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Wharton MBA: Program Overview
At Wharton, you'll be part of a new vision for MBA education — a robust knowledge platform from which you can chart your own path. You'll become part of an engaged, collaborative community that will challenge you to think more broadly, discover new interests, and follow your passions.
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On Value Investing: A Conversation with Joel Greenblatt W’79 WG’80
Howard Marks Investor Series, featuring Howard Marks, W’67, Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital and Joel Greenblatt, W’79, WG’80, Managing Partner and Co-CIO, Gotham Asset Management. Opening Remarks by Chris Geczy, Adjunct Professor of Finance.
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We Are Wharton
When you pursue a Wharton MBA, you'll transform yourself. Your Wharton MBA is about more than what you become; it's what you can do as part of a dynamic community, at Wharton and in the world at large. At Wharton, you will experience a new vision for MBA education. You'll have access to a rigorous knowledge base and flexible options to pursue your individual goals. You'll find a community that believes in thoughtful leadership and make your impact in the world. Learn more about the Wharton Difference: http://whr.tn/1fhAArA
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The Wharton MBA Difference
Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid Ankur Kumar (C'00, W'00, WG'07) discusses the three key features that differentiate Wharton.
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Wharton’s Business Analytics Specialization
Harness the power of Business Analytics through Wharton’s Business Analytics Specialization, featuring capstone partner Yahoo!. Enroll today on Coursera: http://bit.ly/1ig1mEl. The first comprehensive set of courses designed to provide learners the opportunity to explore how data is used to make better business decisions, the Business Analytics Specialization features the following four courses team-taught by faculty who are leaders in their field–using their research to advise major corporations on the best uses of analytics to address critical challenges facing those corporations today. • Customer Analytics—taught by Profs Eric Bradlow, Peter Fader, Raghuram Iyengar and Ron Berman; • Operations Analytics—taught by Profs Noah Gans, Sergei Savin, and Senthil Veeraraghavan; • People Analytics—taught by Profs Cade Massey, Martine Haas and Matthew Bidwell; • Accounting Analytics—taught by Profs Brian Bushee and Christopher Ittner Additional details regarding Wharton Online opportunities can be found at http://online.wharton.upenn.edu.
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Second Year Wharton MBA Students
Second year Wharton MBA students reflect on their experiences since starting the program.
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MBA Applicants Get the Call They’ve Been Waiting For
Our admissions team has been busy making dozens of phone calls to welcome members of the MBA Class of 2018. Alex Kubo WG’17, a member of our Student Welcome Committee, captured a few of their reactions.
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The Wharton Undergraduate Experience
Wharton faculty and administrators speak about the Wharton experience and the opportunities for undergraduate students during their first year and beyond.
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Wharton: Knowledge for Action
Wharton knowledge fuels action. With one of the most published faculties and largest and most influential alumni networks of any business school, Wharton is an engine of positive, dynamic change that advances economic and social welfare around the world.
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Dante Pearson, Student Speaker | Wharton MBA Graduation 2017
Dante Pearson delivers his speech at the 2017 Wharton MBA graduation ceremony.
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Jeff Weiner, Keynote Speaker | Wharton Undergraduate Graduation 2018
Jeff Weiner, W'92 CEO of LinkedIn addresses the Wharton Undergraduate Class of 2018 on May 13, 2018.
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Entrepreneurship Series - Business Plan Writing 101
Wharton Entrepreneurship Workshop, “Business Plan Writing 101,” featuring Patrick FitzGerald, C’97, Managing Director of DreamIt Ventures. FitzGerald discusses what is required to write an effective business plan.
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A Conversation with Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company.
Dom Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company was featured in the distinguished Wharton Leadership Lecture Series on Wednesday, April 1, 2015. The conversation was moderated by Jay Dearborn W’01, WG’08, Principal, McKinsey & Company. Dom and Jay spoke to a capacity filled G06 (300+ students) about Dom’s journey, leadership style and experiences while at McKinsey.
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Hamdi Ulukaya, Keynote Speaker | Wharton MBA Graduation 2018
Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder & CEO of Chobani addresses the Wharton MBA Class of 2018 on May 13, 2018.
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Wharton | San Francisco Campus Tour
Architectural highlights of Wharton's new west coast campus in Hills Bros. Plaza on the Embarcadero. Wharton | San Francisco is home to the School's west coast executive MBA program, as well as various executive education and entrepreneurial programs. For more information: whr.tn/san-francisco-campus
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The Wharton Doctoral Experience
Wharton students talk about their research, close working relationships with great faculty, and life as a doctoral student.
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Stu Barnes-Israel, Student Speaker | Wharton MBA Graduation 2018
Stu Barnes-Israel, WG'18 addresses the Wharton MBA Class of 2018.
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Wharton School Dean Thomas S. Robertson Outlines a Vision for Growth
Wharton Dean Thomas S. Robertson discusses the School's three strategic areas of focus: Social Impact, Global Presence, and Innovation. The School's three vice deans -- Vice Dean for Social Impact Leonard Lodish, Vice Dean for Global Initiatives Harbir Singh, and Vice Dean for Innovation Karl Ulrich -- provide detail on their respective programs.
