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//Build 2015 - Building Cross Platform Mobile Apps in C++ with Visual Studio 2015
Modern development today requires developers to provide their application for multiple device platforms (such as Windows and Android). One of the major investments in Visual Studio 2015 has been enabling Cross-Platform Mobile Development with C++. In this talk, we explore how you can use Visual Studio 2015 to generate dynamic/static libraries, native-activity applications and Xamarin native applications targeting the Android platform. Debugging, emulation, code authoring, C++11 conformance are also part of the mix; there will be demos galore!
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//Build 2015 - Build Automation: Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online
​With Visual Studio 2015, we have introduced a significant update to the build automation features in Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Online. We have a completely new experience for defining, monitoring and reviewing your builds in the browser. In addition, you will now be able to automate builds on Windows, OSX and Linux.
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//Build 2015 - The Next Generation of Azure Compute Platform with Mark Russinovich
Learn about ways to integrate with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to enable role-based access control (RBAC), tagging, and template-based deployments, and how Windows containers with Docker compatibility make your code deploy instantly and work consistently in any environment. Also learn how Service Fabric, Microsoft’s hyper-scale micro-service PaaS that powers everything from Azure DB to Cortana, brings applications state-of-the art high-density, high availability and stateful computing capabilities.
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//Build 2015 - Introducing Win2D: DirectX Powered Drawing in C#
Win2D is a new, immediate mode 2D drawing framework for XAML applications on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It is built on the high performance foundation of DirectX, but is designed to provide the convenience and ease of use expected by C# and .NET developers. It also is a reimagining of the way that Windows develops APIs: from the start, Win2D has been fully open sourced on GitHub. Come build new apps and help contribute to Win2D!
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Historical Debugging with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2015
Come to this all-demo session to learn how IntelliTrace in Visual Studio helps you minimize wasted time while debugging .NET applications. We’ll look at IntelliTrace’s ability to take the debugger back in time and examine the state of the application at interesting points in the past. All in the context of the new Visual Studio 2015 IntelliTrace experience.
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//Build 2015 - What's New in XAML for Universal Windows Apps
The Universal Windows Platform provides developers with a real opportunity to create meaningful, familiar, and tailored apps that run across a wide set of device families. To help with that, XAML UI took a big step forward in Windows 10 with new controls and new features to simplify tailoring app experiences across devices. In addition, performance is improved with features that include new and improved diagnostics tools, better web content hosting, a new perspective 3D API, plus a few other goodies. This session will take a lap around these features.
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//Build 2015 - AllJoyn: Building Universal Windows Apps
Microsoft joined the AllSeen Alliance in mid-2014 and is deploying AllJoyn technology into Windows 10 as the device connectivity platform for Internet of Things (IoT), consumer, and enterprise devices. AllJoyn is an open source framework that enables companies and individuals to create interoperable products that can discover, connect and interact with other devices and cloud services regardless of manufacturer, vertical or network. In this session you will learn the value of adding AllJoyn into your devices to unlock the power of IoT interoperability. We will demonstrate how easy it is to write a Windows app to command/control AllJoyn devices.
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//Build 2015 - Developing Windows Apps in Visual Studio 2015
Come and learn how to build a Universal Window app in Visual Studio 2015. In this session, we will explore creating adaptive apps, building UI for different device families, using platform and 3rd-party extension SDKs, and integrating Application Insights. Also learn a lot more about the developer experience for building a Universal Windows app.
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//Build 2015 - Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Architecture
Service Fabric is a state-of-the-art distributed system that allows developers to easily build and manage Internet scale services such as Azure DB, Azure Document DB, and Bing Cortana. In this talk, Gopal Kakivaya will cover the hard distributed systems problems developers encounter when building such services and how the major subsystems of Service Fabric come together to provide effective solutions to those hard problems. If you are interested in understanding how Service Fabric works "under-the-hood" this is the talk to attend.
