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PWC TV Tip - Trim settings
Kev runs through what you should look at when setting your PWC's trim settings for ideal speed and handling!
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Putting your PWC into storage - The PWC Show
In this great tip Kevin shows us the steps you need to take to protect your ski while it's in storage.
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PWC TV Tip - Roll over recovery
In this tip Kev shows us a couple of ways to recover from that inevitable accident, the roll over.
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The PWC Show - Riding tip - Riding with passengers
In this tip we cover all you need to know while riding with a passenger on you pwc.
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Launching your personal water craft or jet ski - PWC
Kevin runs us through a few tip to make launching your pwc a lot easier!
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The PWC Show - Advanced riding tips
Ready to take you pwc skills to the next level! Kev runs us through what you should look at to improve you ride once you've gained a bit more experience on the water.
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Retreving your ski - PWC
We show you the easy method to retrieving your pwc and show you a few tips for a bit of maintenance as well!
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PWC TV - Nick Barton's Ski Mods
Nick gives us the low down on what you need to do to your PWC to get it Freestylin'!
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The PWC Show - riding positions
This pwc tip is for those just starting out and covers the basic things you need to remember for a good time on the water!
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Riding in waves and chop - The PWC Show
Ever wondered what's the best way to tackle choppy water? Well in this tip we run you through the best way to approach some potentially tricky conditiions
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The PWC Show - Taking your PWC out of storage
Your pwc has been stored away for the winter, time to get it ready for the water! We run through the things you need to check to make sure you have a trouble free time!
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PWC TV Product Review - Jetpilot Night Hawk Vest
We catch up on yet another great product soon to be release by the awesome crew at Jetpilot. The Night Hawk will once again be a valuable piece of gear for any PWC rider!
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PWC TV - Refuge Cove Ride
In this segment we hot the water at Port Welshpool and head for Refuge Cove, a spot that has to be seen to be believed!
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PWC TV - Yamaha FX SHO and Cruiser review
Kev and Corey take the brand new FX cruiser and SHO for a run in this Australian PWC TV exclusive test.
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Choosing a personal water craft - PWC
Kevin runs us through what you need to look at when buying a pwc, and the things you should look at to make your purchase enjoyable.
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PWC TV Seadoo RXP-X Review
Brendan takes the new Muscle craft from Seadoo, the RXP-X for a test ride. This new PWC from BRP Seadoo promises to be an awesome ride!
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PWC TV - Kawasaki Ultra 300X review
Kev takes the awesome new Kawasaki Ultra 300X for a test ride to see how this super charged rocket handles.
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PWC Go Pro and GPS tip
Here are two essential things you should take on any PWC trip a GPS and a water proof video camera
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Safety gear for your Personal water craft - PWC
Brendan and Kevin give you the low-down on what you'll need to see you through any pwc trip safely.
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PWC TV - Nick Barton show us the Footrocket!
Nick BArton shows us the latest Krash Industries ride "The Footrocket", an ideal ride for busting out some freestyle freshness!
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Nick Barton Freestyler - PWC
Nick Barton is one of Australia's leading pwc freestyle riders. We caught up with him recently to see what got him into the sport.
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Eric Malone Profile - PWC
We meet the Godfather of freeride, Eric Malone, the person credited with creating over 90% of today's tricks!
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PWC TV - Seadoo GTR 215 Test Ride
Brendan was lucky enough to hook up a test ride of the new muscle craft from Seadoo, the GTR 215.
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The PWC Show - Geelong Ride
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PWC TV  - Lake Nagambie ride
The boys hit Lake Nagambie for a cruise to see what's on offer in this beautiful region of Victoria. Keep an eye out for a nice little trick right at the end!
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Seadoo RXT-X 260 rs - The PWC Show review
The boys put this awesome ski from seadoo through it's paces in our latest pwc review.
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PWC TV Review - Yamaha Superjet
In this review the boys test out the latest model of Yamaha Superjet, and what changed from previous models.
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Jon Cooke Profile - PWC
We meet the pioneer of free rdie in Australia, Jon "Wire" Cooke and find out what is the story behind his nickname
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PWC Tip - Ride Preparation
What you you do before hitting the water on your pwc or jet ski? Kevin shows us a few simple steps to check off before you take to the water.
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The PWC Show - Family rides
Stuck for ideas for thing to do with your family and the pwc? Well wonder no more as Kevin and Brendan take us through some fun activities on the water.
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PWC Honda Review
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Jetsport Magazine's James Masterton - PWC
We caught up champion jet skier and magazine owner James Masterton to see what pushes this competitor to be the best.
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PWC Tip - Reading the weather
In this handy tip Kevin runs us through what to look for when planning a trip on the water.
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PWC TV Hazelwood pondage family ride
At least 26 degrees year round! Those are the perfect conditions that await you at the Hazelwood pondage in Victoria, the spot for our family ride!
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PWC TV Sale to Lake Wellington ride
One this ride the crew head from Sale in Victoria to Lake Wellington and take in some of the great sights along the way before cutting loose on the lake.
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PWC western port ride
The boys hit the waters at Hastings for a trip around Western Port, and take in a few of the sites... and pies along the way!
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