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CNN - Mobile toilets big business in Nigeria
CNN's Christian Purefoy talks with an entrepreneur who provides quality portable toilet units in Nigeria
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CNN - Nigerian fast food goes global
Locally made fast food is reaching an appreciative clientele far beyond its Nigerian origins. CNN's Isha Sesay reports.
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BBC "Africa Business Report' Lekki Free Trade Zone
BBC reports on Nigeria and looks at Nigeria's Economic Development with emphasis on the creation of Free Trade Zones being erected to attract foreign investors with benefits that include Tax-Free status.
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CNN - Challenges of Life in Lagos
CNN's Christian Purefoy examines the challenges of life in the most-populous city in sub-Saharan Africa
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CNN - oil company to watch
Is Obat Oil giving international oil companies a run for its money? CNN's Nima Elbagir reports.
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CNN - Nigeria's fashion industry
Christian Purefoy visits some of Nigeria's foremost couturiers for a first-hand look at their brand and business
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Lekki Free Trade Zone
This video covers the infrastructural development goals of the Lekki Free Trade Zone
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Cities Of Nigeria - Abuja
I was just experimenting on my movie maker abilities. So I made a slide show of Abuja. I may later in the future make more videos like this showing all part, cities and people of Nigeria. Hope you like the slide show.....the song was Chosen randomly ( 2face - enter d place)
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Nigerian Airforce
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CNN - Young and rich in Nigeria
CNN's Nima Elbagir takes a look at the successful elite of Nigeria.
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CNN - Nigerian navy deploys to fight piracy
CNN's Vladimir Duthiers spends a day with the Nigerian navy as they patrol waters in an effort to deter pirates.
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CNN - Go-Kart Racing in Nigeria
I went to this place as well and I had a blast. http://www.getng.com/ Vladimir Duthiers meets with Kaka Doyle, who runs a popular go-kart arena in Lagos.
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Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge
Bilfinger Berger Nigeria GmbH develops customized designs for bridges in Nigeria such as the Lekki-lkoyi Bridge in Lagos, shown here. We support our operating partner with comprehensive logistics services during the construction period. Not only in Lagos, but also in all other construction projects throughout Nigeria, we provide Julius Berger Nigeria with materials and equipment that are difficult or impossible to procure inside the country. We thus provide logistical and planning support for the construction of the Lekki-lkoyi Bridge in Lagos. The bridge in Lagos, one of the largest cities in the world, will connect two heavily congested districts, thereby relieving city traffic. The plans for Nigeria's first cable-stayed bridge were drawn up by design specialists from Bilfinger Berger Nigeria GmbH. The structure comprises a 700-meter full-span approach bridge. Connected to this is a segmental bridge of more than 600 meters in length, at the center of which is a 91-meter high pylon.
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Overview Eko Atlantic
Eko Atlantic is a dynamic new city that will rise from the Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria, the biggest and fastest growing city in West Africa. It will be built on land that is being reclaimed from the sea, and is now for sale. Eko Atlantic will become home to at least 250,000 residents, with commuter volume expected to exceed 150,000 people daily. In essence it is a huge reclamation project, replacing land that was lost during a hundred years of severe coastal erosion. Complex marine works engaging world-renowned consultants and contractors to roll back surging waves from the Atlantic Ocean have already begun. Valuable land that was lost to generations of Nigerians has started to reappear, expanding every day. Eko Atlantic will grow into a vibrant, twenty-first century city, larger than Victoria Island, and will help to establish Lagos as the financial capital of Africa.
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Lekki Deep Sea Port Nigeria
http://lekkiport.com/ Strategic location, a vibrant economy and pro-development policies are all contributing factors that will make Tolaram's [email protected] a thriving ecosystem of maritime and port services, driving trade and business in Nigeria. Step inside and experience all that Tolaram's [email protected] has to offer.
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Julius Berger - Building with integrated solutions
Julius Berger Nigeria is dedicated in constructing turnkey buildings -- of highest quality and always adapted to the client's needs. The company's own facilities like quarries, precast and aluminum production plants, and even a furniture production guarantee an independent and reliable completion. And once the building is erected, Julius Berger remains involved with a wide range of service and maintenance provision. Julius Berger is able to offer innovative solutions for the whole spectrum of building construction: from public buildings and office complexes, functional or luxurious private homes of all types to special solutions such as residential estates.
