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Student who lived in shack cries when teacher rewards his kindness
While most Nikki Rowe seniors are itching to get out of school, Armando Beltran doesn't want to leave to school. The 19-year-old spent most of his life in foster care. With no real family to call his own, the school has been Armando's only true home. He often spends 12 hours a day there. Cynthia Villegas teaches English at the school. She says she'll never forget Mando's caring ways. "He has nobody to turn to...Parents or family," said Cynthia. "And yet he's so optimistic and he's such a good kid... And everybody who meets him... Loves him." He volunteers in the library, helps staff in any way and always remains positive, according to Cynthia. It's amazing for her to see considering he once lived in a shack and still rides his bike for miles to and from school. Cynthia says he also works a number of odd jobs to help make ends meet. He's unable to get a real job because he doesn't have a social security number. "I wanted to Pay it 4Ward to Armando because he gives us hope," said Cynthia. "He's got a good heart and I just want him to have a better future." Pronto Insurance has the Pay it 4Ward prize. "Usually it's the staff that's nominated for the Pay it 4Ward program," said Domingo Reyna with Pronto Insurance. "Being able to recognize a student brings us joy at Pronto Insurance. On behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News, here's $400 for you to Pay it 4Ward." With the money in hand, Cynthia joins Action 4's Ryan Wolf for the surprise. Armando is volunteering in the school library at the time. Ryan: I'm Ryan Wolf with Action 4 News. Are you Armando Beltran? Armando: Yes. Ryan: You look very surprised to see me. Armando: Yes. I have no idea. Cynthia broke the news to him about the surprise. Cynthia: Your story inspires us all... Thank you. Armando: I don't expect things for return for what I've done for them. The recognition was overwhelming for Armando who started to cry. He already gets help from some Nikki Rowe staff who donate money from their own pockets for his bills. The money has enabled him to move into an apartment. He never realized the impact he was making on other people's lives. The Pay it 4Ward recognition only reaffirms why he calls his school-- home. Armando: I live alone, and when I come back, at least I have somebody to talk to. This is my last year and even though I'll come to visit them. I will miss that affection you hear every day. Talking to them... And having a good time with them. It's because I haven't been with my family for a long time. So I've always been alone... So this is kind of my family here. Bridgette Vieh is the high school's principal. She believes Mando's impact at school will last long after he's gone. Principal: He doesn't feel sorry for himself, he doesn't expect things. He's just a real grateful student that's looking forward and he's just a great young man. I just feel like there's hope... That we can raise our kids that way. While the $400 prize is a shocker, Mando knows he's far richer with family-- His Nikki Rowe family. Armando: It's just that I really want to have a different thing in my life. I really don't want to live like where my parents lived. I really don't want to worry about that anymore. So every time I come here and I see them (staff) I like them so much, and they helped me so much. It's like a lot of help. Helping from the heart, it's more way to "Pay it 4Ward." Armando was born in the US, but at home with no midwife or doctor. The Texas legal system is assisting him with obtaining a birth certificate and social security number soon. Once that happens, he hopes to join the military. Click here to nominate someone for Pay it 4Ward Click here to join Ryan Wolf's Facebook page Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter
Customs and Border Protection Report: BORTAC
Since the beginning of the Border Patrol in 1924, agents have been asked to step up and perform protective duties. But in the early 1980s, a specially-trained team of agents was formed in order to respond to national emergencies. This morning we introduce you to the Border Patrol Tactical Unit, more commonly known as BORTAC.