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Welcome Class of 2017 to the Wharton Alumni Community
Between May 6 - May 15, 2017, nearly 2,000 of the best and brightest business graduates walked across the Wharton stage and into the next chapter of their lives. From Philadelphia to San Francisco, from Undergraduate to MBA, EMBA, and PhD, we welcome our entire Class of 2017 to the Wharton Alumni Community. View the 2017 Graduation Ceremonies here: http://whr.tn/1Sgh9mV
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BizTalks 2011: Wharton Professor Karl Ulrich on "Innovation Tournaments"
Wharton Vice Dean for Innovation Karl Ulrich shares findings from his research on how to unearth the best ideas through innovation tournaments. Prof. Ulrich spoke as part of the 2011 BizTalks: "Five Wharton Professors - Five Game-Changing Ideas" presented by the Wharton Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Board (WAB) in conjunction with the Wharton Innovation Group.
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Marks Investor Series featuring Howard Marks, W’67, Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital
Howard Marks Investor Series, featuring Howard Marks, W’67, Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital. Moderated by Chris Geczy, Adjunct Professor of Finance
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Welcome Class of 2016 to the Wharton Alumni Community
Between May 7 - May 15, 2016 nearly 2,000 of the best and brightest business graduates walked across the Wharton stage and into the next chapter of their lives. From Philadelphia to San Francisco, from Undergraduate to MBA, EMBA, and PhD, we welcome our entire Class of 2016 to the Wharton Alumni Community.
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The Art of Product Management with Sachin Rekhi (ENG’05 W’05)
Product managers drive the vision, strategy, design, and execution of their product. While one can often quickly comprehend the basic responsibilities of the role, mastering each of these dimensions is truly an art form that one is constantly honing. In this presentation I'll share my lessons learned over the last decade as a product manager in Silicon Valley on the art behind each of these dimensions of product management. Sachin Rekhi is a serial entrepreneur and product leader who has spent the last decade developing innovative products in Silicon Valley. Sachin most recently founded Connected, a professional contact manager that was acquired by LinkedIn in 2011 and re-launched as LinkedIn Contacts. He went on become head of product for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn's flagship offering for sales professionals. Prior to Connected, Sachin founded Anywhere.FM, a web music player that allowed users to upload, play, and discover music online, which was acquired by imeem in 2008. Sachin started his career at Microsoft as a product lead on Visual Studio, Microsoft's developer tools platform. Sachin recently left LinkedIn and has been advising early-stage startups on product strategy, design, and growth.
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Wharton on Private Equity: What It Takes to Succeed
Wharton alumni working in private equity offer their insights on what it takes to succeed in the industry. For more, see "Wharton on: Private Equity": http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/pe/
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Contagious: Why Things Catch On
What makes ideas viral and products spread contagiously? In this engaging talk, Professor Jonah Berger discusses social epidemics, or how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on and become popular.
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Wharton People Analytics Conference 2018 | Howie Roseman with Cade Massey
Howie Roseman is not only the architect of the Super Bowl LII champion Philadelphia Eagles, but also is a pioneer in the use of analytics in the NFL. In this conversion from the 2018 Wharton People Analytics Conference between Howie and Cade Massey, Practice Professor in the Wharton School’s Operations, Information and Decisions Department, the two discuss what it takes to build a winning organization.
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Tips for Preparing Your Application for the PhD Program
Wharton PhD students share their advice on what to consider when preparing to apply to the Wharton Doctoral Program. Learn more at https://doctoral.wharton.upenn.edu
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Saatchi & Saatchi's Kevin Roberts on Ideas as the Currency of the Future
What lies ahead for Saatchi & Saatchi? Worldwide CEO Kevin Roberts shares his vision for the company and gives Wharton students a primer on his unique leadership style when he visited the Wharton School as part of the Wharton Leadership Lecture series, founded by Management Professor Michael Useem.
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Private Equity: The Consolidation Play and Due Diligence - John Poerink, Linley Capital
A consolidation play looks like an easy winner in the private equity world. Roll up a number of companies in the same industry and you've got scale and pricing power, among other good things. There's just one problem -- such plays are really hard to pull off. Due diligence is the key, the more thorough the better. But even then, surprises can lurk and assumptions can prove wrong. For more on this class session, see: http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/pe/class-05.cfm
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Howard Marks Investor Series with Bruce Karsh
Howard Marks Investor Series, featuring Howard Marks, W’67, Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital and Bruce Karsh, Co-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Oaktree Capital. Opening Remarks by Chris Geczy, Adjunct Professor of Finance.
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Business and More
Wharton Undergraduate program gives you business and more – the best undergraduate business education combined with liberal arts and sciences.
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Wharton INSEAD Alliance Celebrates 15 Years
The Wharton-INSEAD Alliance celebrates 15 years of top-quality business education across four dedicated campuses: Wharton’s U.S. campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco, and INSEAD's locations in Fontainebleau, France, and Singapore.
