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How To Put Google Adsense On Your Website
http://howtobuildablog.net - This is a short overview on how to get Google Adsense code and put it in the side bar of your website.
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April 25,2012 The Sierra RotorCraft Club held a special club meeting just for the Gyro-copter guys to meet the club local Gyro CFI. The video show Jon landing his Air-space A18 Gryo-Plane and giving rides.
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Jon Stark of the Sierra RotorCraft Club landing in an Air & Space 18A gyroplane, at the Wings of History Museum open house. I stretched the rollout to pass the concrete taxiway and make room for airplanes coming through.
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Transfer BCC to BTC in bitconnect
Http://DigiMillionaires.org – A quick video on how to exchange Bitconnect coins (BCC) to Bitconnect Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. Note that during this video, I wasn’t too sure of myself as I had limited coins to exchange. So this was a one-shot video. For more information, visit my website or contact me by text at +1-925-315-5373
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Divvee Social - download apps, rank, share and earn extra income
http://info.internetviewing.org - Divvee Social is a great income producing company for anyone that is looking to make a little extra income or a lot. After watching this presentation, visit my site and get started now or contact me at [email protected]
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artisteer 4 - how to modify your footer with an artisteer 4 theme by jim
http://howtobuildablog.net - In this 7 minute video I show you two ways to modify your footer content in WordPress. The first way is by using html in your "dashboard", "appearance", "Theme Options" and scrolling down to the footer content area. The second method is modifying the footer in Artisteer 4.
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divvee Presentation
http://divvee.InternetViewing.org – In this video, I run through the income potential that you can make in a 3 x10 Matrix. I also cover that as a free member, you earn points or cash equivalent by watching 15 to 30-second videos. I also cover how many you can watch in a 3-minute viewing. I finish up by going into the affiliate commission structure where you earn cash and not points from your team. Note that information in this video can change at any time. It is meant for information purposes to my team.
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How To Make Your FB fan page images clickable
http://howtobuildablog.net - It looks like FaceBook has been screwing around again, this time with respect to making your images on your Facebook Fan Page clickable. That is click on the image and it will take you to your website page/post. All the youtube video's on clickable images before Jan 2016 are out of date with respect to how you need to make your images clickable and how do you get your images uploaded anyway.
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what is coinbase.com and how does it work.
http://digimillionaires.org – What is Coinbase and how does it work. Coinbase is nothing more than an exchange that converts one currency into another. In this case, Coinbase converts your country currency, say the dollar bill, into bitcoins. – Coinbase also converts bitcoins back into your country currency. For more information, please visit my website or contact me at +1 925-315-5373
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How to change the banner size in wordpress
http://howtobuildablog.net This is a video showing a friend how to change an image or banner size in his wordpress website. I also quickly so him how to remove a post into the trash bend.
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bitconnect referral bonus program
http://digi.internetviewing.org – Bitconnect has several ways that you can earn daily income. One is to invest and reinvest for capital compounding and daily cash flow. Another income stream that Bitconnect has is in its Referral Bonus Program. That is what is covered in this video. To learn more about Bitconnect and investing in the cryptocurrency market, just head over to my website or you can contact me at +1 925-315-7353
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Central Sierra Helicopter Meet 2012.mp4
An Overview of the 8th Central Sierra Helicopter Meet 2012 - hosted by the Millers. This overview or summary is reported by jim burrow of the Sierra RotorCraft Club. To read the article associated with the video see our website: http://www.sierrarotorcraftclub.org/2012/05/12/summary-of-central-sierra-helicopter-meet-2012/
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Sierra RotorCraft Club - Eric at Homer Bells Helicopter Flyin 2010
http://www.SierraRotorCraftClub.org - Eric spends a week at Homer Bells helicopter Flyin 2010. this fly-in is all experiment helicopters like the RotorWay, Heli-cycle and many others.
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Removing the panels and cockpit of my helicopter.
After several years of putting off cleaning my clogged carburetors on my Rotorway exec experimental helicopter, I finally decided I have run out of excuses not to work on it. In this video, I go through the motions of taking off the body from its frame and removing it to a stand where I can continue working on it at a later time.
