, understand that they are challenges to overcome but they can only be done with a positive outlook. Take care of each other but look out for each other too. There are people out there working for the evil guys and will try to trick you, stay alert but not paranoid.
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Legendary guitar in Plymouth 2015
We need to make this guy famous, he may form the new Pink Floyd.
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Wake up world!!!
This "contrail" has a beginning and you can see when it stops coming out the back of the plain. A contrail as people tell me all the time is a trail of ice and water and they also agree that it would only ever be a certain length behind the plain consistently not long and spreading out but still call it contrails. This is a chemical trail and they are making us sick to make us need there drugs instead of giving us the information for natural remedies. Holistic doctors are being killed world wide while we all sit back and watch it happen. It's not good enough anymore. Stand the fuck up!!!
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