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I am sick of this -Bury your Gays and Lexa
I know I said Tara from Pretty Little Liars, I meant Buffy. This video is basically just my rant so I got my words jumbled.. Either way, I didn't want to make this video but I caved in after tweeting endlessly about my feelings towards Lexa's death, I've had suicidal teenage girls crying to me about this because that character was their only break from bullying/harassment. This was ALWAYS about so much more than a TV show. To clarify that whilst I am a filmmaker/musician, this video was made spear of the moment on my webcam because I have no equipment with me, hence the 'quality'. Find me on.. Twitter; @sarac93 Tumblr; Journeythroughalife.tumblr.com
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Thou Shall Not
Mine and Julia's Film A2 Film project Hope you enjoy :D
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My band mate decided to film a little video of me whilst I was warming up during practice.
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Shit Lesbian Disco
The UKs best women only party kicked of on the 29th of April at Rebellion Manchester. The event returns Friday the 26th of April. Video by Sara Crompton @vipicturesuk
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Revenge (First Uni Film, People On The Move)
This is the first short film we made in Uni :) Sara Crompton Alex Beards Epiphany Cheung Jess Green Will Burke
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This is our 2nd year University Film about the struggles of an individual suffering with mental illness.
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F4F Location Profile FACT
A location profile of FACT in Liverpool filmed for University by group F4F Sara Crompton, Alex Beards, Will Burke, Jess Green and Epiphany Chueng. We do not own the soundtrack, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED TO THE SMITHS OR ANY ASSOCITING PARTIES.
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Fly Casual - Tomahawk
My old band Fly Casual had a song called Tomahawk an I kinda miss playing it. But I found this video and thought f*ck it, I'ma upload it.
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Through the Lens of A Dream.
Short documentary made as part of our final year course. We examine the world of dreams and if they really carry any meaning.
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