Roach crawls out during interview with owner who denies insect problem
Rodriguez Groceries on 449 Ratliff Road in San Benito scored 34 demerits on a health inspection report. Owner Tony Rodriguez called it the worst in the store's history since opening in 1958. An inspector found a cross contamination of foods including bacon, chicken and corn dogs. Other violations included dirty equipment, rodent droppings and roaches. Tony told the Food Patrol that he never saw evidence of insect contamination. "I don't think he lied," Tony said about the inspector. "I just think he thought we had the problem." Tony invited the Food Patrol to check out his kitchen which he called "clean." A roach crawled out from behind kitchen equipment and up the wall just seconds into the tour. "There's a roach right there," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said while pointing to it. Tony took his hand and killed the roach which then fell into the sink. The tour ended shortly after with Tony asking the Food Patrol to leave. An inspector shut the kitchen portion of the store down for 8 days until a re-inspection cleared most of the violations. Click on the video link to see what else is not on the menu in this week's Food 4 Thought! Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Facebook Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter Click here to watch past episodes of Food 4 Thought Top Performers List Low Performers List Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits) San Benito Rodriguez Groceries 449 Ratliff (34, 3) *Roaches, Rodent Droppings* First Friends Playschool 890 N Travis (20) *Mice Droppings* Brownsville New Wave Buffet 2960 Boca Chica Blvd (64) *Permanently Closed by Owner* Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits) Weslaco Ranch House Burgers 1015 S International San Juan McDonald's 824 W Bus 83 Sullivan City Starlight Burger #5 El Pinto Palmview Little Caesar's FM 492 & Exp 83 Mission Luby's 701 E Exp 83 IHop 314 N Shary Tinseltown 2452 E Exp 83 Whataburger 2107 S Hwy 281 San Benito Noe's 148 S Travis Brownsville Tacos El Zarape 5206 Donna Monte Alto Rollo's Café 8207 Mateo Escobar
Harlingen officer caught on camera doing good deed
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Pay it 4Ward - Landlord gives homeless mother free rent
It's not easy for Pearl Zambrano to look back on the days as homeless. "No words," she says. "I don't like crying." The single mother of two, who thought she had no where to turn, was given a second chance from a former landlord she bumped into on her birthday. "I had no where to support them... I got laid off... So I had no way of paying the bills," she said. Pearl was told she could live in an Edinburg area apartment at no cost. The rent free agreement from her landlord cost Pearl just one promise: to finish college and provide for her kids she once faced losing. "It was very touching what he did," she said. It's been 15 months since that life changing encounter. Pearl still hasn't paid a dime to live in her apartment while she attends online classes. "I've offered to pay him back and he says 'no'... 'not to stress.'" That's why she's nominating her landlord, Rafael Trevino, as the next Pay it 4Ward $400 recipient. Pronto Insurance, who sponsors Pay it 4Ward, awarded the cash to Pearl for Rafael's selfless act of kindness. "On behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News... We couldn't think of a better person to hand this over to Pay it 4Ward! Rafael has really changed your life... And we're so happy to help you with this to Pay it 4Ward," Tito Munoz, district manager for Pronto Insurance said. Rafael arrives at Pearl's apartment on Thursday afternoon under the request by her to fix the apartment front door. He's in for quite a Pay it 4Ward surprise when Action 4 News is inside. Ryan: "She tells me you've changed her life... And [Pearl] she has something very special to tell you... I know you're surprised right now... I'm the last person you expected to see with Action 4 News... But pearl go ahead and share what you told us." Pearl: "On behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News... I'm Paying it 4Ward... $400 to say thanks!... $100, $200, $300, $400." Rafael is stunned. Ryan: "What was your reaction?" Rafael: "I don't know... Maybe I was speeding or something!" Ryan: "I'm not checking your speed... Or your kitchen... We're rewarding you!" Rafael: "Usually when I help people, I don't expect anything in return... At all... I feel privileged that not only am I in a position to help others but I actually follow through with it." At just 26 years old, it's clear everyone can learn something from this self-made businessman. Rafael attributes his humble ways to his late father whose motto it was to help others. "I grew up without my father... And I would hear all these stories of how he would go around helping people," he said. His kindness extends to other tenants who don't pay late fees. Rafael works 16 hour days at times to make sure others aren't in need. He plans to use his Pay it 4Ward $400 reward to help others. "If we don't go around helping people out... What type of world are we going to be leaving for our children," Rafael asked? Rafael Trevino is more than just a landlord; Pearl says he's an "angel" on earth. "Pay it 4Ward," Rafael says! Click here to nominate someone for the Pay it 4Ward reward Click here to join Ryan Wolf's Facebook page
Pregnant woman shoots at two men breaking into home
The victim of a home invasion in Palmview Saturday asked Action 4 not to show her face on camera. She told us she never wanted to have a gun around the house, but after this ordeal, she's glad she had protection by her side.
