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Pangolin FB4 Laser Control Hardware
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.GETALASER.com - In this video, you can learn about the new FB4 Network Control Hardware from Pangolin, that is revolutionizing the laser entertainment industry, providing a new means to create and control laser shows. FB4 is an OEM hardware device, that gets integrated directly with a laser projector. When using FB4, you can run your lasers entirely in a network setup, or from a lighting console. We also have an innovative new auto-mode feature, for standalone playback of shows without a PC in the setup. Learn more about FB4 online here: http://pangolin.com/fb4/. See lasers with integrated FB4 available here: http://lasershowprojector.com/product-category/network-lasers-with-fb4/
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BEYOND "Live Control" Tutorial 5
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.getalaser.com - In this five part tutorial video series, you will learn the basics of setting up and controlling a "live" laser show, using the BEYOND software. Special thanks to freelance laser operator Anthony Garcia, for his assistance in the creation of this tutorial series. (Video 5 of 5)
Pangolin QuickShow - Powerful, Affordable, Easy to Use Laser Show Software
http://www.pangolin.com/QS A six-minute introduction to Pangolin's latest laser show software: Lasershow Designer QuickShow. QuickShow makes it easy, and even fun to create and perform laser shows. Powerful - Affordable - Easy to use, QuickShow is the complete laser show software package.
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BEYOND - Professional Laser and Multimedia Show Control Software
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.GETALASER.com - BEYOND is the world's leading professional laser and multimedia show control software. In this short video, we provide you with a brief overview of the software and showcase some of BEYOND's core features, that help distinguish it from anything else available on the market today.
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Logolas Outdoor Laser laser advertising
The Kvant LogoLas outdoor laser show projector with integrated FB4
Laser visibility comparison - ClubMax, Atom, Spectrum 3-30W
http://www.pangolin.com In this video KVANT laser demonstrates the different visibilities of Clubmax, Atom and Spectrum laser projectors. All are full color RGB laser systems. The output power is between 3 W and 30 W. It will help you to choose the right laser system for your desired application.
Laser Control from the GrandMA, with Pangolin BEYOND
http://www.pangolin.com - Want to control lasers from the GrandMA? No problem. We put control directly into your hands with our revolutionary new BEYOND software. Whether you are a lighting designer or special FX company, BEYOND gives you COMPLETE laser show control, the way YOU want it to be. This is the first of many tutorials, that will show you how to control BEYOND directly from the GrandMA (or other popular lighting consoles). Stay tuned for the next videos in this series, where we'll dive even further in, showing more of the endless possibilities that can be created using BEYOND with the GrandMA.
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BEYOND "Live Control" Tutorial 1
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.getalaser.com - In this five part tutorial video series, you will learn the basics of setting up and controlling a "live" laser show, using the BEYOND software. Special thanks to freelance laser operator Anthony Garcia, for his assistance in the creation of this tutorial series. (Video 1 of 5)
BEYOND and the APC40 - Fun, Fast and Easy configuration for "LIVE" laser shows
http://www.pangolin.com This is our latest video showing you just how easy it is to control your laser shows "LIVE" using BEYOND and our APC40 profile. This new setup is literally "plug and play" and helps you take your live laser shows to a whole new level of excitement.
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Pangolin QuickShow 3.0 - New Feature Overview
Overview of the new and exciting features available in QuickShow 3.0. * Increased MIDI support * Faster scan speed support * New Virtual DJ Plugin * New Pangolin Cloud acccess www.Pangolin.com, www.LaserShowProjector.com Deutsche Untertitel verfügbar für dieses Video.
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Pangolin Laser Media Dock (5.5) - For BEYOND Laser Show Software
http://www.pangolin.com - In this video, we are very excited to present the all-new Pangolin Media Dock (5.5), which was co-developed by our good friend Mr. Holger Walter. The Pangolin Media Dock provides a great 19-inch housing for your BEYOND control hardware, allowing you to insert five FB3QS outputs, along with our TC2000 timecode device, and Enttec DMX USB PRO. It also features a key-switch and E-Stop for additional safety. And, all neutrik power connectors, and the very finest USB ports are used, for superb quality. Just insert your Pangolin hardware, and you are up and running.
