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Electric car conspiracy?,
The founder of a Canadian-made, 100 per cent electric car says the federal government is blocking him from selling his cars in Canada. The ZENN (zero emissions, no noise) electric car is already being sold in the United States, Mexico, and Europe, where it has won awards.
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Pakistan POW tele-series
Islamabad, Apr 17(ANI): Pakistan's Inter Services Public Relations or ISPR launched a television serial about the ordeals of a Pakistani prisoner of war who was released from India after 40 years of captivity. The story revolves aroung Sipahi Maqbool Hussain, held captive during the 1965 war between hostile neighbours India and Pakistan, and the ordeals that he suffered until he was released forty years later in 2005.
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Bathurst Mourns
Bradd Arseneau is nursing four broken ribs and a bruised lung but the Grade 11 student says he knows he's one of the lucky.
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Israelis celebrate Sukkot
Israelis celebrate Sukkot
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Twice lucky lottery win
Robert Hong had a better chance of opening an oyster in his Kirkland Lake restaurant and finding a pearl than winning a lottery. But he did it. Twice. Win the lottery that is - not find a pearl. On Saturday, Hong discovered he had picked all six numbers in the Lotto 6/49 draw, giving him a $15 million jackpot. Just six months ago, he had a $340,000 win with a friend. "I really couldn't believe it," Hong said after picking up his prize at the Toronto prize office on Tuesday. "To win again after such a short amount of time, I had to look at the numbers a few times and sit back and see that those were actually the winning numbers." The odds of winning the top prize are about one in 14 million. The chances of winning twice are, well, astronomical. To compare, the website Webmath.com says the odds of a woman giving birth to quadruplets are 705,000 to one, and the odds of finding that pearl are a mere 12,000 to one. Hong has put in long hours operating his family-run, third-generation restaurant in the small Northern Ontario city. He says he'll still run the restaurant but will cut back on his hours.
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CBC: German soldier celebrated
CBC: German soldier celebrated
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US thanks Canada
U.S. President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice praised Canada on Thursday for its military's contributions to the Afghan mission. Rice called Canada an "extraordinary partner" in the NATO-led war in Afghanistan. Brought to you by Mediascrape
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CBC: Canadian soldiers honored
CBC: Canadian soldiers honored Brought to you by Mediascrape.
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Smith begins testifying in child deaths inquiry
Discredited child pathologist Charles Smith has started testifying at a public inquiry probing systemic errors in pediatric forensics in Ontario.
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Russian ship in Manitoba
A ship loaded with fertilizer from northwestern Russia arrived in Churchill on Wednesday, the first time the northern Manitoba port has received goods from Russia. The shipment, on the Murmansk Shipping Co. vessel the Kapitan Sviridov, is considered the first in an "Arctic bridge" linking Canadian Prairie and Russian markets.
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Imtiaz Ali chooses Deepika over Kareena
New Delhi, Jan 7 (ANI): Reports say that recently, Director Imtiaz Ali locked horns with actor Saif Ali Khan over the casting of the leading lady for their next film, which is also the first from Saif's production company. The Razzmatazz grapevine has that the Jab We Met director is casting Deepika Padukone instead of the bubbly Kareena Kapoor opposite Saif. The Chote Nawab however is not very happy with this arrangement.
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Toronto murder update
Toronto murder update Brought to you by Mediascrape
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Police investigate gang killings
Two young men were killed when a Mercedes sports car was riddled with bullets from an SUV in what police believe was a "targeted shooting" in south Vancouver on Tuesday morning. The men were found slumped inside the car, which still had its engine running and lights on, at Granville Street and 70th Avenue at about 2:15 a.m. The Mercedes was heading south on Granville and was waiting at the light at 70th Avenue to turn left when a dark SUV pulled up beside it, said Const. Tim Fanning of the Vancouver police.
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Mourning Mountie Christopher Worden
RCMP colleagues, relatives and federal politicians packed into Ottawa's oldest church Monday for the regimental funeral of a Mountie recently killed in the Northwest Territories. - Const. Christopher Worden, 30, died on Oct. 6 after responding to a call for assistance in the small town of Hay River, about 400 kilometres south of Yellowknife.