KGBT 4 Archives -  "Pokemon" Mania (October 9, 1999)
From the Action 4 News archives, a vintage look back at the phenomenon known as Pokemon.
Deputy recognized for work off duty as father figure to girl in need.
The little girl pictured in the right arm of the man who's holding two kids may be all grown up now, but Mary Hernandez still remembers how he changed her life. Some of her earliest memories of David Delgado are captured on home video. David is a praise and worship leader at his church in San Benito, an Air Force veteran and a deputy for the Cameron County Sheriff's Department over the last 15 years. It's there where David thinks he has a meeting with Sheriff Omar Lucio, his boss. "Oh, wow!" David said as he opened the door to see a room full of familiar faces. "What are you doing here?" In reality, Mary, her mother and David's entire family are in the sheriff's office in Olmito to help recognize him on Pay it 4Ward. "I know you don't know what's going on right now, but I actually got a hold of Action 4 News for this," she explained to David after giving him a hug. "You know as a father figure... you know that... I... oh gosh, I'm so sorry," she said while starting to tear up. "My dad has never been there. I'm not perfect. I've made mistakes as you know. But you're the one who taught me how to ride a bike. You're the one that took me fishing. You're the one that brought me and my mom into your family when we had nobody," she said. David listened to Mary with a smile on his face. "I can honestly say that your voice is the one that rang in my head to become a better person and to start over again with my mom and to be closer with Christ," she added. "Your voice is the one that stood out to me. "On behalf of FNB Insurance Agency and Action 4 News, I have $400 for you. I would like to Pay it 4Ward." David gave Mary a hug. "How are you feeling right now knowing you made that kind of impact in her life?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked David. "I was a little surprised," he responded. "I never expected this. Wow! It's pretty cool. I tried to step in as much as I could... as much as I could knowing that I wasn't her father, but I still loved her and cared for her and wanted her to do good in life." David appeared to be stunned. He was overcome with joy. His family shared how David nervously polished his shoes and ironed his work uniform the night before in anticipation of the so-called meeting with the sheriff. "There's no meeting today with the sheriff," Ryan said. "It was a Pay it 4Ward surprise." "Thanks sheriff," David laughingly said to Omar Lucio who was in the office for the surprise. "David is a great employee and a great example for others," Lucio said. "We're real proud of David." FNB Insurance Agency awarded the $400 in cash for David's kindness as Pay it 4Ward partner with Action 4 News. "It's stories like this that FNB Insurance Agency likes to team up with Action 4 News," Jose Carlos De La Colina, spokesperson said. "So you can inspire people to be just like you." A little girl shown love; it's one more way to "Pay it 4Ward."
KGBT 4 Archives - Freddy Fender Water Tower Dedication (June 5, 2005)
From the KGBT 4 archives, the dedication of the Freddy Fender water tower in San Benito
Boss gives back to devoted employee by buying her a car
A day care owner decides to give one of his employees a car after she tells him she might have to quit because she didn't have a reliable ride.
Student suspended over school project
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Mom disguises herself as 12 year old girl to catch online predator
A Harlingen mom allowed her 12 year old daughter to have a Facebook page on the condition that she had complete access. Last week, the woman was searching through friend requests on the girl's page and stumbled upon Freddie Love's request. There was no picture and he claimed to be a 20 year old University of Texas at Brownsville student. Find this story and more at www.valleycentral.com
Will It Snow Again In RGV?
Action 4 Chief Meteorologist Bryan Hale looks back at the events that lead to a White Christmas back in 2004.