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Artisteer 4 - how to change your menu bar so it looks like clickable links by jim
http://howtobuildablog.net - In this video I show you how to change your WordPress menu so it looks like clickable links and not a menu.
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add meta tag to artisteer header
http://howtobuildablog.net - This video is on How To Add An Meta Tag To An Artisteer Theme.
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how to change side bar text style using Artisteer 4 by jim
http://howtobuildablog.net - In this Artisteer 4 bite size tutorial, I show you how to change your WordPress website side bar style. Here I change the sidebar title color and size. Then I change the color of the side bar content.
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Send bitcoins to bitconnect bitcoin wallet
http://digimillionaires.org – A quick refresher video on how to send bitcoins from an exchange like Coinbase or Exodus to the bitcoin wallet in Bitconnect. For more help, please visit my website or contact me by text at +1-925-315-5373
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selling bitcoins in your coinbase wallet back in to your bank account
http://digi.internetviewing.org – How do you get bitcoins out of your Coinbase wallet and get it converted back into currency and into your banking account. To learn more, please visit my website or contact me at +1 925-315-52373
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How to reset your WordPress database to its initial state
http://howtobuildablog.net - In this video I want to demonstrate how you can reset your WordPress website back to its initial conditions as if it was a new installation. And without losing all your plug-ins, theme and widgets.The plug-in I will be using is from wordpress.org and the title is Advanced Database Clean and of course it is free. In this video I will be using one of my test sites to clean as not to have duplicate content on the web. - Google doesn't like that!
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Learn about Digi Millionaires 4 tiers of Trading in Cryptocurrency
A must watch video to learn more about Digi Millionaires and before joining in Tier #1. In this training video, you will learn about the 4 trading system tiers in Digi Millionaires. * In Tier #1 you will learn about the 3 Pullers in Tier #1 – Most important! * In Tiers 2 through 4 you will learn about the 3 auto-trading systems. * In the second half of this video, you will learn “how does auto-trading work” and “why you would want to be in an auto-trading” system. * Finally, the last few minutes covers the marketing arm of Digi Millionaires through NetQube. After watching this video, get in contact with me for more information and links.
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funding your coinbase wallet
http://digi.internetview.org – Funding your Coinbase.com wallet. Once you have your Coinbase account all set up and linking to a bank account or credit cards or PayPal, you are ready to fund your Coinbase wallet. From your wallet is where you send money to your cryptocurrency exchange. For more information, please visit my website or contact me at +1 925-315-5373
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wordpress widget problems by jim
http://howtobuildablog.net - With the latest version of WordPress I run into a problem not getting the widgets to update. In this video I show How I solved that problem.
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how to add xml site map to wordpress
http://howtobuildablog.net - In this video I want to show how to add an xml sitemap to wordpress that is using Yoast SEO plug-in.
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How to sell bitcoins in Coinbase
http://digimillionaires.org - A short video on How to “Sell” bitcoins in your Coinbase wallet, back to your checking account. For more information, please visit my website or contact me at +1 925-315-5373
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How To backup and restore your wordpress sidebar
http://howtobuildablog.net - In this video I use the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin from wordpress.org. On the video I backup the widgets in my site sidebar. then I import a different set up widgets to replace the ones I just backed up.
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How to uninstall WordPress and Reinstall for a clean original platform.
http://howtobuildablog.net - In this video, I show two methods to uninstall WordPress, one using a plugin and the other within your hosting company cPanel. The last have of the video I show how to reinstall WordPress and do a little modifying and clean up on my new site. - Note the video is unedited so you can see any mistakes I make, so you won't make them.
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thw global login page
cdmsburrow.com - How to get into your account if you didn't get as far as the back office and into the message center.
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twitter flow
http://answeringinterviewquestions.com - In this video, I try to explain how I understand how tweets work in twitter.