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King Tut's face revealed
King Tut's face was bared to the public Sunday, the first time the iconic pharaoh has been displayed since he was buried in a golden tomb around 1323 B.C. The mummified body of the Egyptian boy king, just 19 when he died, was removed from its sarcophagus and moved to a climate-controlled case to prevent deterioration.
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Romeo Dallaire to testify
CBC: Romeo Dallaire to testify in Desire Munyaneza trial Rwanda genocide
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TATA Motors launches low cost car 'Nano'.
New Delhi, 10 Jan (ANI): Tata Motors on the 10th January unveiled its low-cost small car "Nano", at the Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi. Dubbed as the "People's Car", the Nano will be powered by a 624 CC gasoline engine and will meet all safety and emission norms including EuroIV .The chairman of TATA Motors Ratan Tata said that the car would be priced at 100,000 rupees as promised five years ago,he also reaffirmed that the company would be soon unveiling a diesel version of the low cost car too
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Police crackdown on telemarketers
The RCMP has arrested about 130 people after cracking down on a telemarketing scheme in Montreal Tuesday. The Mounties raided five locations in the Montreal area, including residential homes and a downtown office building on Belmont Street. The scheme allegedly bilked about 1,500 small and medium-sized businesses in Canada, the United States and Europe, who were contacted by telemarketers posing as representatives of a government agency. The companies were charged as much as 10 times the retail value of office equipment including first aid kits, and were threatened when they didn't settle their bills, RCMP spokeswoman Elaine Laverge said. The products were sold "under pressure, and by using a lot of pressure," she said at a press conference in the city on Tuesday. The raids cap a two-year investigation triggered by complaints from affected businesses. Belmont Street is closed between Beaver Hall and University Street while police finish their raid. Union Street between Belmont and René-Levesque Boulevard is also closed for the time being, RCMP said. With files from the Canadian Press
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"Most Wanted" in Canada
"Most Wanted" in Canada Brought to you by Mediascrape
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Disfigured boy denied surgery
A Vietnamese orphan who sought treatment to remove a football-sized growth from his face will consult with doctors in the United States after a Canadian hospital told him the procedure was too risky. The Children's Bridge Foundation, the organization that brought him to Toronto, is checking the credentials of several U.S. doctors who offered their services to help 10-year-old Hoang Son Pham.
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'Most Wanted' killer nabbed
RCMP in Campbellton, N.B., have arrested a convicted killer featured on the television show America's Most Wanted. - Richard Lee McNair, 48, had been serving a life sentence at a federal penitentiary in Pollock, La., for the 1987 murder of Jerome Theis during a botched robbery at a grain elevator in North Dakota.
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Clemens plays tape of McNamee
Roger Clemens played a taped conversation for reporters Monday in which his former trainer, who accused him of using steroids, said, "I will go to jail, I will do whatever you want."
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Diana & Dodi Inquest
Diana & Dodi Inquest. Brought to you by Mediascrape.
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Quebec schoolyard tragedy
A 12-year-old boy died Monday morning after he was hit by a girl during morning recess at a Laurentians-area school north of Montreal, police said. Provincial police said the children were arguing in the schoolyard in Saint-Eustache and insulting each other when the quarrel escalated into a shoving match. The 11-year-old girl allegedly punched the boy in the chest. The boy, who was in Grade 6, then collapsed, according to eyewitness reports.
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Nursing home violence crisis
Biting, choking and even murder are some of the brutalities residents of Ontario nursing homes have inflicted on each other, according to government documents that show a tripling in such violent acts in the past few years. A report by CBC-TV's consumer program Marketplace set to air Wednesday evening says Ontario is part of a trend of increasing violence among residents in nursing homes across the country. In the span of three years, the number of incidents among residents reported in the province more than tripled, with 446 such incidents in 2003 compared to 1,416 incidents in 2006, according to government documents.
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Hindu shrine land controversy
Srinagar, June 20(ANI): The issue over land transfer to a revered Hindu shrine in Kashmir has snowballed into a full blown controversy. The Jammu and Kashmir state government recently transferred nearly 40 hectares of forest land to the Shri Amarnath-ji Shrine Board for 23.1 million rupees. This move drew sharp reaction across the political spectrum in the Muslim majority Himalayan region.