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Eko Atlantic - April 2011 Report
http://www.ekoatlantic.com The city of Eko Atlantic, adjacent to Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria, is fast becoming a reality. These video clips show current progress and provide detailed information about why and how the new city is being built.
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Julius Berger ~ Enabling infrastructure development
For any country in the world a functional infrastructure is a vital factor to support the economic development. For Nigeria, this applies in particular as it is a huge country with the biggest population on the African continent.
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Eko Financial Center, Lagos
Perkins Eastman provided conceptual design for a new 111,400 sm (1.2M sf) two-office building mixed-use project on the waterfront. The program includes more than 65,000 sm (700,000 sf) of office space, 2,970 sm (32,000 sf) of retail, a roof-top restaurant accessible from building one through a sky bridge on the 20th floor of building two, a banquet hall, and the mezzanine lobby, a glass structure on the second level bridging the two towers at the retail floor. This project will be the first Class A office building in Lagos and will also set a new standard for green building and environmental efficiency by pursuing a LEED certification. http://ekofinancialcentre.com/ Copied Video For Archives.
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Eko Atlantic - Business District
http://www.ekoatlantic.com The city of Eko Atlantic, adjacent to Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria, is fast becoming a reality. These video clips show current progress and provide detailed information about why and how the new city is being built.
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A Tour Of Cross Rivers - Part 2
There is always a thrilling adventure awaiting the tourist visiting Cross River State, from the soaring plateaus of the mountain tops of Obudu, to the Rain forests of Afi, from the waterfalls of Agbokim and Kwa, to the spiralling ox-bow Calabar River, which provides sights and images of the Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar Marina, Calabar Residency Museum and the Calabar Slave Park along its course.
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Rainbow Town Port Harcourt
LIVE ...WORK ...PLAY... Experience all three in one ideal location! Ever dreamed of the possibility of having it all within easy reach and comfort? RAINBOW TOWN offers all these and much more... Rainbow Town is a fully serviced housing project designed for maximum comfort and located in the bustling Trans Amadi district in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Among the numerous world class services Rainbow Town has to offer are an office complex, a large shopping mall, an educational centre, a fire station, a clinic and a 24 hour service police station. The provision of an exclusive Eco centre that will cater for all the community's needs including power and water supply, sewage treatment, broadband internet service, security outfits and a fire station is a unique initiative designed to ensure exceptional comfort. The site of the development is about ten minutes away from the business hub of the city of Port-Harcourt so you can live work and play all within the same environment.
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CNN - What's next for Nollywood?
Nigerian filmmakers hope to entice new audiences with stronger stories and production quality.
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CNN - Lagos: Nigeria's 'beating heart'
CNN's Nima Elbagir takes a closer look at Lagos and how it could become a key player on the world stage.
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Armed Forces of Nigeria
A Tribute To The Men & Women Serving In Nigeria's Armed Forces
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Julius Berger Nigeria - More than a construction company
Julius Berger has been active in Nigeria for more than 40 years - as a construction company but also as a service provider in various construction-related sectors. The company's core competences are the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of diverse civil engineering and building construction projects. Julius Berger has the experience to complete all of its projects in record time, supported by the commitment and expertise of employees and an extensive range of the most modern construction equipment available. The character of Bilfinger Berger Nigeria in Wiesbaden is derived from a strong and unique partnership with the Nigerian company. It is only as a team that the two companies can carry out successful construction projects in Nigeria.
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View of Niger State  of Nigeria
Niger State is a state in the western part of Nigeria and the largest state in the country. The state capital is Minna, and other major cities are Bida, Kontagora, and Suleja.
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JuliusBerger - The logistical challenge
Building in Nigeria means that extreme logistical challenges must be met. And Julius Berger Nigeria is in an ideal position to bear such challenges: the company has its own stone quarries, pre-fabricated component plants and fleets of machines and equipment as well as its own harbor facility and a well-conceived logistics chain. Bilfinger Berger Nigeria in Wiesbaden serves as a reliable partner in Germany, for example in the procurement and delivery of goods from Germany, Europe or elsewhere in the world. Thus the two companies jointly ensure that all goods and materials needed, are available on construction sites to guarantee an on time completion of the projects.
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CNN - Lagos Masterplan
CNN's Christian Purefoy reports on what's being done to improve sanitation and the quality of life in Lagos, Nigeria
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Abuja developement plans
This video covers the infrastructural development goals of the FCT government.
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CNN - Tinapa Failing?
CNN's Christian Purefoy heads to Tinapa, Nigeria, where a $450 million investment fails to live up to its billing.