A Brownsville Building with a Dark Past Comes Crumbling Down
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Texans Undrafted Rookie Making Plays At Camp
Travis Labhart is an undrafted rookie receiver out of Texas A&M with a knack for making big plays. Can he make the biggest play of his career by making the Texans roster?
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Nora Longoria dashcam video released after charges were dropped in DWI case
FOLLOW this link to see the FULL UNEDITED dash cam video of Justice Nora Longoria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUYP0pAGmWo&list=UUYzSBNey7F3Uwf9Vkg7cK5w For more information head to our website: http://www.valleycentral.com.
Chief: Deadly police pursuits continue in La Joya
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Port Isabel Cheerleader
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KGBT 4 Archives - Ghosts at UT-Brownsville Pt. 1 (November 4, 2004)
An investigative look into alleged paranormal activity on the University of Texas at Brownsville campus. Part 1 of 2
Left Lane Drivers
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Bob Barker retires from Price Is Right pt. 2
Action 4 News weather forecaster Romeo Cantu appeared and won the Price Is Right more than 10 years ago. Romeo returned to the show last year to cover Bob Barker's farewell. The story won a Lone Star Emma award in April 2008.
Brownsville Porter Boys 5A Soccer Champs
Brownsville Porter brings home the 5A State Championship win against Frisco Wakeland in 10 rounds of penalty kicks.
Cheer team mourns loss of teammate
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Action 4 News Busts a Move to "Gangnam Style"
"Gangnam Style" is the latest hit online and it's performed by a man from South Korea named Psy, along with a lot of talented dancers. We here at Action 4 News decided to give his dance a shot and see how our skills matched up.
Graduate reacts to special surprise from military father stationed overseas
Military father surprises his son by taking some time from training in Germany and going to his high school graduation.
Santa Maria Superintendent speaks out
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Harlingen Punches 4th Round Ticket With Win Over Warren
Harlingen is back in the 4th round for the first time since head coach Manny Gomez played for the Cardinals back in 1989.
Corruption Scandals Hit the Rio Grande Valley
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Emilio Navaira Is Being Remembered As One of Tejano Music's Pioneers
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KGBT Archives: Alton Bus Crash Original Report
Action 4 News has posted a copy of KGBT-TV's original report of the Alton bus wreck that claimed 21 lives back on September 21st, 1989.
UTRGV Offer In Hand, Lara Leads Hoopsters To Great American Shootout
After leading the South Texas Hoopsters to the silver bracket title at the George McLellan Invitational in Houston, Santa Rosa senior-to-be Leo Lara was offered a scholarship by new UTRGV head coach Lew Hill. This week, Lara and his team will head to the Great American Shootout in Duncanville, Texas, where they hope to get even more exposure to Division I basketball coaches and scouts. For more information head to our website: http://www.valleycentral.com.
Border patrol in need of agents
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Remembering 3 Slain Children
It's been ten years to the day since three Brownsville Children were murdered by their mother Angela Camacho and her common law husband John Allen Rubio. Tonight the community honors the children in a memorial outside the building where they were killed.
