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#FlipkartFashionChallenge Budget Challenge ft. Mohena Kumari and Mithila Palkar
Join Mohena Kumari & Mithila Palkar , in a fun fashion race! Watch them create capsule wardrobes in under Rs 5000, find the best ways to look your best! Tell us who's the winner and you could win prizes!
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Celebrating All Those Who Say #ChooseYourAge
It’s time to define life, not by the number of years, but by your experiences. Get ready to #ChooseYourAge with Flipkart!
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Big things according to Vir Das
Here's Vir Das' take on BIG things in India
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Celebrating Dads Who Do It All #PenguinDad
With every diaper changed, with every lullaby sung, with every dinner cooked, a #PenguinDad is born. Watch to know who they are, and why there's never been a better time than now, to celebrate them.
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#OneFlipkart - Better Together
Welcome to Flipkart's new address. Where collaboration and synergy come alive like never before, where the Flipster family unites to be better together! Welcome to #OneFlipkart!
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Flipkart found its Valentine! #FlipHeart
Flipkart employees are spending this Valentine's Day with none other than the Flipkarters! #FlipHeart
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Seller success story 4 #GrowWithFlipkart
Dedicated to all the women out there! Watch the inspiring story of our successful entrepreneur Saumya Gupta and how Flipkart empowered the journey! http://fkrt.it/Seller_Fb ‪#‎GrowWithFlipkart‬
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Flipkart's Brave New World
Presenting Flipkart's Brand New World - our spanking new office at Cessna Business Park, Bangalore. With a different theme on each floor - from Science to Sports to Fashion to Music - this office is all about inspiring our employees to reach great new heights. #FlipkartNewOffice
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Flipkart How to buy Smart TVs [Hindi]
A Smart TV is a television that’s connected to the internet. And with a Smart TV, you can do so much more than just watch TV. You can surf the web, stream videos on YouTube, Hotstar or Netflix, log on to social media, play games and do much more. Please note: This video is only a guide to buy. Price range suggested may vary. Products shown in the video is for reference purpose only.
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Flipkart How to return products
Online shopping has made life easy. You can sit at home and order products very conveniently. But, sometimes, when your order arrives you may realize that the product isn’t exactly what you expected. What do you do now? This is where the Flipkart Product Returns process makes your life easier. This handy reference guide helps you how to return your product.
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Flipkart Fashion Stories - Mohena 's College looks
Get styled like your favourite celebrities! Watch Mohena take her pick on College Style on #FlipkartFashionStories Get her looks here: https://bit.ly/2JUxcV4
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Flipkart’s Christmas Surprise #XmasOutoftheBlue
Xmas gets merrier this year with an all new Santa. Watch him make our customers wishes come true! #XmasOutoftheBlue
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Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 look book by Ankita of Corallista | Available on Flipkart
Ankita of Corallista fame, knows just how difficult it is to get your makeup on point during a busy work week, so here are 5 easy-to-wear work makeup looks that you can try! She uses the same mix of products, and starts with a simple look on Monday, adding a few tips and tricks through the week!
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Flipkart's New Campus (Embassy Tech Village, Bangalore)
Here's a sneak peek inside our new campus at Embassy Tech Village, Bangalore! #BetterTogether #NewDigs
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Spot the offers in the #FlipkartBig10SneakPeek. Win an iPad & vouchers.
Not just a song, but also a chance to win an iPad! This funky track by IshQ Bector has a bunch of offers from the #FlipkartBig10Sale that YOU need to spot! Find them all, type them in the comments. Tell us why you're waiting for the Big10sale! #FlipkartBig10SneakPeek. The top entries get flipkart vouchers and one lucky winner gets the latest iPad for Rs. 1! Get them all! T&C: http://bit.ly/2prpBYt
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The Bomb Squad - Flipkart for India (Music Video)
On the eve of #TheBigBillionDays 2017, the in-house band at Flipkart has a special dedication to India and all its customers. Check it out! Vocals, Lyrics, Composition, Music : Rajesh & Rahul Keyboards + Arrangement : Kishore Karkala Sound Production : BlueTimbre Music, Bangalore Video Production : Rohith Sarcar
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Seller success story #GrowWithFlipkart
Sell on Flipkart - http://fkrt.it/Seller_Fb
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Make Someone’s Day This Year
A day filled with laughter, joy and surprises.This New Year celebrations at Flipkart came with a twist - dedicated to make it special for people who make our days easier, day after day, every day. Watch as a bunch of Flipkart employees come together and turn just another day, into a day to cherish!
