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Hoops and Yoyo a go-go!
A buch of pix and audio clips of Hoops and Yoyo. To learn more about them, go to HoopsAndYoyo.com
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Random Drama Island
My first YouTube Poop! Let me know if I should make another :-)
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Hippie Chick is Hippie Chic!
A slideshow about hippies. Yeah.... 0.0
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Veterans Day Video
This is a video I made in honor of Veterans Day.
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My Little Sister's Contest Entry
Well, we recorded this video for that stupid "U Rock!" contest on Disney Channel, but I can't upload it! I don't want this work to go to waste, so I'm posting it on here. My sister is the girl on the left. Her friend, Paige, is on the right :-)
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Spanish Project
A project for my Spanish class!
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Part of Your World (Sample)
My school wants us to sing sixteen bars of a song of our choosing when we try out for the spring musical, and this is my snippet! Tell me if you want the whole song! ^w^
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