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Episode 1 | Announcing Our New Vlog | Highlands to Island
Welcome to our new vlog, Highlands to Island. In this first episode, we will catch you up on the last couple of years and explain our recent transition to a tiny remote island in the Pacific. We hope this episode encourages you in your faith and prompts you to join us in our new weekly adventures! Support the Wild Brothers on Patreon: https://patreon.com/WildBrothers Visit the Wild Brothers Website: http://WildBrothers.com
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Missionary Bible Teaching in Remote Tribes
This video was provided by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). To learn more about MAF go to maf.org. To learn more about the Wild family go to thewildbrothers.com.
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Episode 2 | Tour of Our Island Home | Highlands to Island
Come along for a tour of Morgan’s bachelor bungalow and the stunning tropical island we call home on episode 2 of Highlands to Island! Hudson shows the proper technique for opening coconuts with a machete, then we head up to the hangar to check out a sweet little Bell 47 helicopter and shoot some drone footage of the island as the sun sets. Support the Wild Brothers on Patreon: https://patreon.com/WildBrothers Visit the Wild Brothers Website: http://WildBrothers.com
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Episode 3 | Checking on the Cenderwasih  | Highlands to Island
In episode 3 of Highlands to Island, we're headed out on our long boat to check on the Cenderwasih, our beautiful double canoe that our family built (you can watch some of the process in our DVD Preparing for Departure). Take in the sights as Hudson guides us through the water to Sorido, and come along as we check out the coconut crab we came across. Then learn a little more about the Cenderwasih as we head aboard. You won't believe what we found! Support the Wild Brothers on Patreon: https://patreon.com/WildBrothers Visit the Wild Brothers Website: http://WildBrothers.com
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Newt, Our Adorable Jungle Pet
We Wild brothers love our pet cuscus, Newt. She's one of our favorite pets we've ever had, and we've had a lot of them growing up in the jungle! Find out more about our lives as missionary kids living in a remote tribe in Southeast Asia at https://thewildbrothers.com.
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How to Make a Wild Brothers Neckband
The Wild Brothers real-life DVDs show the lives of the Wild family serving the Lord as modern-day missionaries to an unreached people group deep in the Southeast Asian jungles. These DVDs are a wonderful resource to teach your children biblical truth in a fun way. The Wilds also keep a YouTube channel updated with fun videos from the tribe. Here is one of these videos which shows Kian teaching you how to fashion a neckband with some wood and hand tools. Find out more at https://answersingenesis.org/wild-brothers/.
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Episode 10 | Meet the Kitchen Staff | Highlands to Island
Come along with Hudson in episode 10 of Highlands to Island as we introduce you to the kitchen staff of Kri Eco Restaurant and check out what is going to be on the menu for the lunch crowd. Then get a behind-the-scenes look at the difficulties we face as part of the management team at the Kayak 4 Conservation property. How did we handle the situation? Watch and find out!
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Newt and the New Guy
We got our first pet cuscus, Newt, after her mom was killed. We thought it was good stewardship of God's Creation to take Newt in to our family. We decided to find out what Newt thought of the newcomer.
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Episode 12 | Kho Island | Highlands to Island
Asher and Kian are back from the capitol, so climb aboard their kayak with us as they head out into the waters to explore Kho Island. You’ll also visit a sand bar, go snorkeling with Asher, and explore the island in episode 12 of Highlands to Island. Wait until you see these views!
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Episode 13 | The Intruders | Highlands to Island
In episode 13 of Highlands to Island, we are off to investigate reports of a snake invasion inside one of our guests' beach bungalow. Join us as we attempt to figure out what type of snake it might be and locate where they are, and then see what happens when we head out to release what we found!
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Episode 11 | The Truth Be Told | Highlands to Island
In episode 11 of Highlands to Island, learn more about our friend Max Ammer, the founder of Papua Diving here. After coming to faith in Christ, Max turned his attention away from treasure hunting and exploring WWII wrecks to investing in the lives of the local people. Join us also for an update on what has been going on with the Wano people we worked with for many years.
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Dad and Asher's Trip to Walmart Part 1
Dad and Asher headed to WalMart to get some supplies as we do some yard work at our Florida home during our furlough.