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Realizzer with Pangolin BEYOND Laser Software - Limitless
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.getalaser.com - In this video, you can get a great look at the power of the Realizzer software, when used for visualization of laser shows together with Pangolin's BEYOND software. Pangolin also has great rates on all versions of the Realizzer Visualization software as well, with special discounts for laser show and production companies. Contact us ([email protected]) today, to get your special offer.
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FB4 Network Laser Control with KVANT Laser Projectors
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.GETALASER.com - This new network based hardware can be integrated into any KVANT laser projector, offering support for network, DMX, ArtNet, ILDA and CITP. FB4 also features a full color OLED display, providing a variety of convenient and flexible projectors adjustments, directly on the laser. And with easy control from a PC, lighting console, or in auto-mode, you can work with FB4 in just about anyway you can imagine. And perhaps best of all, NO MORE ILDA cable (unless you need or want to use it). With FB4 you also get support for 6-color channels, and up to 120K scan speeds. The future is here, welcome to FB4!
BEYOND Tutorial - Using BEYOND Software with the X-Box Kinect
http://www.pangolin.com - In this BEYOND tutorial, we show you how to use the BEYOND Laser Control Software together with the X-Box kinect, to create a wide-variety of interactive laser displays.
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VisuTek "Black Fairy" Beam Show - Made with BEYOND
http://www.pangolin.com This is our latest video, courtesy of our good friends at VisuTek (http://www.visutek.at), which showcases their amazing laser show programming skills, as well as the versatility and effects that can be created using our BEYOND laser control software. Many thanks to VisuTek for sharing!
Laser Show Software - BEYOND Laser Beam Cue Creation Tutorial (part 1)
http://www.pangolin.com - In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create laser beam effects and new cues, inside of the BEYOND laser show software. Thanks to Dimitri Modderman for his help in the creation of this tutorial.
Using the APC40 and ZONES with BEYOND (overview)
http://www.pangolin.com - In our latest video, we show you how you can use the APC40 and zones in a live show scenario with BEYOND, to create amazing laser effects. In this show, Javi Sanchis from Cittadini Laser is performing live at Teatro Kapital in Madrid, Spain, using the BEYOND Universe, APC40, and zones features inside of the software to create a truly stunning laser display. We've got a great tutorial video on how to use zones inside of BEYOND to go along with this video. You can access that tutorial and all BEYOND tutorials on our YouTube page as well.
Innovative Laser Applications - BEYOND Laser Control Software
http://www.pangolin.com - In this latest video Created by COCOLAB from Mexico and commissioned by ARCA, you can see the performance called "Cycles" which is an audio visual installation comprised of a series of laser projectors to visualise short cycle audio compositions by a collection of A/V artists (including Julian Placencia – Disco Ruido (MX), Shiro Schwarz (MX), Eduardo Jiménez (MX), Tijs Ham (NL) and Sebastian Frisch (DE). The concept of the installation relies on the idea that our lives are ruled and defined by cycles. Cycles which at their core appear to be chaos, however at a distance they reveal to us the harmony and beauty of each repetition and their infinite possibilities. Our daily interaction with life’s cycles is an invitation to take the space and reflection time necessary to change our perspective. Pangolin was proud to be the control software and hardware of choice, for this incredible laser display.
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BEYOND Laser Control Software - The BEYOND Universe, and PangoScript
http://www.pangolin.com - In this latest BEYOND tutorial video, we show you how to use the BEYOND Universe together with our PangoScript editor, to create custom MIDI effects. This video also helps show you how some of the basics, on how to create the very popular "laser star", that so many people ask how to setup. Many thanks to Sergey Kyznetsov of LaserTech RU for his incredible help in the creation of these tutorials.
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QuickShow Tutorial Chapter 6: Quick Trace
http://www.pangolin.com/QS This video shows how to trace bitmaps with QuickShow, and how to edit them once they have been traced.