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New OneDrive APIs for Developing Against OneDrive AND OneDrive for Business
Come learn how to use the OneDrive API and Microsoft Office 365 Files REST API to work with OneDrive and OneDrive for Business files and folders. Learn how to build solutions and apps using APIs to create folders and content, get folder properties, create or update a file, update file properties, get drive properties and more. It's a packed session with a lot of examples and pointers to samples so you can get started quickly!
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Advanced deployment strategies for Azure Web Apps using Resource Manager templates
Microsoft //Build 2015 -- Learn how Azure App Service makes it easy to practice agile software development with Continuous Integration and Deployment. Leverage features like Staging Slots, Testing in Production, Auto Swap and more to set up an easy-to-manage CI environment in the cloud. The talk also covers a number of other Web Apps features that round up the development cycle experience.
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//Build 2015 - Building Universal Windows Games with Unity
In this session you will learn how to write Unity games that target multiple device types and form factors using the Universal Windows Platform.
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//Build 2015 - Project Oxford: Adding Smart to Your Applications
Microsoft Project Oxford is a set of machine learning based REST APIs and SDKs that help developers easily add intelligent capabilities such as language understanding, speech recognition, image understanding, and face recognition into your applications. These APIs let developers leverage the power of Microsoft’s deep machine learning investments in these fields across platforms. This talk will provide an overview of the services and how to integrate them into your application.
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Enterprise Data Protection, Windows Apps That Keep Work and Personal Data Separate and Secure
Microsoft //Build 2015 -- IT’s biggest challenge is how to manage access to work data for a mobile workforce, where phones and laptops with sensitive data are lost or recycled, employees switch companies, and data lands on personal devices. Windows 10 provides a way for trusted apps to safely handle work and personal, so enterprises can manage their data without destroying personal data or boxing in the user experience. This session will cover the APIs for creating a trustworthy app that complies with enterprise data policy, and can roam enterprise app state like a consumer app does, while providing a safe and uncompromised personal experience.
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//Build 2015 - Creating IoT Solutions with Azure
The Microsoft Architecture for the Internet of Things: In this session, we’ll provide a deeper architecture implementation overview of the Microsoft Azure services for IoT that you can use for solution development. You’ll also hear more about what Microsoft is doing in this space to continue to innovate around the business challenges of IoT solution development. In this session we will cover architectural considerations, best practices and implementation guidance for your IoT solution.
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//Build 2015 - Azure Active Directory: Identity Management as a Service
Identity Management as a Service (IDMaaS) is an emerging capability to help developers and organizations manage access to modern applications. Integrating with Azure AD can save you time from coding your own sign in logic and trying to protect your user's passwords, and has many security and end user experience benefits. Used by more than 4 million organizations and containing more than 430 million identities, Azure AD is the gateway to accessing the Office 365 API and other Microsoft cloud service APIs. In the session, learn the most common scenarios for integrating with Azure AD, get an overview of the Azure AD feature set, and find out what is coming next.
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What’s New in Direct2D and DirectWrite for Windows 10
Come learn about the new functionality and performance improvements in Direct2D and DirectWrite for Windows 10. These include a new Direct2D rendering primitive, new image effects and image loading advancements, and an exciting new cloud-powered font service in DirectWrite.
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Building Resilient, Scalable Services with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric
//Build 2015 - Learn about the programming models available in Service Fabric to build highly available, low latency micro-services that can be deployed into Service Fabric clusters running on Microsoft Azure or Windows Server. After this session you will be able to write stateful web and enterprise applications with Reliable Services or Reliable Actor programming models.