Health inspector reveals worst violations and penalities for dirty restaurants
The Food Patrol gets to tag along with McAllen's chief health inspector for a behind-the-scenes look at his work. Lupe Flores is known to be a pro when it comes to keeping the public safe. He knows inspections are the primary line of defense against dirty dining. Action 4's Ryan Wolf meets up with the inspector during a follow-up visit at Dejarvis Taco off South 10th Street and Dallas in McAllen. Flores checks some of the 27 areas on an inspection as outlined by the Texas Food Establishment Rules. He believes proper hand-washing is most critical to public health. "It's important to wash your hands especially using the restroom and all that," he said. Categories of inspection include temperature, personnel and facility requirements. Insect and rodent contamination only account for 3 demerits each. Flores says he will still shut a restaurant down with either violation because they can the contamination can harbor disease. "If we find somebody with roaches or rodents we try to close them immediately and ask them to take corrective action," he explained. Flores doesn't buy the excuse he often hears on Food 4 Thought from a restaurant owner or management who claims roaches are everywhere and not a big deal. He says it's a restaurant's obligation to do routine pest control. "I see it all the time on TV where they say 'well, they have them everywhere,'" he explained. "Well, I'm in restaurants all the time and some are bad, others, I look... And I don't find any." Inspectors are like the cops of kitchens. Tickets can be issued to repeat health code offenders. Flores doesn't take that responsibility lightly. "It's important because it's food safety and somebody could get sick," he said. He also knows some restaurants will try to butter up to inspectors by offering free food or drinks. Flores avoids any potential conflict by not accepting anything. The city also rotates inspectors semi-annually. "We're in one area and then we get switched to another area so you don't get to familiar with the business owner," Flores explained. Restaurant owners who are ticketed face potential hefty fines. But Flores knows there's another unwritten penalty for those who can't keep it clean. "Food 4 Thought, I think, has opened eyes," he said. "I've seen where the program picks up a business and it can also bring it down. If you want to be on the up and up, keep your restaurant in shape." Dejarvis Taco makes good on housekeeping and equipment corrections. Flores likely won't return for another couple of months. But the job of an inspector is never done, as the quest to keep it clean continues at every kitchen across the city.
Woman recalls missing Alton school bus that crashed, killing 21
A Rio Grande Valley woman spoke to Action 4 News about the morning on September 21, 1989 when she missed a school bus that plunged into a caliche pit killing 21 children.
Customs Border Patrol Academy
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Teen left paralyzed in graduation day accident surprised at hospital
Dominga Delgado can't get the words of a San Benito teen left paralyzed in a car accident out of her head. "I would never want to see my kids go anywhere else but stay with me... And that's what I would like for this kid to do... Go home with his family," Dominga said. We first introduced you to Daniel Olivarez last week on Action 4 News. "I just want to go home," Daniel said in an interview with Action 4's Hannah Linn. The 18-year-old, who's paralyzed from the waist down, can't go home because his healthcare providers believe substandard living conditions there, with no water or electricity, would interfere with his recovery. But despite his incredible challenges, Daniel has proven to be an inspiration with his faith, belief in family and positive outlook with his future. It's made Dominga realize what's really important in life. "I want to Pay it 4Ward because I've gotten stuff in my life... And I want to Pay it 4Ward to someone else who doesn't have it... God's helped me a lot... And now it's my turn to Pay it 4Ward," she said. Domingo Reyna, with the Pronto Prepaid Card, has the Pay it 4Ward prize as sponsor of the weekly program. "This is the actual Pay it 4Ward in action," Domingo said. "This is what it goes down too... Being able to help somebody... She was able to see this story... She's reaching out in a way to Pay it 4Ward to somebody that needs it at the moment... So we're proud here at Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News to give you this $400 to Pay it 4Ward." To pull off the surprise, Action 4's Ryan Wolf and Dominga Delgado travel to the third floor at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. Ryan: Your story has touched people in ways I don't think I can fully explain to you... So I brought somebody here who reached out to me at Action 