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Laser show by Dennis Mihm (Tüschenbroicher Mühle Wegberg)
This amazing Laser show was created in Pangolin BEYOND, and recorded live at the Tüschenbroicher Mill. All credits for the show go to Dennis Mihm and kmc.de! Control Hardware: Pangolin BEYOND Pangolin FB4 (x4) 300m Fiber Network Connection Nemesis Pro Lasertec Showlaser We hope you enjoyed the video! Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on our latest content! Facebook: http://bit.ly/2JBbjxl Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Hrdej6 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2y77PhE http://pangolin.com/ https://lasershowprojector.com/ [email protected] (407) 299-2088
BEYOND and Chamsys - Using SMPTE Timecode
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.GETALASER.com - In this tutorial, John Ward of Laser Ninja Productions (http://www.laser-ninja.com) shows you more tools, tricks and features, for controlling lasers using the Pangolin BEYOND software, and Chamsys Lighting Console.
LAARIS by Theo Dari - Powered by Pangolin Laser Control Technology
http://www.pangolin.com This is our latest video, showing the new and very innovative LAARIS concept (Laser Augmented Reality Interactive System), created by world-renowned laser artist Theo Dari. LAARIS is a new type of laser display, utilizing Pangolin's QM2000 laser control hardware, along with our LD2000 laser show software and software development kit, to provide clients with a truly interactive laser experience. LAARIS allows you to actually touch a laser in a way never done before. Theo Dari, the original developer of the Laserman Experience, created the LAARIS concept after realizing so many of his clients wanted to reach out and touch the laser beam, as if it were solid material. So he imagined LAARIS, in response to these client desires. LAARIS not only allows for an interactive laser display, but you can also perform a variety of fun laser games using this system (as seen in the video). We believe LAARIS could be the next big thing for lasers, and we're honored to see Theo Dari using Pangolin technology in such an innovative way. For more information on Theo, and his incredible work, visit http://www.theodari.com.
Advanced Color Palette Settings in BEYOND
http://www.pangolin.com - In this new tutorial, Nathan Miller shows you how to use the new Advanced Color Palette settings in the latest update to the BEYOND laser show software.
QuickShow 4.0 - Features Overview
The world's easiest to use laser show control software just got an upgrade! After tons of hard work, and sheer dedication, Pangolin is proud to present QuickShow 4.0! Read the full features overview on our website: http://bit.ly/2JB6OD5 Check out QuickShow here: http://bit.ly/2M3lMjC Check out the ClubMAX FB4 Lasers used in this video, here: http://bit.ly/2sLY2rl Check out the smoke machines used in this video, here: http://bit.ly/2rOU6qc Pangolin Laser Systems www.Pangolin.com www.LaserShowProjector.com [email protected] +(407) 299-2088 Artist: Declan DP Songs Used: Journey, This is ME, BubbleGum Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/
Control of lasers from lighting console - ChamSys and Pangolin BEYOND (part 1)
Intro to the series of 5 tutorials on using the ChamSys MagicQ with Pangolin Beyond. .Configure Beyond for DMX .Patch Beyond as a fixture in MagicQ .Add palettes and cues for laser Special thanks to John Ward, from Laser Ninja Productions, for his help in making these tutorials http://www.pangolin.com / http://www.GETALASER.com
BEYOND "Live Control" Tutorial 2
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.getalaser.com - In this five part tutorial video series, you will learn the basics of setting up and controlling a "live" laser show, using the BEYOND software. Special thanks to freelance laser operator Anthony Garcia, for his assistance in the creation of this tutorial series. (Video 2 of 5)
Pangolin's BEYOND Laser Show Software - Why DJ´s will love it
http://www.pangolin.com - DJ's around the world have come to love the popular QuickShow software from Pangolin. And while QuickShow is a great product, many DJ's are looking for more power, control and functionality. BEYOND is the next step up from QuickShow, and it helps you as an entertainer take your laser shows to a whole new level. With advanced MIDI and DMX mapping options, you can configure consoles the way YOU want. And you can also control your laser show from a lighting, DMX or MIDI console, if preferred. In addition, you can synchronize BEYOND to work with other multimedia elements (including DMX lighting, video, pyro, etc.). BEYOND also has expanded effect options, allowing you to create more sophisticated arial beam effects and shows. The software also features advanced drawing programs, which allow you to create 3D text, graphics, and logos with ease. And BEYOND'S\s multimedia timeline allows you to synchronize video, laser, and audio, in a fun, fast and very powerful way. For DJ's looking to take their laser shows, events and performances to the next level, BEYOND is the answer!