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Digi Millionaires Intro video to 5 learn more modules
Watch this introduction video to the 5 Modules Digi Millionaires have put together so you can make a prudent choice to Join Digi Millionaires and or NetQube Holdings. Module 1 In this module, you will discover a believable path to you potentially becoming a Digi Millionaire in as little as 3 – 5 years, no matter your current financial situation. Module 2 In this module: We will discuss this volatility problem AND we will lay out the Digi Millionaire solution to potentially profiting even when the markets are getting hammered. Module 3 In this module, you will discover the four tiers of service we are bringing to you in NetQube Holdings. There will be an emphasis on the Auto-Trade Systems that will be a part of our service. Module 4 In this module, you will discover the marketing company that was built from the ground up to impact Joe and Susie Average. We will reveal how even Joe and Susie Average can potentially generate hundreds of dollars per month in additional revenue even if they are not currently good at marketing. Module 5 It is no secret that most STRUGGLE when it comes to marketing online. In this last module, you will discover why most struggle and what can help.
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How to fund your bitconnect exchange
In an early video, we should you how to sign up for a FREE BitConnect account. In this video, we are going to show you how to fund your account so you can start lending and earning interest on your capital investment. To learn more, visit my website at http://InternetViewing.org or contact me via text at +1 925-315-5373 On my site, you will find my referral link, please use it and not to a link that someone may have left a comment on the video. - Thanks
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Sierra RotorCraft Club "Re-birth of an Engine" as narrated by Evin the 200 hp outboard boat engine
http://www.SierraRotorCraftClub.org - Rebirth of an Engine - A story about a outboard boat engine being transformed into a helicopter engine. This story is told through the eyes of this engine and it's name is Evin.
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Understanding how to trade in the Crypto-currency niche 101
Http://InternetViewing.org As I get more and more educated in the cryptocurrency market, I'm starting to run into friends and people that don't understand what cryptocurrency is all about and how to start investing in it. This video I call Cryptocurrency trading 101. Again it is just my understanding at my present level of education in this niche. If you would like more information on CRB and the exchanges we are presently trading in, please text me +1 925-315-5373 or visit my website. - see the link above.
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hypothetical potential income earning in divvee.social
http://InternetViewing.org – This is a hypothetical video on the commissions that one can earn in divvee social. The numbers I use is based on a post that divvee put out on their new back office layout. Divvee is in Beta, so these numbers can change and probably will. To learn more, visit my website at http://InternetViewing.org or better yet contact me via text at 925-315-5373 with the text message of “Youtube divvee”
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OMG – Bitcoin Market has crashed 13 times.
Did you know that the cryptocurrency Market, sometimes referred to as the Bitcoin Market has Crashed 13 times since January 12, 2012? Each time it crashed, it dropped anywhere between 30% to 87% per crash. Each time the market crashed, the New Media would report the sky is falling, the sky is falling, get out of bitcoins before you lose everything. Bitcoin is not real currency, get out, get out, get out!!! But did you know that even if you didn’t get out of bitcoins during all these crashes that you still made out big time? In this video, Doc covers all 13 crashes and explains the if you were in Digi Millionaires you would welcome crashes. Digi Millionaires, also known as NetQube Holdings has strategies that deal with bear Markets. That is why you need to join Digi Millionaires. If you are not in NetQube and no one has introduced you to Digi Millionaires, please get a hold of me so I can invite you to join NetQube and or Digi Millionaires. You can only get into Digi Millionaires by invitation. [email protected] +1 925-315-5373
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sign up/register for Bitconnect exchange through your referrer.
How to register for Bitconnect through your CRB referrer is simple, However, I would like you to join using my Referral ID if no one has referred you. Otherwise, ask them for their referral ID. The reason for registering through someone that is referring you to signup/register for Bitconnect is because of Bitconnect Commission Override Structure that you want to be part off. See my website at http://InternetViewing.org or contact my using text at +1 925-315-5373 for more information. As part of my team, you will get help as you need it.
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Wordpress widget transfer from one site to another
http://howtobuildablog.net - Before you do a transfer of your widgets or any content from one site (test site) to another site (primary site) is to upload all the images you used on the test site to the primary site. Next you need to point all the images SRC (location url) to that of the primary site. On this video I show you how I do all this.