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CBC: Mountie manhunt
CBC: Mountie manhunt
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Coalition victory in Arghandab
An intense battle north of Kandahar ended overnight Wednesday, with coalition troops declaring victory over a group of Taliban fighters. Canadian troops and their NATO and Afghan allies fought insurgents for three days in Arghandab, a strategic district that acts as a buffer between volatile northern Afghanistan and the relatively peaceful city of Kandahar. On Thursday morning, the sounds of gunfire and explosions ended and Afghan Gov. Asadullah Khalid toured through the district, declaring that all insurgents had been driven out.
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African Business Leaders Summit
When the delegates gathered,several issues were looked into several breakaway sessions and the issues bothered on intra-african trade,leadership and business,women in leadership amongst others. Soundbite:Richard Grozney Speaking(ENGLISH): "If you really wanna know,we have a few points on our trade routes in Africa". Soundbite:Man Speaking (ENGLISH): Soundbite:Woman Speaking(ENGLISH): "In Nigeria,our current population says 48% of our population are women,why will i take 48% of my asset base and give it up? it osent make any sense to me as a business person." A common concensus among the participants is that African leaders across the continent must work together more efficiently to remove certain barriers in order to provide mainstream finance and overall finance the continent development as well as improve communication and transportation. Soundbite:Woman Speaking(ENGLISH): Soundbite:Guest Speaking(ENGLISH): "NEPAD is a wonderful framework but wirthin the NEPAD framework i think more should be said about opening up trade relations between African countries now we all know the problems Africa has with exporting for example into Europe". Soundbite:Man Speaking(ENGLISH): "Take our custom services in Africa today,we find very weak in most cases corrupt border officials instead of helping their citizenry to trade they are actually impeding them". The event is the 5th organised for business in Africa Group since 2002 and Everest Akhum the organisation's Chief Executive sheds light on the objectives of the gathering. Soundbite:Everest Akhum Speaking(ENGLISH): "Bringing like mindedpeople together to be able to identify and bring solutions to the leadership challenges on the continent is critical,that is the initial success but that has rolled over in the last five years to be able to identify specific areas of concern". After much business,there was a gala night where Momo Couture shocased its designs. Beyond the great speeches delivered is a resolve that the hundreds of participants to return to their countries to becomes vocal catalysts of change by pushing for the emergence of purposeful leadership in Africa at the end of trade barriers that have hindered intra-African trade. From the Accra International Conference Centre here in Ghana,I am Mennor Nnwezeigwe rporting for CHANNELS TELEVISION NEWS Brought to you by Mediascrape.
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Bilawal unwilling to lead PPP, while probe continues
London/Islamabad, 8 Jan (ANI): Addressing a news conference in London on January 8th, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, The 19-year-old son and political heir of Benazir Bhutto, said that he had no leadership aspirations, but had simply answered a call. Bilwal will continue his studies in Oxford while his father, Asif Ali Zardari, takes a more active leadership role in the Party. However, he said that he took over the leadership, as it was the need of the hour.
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Brian Mulroney coverup allegations
Brian Mulroney coverup allegations. Brought to you by Mediascrape.
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Kali Dance honours goddess
As a hugely popular nine-day Navratri festival gets underway, believers in Daraganj near Allahabad city took out a procession with a 'Kali Dance' depicting the manifestation of Goddess Durga. A devotee dressed up as the Goddess dances through the streets for three nights in succession. The devotees are held completely in thrall by the magic spell of ``Kali'' dancing as the procession winds its way.
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Nigeria buries Darfur dead
At one end of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Abuja were seven ambulances provided by the National Hospital Abuja. From another end the Minister of State for Defense Mrs. Fidelia Njeze, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and other top ranking officers arrive at the airport to receive the dead bodies. At about 4.20pm the aircraft carrying the gallant soldiers taxied down. Shortly after the bodies of the fallen heros were been brought out one after the other into the seven ambulances. The Minsiter of State visibly in a sorrowful mood praised the gallantry of the Nigerian army for bringing back the remains of the gallant soldiers. Soundbite:Minister of State For Defense Speaking(English): "We are all depressed so it does not give room for too many ceremonies for now. They did a good job and I congratulate them. It is not easy it requires a lot of courage to do that and I praise them for that".