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Episode 5 | Equator Island Adventure (Part 2) | Highlands to Island
Episode 5 of Highlands to Island continues our trip to Equator Island, which is probably one of the most remote parts of Indonesia. Though we lost an engine on the way, we had smooth sailing the rest of the way! Take in the sights and enjoy the view as we reach the island, and don’t miss checking out Equator Island at sunset! Support the Wild Brothers on Patreon: https://patreon.com/WildBrothers Visit the Wild Brothers Website: http://WildBrothers.com
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Deleted Scenes | Tiger Trail (Adventure 4)
We Wild brothers love to make our adventure videos, and it's often so hard to choose which scenes to include! Plus, we don't always get it right the first time. Check out these exclusive bloopers and deleted scenes from "Tiger Trail" Adventure 4! And watch the full-length video on DVD or digital download here: https://answersingenesis.org/store/product/wild-brothers-tiger-trail/
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Episode 6 | Equator Island Adventure (Part 3) | Highlands to Island
Come along with us as we explore Equator Island in episode 6 of Highlands to Island. During our adventure, you won't believe the area we stumbled upon, and check out the terrain we traveled over to reach the highest peak on the island! Support the Wild Brothers on Patreon: https://patreon.com/WildBrothers Visit the Wild Brothers Website: http://WildBrothers.com
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Episode 14 | Swimming with Manta Rays | Highlands to Island
Get up close to a pair of manta rays swimming close to the dive resort as Asher and Kian head out into the waters on their paddleboards in episode 14 of Highlands to Island. You won't believe how close they let us get, and you'll even get to go under the water to swim with them!
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Episode 9 | Hair Cut Day | Highlands to Island
In episode 9 of Highlands to Island, Morgan needs a hair cut. With the rest of the family still out of town, Hudson volunteers to cut it for him! Follow along to see the end result, and then join us as we head back to the Kayak 4 Conservation property to check in on the progress of the communal dining area and kitchen.
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Episode 4 | Equator Island Adventure (Part 1) | Highlands to Island
We're getting ready to head out on the Cenderwasih for a kayak trip with guests from Spain in episode 4. We check in with Hudson, who will be making our food this trip, before we welcome our guests aboard! After we get started on our trip, head back down below the deck and see what he’s making us for dinner. Support the Wild Brothers on Patreon: https://patreon.com/WildBrothers Visit the Wild Brothers Website: http://WildBrothers.com
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Wild Brothers - Paradise Lost Trailer
The Wild Brothers and their parents return for their third amazing adventure! Order "Paradise Lost" on DVD or as a digital download: https://answersingenesis.org/wild-brothers-paradise-lost/ In Paradise Lost, the family boats to a tropical reef with their friends, the Brown family. There they explore the sparkling underwater wonderland of exotic fish, sea turtles, manta rays, and more. Above the tide, the Wild brothers soon realize that this paradise is not perfect. Remains at a burial ground and a few dangerous encounters remind everyone that, despite the beauty of nature today, our fallen world is only a shadow of God’s original Creation.
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Wild Brothers Adventure 8 Deep Sea Canoe Trailer
Follow the Wild Brothers on their latest adventure! https://answersingenesis.org/wild-brothers/
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Episode 8 | Introduction to Kayak 4 Conservation | Highlands to Island
Come along with us in episode 8 of Highlands to Island as we show you around the Kayak 4 Conservation property as we prepare to welcome two guests soon. Take a look around as we make sure the grounds are ready, and learn more about the kitchen that is currently under construction and the kayaks we use.
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Episode 15 | Island Excursion | Highlands to Island
In episode 15 of Highlands to Island, come along with us as we head out into the water to circumnavigate a local island as we help a new kayak guide prepare for his first trip. Travel the route we typically take while out with Kayak 4 Conservation guests, take in the breathtaking views, and see what we find along the way!
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Mika's Story: Medevac from the Jungle
This video was provided by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). To read more of Mika's story and to help others like him, visit http://maf.org/donate/first-responder/. To learn more about the Wild family, visit https://thewildbrothers.com.
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Tree Kangaroo Guest
Get an up-close look at our recent visitor—a dingiso! A dingiso is a tree kangroo that is native here in Asia Pacific.
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First Landing on Our Airstrip
We Wilds are praising God for the completion of the airstrip near our tribe that will allow us to get small planes in and out of our hamlet with ease! This video was published with permission from Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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Episode 7 | Getting Back to the Island | Highlands to Island
After spending time in the capital city, we're back for episode 7 of Highlands to Island! Experience the journey home with Morgan and Hudson, and learn more about what we do here on the island and what's to come in future episodes. Support the Wild Brothers on Patreon: https://patreon.com/WildBrothers Visit the Wild Brothers Website: http://WildBrothers.com
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Building Our Jungle House
Our family built this house in the jungle with hand tools and a chainsaw, from cutting trees into boards to nailing it all together. Visit https://thewildbrothers.com/ for more.