4 News to tell you what you've done for her... And I want to introduce you to Dominga... Dominga come on in. Dominga: I just want to let you know that your story has inspired me... To help you get home to your family... And on behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News... Here's $400... I hope you get home to your family... Thank you very much. Daniel: I'm really surprised... I never thought this was going to happen. It makes me feel happy and real thankful for helping me so I could go back home. Daniel is confident the Pay it 4Ward money will help make that a reality. But it's the support from people like Dominga that will truly help to get him back on his feet. "One day I'm going to be able to walk," Daniel said. Turning tragedy into triumph, it's one more way to "Pay it 4Ward." Click here to join Ryan Wolf's Facebook Page Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter Click here to nominate somebody for the Pay it 4Ward prize
Special Group of Border Patrol Agents BORSTAR
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Good samaritan recieves Pay it 4ward surprise
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Man Signs Voluntary Deportation
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Supercarrier to be Dismantled
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Manager at store with rodent poop near slushy machines flees Food Patrol
Two Raymondville convenience stores continue to rack up high demerits on Food 4 Thought. BreakTime on 1095 East Hidalgo Avenue scored the most with 30 demerits on a health inspection report. Kitchen cops found 'fresh' rodent droppings in the cabinet area under the slushy machines. The contamination is a repeat violation from another health inspection less than six months ago. "Why do you think the rats like this area?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked a manager on duty. "I have no idea," the manager, who would only identify himself as Sam, said. The Food Patrol fired off other questions dealing with public safety concerns at Sam. He was also asked about the owner's previous claim on Food 4 Thought that he would take the appropriate action to stop the rodent contamination. More than 30 'fresh' droppings were discovered during a health inspection in May. The filth turned up once again in the slushy machine area. Sam did claim to be fairly new on the job; however, he did not stick around to answer all the Food Patrol's questions. He was caught on tape abruptly leaving the store in his vehicle. Click on the video link to see what other Raymondville kitchen is exposed for repeat dirty dining in this week's Food 4 Thought. Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Facebook Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter Click here to watch past episodes of Food 4 Thought Top Performers List Weekly Low Performer List (total # of demerits) Raymondville BreakTime 1095 E Hidalgo Ave (30) *Fresh Rodent Droppings* Raymondville Superette 594 N 7th (22) *Live Roach, Insect Droppings* Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits) Alamo Pollos y Carnes San Juan 824 N Tower Pharr Luby's 500 N Jackson Brownsville Mary's Mexican 425 E 10th San Juan Jack in the Box 902 Raul Longoria Taqueria Rios 5107 N Raul Longoria Edinburg Tacos Nuevo Leon FM 1925 McAllen Mimi's Café 3000 E Exp 83 Harlingen Taqueria Jalisco #2 412 N 77 Whataburger 1605 W Harrison Papa John's Pizza 401 S 77
Mata Leads Los Fresnos To Comeback Victory Over Edcouch-Elsa
The Falcons new quarterback was instrumental in the comeback that delivered a first victory to the Falcons new head coach. For more information head to our website: http://www.valleycentral.com.
Rio Grande City Mariachi Band dares to dream big
It doesn't take much to hear their talent. As they strum, slide the bow, and sing, these veteran middle school students from Rio Grande City know each practice brings them closer to reaching what many might consider an unreachable goal. Sash Guerra is just one of the 14 members of Mariachi Juvenil De America. While performing at a statewide competition in San Antonio, the group caught the eye of a talent scout. Mariachi director Eloy Garza tells us the woman called him, letting him know she wanted the band to perform on a nationally televised talent competition. While it never occured to him that the students could get national recognition, Garza says he knows the kids are talented and happy for the opportunity. So hour after hour, day after day, these kids take out their instruments, warm up their singing voices and prepare for the chance of a lifetime. So, as many students get ready to enjoy their Christmas break, these kids will be practicing away, in hopes of getting that "Big Break" all performers dream of.
KGBT 4 Archives - Police Officer Shot: RAW VIDEO (June 25, 2008)
Raw, uncut dashcam video of Abraham Mar shooting at Harlingen Police Officer.