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Greater Port Harcourt City  P1
development goal of the greater port harcourt city http://www.gphcity.com/index.php
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Julius Berger - Empowering the oil and gas industries
Nigeria is among the top ten crude oil producers and has the seventh largest natural gas reserves on earth. The oil and gas industry is the biggest economical factor in the country. Julius Berger serves a partner for the oil and gas industries. Due to its link to the international Bilfinger Berger Group and a constant exchange of know-how, the company is able to provide its clients with innovative and unique solutions. And a total commitment to all HSE requirements always is a matter of course on all construction sites.
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2nd Niger Bridge -  Onitsha Nigeria
http://www.goblenstudio.rs/ 3d Rendering of the 2nd Niger Bridge at Onitsha, Nigeria The route of the recommended plan is 2150m in length including a 600m bridge according to China Communications Construction Company Ltd [CCCC]
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A Tour Of Cross Rivers
There is always a thrilling adventure awaiting the tourist visiting Cross River State, from the soaring plateaus of the mountain tops of Obudu, to the Rain forests of Afi, from the waterfalls of Agbokim and Kwa, to the spiralling ox-bow Calabar River, which provides sights and images of the Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar Marina, Calabar Residency Museum and the Calabar Slave Park along its course.
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Julius Berger - Keep it moving!
In all of its projects Julius Berger Nigeria relies on its huge fleet of machinery and equipment. In fact, it is one of the key factors that allows the company to realize major projects on time, calculably and in compliance with international quality standards. Machine engineering, a special department of Julius Berger, guarantees optimal availability of machinery, in order to ensure on-schedule project completion. This is achieved through intensive maintenance, expert repair and timely substitution of parts. Thus, the department is there to "keep it moving".
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CNN - More than Goodluck needed for Nigeria?
CNN's Christian Purefoy reports on the dangerous division Jonathan Goodluck's candidacy is opening in Nigeria.
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Greater Port Harcourt City  P2
development goal of the greater port harcourt city
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CNN - Ancient Muslim tradition in Nigeria
CNN's Christian Purefoy goes to the north of Nigeria to witness traditional Muslim celebrations.
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CNN - Elections could raise Nigeria's profile
CNN's Christian Purefoy explains the importance of Nigeria's upcoming presidential elections.
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Nigeria 2009 Under 17 World Cup Featured On Futbol Mondial
Fifa Futbol Mondial Discuss the 2009 Under 17 World Cup hosted by Nigeria. The clip covers age cheating and Fifa preventive measures against age fraud and Nigerian birth records. The tournament is also reviewed the teams match highlights all the way to the final
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cnn - Nigerians all over social media
Nigerians are avid users of social media, from their efforts to fix the power issue, to political campaigns and beyond.
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CNN - Babangida: Why I'm seeking election
Ex-military leader Ibrahim Babangida on why he annulled '93 elections and why he's running for Nigeria's presidency.
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LekkiView Apartments
LekkiView Apartments is located on Adesina Adeleke Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria. Whenever Lagos, the commercial city is your destination, call on us for a memorable stay. This is home away from home. "Investors can reach us on 234-1-7924916 or send us a mail at [email protected] We guarantee a return that is competitve to the Money and Capital Markets"
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A Lagos Street View Time Lapse
This is a time lapse of Bonodos journey in Lagos, Nigeria
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Eko Atlantic - Eko Marina Boulevard
http://www.ekoatlantic.com The city of Eko Atlantic, adjacent to Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria, is fast becoming a reality. These video clips show current progress and provide detailed information about why and how the new city is being built.
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CNN - Nigeria's first Olympic canoeist
Johny Akinyemi is Nigeria's first Olympic canoeist. Now Johny Akinyemi is embracing his roots and reaching for gold.
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Marriott resort in calabar
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Abuja - United to grow
Commercial produced for the FCT Government Abuja Nigeria to promote awareness of growth and to attract investment to the Capital. same video on vimeo by Ryan Beifus
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Rivers monorail
http://www.riversmonorail.com http://www.yellowdognigeria.com The Rivers Monorail will be using the Intamin P30 Monorail Train, an electric driven train especially designed and most suitable for commuter services in cities. It is the most recent model of its kind and characterized by modern design, spacious cabins and is equipped with large size door openings for easy access for passengers with luggage. The visual impact of the train, the track beam (which it rides on) and the supporting columns will be minimal and an appropriate color will be chosen to help integrate the system into the environment.
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