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Irresistible Newt
Our whole family loves our pet Newt, a common spotted cuscus that we got from the jungle years ago. She loves to be curious and climb on our shoulders.
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Wild Brother Adventure 7 Trailer
With their return to the United States approaching, the four Wild brothers set off on another thrilling adventure ... This time they are building a wooden boat to sail halfway across the world! https://answersingenesis.org/store/product/wild-brothers-preparing-departure/?sku=30-9-513
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River Crossing
We learned the way of life in the jungle from our tribal friends who we minister to as missionaries. This is how we cross a river tribal style. Visit our website: https://thewildbrothers.com/
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How to Start a Fire in the Wood Stove
Our family loves cooking on our beloved wood stove. It's an old missionary stove we found a few years ago, but it works pretty well. Visit our website: https://thewildbrothers.com/
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Breakfast with Newt
We think our pet cuscus, Newt, is the cutest animal ever. We love to spoil her and feed her oatmeal and other human foods she likes.
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Volunteering at the Mud Run
Watch footage from the first mud run that our family has attended. We didn't actually run the course; we volunteered to help out. With several races and a lot of racers, there was plenty of work to be done.
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Fun in the Tribe—Wild Brothers Grow Beards!
You can't ever say that we Wild brothers don't like to have fun in our jungle tribe with our tribal friends! https://thewildbrothers.com/
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Monkeying Around in Bali
When we were in Bali, we went to a monkey forest. Check out some of the video footage from our experience.
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Leaving the Village
Dad recently took a trip to the lowlands to visit our three outreach areas. Watch this video clip of them leaving the village.
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Sea Snake in Bali
While we were paddleboarding during our trip to Bali, we came across this cool elephant trunk snake. Get an up close look at it as we follow it through the water.
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Strange Inchworm
We Wild Brothers love science and it's exciting for us when we encounter unique animals like this inchworm where we live in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Check out our website: https://answersingenesis.org/wild-brothers/
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Repairs on the Gable End
Our family built our house in the tribe ourselves from the jungle trees. Because we live in a fallen world, sometimes we have to make repairs to our jungle hut!
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Newt Chillin' Out
Meet our jungle pet, Newt. She's a common spotted cuscus and we think she's pretty sweet.
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Mushroom Islands
We absolutely loved our trip in the amazing Raja Ampat Islands. Here's a quick snapshot of a beautiful boat trip we took through the Mushroom Islands. Come adventure with us in our 3rd DVD! Find out more: https://answersingenesis.org/wild-brothers-paradise-lost/.
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Exploring a Cave
We Wild boys got to explore a cave near our house in the jungle tribe together. Check out our website to learn more about our lives as missionary kids: https://answersingenesis.org/wild-brothers/
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Island of the Gods | The Wild Brothers Adventure 5 (Trailer)
Wherever Morgan and his brothers turn, Hindu and Buddist influences are evident. The people of Bali worship creation instead of the Creator, and as the brothers set out to understand and explain the rituals, their curiosity nearly gets them in trouble. Find out more at: https://answersingenesis.org/wild-brothers-island-gods/
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Literacy Class
The Wild family, missionaries to Asia Pacific, first learned the spoken language of the people in their jungle tribe. Then, they developed a written language and taught literacy classes. Eventually the Wilds translated the Bible into the tribal language.
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Teaching Math to Our Tribal Friend Pu
One of the ways we've been able to minister to our tribal friends is by teaching them things like reading and math. Visit our website to learn more about our lives as missionary kids living in a tribe in Southeast Asia: https://thewildbrothers.com/
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Racing Hermit Crabs
We Wild boys got to have some fun with our missionary kid friends on our vacation in the Raja Ampat Islands. You can join us on our adventure in our latest DVD: https://answersingenesis.org/wild-brothers-paradise-lost/
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Bumpy Takeoff
Get a front seat view of what it's like to take off from the bush airstrip we use in Asia Pacific.
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Newt the Cuscus: a Comic Strip
The Wild brothers know their pet cuscus from the jungle, Newt, very well. They know she likes to snuggle, play tricks, and eat human food.
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Crocodile Fish
A closeup look at a cool crocodile fish we found!
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