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Harlingen Resident Refuses Smart Meter at Home
Dr. Dorothy Nesmith of Harlingen reached out to Action 4 News as a concerned homeowner. She said she refused to allow a smart meter to be installed at her home because she claims possible health risks from the radiation they emit can cause flu symptoms, insomnia and even cancer. Nesmith said she's been making changes to live a healthier lifestyle and go green, but a smart meter at her home is not an option. "I exercise daily, I'm very concerned about my health and I really don't want to get cancer from a meter stuck to my house, which is also transmitting my personal information," Nesmith said. Nesmith also claims if she can log on to an electronic device and access information about her home's electricity usage, so can criminals. She said this monitoring system available for customers, gives them a map to what's inside a person's home. "If you're checking your data on your cell phone, then so is every criminal, every organized criminal, every teenager, an ex-boyfriend who's stalking you," Nesmith said. "Anybody can be checking that information and they can use it to come to your home when you're not here." AEP Spokesperson Frank Espinoza said that the health risks involving radiation waves have been carefully studied by the Federal Communications Commission and the Edison Electric Institute. He adds the meters were deemed safe. He adds the radiation wave exposure on these meters are 125 to 1,250 times less than that emitted by a cell phone. Espinoza also AEP is a regulated utility, and it will have to finish installing smart meters in every customers home by 2013. Dr. Nesmith said she'll continue raising awareness to try and stop the meters from going up in her neighborhood.
Edinburg waitress's kindness leads to largest tip of her career
Inside the Mesquite Grill in Edinburg is a waitress with a huge heart. Sheena Espinoza is the type to serve up the shirt off her back if it meant helping someone else. Her co-worker Nelda Rodriguez knows it best. "I was depressed... I was sad... I didn't know how I was going to get any of the things that I needed to get ready for my baby... I'm just so grateful for her," she explained. From a bouncer to walker, crib set to infant seat, Sheena donates it all to Nelda. It amounts to about a thousand dollars worth of stuff to help a single mother who has little time to spare. Her son, Raylan Michael, is born premature. "I wanted to Pay it 4Ward because Sheena is my best friend... And she deserves all the help... And she never second guessed helping me," Nelda explained. With the help of Pronto Insurance, Action 4 News surprises Sheena with the $400 prize at the end of her shift. Ryan: Sheena, I'm Ryan Wolf with Action 4 News. How are you? Sheena: Good. Ryan: Do you have any idea why we're here? Sheena: Nope. Food 4 Thought? Ryan: No, this kitchen's clean... I saw the top performer sticker on the door. We're here because of you. Sheena: What? Why? Ryan: The incredible things that you have done for your friend right next to you. Sheena: What did you do?! Nelda: I thank you for everything that you did... It means the world to me... You have no idea. On behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News... We'd like to Pay it 4Ward. Hold out your hand. $100, $200, $300, $400. It's for all the things you've done for the baby... When I didn't have anything... And for helping me get this job... And for everything that you do... You're just a great friend and I love you so much! Sheena: I'm nervous... I'm surprised. Thank you. Ryan: Why are you getting so emotional right now? Sheena: Because I'd do it no matter what. I would do it for her no matter what. I wouldn't ask for anything in return. Ryan: You chose to forego a yard sale to make money on your own... And gave her everything she needed. Expensive stuff. Sheena: And I would do it again in a heart beat for anybody. Because I love her, she's my friend... I couldn't stand watching her struggle... I couldn't see that. Anyway I could help her I will. The giving hasn't stopped with little Raylan Michael. Shortly after his arrival 7 months ago, Sheena helps her friend land a job at the grill. Her boss, Jason Todd, wants her story to inspire others. "Hopefully they'll see this and get the bug and do the same thing and help others that have helped other people," he said. Domingo Reyna, with Pronto Insurance, says it's the whole reason why the company partnered with the Pay it 4Ward program. "The Pay it 4Ward program is here to recognize these acts of kindness... Without expecting anything back... And having this best friend and support that she really needed... This is what we're all about here," Domingo said. "It's always good to help someone out because you never know when you need it in return," Sheena said. "If everybody could do that for someone else... The world would be a better place." Serving up hope, it's one more way to "Pay it 4Ward." Click here to join Ryan Wolf's Facebook Page Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter Click here to nominate somebody for the Pay it 4Ward prize
Dez Bryant Gets In Training Camp Fight
The NFL over the years has had its stories about great teams with great players that at times just didn't get along. Sometimes it was for short periods of time and others it lasted for years. Today the 2015 version of the Dallas Cowboys had a little chapter on a couple of players that butted heads.

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