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Introducing Flipkart Lite - The progressive mobile web app
A new way to experience mobile.
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Flipkart's Ready Daddy sweatshirt - A must have for all do-it-all dads!
To all the Penguin Dads out there! We have something that’ll help you juggle work and spend enough daddy-time with your little one without any hassle. Designed and manufactured by Flipkart, the Ready Daddy sweatshirt is made with 100% baby-friendly material, quilted padding for extra comfort, and plenty of storage for baby essentials. Pre-order now! http://bit.ly/2HfgsdD
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Flipkart How to buy Washing Machines
Sure, you’ve got the perfect wardrobe but how are you going to keep it looking good as new? What you need is the perfect washing machine. So if you’re out looking for one, let us tell you what to look for, so you can make the right choice. Please note: This video is only a guide to buy. Price range suggested may vary. Products shown in the video is for reference purpose only.
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Sell On Flipkart - Sarees
Never too late to wish big. Apne sapno ko jee kar dekho. Register your business with Flipkart today : http://bit.ly/SellonFlipkart
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Trends with #FlipkartFashionExperts Vinitha Shetty and Nupur Singh
Up your summer style quotient within a budget. Get it all here - http://bit.ly/2pAWEoi
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Flipkart Fashion Challenge
Can the Internet's biggest fashionistas stay stylish... In a budget? Find out now! http://bit.ly/2vP6mdD
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IFB 23SC3 Convection Microwave Oven Review Video
"Team up with an IFB 23SC3 Convection Microwave Oven and surprise your loved ones with home-baked goodies. From keeping your food warm for up to 1 hour to keeping your appliance odor and residue free, this is one appliance which does its job with aplomb. Key Features of IFB 23SC3 Convection Microwave Oven : Type : Convection Capacity : 23 L Control Type : Touch Key Pad (Membrane) Auto Cook Menu : 10 Power Output : 900 W Dimensions (WxHxD) : 48.3 cm x 28.1 cm x 39 cm Weight : 16.1 kg Turntable Diameter : 27 cm Cooking Modes : Grill, Convection, Microwave
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Affordable Fashion Essentials: Ethnic Wear Hacks from Glamrs
Wear the latest Ethnic Wear with ease and comfort! Shop for the latest trends at affordable prices now: - Stripes and Checks (Kurtas): http://bit.ly/2uKII0P - Digital Prints Sarees: http://bit.ly/2uSDBN2 - Digital Prints Kurtas: http://bit.ly/2uJO5hb - Silk Borders (sarees): http://bit.ly/2ukgr0D - Flared Kurtas: http://bit.ly/2uSNpGC - Asymmetric Kurtas: http://bit.ly/2ulTKHu
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Honor 9i
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#FlipkartFashionChallenge Brand Challenge ft. Bani J & Kaneez Surka
Join in on a fun fashion game with two of India’s most loved celebs - Bani J & Kaneez Surka – as they take the #FlipkartFashionChallenge to find the perfect date outfit! Which one do you like better? Vote for your favourite celeb to win vouchers from Flipkart Fashion – the best way to look your best! Shop all the latest styles here: www.flipkart.com
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Flipkart – Red Dress
The Flipkart Mobile App - iss mein hai kisi ki kushi. Sneak peek of our latest ad... #FlipForHappiness Download the App here: bit.ly/DownloadtheApp
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Flipkart How to buy Refrigerators [Hindi]
A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It’s a big investment in terms of money, space and electricity consumption, which will last you a few years at least. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make sure you choose a refrigerator that’s perfect for you and your family. Capacity The first thing you need to decide on is the capacity of your refrigerator which is usually mentioned along with the model number. Net Capacity is the usable storage space. Now, how much space you need will depend on the number of people in your household, your budget, your eating habits and the space you have on hand. Net Volume So if you’re a bachelor or a couple, a refrigerator around 200 litres should be fine. These can cost between 13 to 26 thousand rupees. If you’re a family of four, keep it around 250 to 350 litres. These start at 19 thousand and go up to 38 thousand. And a large family should look at 350 litres plus. These start at 33,000 but can go all the way to 1.8 lakhs. Eating Habits Your eating habits also play a big role in the fridge you buy. If you stock more frozen foods you’ll need more freezer space but if your diet consists of fresh eating, you need more room in the fridge section or a bigger fruits and vegetables basket. You need to decide on a refrigerator that’s right for you. Space Another important factor is the amount of space you have in your home. Measure where you’re going to keep the refrigerator, your doorways and your elevators to ensure that it is a good fit. Keep half an inch on all sides for ventilation and 4 inches on the hinge side so the door can open and close. Type of Refrigerator Broadly, there are 5 kinds of refrigerators that are available. First, there’s the single door which is the basic or starting range or Fridges. It comes with a small freezer. Then, there’s the double door, which is quite popular. You can choose between having the freezer on top or at the bottom depending on what you prefer. Next is the triple door. These are more energy efficient because of an extra compartment there’s less cooling loss. It’s also ideal for a family of 4 thanks to its high capacity. Side-by-Side refrigerators are ideal for households that need both, large freezer and large fridge compartments. These are usually high on cost but they’re also feature rich sometimes sporting ice and water dispensers. Finally, there are French door refrigerators which have three to four doors and come with options such as a bottom mount freezer or dual freezers. These are high on capacity but also high on price. Energy Rating Refrigerators are always on, which is why you need one that’s energy efficient. And that’s where the energy ratings come in. The star rating sticker on the fridge tells you how efficient the fridge is and the electricity consumption figures tell you how many units of electricity the fridge will consume in a year. It’s always better to buy a fridge that has a 4 or 5 star rating. Defrosting There are two types of defrosting fridges. One is direct cool, which is cheaper but doesn’t always cool evenly and the other is frost-free which may be more expensive but has newer technology and keeps food fresh for longer. If your budget is above 15,000 definitely go in for a frost-free fridge. Now that you know which fridge you should buy, you can order one directly from your kitchen. That’s right, just open up the Flipkart app or website, browse through the widest range of refrigerators and buy the one you like. There’s something for every budget, you can read reviews, ratings and even compare models. Plus, you get good quality products that come with the brand warranty and will be delivered straight to your door. You also have the option of easy replacement if needed. Please note: This video is only a guide to buy. Price range suggested may vary. Products shown in the video is for reference purpose only.
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Shaadi Wear || Style Hacker with Rohan Joshi
Catch all the videos here: http://fkrt.it/on56OuNN From being the hero at the Sangeet to getting all the attention at the reception, Rohan Joshi has all the answers to rock the Shaadi in style! The best way to look your best at every Shaadi, only on Flipkart Fashion.
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World Book Day 2018 - #ReadersBlock
You know everything about Writer's Block, but have you heard about #ReadersBlock? Watch this video to find out! Need a cure for #ReadersBlock? Check out our #WorldBookDay store & #ReadWithFlipkart: https://bit.ly/2HFtOzX
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Summer wedding looks by Ankita of Corallista | Available on Flipkart
A summer-inspired wedding guest makeup look done by our favourite beauty blogger Ankita of Corallista fame. All the products are available on Flipkart. Stay tuned for more!
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Fashion Mistakes || Style Hacker With Rohan Joshi
Catch all the videos here: http://fkrt.it/on56OuNN Whether it's your shirt that's a size too big, or mismatched belt and shoes, we're all guilty of fashion mistakes. Let comedian Rohan Joshi tell you the dos and don'ts to look your stylish best! The best tips to look your best, only on Flipkart Fashion.