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BizTalks 2015: Barbara Kahn on “Marketing Magic: Managing Consumer Perceptions.”
Professor Barbara Kahn discusses, “Marketing Magic: Managing Consumer Perceptions,” as part of the student-organized 2015 BizTalks. Professor Kahn’s lecture focuses on how easy it is to influence choice based on perceived variety.
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Wharton People Analytics Conference 2017: Keynote Conversation with Malcom Gladwell and Adam Grant
Author Malcolm Gladwell with Adam Grant, Saul P. Steinberg Professor of Management, The Wharton School, author of Give and Take, Originals, and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg.
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Wharton Global Modular Courses: Intensive, Immersive, International
During the 2010-11 academic year, Wharton introduced a series of Global Modular Courses -- 8 courses, each offered in a different international city or region. Students across the MBA, executive MBA and undergraduate programs enrolled in these intensive, four-day courses, traveling to destinations worldwide to experience classroom material on the ground within a team-based, immersive learning environment.
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How Penn Positions Wharton Undergraduates for Success
At the start of the Fall 2016 semester, Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett met with members of the Wharton undergraduate class and shares his thoughts on balancing business with the liberal arts as well as how to think about careers.
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Lifelong Career Support for Wharton Alumni
The Wharton MBA Career Management office supports MBA alumni with a robust set of resources and programs. MBA Alumni have access to complimentary career coaching, a dedicated job board, on demand resources, and a global alumni network. Learn more about how Walter, Stefanie, Andrew, and Gloria leveraged these resources to reach their career goals. Take your career to the next level today at: http://alumni.mbacareers.wharton.upenn.edu.
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BizTalks 2012: Kent Smetters on "Financial Planning Tips for New Graduates"
Wharton Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy Kent Smetters on "How to Invest Your Signing Bonus: Financial Planning Tips for New Graduates." For photos from Wharton BizTalks 2012, see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thewhartonschool/sets/72157629488824971/
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Jon Huntsman, Sr.: Barefoot to Billionaire
Billionaire entrepreneur and distinguished public servant Jon Huntsman Sr., W'59, HON'96 reflects on a life's work with Wharton Professor Adam Grant and shares his plan to give away his fortune before his death. Read the edited transcript here: http://knlg.net/1xY9wmw
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Professor Stew Friedman on Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life
Stewart Friedman, Practice Professor of Management, spoke to alumni in San Francisco as part of the Wharton Knowledge for Action Lifelong Learning tour.
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The Wharton School | 2018 Graduation Highlights Video
Relive the moments of joy and pride from the 2018 Wharton graduation ceremonies with inspiring words from our student speakers and Dean Geoffrey Garrett.
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Professor David Bell on Digital Marketing: Wharton Lifelong Learning Tour
David Bell, the Xinmei Zhang and Yongge Dai Professor at the Wharton School, spoke to alumni in Los Angeles about managing brand and customer assets through digital marketing on the first stop of the Wharton Knowledge for Action Lifelong Learning tour.
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Private Equity: East Asia - Chang Sun, Warburg Pincus Asia
Chang Sun, Warburg Pincus Asia, illustrates the critical issues that determine whether a private equity firm can successfully develop a company in its portfolio. In Sun's view, there are four such hurdles: deciding whether a company is a good buy, figuring out the right structure and terms, dealing with the firm's management and making the right call on when to exit. For more on this class session, see: http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/pe/class-11.cfm
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How These Two Wharton MBAs Created a Healthy Eating Hotspot
While they were Wharton students, Kalefe Wright, WG’13, and Amir Fardshisheh, WG’13, were unsatisfied with the options for quick and healthy meals. So, they teamed up and founded Herban Quality Eats to bring natural and nutrient-rich meals to Philadelphia. Read the full story: https://mba.wharton.upenn.edu/story/two-finance-guys-developed-fast-casual-concept-university-city-hotspot/
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Wharton People Analytics Conference 2016: Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize Winner, Pioneer of Behavioral Economics Interviewed by Daniel Pink, Author of 'To Sell is Human', 'A Whole New Mind' & 'Drive'
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BizTalks 2013: Americus Reed on "When Buying Is Being"
Wharton Marketing Professor Americus Reed delivers the lecture, "When Buying Is Being: The Curious Case of Identity Loyalty," as part of the student-organized 2013 Biz Talks: Five Wharton Professors, Five Game-Changing Ideas.
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Wharton Global Forum in New York | June 13-15 2018
At the first-ever Global Forum in New York City, more than 700 attendees enjoyed two days of intellectually stimulating and horizon-expanding events. See more at: http://www.whartonnewyork18.com/
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BizTalks 2011: Wharton Professor Cassie Mogilner on "Shifting Meaning of Happiness"
Wharton Marketing Professor Cassie Mogilner talks about her research showing that happiness is tied to temporal focus. Prof. Mogilner spoke as part of the 2011 BizTalks: "Five Wharton Professors - Five Game-Changing Ideas" presented by the Wharton Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Board (WAB) in conjunction with the Wharton Innovation Group.
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