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How to hid date and author from wordpress posts
http://howtobuildablog.net this video is about removing the date and author name from your wordpress post using Artisteer. Assuming you are using an Artisteer theme. If you are not using an Artisteer theme, the checkout wordpress.org. they have several plug-ins that will remove the past date and author name.
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How Can I Watch Sports Online
http://www.front-row-sports.org - Shows you how you can be watching sports online with your PC in seconds with a FREE Toolbar download. Go to www.front-row-sports.org NOW!
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divvee enrollment process
http://InternetViewing.org - Note that some of the pages in this video may have changed a little after divvee opened enrollment. This is a quick step by step video on how to enroll in divvee social via their divvee app. You can only enroll via a smartphone or tablet. Before you install this app and register, make sure you are using the invite link that was sent to you via a text message or in an email from someone that is inviting you.
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Artisteer 4 - How to remove links menu bar by jim
http://howtobuildablog.net - In this video I show you how to remove or hid your tabs or links in the menu bar. By removing all of the tabs will make your site look like it has no menu which is good if you what a one page site.
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New NetQube Holding opportunity presentation by Digi Millionaires
New updated HQHoldings presentation by Digi Millionaires. You Know, your Golden Years isn’t that far off. Will you have the savings you will need to retire with the good life you dream of after retirement? If you are in your 20’s and have at least $10,000 in an investment program getting 18% yearly returns, then what I’m asking you to watch probably isn’t for your (See Google for Rule of 72). For the rest of us, watch this video by Digi Millionaires on how to build for that nest egg and a Marketing program to help you get there if you don’t have a lot of money to work with at first. After watching this video, Contact me @ Text - +1 925-315-5373 Email – [email protected]
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bitconnect lending wallet tutorial
http://digi.InternetVeiwing.org – When you are in your Bitconnect exchange account, you quit often when to check on how your investments are doing for each day. You can do this by going into your lending wallet tab. This video walks you around inside the lending wallet. For more information, visit my website or contact me at +1 925-315-5373
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All Weather At The Blink Of An Eye
www.InstantWeather.Org A brief introduction to this Great Weather Toolbar that can give you any weather you are seeking at the blink of an eye!
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Make Money Online through divvee independent affiliate program
http://InternetViewing.org – In divvee, there are two ways you can earn an income stream. The first way is to only do activities on your mobile devices and earn $500 if you do 30-minutes a day of activities. These values are subject to change at any time. The other way to earn a nice income is to become an Independent Affiliate and override every person you invite into divvee and they become an affiliate. As an affiliate, that is where the big money is at and this is what this video is about.
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divvee compenstation by the numbers
http://InternetViewing.org – divvee Social has one heck of a compensation plan for its Independent Affiliates. In this video, I do not go over the compensations 3 by 10 metrics structure, But, I cover some hypothetical numbers that give you some realistic income values that can earn you a lot of income month after month. If you have any questions or are ready to join divvee, you can reach me at http://InternetViewing.org
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Using Excel To Isolate keywords for PPC Campaign
http://howtobuildablog.net - This is a video on how I use Excel to isolate the keywords I want to use in my PPC camplaign.
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Sierra RotorCraft Club helicopter Simulator Day 15 work party "hovering"
http://www.sierraRotorCraftClub.org - helicopter Simulator Day 15 work party. Mike is testing the sensitivity of the simulators pitch and roll axes with respect to air pressure adjustments.
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Sierra RotorCraft Club - "Re-birth of Rotor" - Narrated by Rotor, The name given to Jim's helicopter
http://www.sierrarotorcraftclub.org - Rebirth of Rotor - Jim begins working on his Rotorway helicopter project after 10 long years of this rotorcraft sitting in the garage.
Views: 4513 Jim Burrow
Sierra RotorCraft Club - Simulator day # 17
Sierra RotorCraft Club worked on wiring a 12 gauge power cord to the helicopter simulator in hopes to reduce the voltage drop of the present cord. We also worked on the Yaw belt slippage problem.
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