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Cortana Extensibility in Universal Windows Apps
The leaders of the Cortana team will share how developers can tap into Cortana on Windows 10 to make their Universal Windows apps more discoverable and drive deep user engagement. We'll share how extensibility fits into the overall Cortana vision and how your apps can take advantage of new voice command capabilities. The presentation will be followed by a brief Q&A with the team
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Custom Solutions with the Office 365 Unified API Endpoint
Microsoft //Build 2015 --
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Windows for Makers   Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino and More
In Windows 10 we have enabled the creation of the next generation of intelligent devices. In this session you’ll learn about how to leverage the value of Windows when building these next generation devices based on hardware like the Raspberry Pi 2, as well as how to extend your Windows devices with the capabilities provided by .NETMF and Arduino. We will demonstrate how we have extended the platform to include support for popular Internet of Things (IoT) hardware interfaces (like GPIO and I2C) to enable you to build rich devices based on the Raspberry Pi 2 (from fun DIY arcade machines through life-saving flood-detection systems) Additionally we will teach you how to use our remote wiring and virtual shields open-source libraries to create innovative new solutions. With remote wiring you can add Arduino Wiring calls into your apps that execute on a remotely (BT) connected Arduino device; similarly with our virtual shields library you will learn how to expose your device’s capabilities to a remotely connected Arduino device. Finally we’ll be showing you the latest improvements we've made to the .NETMF and how these are being leveraged by our partners to create compelling new hardware.
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//Build 2015 - Azure IoT Security
The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a wholly new set of security-related challenges for developers and architect. Devices are deployed, often unsupervised, in public spaces. IoT scenarios will call for remote controlled physical activity of a machine based on analog sensor inputs that may be degraded, interfered with, or spoofed. We will want to control devices in the home while away. We will want to unlock a car-sharing vehicle using our smart phone as the key. All such interactions must happen securely, and many scenarios will test the edges of current information technology security practices. And security gaps may immediately result in personal safety threats. Moreover, ubiquitous sensors and data flow also present a threat to personal privacy and corporate trade secrets. In this session, Clemens Vasters, Architect on the Azure IoT team will discuss Microsoft’s stance on IoT privacy and security, what principles and technologies we put into the platform for you to build secure and privacy-preserving IoT solutions, and how we’re seeing the future evolution of defending such solutions against increasingly skillful adversaries.
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Getting Great Performance Out of Cordova Apps
​"​In the last few years, PhoneGap and Apache Cordova have gained a lot of traction among mobile app developers. Using a shared codebase, JavaScript developers can build apps for iOS, Android and Windows using the same frameworks they use for the web. But mobile apps carry a different set of user expectations. Users expect ""native performance"" – i.e. slick animations, fluid page transitions, snappy load times and instant visual feedback for user interactions. I've talked with developers building some of the most popular control frameworks (e.g. Ionic, WinJS) to learn how they think about building performance into hybrid apps. In this session, we'll learn from their experience and chase this elusive rabbit with all the tools at our disposal. We'll answer: 1. By the numbers, what really constitutes ""native performance""? 2. What pitfalls lead to poor JS performance in hybrid apps? 3. How can you avoid the most common performance pitfalls? 4. How can you use diagnostic tools to identify problems in your apps? 5. What design tricks can you use to get that authentic "native look-and-feel?"
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//Build 2015 - Moving Beyond Passwords: Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello
Moving Beyond Passwords and Credential Theft Credential theft has become one of the most widespread attacks affecting our customers and users. Security experts have been advocating for years the needs to raise the bar on user authentication and move away from passwords. Multiple solutions on the market attempt to address this problem, but so far they offer an incremental step toward protecting users’ identities and security. We believe that security-focused technology should be as natural and personal as interacting with people. We want to remove the barriers of technology so you can simply, easily, and securely do what you want to do – whether it is accomplishing a productive task or having fun. Microsoft Passport in Windows 10 delivers the end game solution, one that is easy to deploy, always multi-factor, theft- and phish-proof, interoperable on premise and on the web, and so inexpensive that there is almost no excuse to not take advantage of it. With Windows Hello (biometric authentication which can provide instant access to your Microsoft Passport), Windows 10 will offer a truly seamless experience that is more secure than today’s world of complicated passwords. Come join us to learn about how Windows 10 can help solve the credential theft crisis that you are facing.
