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AVID-Advocates for Victims of Impaired Driving Christmas 2014
Honoring Victims of DUI.....Our loved ones gone to soon because of a drunk/drugged driver...Do not Drink or do Drugs and Drive....
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In Memory of Jordan who was killed by an Impaired Driver.
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Jennie Marie Bergstrom
Killed be an Impaired Driver........
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AVID- Advocates for Victims of Impaired Driving Christmas 2014 (3)
Honoring those who were stolen by and Impaired Driver.. An Impaired Driving Crash IS NOT and ACCIDENT. Do not drink or do drugs and drive...
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Drinking and Driving Kills
AVIDD-Advocates for Victims of Impaired/Distracted Driving honors victims who were born or lost their life in the month of December. Please do not drink or do drugs and drive... The life you save could be your own.
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Christmas 2013: Victims of Impaired Driving Support Group
Victims of Impaired driving......
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One Candle Christmas
50 victims of drunk/drugged driving is represented her...Each person had a life and a family that loved them...Please think before you drink and spread the word.....Do not Drink and Drive....It is devastating....
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AVIDD's October Birthdays and Angeldates
Impaired Driving Kills. This Video is dedicated to the members of AVIDD whose lost love one has an October Heavenly birthday or Andel date because of an Impaired Driver.
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AVID-Advocates for Victims of Impaired Driving Christmas 2014(2)
Our loved ones gone too soon because of an Impaired Driver.. Do not Drink of do Drugs and Drive..
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Missing our loved ones this Christmas
So many are killed each year by drunk driving.... These are just a few.... Loving and missing each of you.....
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Debbie Horton daughter Renee.mpg
In memory of Renee Horton's second Angelversary...Killed by a drunk driver..
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In Memory of Chessie Mae on her First Angelversary... Rest In Peace..Chessie's life was stolen by a drunk driver....
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Happy Heavenly Birthday Kendal
Because of an Impaired Driver Kendal is spending her Birthday in Heaven.... Do not Drink or Do Drugs and Drive...
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DeAnna Tucker's 2nd Angelversary
On March 29, 2011 DeAnna was killed by a Drunk Driver... Please in DeAnna's Memory never drink and drive...
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Victims of Impaired Driving.wmv
Gone to soon....Don't be part of the problem....Do not Drink/do drugs and Drive.......
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AVID- Victims of DUI
Missing our love ones at Easter 2014
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In Loving Memory of DeAnna Tucker
DeAnna was killed by a drunk driver on 3/29/11. She is missed by her family and friends and they will never forget her.... Always loved ...Forever missed.... Do Not Drink and Drive...
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Easter edited.VOB
In memory of the Victims of Impaired Driving Support Group-facebook
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I will NOT say Goodbye.wmv
Brad, Samantha and Chris...love you forever...
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Jason Horton
In Memory of a very special person... Rest in peace...
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AVID- Advocates for Victims of Impaired Driving
In memory of our love ones who lost their lives in October to an Impaired Driver and honoring those who should be celebrating their birthday but their life was cut short.. Do Not Drink or Do Drugs and Drive...
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Happy Birthday Baby... I love you...
54 years and still counting.... The best husband in the world....Happy Birthday... Bill.. You are one in a million...
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In Loving Memory of Kendal
On 9/6/09 Kendal was killed by a drunk driver. She is forever missed and loved. Do not Drink and Drive. Families are devastated.......
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VTS 01 1
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Brad's 27th Heavenly Birthday...
July 4th is Brad's birthday... He is not here with his family and friends because a drunk driver killed him October 6, 2007... We love and miss you so much... Happy Heavenly Birthday
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Bill's Testimony
My husband Bill ... was consumed by grief after the loss of his 3 kids to a drunk driving crash... Bill struggled with his faith in God and after 5 years of grieving he drew closer to God and opened his heart ... This song and video tells his story....
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Happy 26th Birthday Brad
Brad was killed 10/6/07 by a drunk driver... July 4th 2012 would have been his 26th birthday...but instead he is "forever21"
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History in the Making.wmv
Nick and Devon were joined together as husband and wife March 26, 2011. This is to celebrate their love that brought them to this point in their lives... We wish for you a life time of happiness...Always remember the way you felt the day you said "I do"......
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Trevor's Birthday
Happy Birthday Trevor... You are an inspiration to the ones who know you...
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Happy 31st Anniversary Bill Downs
31 years spent loving the same man. My life has been blessed. I can say I am still IN LOVE after all these years... Through the good and bad my love has never faltered... I love you babe... Happy Anniversary..
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Missing Sierra
Sierra's life was cut short by a drunk driver... She is missed and loved.
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Jase Abram Steele
The world is more beautiful because of you ..sweet Jase...
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Sam's 24th
My beautiful daughter in law, Samantha is not spending her 24th birthday with us because on October 6, 2007 she along with my son were killed by a drunk driver... We love and miss you Sam... Happy Heavenly Birthday, Sweetheart....
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Samantha 23rd.wmv
Happy Heavenly Birthday Samantha...Gone to soon because of the stupidity of a drunk driver.....We love and miss you Baby Girl....
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Love Letters in the Sand- Grandma's Video.wmv
Grandma Wilson..
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Happy Birthday  James
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Our Heart Our Love
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tara's prom.VOB
Prom 2011
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Robin's birthday....
Happy Birthday Robin.....Hope your birthday wish comes true....
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