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the Mr Obvious show ( the snowblower)
Mr Obvious gets a call about a snow blower that dosn't work. by Bob&Tom
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My '64 VW Beetle running
My 1964 VW Beetle
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Bug Run 2011
OMG I need to go there with my buug next year!!!!
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50cc Bobber Project  (part 1)
My first video of my bobber project.
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50cc Bobber Project (part 4)
No talking, but you can see how much i got done. Starting to wire up the lights. not much longer... =)
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50cc Bobber Project (part 3)
Third video, Got it running, works perfectly, just need fenders, battery holder, back break and a few other things, than i'll send it off for paint.
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Johnossi - Bobby "drum cover"
Johnossi - Bobby "drum cover"
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50cc Bobber Project (part 2)
My second Video of my Kinroad bobber build. I got pretty far on the thing, almost enough done to start it up and take it for a test run.
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Misinterpreted Songs (funny songs with lyrics)
Some songs that sound a little weird when playing them.
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My First Liberty Spikes
It's actually not my first spikes, just the first with the howl head. Yes i know it's spelled *whole* but it's much more fun to spell it *howl* Put a video response of your Liberty Spikes
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Guinness World Records "Longest Cake!"
Our school made a cake that was exactly 40 meters long.
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Flatland Skateboarding (and some other stuff) -09
My first skateboard Video/Movie Song: In The Summertime - Mungo Jerry
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Misinterpreted Songs #2.5 (funny songs with lyrics)
I had to take down my last video du to a copyright song. Hope you like this video.
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Crusing in my '64 Bug
Me driving my bug to school so that i can work on it there.
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SOKO - I Thought I Was An Alien "Live"
Soko live at Emmaboda 2012
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Beta RR 50 Motard (NO Exhaust)
I was going to remove the rust off my exhaust so I figured I would try it without one before I put it back on and shit, It sounds a lot.
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1973 VW Beetle (Forrest) running
Run Forrest Run!! My VW,
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Homemade Firework on New Years.
I make a firework out of some old bottle rockets. And first video of 2010!!
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Rainbows and Kitty Cats - The Pillory Box ft. Andreas
just some random song
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Freestyle Railflip Session... -10
Just some old footage from last winter, only good things were the railflips, song: I Had Lost My Mind - by: Daniel Johnston
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Kläppen Snowboarding -10
Anther snowboarding video song: Number One artest: Pacific!
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The Cardigans "Band Cover" (My Favourite Game)
My band and I are playing My Favourite game by the Cardigans at our school. (Our first gigidy)
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One footed 50/50 (Truckstand)
A single footed 50/50
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Emmaboda Mosh Pit!!!!!
Filma mitt en mosh pit på emmaboda 2012
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4 Days Filming (a Snowboard vid)
( No Copyright Intended) We only had about 6 days on the slopes and 2 of them where just for riding around so we only had about 4 days to film for 2 videos, so I put together all the clips that we got and mad a video. song: Death or Glory Artist: The Clash
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Epic Voice-mail
A guy discribing a car crash on voicemail
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Extremely failed bunny-hop, into a fence
I crash strait into the nabbers fence on my bike
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Misinterpreted Songs #3 (funny songs with lyrics)
Even more funny songs with funny lyrics
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In the Hospital - The Pillory
Just felt like making a very Random Skate vid. really doesn't have much to do with skateboarding, but still... Song: In The Hospital Artist: The Pillory Victims
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Rally Car Crash into Snow Bank
Me and a few friends go and have a boys day out, and I got to try out there V6 Audi Rally Car and crash it on the second turn, After that we let it cool down a little and I went for another drive. New edit, not really necessary but fun.
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My 1st EVER Kick-Flip on film!!
My 4th and 5th kickflip ever caught on tape. "I just felt like skating one day, so I went out. I thought to my self (May be I should film this just because...) but I didn't. Then I landed 3 kickflips. So then I went and got the camera and landed 2 more!! And Yeah, That's snow. It was 0 degrees C = 32F outside.
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