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When Bad Things Happen to Good Apps   Troubleshooting Applications on Azure App Service
Even great apps sometime fail. When your app experiences performance or availability issues, you need to become aware of the issue and then resolve it quickly. As a managed cloud platform, Azure App Service provides goodness across rapid deployment, seamless scale, and a superior DevOps experience. App Service also allows you to quickly troubleshoot and mitigate problem as they occur. Join Yochay Kiriaty and Apurva Joshi as they dive deep into the available tools, best practices, and guidance for troubleshooting Azure Websites, showcasing examples from real customers and incidents.
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Using Git in Visual Studio
Microsoft //Build 2015 -- Support for Git is available in Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, and Visual Studio Online. In this session, learn more about why you might want to use Git for your next project, what makes DVCS a powerful model for software development and when you might want to choose Git over TFVC for version control. Learn about the fundamentals of a repository and how to successfully collaborate using Git in your Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online account. Discover how pull requests can help facilitate collaboration and agility while maintaining code quality.
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New XAML Tools in Visual Studio 2015
Visual Studio 2015 is an exciting new release for developers building any kind of XAML app – be that a Windows universal app or a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app. In this session, learn about some of its new capabilities including the re-designed Blend experience, UI debugging tools and the XAML editor enhancements.
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Deep Dive into the Office 365 Groups REST API
Office 365 Group helps connect people and enables them to better collaborate, communicate and share to get work done. In this session, we will introduce the exciting capabilities of the Office 365 Groups, then you will learn how to programmatically discover, create and manage these groups using the Groups REST API. We will also deep-dive into the various group APIs like Conversations, Meetings, OneDrive Files and Tasks, and show you how to build killer applications using them.
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Using Azure Search to Build Great Search Experiences in Mobile and Web Apps
Search is an effective pattern to enable users to get to data in apps quickly. Users expect great search experiences including linguistics in their native languages, good relevance, suggestions for auto-complete, faceted navigation, geospatial awareness and more. In this session we’ll discuss how Azure Search offers all the key building blocks to add search to mobile and web apps, how to easily bring data in new or existing data sources into a search index, and how to manage scale and availability when your app skyrockets in popularity.
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Building Windows Apps for Surface Hub and the Large Screen
Microsoft //Build 2015 -- In this session you’ll get to meet Surface Hub, learn how to optimize for screens as large as 84” at 4K resolution and design for the human element involved in large-screen collaboration. We’ll explore the inputs and sensors available on the Surface Hub, talk about best practices for ensuring a useful, usable, and delightful user experience, and discuss the when this new device class should be thought of as an extension of the Windows family, and where it should be seen as a brand new category of opportunity. Finally we will touch on the mechanics of ensuring your Universal Windows App runs on Surface Hub and is available to customers in the Store.
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//Build 2015 - Building a Single Page App Using Angular and TypeScript Using Office 365 APIs
Fresh from presenting at ng-conf in March, Andrew Connell, Dan Wahlin, and Jeremy Thake will show you how to build a single page application using the Angular and TypeScript frameworks. They will show how to leverage the ADAL.JS framework to call the Office 365 APIs using cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). The session will explain the benefits of using Typescript strongly typing alongside the Office 365 APIs and the Angular framework. An end to end solution will be used, called the Expense Manager framework, which leverages the OneDrive for Business, Sites and Mail/Calendar/Contacts API.
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Login, Sync Data, and Connect to Enterprise APIs with Azure App Service
Great apps run on any device and connect to the cloud. Learn how Azure App Service helps build great connected mobile experiences, including single sign-on, push notifications, offline data sync, and connectivity to on-premise systems. Integrate your enterprise Web and Mobile apps with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Office 365 and third-party SaaS APIs such as Salesforce. Use Mobile App client SDKs to build a native experience on multiple platforms, including Xamarin, Windows, iOS, and Android. It is now easier than ever to add a mobile app to your existing enterprise apps!