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Lycra MTV Style Awards
After a long wait, the event Lycra MTV style awards 2007 announced the most stylish people in India in Mumbai recently. In an interesting fusion of all things stylish, the show featured live music, new collections from hot designers, stunning models and some of Bollywood's most famous faces. MTV VJs Sagarika, Cyrus Broacha and Cyrus Sahukar hosted the glittering evening.
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Overpass tragedy report due
The Quebec government will release a highly anticipated report into a deadly overpass collapse on Thursday, following an inquiry that lasted six months. - The government called the inquiry to investigate the circumstances that caused the Highway 19 overpass in Laval to collapse on Sept. 30, 2006, killing five people and injuring six. - The inquiry was asked to determine a cause and make recommendations to avoid future disasters. It cannot determine legal liability. - Led by former Quebec premier Pierre Marc Johnson, the inquiry heard testimony from witnesses and probed technical details about the overpass structure and the inspections it underwent.
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Oprah Winfrey press conference
"The buck always stops with me," Oprah Winfrey told South African reporters Monday morning, just hours after Johannesburg police released on bail a dormitory matron accused of assaulting pupils at her school. - Though she does not personally do any hiring at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, the U.S. talk show host said the screening process has been inadequate and said some school officials had hidden facts of the case from her.
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Music of Bollywood film Black and White released
Mumbai, January 28(ANI): Music maestro A.R. Rahman did the honours at the glittering music release function in Mumbai recently for the film Black And White made by veteran Bollwood director Subhash Ghai. The function coincided with Subhash Ghai's birthday. The music of Ghai's latest directorial venture 'Black and White' has been composed by Sukhvinder Singh and lyrics penned by Ibrahim Ashk
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Media attacked in Bihar
Media persons including an ANI cameraman were roughed by the supporters of a legislator in Bihar state today. Prakash Singh, a correspondent of a private news channel NDTV was first assaulted by Janata Dal United legislator Mokama Anant Singh and his supporters. Later when other media persons came to rescue Prakash, they too were beaten up. ANI cameraman Ajay Kumar fractured his hand in the attack and his camera was also broken.
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Monkey babysitter
A monkey in Dhenkanal protects and takes care of a twenty-four day old human baby when his mother is engaged in household chores. The monkey comes to the house in the morning and spends the whole day taking care of the baby and at times even sleeps in the house with the little one. This incidence has become the talk of the town and the locals are also surprised, though pleasantly protects and takes care of a twenty-four day old human baby when his mother is engaged in household chores. The monkey comes to the house in the morning and spends the whole day taking care of the baby and at times even sleeps in the house with the little one. This incidence has become the talk of the town and the locals are also surprised, though pleasantly
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Police detain protest leader
Rajasthan,May 31 (ANI): Indian police on Friday May 30 detained a regional leader, Mahender Singh Tikait, in Bharatpur on his way to Bayana, the epicenter an ongoing agitation by an ethnic group battling for college and government job quotas. The Gujjar protest has swept many places across northern India in the vicinity of tourist circuit Agra Jaipur New Delhi, also disrupting road and rail traffic on the New Delhi Mumbai artery.
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"Second Life" Lawsuit
"Second Life" Lawsuit Brought to you by Mediascrape
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Deadly school bus tragedy
At least 44 people, mostly schoolchildren, have died after their bus fell into the Narmada Canal in Bodeli near Vadodara. The accident took place at around 6:30 am. The Gujarat Transport Corporation bus was ferrying around 60 school kids to their school. At least twenty divers have been roped in for the rescue operations. Four children have been rescued till now.
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Orange production increases in Assam
Assam, Jan 7 (ANI): The orchard owners of Hakomari village in West Kamrup District of Assam have reaped a bumper harvest of oranges. Under the Technology Mission of the Assam Government's Agriculture Department, the growers and orchard owners were given extensive training in modern scientific methods of nurturing orange trees. Consequently, the quality and quantity from each tree has been encouraging with farmers being able to get around 800 to 1000 oranges from a single tree.