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Flipkart's Sachin Bansal on CNBC "Young Turks"
Flipkart.com is a Bangalore based startup that sells books online in India. The CNBC crew was over at the Flipkart.com office and fulfillment center. Co-founder and CEO Sachin Bansal was also interviewed. An insides peek into Ops, the Flipkart Bangalore office, future plans and more. Watch!
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Session Management: Scheme For Scalable & Safe Guest Checkout
This is part of Flipkart's first developer conference held on February 1, 2013. Talk by Vallieswaran V. Vallies is part of the Customer Platform team, working on Website Architecture and scalability & performance of website sub systems. His research interests are in reverse engineering, design analysis and business process extraction.
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No Cost EMI by Flipkart. India Chahe Jo Hum Banaye Woh!
Chachaji is so happy with the refrigerator he bought with No cost EMI from Flipkart that's he about to do something he never did. No cost EMI by Flipkart allows customers to pay in instalments without incurring any extra costs. After all, interest saved is money earned! #India chahe jo, hum banaye woh! Flipkart
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College Wear || Style Hacker with Rohan Joshi
Catch all the videos here: http://fkrt.it/oM~hVLN Let funny man Rohan Joshi school you on everything from sporting the perfect look for class to the trendiest backpack styles. Warning: you'll be too cool for school after this! The best way to look your best in college, only on Flipkart Fashion
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Mr. Twitterati
The "Flipkart It" campaign! These ads draw inspiration from real life, joyful stories of our satisfied customers like you. Here Mr. Twitterati would like to share his experiences with Flipkart and its surprisingly pleasant service...
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Tiger Shroff unboxes the all-new Samsung Galaxy On6
Bollywood heartthrob – Tiger Shroff unboxes the Samsung Galaxy On6! The sAMOLED Infinity Display, along with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, low-light camera and other features makes the On6 indispensable for Tiger Shroff. #AlwaysOn #OnlyOnFlipkart
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Bajaj 1701MT 17 L Solo Microwave  Review Video
Perform easy cooking and reheating using this Bajaj 1701MT 17 L Solo Microwave Oven. The Microwave offers up to 5 power levels and a 30-minute cooking time. Key Features of Bajaj 1701MT 17 L Solo Microwave Oven: Type : Solo Capacity : 17 L Control Type : Mechanical Knob Power Output : 700 W Dimensions (WxHxD) : 40.99 cm x 30.98 cm x 51.99 cm Weight : 12.2 kg
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How to find #ThePerfectGift?
The new way of gifting, without hassles and worry free. Introducing Flipkart GiftCards, the perfect way to keep everyone happy!
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Visualising Big Data by Anand S
Anand S (Chief Data Scientist, Gramener) keeps the crowd totally engaged with his informative talk on how one can use information to intelligently guide actions at slash n 2014.
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Seller success story 3 #GrowWithFlipkart
Best Buy has increased it's sales by 35% in just six months by starting to sell online. Watch them speak about their successful journey with Flipkart. http://fkrt.it/Seller_Fb #GrowWithFlipkart
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Flipkart Wish Chain
Watch one wish lead to another in our new Brand film. After all, that's what we are all about. Fueling & fulfilling wishes. #AbHarWishHogiPoori
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Watches || Style Hacker With Rohan Joshi
Catch all the videos here: http://fkrt.it/on56OuNN Which watch to wear when? It's time for funny man Rohan Joshi to tell you how to up your style quotient with your favourite accessory! The best range of watches to make you look your best, only on Flipkart Fashion.
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The Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood bed that broke a Guinness World Record
We have furniture that's certified with 10 years durability and that's gone through multiple rigorous tests. We took this to the next level and beat the Guinness World Record for the tallest stack of mattresses. See it to believe it! #GuinnessWorldRecords #FlipkartFurniture #DurabilityCertified #BeFurniSure
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