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Develop Modern Native Applications with Azure Active Directory
In this session you will learn how to easily add enterprise-grade authentication capabilities to your mobile applications. Whether you develop on iOS, Android and Windows natively – or if you target multiple platforms at once using Xamarin or Cordova - Active Directory development libraries make it easy to add authentication logic to your apps to open up access to API such as Office 365, Azure and your very own.
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Deep Dive into ASP NET 5
This talk will take you deep into the internals of the all-new ASP.NET 5 framework. This new, fully open source web framework sits on top of the new composable cross-platform .NET Runtime - the Core CLR. Damian Edwards and Scott Hanselman will show you how ASP.NET 5 enables more choice than ever before. ASP.NET 5 gives you more choices for platforms, tools, libraries, runtimes, and more.
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Compiling Objective C Using the Visual Studio 2015 C++ Code Generation that Builds Windows, SQL,  Ne
Microsoft //Build 2015 -- This session covers the nuts and bolts of several key innovative compiler and runtime technologies we will be delivering in Visual Studio 2015 and its updates. New investments in the compiler and runtime space include: Improved optimization and auto-vectorization, /Guard secure code generation, incremental whole program compilation, and new asynchronous C++ code generation.
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//Build 2015 - Building Office Add ins using Node.js
Andrew Connell and Jeremy Thake will show you how to build a web application using Node.JS. This session will walk you through the steps to get started with Node.JS and the plumbing needed for Apps for Office. They will show how to build Apps for Office in both Outlook and Excel that talk to the Office.JS. End-to-end solutions will be used to show the power of the App Model for the End Users, who never have to leave the product they live and breathe in, to surface more business context than ever before.
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New Retail Peripherals and NFC HCE Support in Windows 10
Do you want to know how you can use Windows technologies to transform a retail experience, especially in the Cloud First, Mobile First world? Come join us in our combined session for retail Internet of Things (IoT) and NFC/HCE (Host Card Emulation). You will learn more about creating apps to use barcode scanners and receipt printers (in harmony with any Windows/Windows Mobile devices), and to transform devices into credit cards, loyalty cards, or access badges to enable tap to pay scenarios. In this session we will demonstrate how to build a Universal Windows App to interact with retail peripherals such as Barcode Scanner, Receipt Printers, Cash drawers connected via Bluetooth, Network and USB. You will also learn about NFC/HCE APIs added to the Universal Windows Platform to create “tap to …” solutions for payment or non-payment scenarios, such as using your phone instead of your credit card, loyalty card, transit card or access badge.
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Working with Contacts, Appointments, Text Messages and More on Windows 10
Microsoft //Build 2015 -- Windows 10 is dramatically increasing the level of access that Windows apps have to user data. All Universal Windows apps will be able to access Contact, Appointment, Email, Messaging, and Call History data through the same APIs used by the Windows in-box apps. The session will cover best practices across all the data areas using a case study of a full-featured contacts application. This includes reading data, keeping a cache up-to-date with change tracking, and even how to integrate with marquee Windows experiences.
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//Build 2015 - Building Multi Device Apps with Xamarin with Office 365 APIs
The demand for mobile applications in the workplace has sky rocketed, especially when it comes to integrating with systems that business users consume in their day to day work life. This session will introduce the different approaches to building mobile applications that consumes Office 365 platform services. The session will give an overview of both native Windows and Xamarin cross-platform development (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) using Visual Studio.
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//Build 2015 - Cross Platform Continuous Delivery with Release Management to Embrace DevOps
​With Release Management for Visual Studio you can achieve true continuous delivery on any platform. This session demos how to use Release Management for continuous delivery in Cross-Platform environments including Windows and Linux. We cover how to leverage Desired State Configuration (DSC) and ASP.NET core to create a release pipeline for both Windows and Linux.
