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Buell 1125r walk around with engine rotation
This is a short walk around of a Buell 1125r with the engine rotated forward. I would suggest chalking the back tire as it is stated in the manual. It took a while the first time, however only about 1.5 to 2 hours with the help of my brother the second time (maybe only an hour, I can't quit remember). I had to do it again because we pinched the cam cover gasket on the rear cyclinder. Mine was in perfect specs, but I may do the frame off for the next one (24,000 mi) as that is the one most people have to actually replace some of the shims. It is easy enough to check them with the engine rotated but I am not sure how "easy" it would be to replace them like this.
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T-Rex jack stands on a Buell 1125R
As the title states, this is just a quick video of the T-Rex motorcycle jack stands on a Buell 1125R. They work pretty good but they did slip a little bit on me when i was putting the front tire back on and wiggling the bike around. I put the rear tire on first just in case. There are little tabs under the swing arm but I think you may have to remove the pinch bolt first. This might prevent slippage and provide a higher stance.
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Sea Doo at Bethany
Playing with a Sea Doo at Bethany Reservoir. Testing out a Go-Pro mount on the bottom of the life vest.
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Spraying the car at Bethany
Getting close to shore and spraying the car. New Go Pro mount on front of Jet Ski.
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Getting tossed
My bro getting tossed off the front of the Jet Ski.
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