The DiscoScan 2.0 - Wide Angle RGB Laser Projectors
http://www.pangolin.com - Check out the latest edition, to our award-winning product lineup. The all-new DiscoScan 2.0! If you need your lasers to cover an entire club, disco, stadium or venue, the DiscoScan 2.0 is the answer. Using this lens, you can get a full 180° x 360° projection. The new lens also features better beam divergence, better color balance,an easier mounting bracket, and over a 75% reduction in price! Get yours today, and make one laser, fill an entire venue!
Pangolin's BEYOND Laser Show Software
http://www.pangolin.com - We often get asked "what is BEYOND", what can I do with this software, and what makes it different from other laser control systems out there. So, we made this quick video, that shows some of the innovative features, that help make BEYOND the world's leading laser control software, for professional applications. Thanks to our partners at Cittadini Laser, Effetto Laser, and Genius, for assisting with some of the video footage used to make this video.
"Arrived in Flames" - Laser Show by Dynamic Lasers, Powered by Pangolin BEYOND
http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.pangolin.com, http://www.dynamic-lasers.com - In this video, we are showcasing the great work from the team at Dynamic Lasers, presenting you with their show "Arrived in Flames". In this show (programmed using the Pangolin BEYOND software), the team at Dynamic Lasers incorporates a variety of stunning effects and fast beam chases and to enthrall the audience in an immersive laser experience. Many thanks to Shane, Andrew, Gabe and the entire team at Dynamic Lasers. Keep up the great work guys!
Galvo Scanners for Laser Light Show Applications
http://www.ScannerMAX.com - Check out this video from the 2014 Photonics West Exhibition in San Francisco, CA, where we showcased four separate galvanometer scanners and our new Mach DSP amplifier. The new Saturn 1 Galvo is the fastest optical scanner on the market today for 3mm apertures, and it's small package size allows it to be easily integrated into just about any laser show projector. With scan speeds of 60K and above.
BEYOND "Also To" Feature
How to use the "also to" feature in BEYOND for zone control of single or multiple laser projectors.
Laser Show Software - BEYOND Laser Beam Cue Creation Tutorial (part 2)
http://www.pangolin.com - In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create laser beam effects and new cues, inside of the BEYOND laser show software. Thanks to Dimitri Modderman for his help in the creation of this tutorial.
KVANT Architect 55 Laser Projection System
http://www.lasershowprojector.com - Check out the new KVANT Architect 55, high power outdoor laser show system. Great for permanent installations.
Revelation Graphics Laser Show
http://www.pangolin.com Revelation laser show from Pangolin Laser Systems. This is one of over 120 laser shows that come with Pangolin software. Make sure your lasers and your shows are Powered by Pangolin.
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Kvant Spectrum "LD" Low Divergence Laser Show Projectors
“LD” stands for low divergence, and this new series of laser show projectors from KVANT and Pangolin combine state of the art technology to create a world-class laser system, offering twice the brightness of traditional lasers on the market. Making them truly unlike anything the industry has ever seen. Ideal for large scale indoor and outdoor shows. Watch the video, and learn how the new LD series of laser show projectors can help make your events a huge success. http://www.LaserShowProjector.com, http://www.Pangolin.com
BEYOND Distributed scanning tutorial
Check out this tutorial made by Pieterjan Ruysch. It shows hou you can use our new BEYOND 4 Distributed Scanning feature. It shows how you can produce one image through multiple lasers. Distributed scanning is available from BEYOND 4.0 and up and will exclusively work on FB4 hardware. Projector stacking video: https://youtu.be/iz8RB_G9VHM Color balancing tutorial: https://youtu.be/EEmBM25YovM
QuickShow Laser Show Software
http://www.pangolinshows.com/quickshow - In this great video created by Emil Chauvin, you can see first hand the power the QuickShow laser show software provides, for creating stunning laser beam shows and effects.