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The Future of TypeScript, ECMAScript 6, Async, Await and Richer Libraries
Microsoft //Build 2015 -- With TypeScript 1.0, we released a new language built to take full advantage of JavaScript with a rich type system. We’ve watched the community take this and create a number of projects, including one of the largest repositories of JavaScript API documentation available. Modern JavaScript has continued to grow, and now incorporates more concurrency patterns, use of new JavaScript features, and more modular designs. In this talk, we’ll investigate upcoming features of TypeScript, like ECMAScript 6 support and async/await, and how they make working with modern JavaScript patterns and libraries easier.
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Building Highly Scalable SaaS Applications with Azure SQL Database
Microsoft //Build 2015 -- Azure SQL Database is a robust relational database platform for developing, deploying, and managing the data tier in a wide range of cloud-based applications. In this session we will show how this platform can be used to develop SaaS applications to achieve near limitless scale and elasticity with high availability and geo-redundancy. We will develop an application that can scale out to thousands of customers, leveraging the scalability, elasticity, security, recoverability, geo-redundancy and other easy to use management features of the latest version of Azure SQL Database.
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Porting an App from Windows 8 1 XAML or Windows Phone Silverlight to Windows 10
Do you have a Windows 8.1 or Silverlight app today? Want to take advantage of moving to a single code base and delivering your app with ease on to multiple Windows devices? Come learn about porting strategies of moving your existing code to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows 10 What works, what's difficult and how to be most productive in getting to Windows 10 quickly.
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//Build 2015 - Building Apps that Consume Modern SaaS Endpoints with Visual Studio 2015
Enterprises are expected to build modern apps, ship them to their customers at an increasingly faster pace, with increasing expectations for the functionality they provide. In this session we’ll demonstrate how to easily build apps that consume services from SaaS vendors like Microsoft and Salesforce. We’ll walk through how you can use Visual Studio 2015 to build web and mobile apps, enabling your company to deliver increasing functionality with modern services, while focusing on the unique differentiations of your business.
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Project Centennial   Converting Classic Windows App Win32,  Net, COM to a Universal Windows Store Ap
Enabling existing Classic Windows applications (Win32, .NET, COM) to be part of the Store ecosystem is a key part of Windows 10. This session will cover in detail the technologies that will enable you to convert your app to a Windows APPX package, enabling it to be distributed by the Store and to take advantage of the Universal Windows Platform.
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//Build 2015 - Running Web and Mobile Apps on Azure App Service
Learn about the new dedicated scale unit offering that makes Azure App Service even better for running enterprise Web and Mobile Apps! See how to define and manage a dedicated App Service Environment, Join directly to your own VNET, secure your Apps behind an upstream WAF, and securely connect to back-end resources. Integrate your Web and Mobile Apps with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Office 365 and many other third-party API services. Incrementally stage your apps into production using Testing in Production, and establish a geo-distributed presence across multiple regions using Azure Traffic Manager.
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//Build 2015 - Developing for Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health
Learn more about the Microsoft Health Developer Platform and the great opportunities available for developers. This presentation includes: · What is Microsoft Health Platform and how you can use the platform to create innovative experiences in the health and wearable space · How to use Microsoft Band tools. Access the Microsoft Band sensors to create relevant application and create Band tiles to increase user engagement · How to enable your service to communicate with Microsoft Health and the Microsoft Health Cloud
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Build an Add in for Outlook com, Outlook and Office 365 that Reaches Over 400 Million Users
Yes, you read that right – in under 5 minutes, you can build *one* app, list it in *one* store and have it appear in Outlook.com, Outlook desktop and Office 365. We’ve got many exciting updates since Build 2014 – from apps platform coming to Outlook.com, to simple development tools, to apps now able to place buttons among native Outlook actions. Learn about new capabilities, new UI entry points and best practices for building beautiful and powerful integrations via Apps for Outlook.
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Develop Modern Web Applications with Azure Active Directory
Come to this session to learn how to integrate your web apps with Azure AD for simplified, enterprise grade single sign on. Discover how the use of open standards such as OAuth2 and OpenId Connect allow you to invoke Office 365 and Azure APIs, no matter what platform and development stack you are targeting.
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