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Sweatshop raided again
The Indian factory accused of being a child labour sweatshop for retail giant Gap Inc. is still in production. Following reports that the factory in Shahpur Jat was using child labour to produce garments for Gap's children's line, New Delhi police have conducted two raids on the factory. Officers first descended on the factory Monday afternoon, finding 14 children in a single workshop. Children's aid workers and journalists accompanied the police. On Tuesday, another 28 children were rounded up.
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Election security concerns
British High Commissioner Anwar Chowdhury has said, Britain would welcome lifting of Emergency but security is necessary for holding a fair election. The government knows better how the situation could be maintained. This he said after a meeting between the Chief Election Commissioner Dr. ATM Shamsul Huda and John Danish, Additional Director of the Asia Region of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office who is now in Dhaka on a three-day visit. Talking to newsmen after the meeting, John Danish described the steps taken by the Election Commission for holding the polls next year as positive. He said, he is encouraged to see the progress of the process. The British officials hoped that since restrictions on indoor politics have been lifted, other obstacles would also be removed.
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Hockey captain found guilty
A jury has found former Toronto Maple Leafs captain Rob Ramage guilty of five charges stemming from a fatal auto collision in 2003, including impaired driving causing death. The jury of eight men and four women delivered the verdict Wednesday - its second day of deliberation - in a Newmarket, Ont., courtroom. "It is a tragedy for all involved, including my family," said Ramage, who will be sentenced Jan. 17. Ramage, 48, pleaded not guilty Sept. 11 to charges stemming from the fatal collision of Dec. 15, 2003, which claimed the life of former NHLer Keith Magnuson. Ramage underwent surgery for a dislocated hip after the rented Chrysler Intrepid he allegedly was driving veered into traffic and struck two vehicles near Vaughan, Ont., just north of Toronto. Magnuson, a passenger in the Intrepid, was pronounced dead at the scene. A former defenceman who spent his entire 11-year pro career with the Chicago Blackhawks, he was 56. Michelle Pacheco, whose SUV collided with Ramage's vehicle, suffered non-life-threatening injuries, while both occupants of a third car involved in the crash were uninjured. Ramage was charged with impaired driving causing death, impaired driving causing bodily harm, two counts of dangerous driving causing death and having a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit. A York police report alleged that Ramage and Magnuson were headed to a players' alumni meeting after attending the funeral of former NHL forward and union executive Keith McCreary, who died of cancer at age 63 on Dec. 9, 2003. The prosecution entered scientific evidence that showed Ramage had up to four times the legal blood-alcohol limit at the time of the crash, though none of the hundreds of people at the wake could verify he had a single drink. The defence argued the blood and urine tests were flawed, and any scent of beer came from cans that exploded in the accident. Ramage posted 139 goals and 564 points with 2,224 penalty minutes in 1,044 NHL games after being drafted first overall by the Colorado Rockies in 1979. The London, Ont., native played for the Rockies, St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames, Minnesota North Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers and Maple Leafs, which he captained from 1989-91. With files from the Canadian Press
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Pakistan suicide bombers arrested
Islamabad, June 11(ANI): Pakistani security agencies have arrested six suspected suicide bombers who were planning attacks in the country. Pakistan's top official; said on Monday that the attacks were even planned in the country's capital Islamabad. Police arrested the six suspected suicide bombers on Thursday and seized three vehicles packed with explosives in Rawalpindi.