A quick demo of QuickShow 3.0
Quick demo of QS 3.0 at the Prolight + Sound tradeshow in Frankfurt Germany.
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Testimonial: DS Show Laser (Germany)
http://www.pangolin.com This is a video testimonial for our good friends at DS Show Laser in Germany. This shows the power and functionality of Pangolin Systems, and the great work that DS Show Laser does... Make sure your laser and shows are Powered by Pangolin!
The New KVANT ClubMAX 3000, 3400, 6000 and 6800 with Pangolin FB4
This is the new Kvant Clubmax series with integrated Pangolin FB4 Laser Show controller. Club max FB4 is the new generation of full color laser display system with integrated FB4 control interface, but it is designed for professional use. It's suitable for all indoor venues and events for up to 6000 people. It produces a fine beam with true colors. It comes fitted with scanner max 506 scanners as standard and offers outstanding value for your money.
Check out all these amazing new features in BEYOND 4.0. A demo version can be downloaded from: https://pangolin.com/beyond/ More information how to get your own copy, can be found here: https://pangolin.com/product-category/software-license/
ScannerMAX Compact 506 versus DT40
http://www.ScannerMAX.com Video showing performance of Pangolin's latest Scanner, the Compact 506, and giving a side-by-side comparison with DT-40 scanners. Performance benefits such as better wide angle projection and "purer" projected images are clear. There are other performance benefits not discussed, having to do with mirror design.
"Fractals" Laser Show | ClubMax 3000 with FB4
The ClubMax 3000 with FB4 is a very powerful, and versatile laser show projector. It features all industry standard protocols, such as Art Net, DMX, ILDA, as well as Ethernet. The integrated FB4 makes it easy to professionally control the laser projector, as well as easily daisy chain multiple projectors together over a single Ethernet (Cat 5) cable. Whether you're a professional laser designer, or a nightclub owner looking to create the perfect club scene, the ClubMax 3000 is suitable in tons of different environments. Check out the ClubMax 3000: http://bit.ly/2Co71qR Looking into creating laser shows, but you don't know where to start? Try out the FREE demo of BEYOND: http://bit.ly/2oJkjo9 "Fractals" was created by TheoPetrides, in BEYOND Ultimate. We hope you enjoyed the video! Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on our latest content! Facebook: http://bit.ly/2JBbjxl Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Hrdej6 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2y77PhE http://pangolin.com/ https://lasershowprojector.com/ [email protected] (407) 299-2088
Controlling BEYOND from a Smart Phone or Tablet
http://www.pangolin.com - In this latest BEYOND tutorial, our good friend Sergey shows you how to setup and control BEYOND, from a Smart Phone or Mobile Device. This tutorial is more applicable to Android devices, but the same concepts and principles can be used on an Apple device as well.
Laser safety technologies and free info available from Pangolin
http://www.pangolin.com A brief video showing some of the safety-related technologies built into Pangolin hardware and software, as well as free laser safety related information available on the Pangolin web site and forums.
BEYOND 3D Tutorial Chapter 5: Curves and Splines
http://www.PangolinBEYOND.com Creating curves and splines and making objects follow the path
BEYOND Laser Show Tutorial - Timeline Foundations
http://www.pangolin.com - In this latest BEYOND Laser Show Software Tutorial, courtesy of Gabe Letourneau from Dynamic Lasers (www.dynamic-lasers.com), we walk you through the foundations of the BEYOND timeline, showing it's tools, features and functionality. Enjoy!
QuickShow Tutorial Chapter 4: Quick Text
http://www.pangolin.com/QS This video shows how to make text using the QuickText feature.
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