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The Legend of Korra - Items for Extreme Mode
It's something like Revengeance's wig collection with buffs and stuff. There's one that'll let you have your meter full all the time but halves your health but that doesn't matter cos you can just switch to Air and call out a storm, Christ.. Ah well, if you're gonna post skill based videos on this game, I will recommend not equipping those items
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God Hand/Devil May Cry 3 [VST5 FREESTYLE] /\_/\
I finally did it. http://youtu.be/wKPtIPsXtMU https://www.youtube.com/user/vstyletournament/featured
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Still Not Alexander...
but I sure kicked Tigger Joe's butt... :D
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VST6 God Hand Freestyle
VST6 Platylist: https://www.youtube.com/user/vstyletournament/videos
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God Hand is ball bustingly Hard
but fair....
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Rolling Around at the Speed of sound
Got places to go, gotta follow that rainbow. Probably will reupload it if I'm up for some editing but whatever..
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Everyone is Azel Dodging
Best boss ever!
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God Hand Kick Me Finale
Azel will still kick your ass -- www.twitch.tv/dpete016/c/4528224&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=dpete016&utm_medium=youtube
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God Hand Easy KMS Stage 1
Shut up it had to be done Fun fact: You really don't have to use the high kick cancel..
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God Hand - Bowling
In a perfect world you have all your orbs, god hand gauge and a sword. What would you do? Music: New Disco on the Block (Space Dandy OST)
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God hand KMS Stage 3
Demon party house... they're everywhere -- www.twitch.tv/dpete016/c/4492556&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=dpete016&utm_medium=youtube
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Father Gasoline Boss
Maybe it wasn't 3 deaths, I forgot.
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Hard Mode Stage 1-4 Q&A
Manged to run away after I got Dragon Kick cos the blade demon decided to show up after I blew the hell out of that stupid midget. Anyway at least I got an idea what Fimbulvetr090 went through. KMS is not fun!! Oh yea, this boss battle really drained me.. if it wasn't for the chin music and back elbow I wouldn't be able to successfully guard break that. Also kick was pure luck...
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Hard Mode Stage 8-5 Afro Fist
The whip lady was of the boss than that fella..... also granny smacker is really neat against groups as shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJGUe4_ENEw but this not how you use it..
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God Hand - Launch Juggle Fun
Post /v/-style vid I just put up. Gonna try and make up better combo movesets.. At this point I'm just playing bowling.. thanks to a certain someone.. http://youtu.be/mTn-9nUXWqM
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God Hand - Fairy Challenge 5-5
Ok, I managed to clear 80% of the enemies. Thanks for the idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAhHUzSWvwA
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I love it
demons so boring in wide areas...
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VST6 Traditional God Hand
At this point, I'm just joking around. I'll post a more graceful entry soon, I hope.
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Gene Kisses his God Hand
Song: Theme of Batsu (Tastunoko vs Capcom OST)
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God Hand No Death Run Stage 1-1
I needed reason to replay the whole game again apart from v-style of course.. Song: No More Heroes Theme
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Hard Mode Stage 8-1 Death Shudder
All you need is a plan and lots of strong will to get through this...
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Hard Mode Stage 3-6 Another God Hand
Another Ballbuster
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Uppercut and Jump Kick
Just video about launching punks. And possibly my VST5 entry.. H-hope you like it. -///- Song: Bad Dog No Biscuit
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Beat it
After a grovel and 1 continue finally beat Mr Devil Hand. Douchebag...
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Hard Mode Death Shudder
It's really hard here...
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God Hand - Game of Hardknocks
Been a long while since I posted, just not been able to have much time playing God Hand and think of anything for /v/style.. But not to worry I'll post something. I really love the community and I want to contribute in anyway I can. Really though I gotta thank MikeKob and Fimbulvetr090 (who are probably both Alexander) for making me get better and better, however that may be.
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Straight to Drunk
A little something while recording, using straight to drunken fist combo cancel, not 100% guarantee. It's almost unblockable but I won't be too sure.
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VST6 Traditional (For Real This time)
I mean it Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/user/vstyletournament/videos
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God Hand KMS Stage 3-1
I just continued through after stage 2 and stopped here -- www.twitch.tv/dpete016/c/4492526&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=dpete016&utm_medium=youtube
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DmC Devil May Cry™: Definitive Glitchy Edition
New and improved huh? Sigh... DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA01013_00
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Casual Combo
easy in 2 steps 1.Activate God Hand 2.Mash square Disclaimer: it gets boring fast so don't make it habit... side effects include sense of unfulfillment because you lack skill and patience.. :(
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God Hand - With some Jazz Added
Song: Too Good Too Bad - Cowboy Beebop OST
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God Hand - Cliff Trouble
Ok, here's something that piqued my curiosity, being able to hit enemies over the cliff. Figured that might be the case since I saw this vid on a really stylish playthrough by MikeKob here http://youtu.be/95Eco7sEPtg?t=34s Also I managed to do it by accident when I countered kick a demon from behind. http://youtu.be/4kUQS4uQ5i4
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Lethal League - Bunt
The pink one really understood the game.. I'll like to play him again.
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Good to be back
Hey I promised. Now I shall disappear again like the other underground cool youtubers.
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The 3 stooges
I did what I had to do..
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God Hand - Uppercut to Pummel
As for where and how it landed there remains unanswered. Also I managed to get this done twice but I lost footage of the second time
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VST7 Traditional Entry
Not my best, will do better next year. Song - KOF XIII Arcade intro
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Hard Mode Stage 6-5 Tigger Uppercut
I wish...
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Lethal League - Twitchy Impact
The best match I had so far even though I lost at the end..
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God Hand No Death Run Stage 2-6 and 2-7
Ok I took forever continue this one. Songs: Russian Roulette - Killer 7 OST The Million Way of Drum - Samurai Champloo OST (again) Moon river - Bayonetta 2 OST
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vergil pls
I totally meant to do that.
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Lethal League - Friendly Match
Close game with someone who just started playing this game.
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God Hand Just Kick Me Already Stage 5
heel drop is not as strong as stomping fist.. -- www.twitch.tv/dpete016/c/4516707&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=dpete016&utm_medium=youtube
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I thought it'll be dead but I was wrong...
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God Hand - Me. You. Patty Cake. Fun.
well it's a lot more goofy than stylish..
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Legend of Korra - It's ok
Just some early gameplay footage I felt like uploading. I just need to go through normal mode to unlock the Hardest difficulty so I can upload a playthrough of that instead. But man that counter is OP as hell!!! You could could practically go through the entire game with that alone... Probably anyway. Update: Not really Platinum knows how to counter that. To summarize the game is small budget Bayonetta.
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God Hand No Death Run Stage 3-1 (Redux)
I forgot to save the last time, so I decided to redo this level to keep things consistent. There's still a Trigger Warning!!
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RNG at its best
ehehe.. dang it.. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/dpete016
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