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Taser death details revealed
The Canada Border Services Agency is expected to face tough questions at a news conference Monday about the circumstances surrounding the death of a Polish immigrant at Vancouver International Airport last month. - Border Services officials are expected to give for the first time their account of an alleged communication breakdown on Oct. 14 in the hours before Robert Dziekanski's death. - Dziekanski died just minutes after he was given two Taser jolts and pinned down by four RCMP officers at the airport. - The 40-year-old, who did not speak fluent English, became agitated after languishing for hours in a secure customs area as his mother fruitlessly tried to get help finding him from the public side. - The incident, which was captured on video by a witness, has sparked fierce debate over the officers' actions and the use of Tasers by law enforcement agencies across the country. - Yet it is unclear where Dziekanski was during his 10 hours at the airport, what he was doing and why no translators or airport staff were on hand to assist him. - Walter Kosteskyj, a lawyer who represents Dziekanski's mother, Zofia Cisowski, told CBC News on Monday that after confirming Dziekanski's flight had arrived, a companion who had driven her to the airport was told by a CBSA official that there was no record of a Polish immigrant arriving that day. - "He was told that without breaching any confidence, there were no Polish immigrants there today and that they should go home, that he wasn't there," Kosteskyj said. - The companion said the conversation lasted four or five minutes and the border services official wasn't interested in checking Dziekanski's name, Kosteskyj added. - The exchange prompted Cisowski to return to her home in Kamloops, B.C., believing her son had missed his flight. - At least seven investigations, including a provincial inquiry and a House of Commons public safety committee investigation, have been called to probe Dziekanski's death or the use of Tasers since last month. Brought to you by Mediascrape
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Remembrance Day in Iqaluit
Two recently slain RCMP constables were honoured along with Canada's war dead at Remembrance Day ceremonies in two Nunavut communities on Sunday. In Iqaluit, it was standing room online only at the Royal Canadian Legion Air Cadet Hall for the ceremony, which included a special mention of RCMP Const. Douglas Scott, a 20-year-old who was killed while on duty on Nov. 5 in the Baffin Island hamlet of Kimmirut. The crowd also paid tribute to Const. Christopher Worden, shot and killed on Oct. 6 in Hay River, N.W.T. Rev. Mike Gardiner said a prayer for the Canadian soldiers who have died in Afghanistan and elsewhere, while making special mention of the RCMP in light of the recent tragedies. "The RCMP members killed in the course of duty, we remember each one, never want to forget them, and pray for their families to be given healing and strength," Gardiner said. Dozens of RCMP officers attended in their red serge and polished boots. Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak, the commanding officer of the RCMP in Nunavut, laid a wreath and said the number of Mounties present "speaks volumes on how we feel." sad week," he added. After the service in Iqaluit, a planeload of Mounties flew to Kimmirut - a hamlet of 400 people located 120 kilometres south of Iqaluit on Baffin Island - to attend the service there. Several RCMP members from Nunavut have gone to Brockville, Ont., for Scott's regimental funeral.
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Nigeria typhoid endemic
Thyphoid fever is quite rare in the industrialised nations but it remains an endemic problem in most developing countries due to contaminated and unsafe food and drinking water as well as poor sewage disposal management. The samonela thyphe the culprit bacteria,the foecal oral infection is the bacteria found in faeces which is ingested through food and water has more than 2000 serotypes. Soundbite:Man Speaking(ENGLISH): "IS very common in Nigeria because of our hygienic problem because here people just urinate,pass faeces anywhere and the rain will carry this". Public health speacialists have expressed concerns about the habit of eating in outlets popularly called "bukateria" and wonder how prepared the various ministries of Health are to tackle the hygiene level of food vendors especially since the 111 year-old widal test said to be only 25% accurate is being rejected. Soundbite:Health Speacialist Speaking(ENGLISH): "A directorate of occupational health and safety that we have in the Ministry of Health now one of its main priorities is to make sure that at the primary level the people that are feeding us ,the people that are handling our food and that goes all the way from the abbattoirs to the person that is selling rice at the side of the road that they do so having undergone some sort of preliminary training". Anyone diagnosed with typhoid fever which can perforate the intestines if untreated is advised to seek a second opinion as chloramphenical has been deliseted by WHO because of suspicions that it could cause leukemia. With 17 million new cases of thphoid fever evry year,the President of the Global Council on Wter Diseases who's also a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in the United States of America has invented the typhoid check kit. Soundbite:Professor Speaking(ENGLISH): "We came up with this in typhoid check,which literarily what it does is it looks for anti-germ or the bacterium which is samonela thyphe from the stools. Again if you look at the biology and also the transmissions of these organisms it goes from what you ingest in that contaminated water,contaminated food and everything and it gets into the stomach". The socio-economic impact of typhoid cannot be quantified as there are many healthy carriers who distribute the bactria unknowingly. Brought to you by Mediascrape.
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