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Where do broken hearts go
Here is an acapella of me singing where do broken hearts go Created with http://tovid.io
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Donna Summer survived Disco to became an Icon
This video is only for educational purposes. It isn't monetized. I don't own any of the footage. This is a compilationn of videos found on Youtube. Note:Donna placed three consecutive #1 albums in the same calendar year Video does contain some flashes of light at 25 minutes-28 minutes. I couldn't highlight everything about Donna Summer and her legacy. Read my article for more in depth information about her influence in Pop music. Article link https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-wont-leading-pop-artists-admit-influenced-donna-summers-hopkins/ I had to cut the video from 1 hour 12 minutes to 31 minutes and 53 seconds. This is my first time compiling a video and lets say it ain't easy. For more info on Donna do research and don't accept the Disco title so easily. Disco isn't bad music, quite a bit of it is still used in popular music today. But Donna had Disco Origins and was the Queen of Pop. Check out Donna's discography Albums Christmas Spirit Bad Girls The Wanderer Another Place and Time Live in More All Systems go Love Trilogy Crayons her last album Videos from the following individuals: Youtube Page Dick Clark Interview 1986 zebandflo Footage World- Donna Summer Lost Interview 1978 Youtube page EndlessDonna Johnny Carson Interview Youtube page Suecasehall Youtube page endlesssummer Radio Interview FM99 KTU Radio VH1 Lifetime Oprah Paul Anka Dick Clark Johnny Carson Anyone not listed my apologies
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Kara - Which way to go (Donna Summer and Diana Ross tribute video)
I don't own any clips from this video. I love Diana Ross but cant lie I love Donna Summer more than all singers. But regardless these two beautiful black women have shaped pop and music overall. Clips from the following two youtubers Gio Malgio Jose Adelino Lucas Original Music Kara freestyled as usual. Instrumental Ryan Andersen
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Tracy Chapman Wedding Song cover. Still learning guitar.
Kara covering a snippet of wedding song by tracy chapman at Nikki's request.#tracychapman #music To hear more music https://soundcloud.com/kar_free
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Kara - United We fall, Without love Official video
This song was created as a freesytyle on the soundtrack instrumental of Scott Holmes and was intended to be sung by Kelly Rowland or Beyonce. But mainly Kelly. The purpose is that united we fall without love. We must learn to love differences and respect people. Not forcing them to assimilate. We cant be colorblind but aware of difference and embracing of that difference We are all unique. Accept, love and move past isms that hinder humanity. Lyrics,Production:Kara Instrumental: Scott Holmes I dont own any of the clips. Clips from the following sources Screen and life Sex Trafficking Yand R Chicago Domestic violence The NY Times Mass shootings CNN Trump mocking disabled person Inside edition CNN Police Brutality Today NBC Pipeline 350.org Climate Change Washington Post Gay brutality AP Martin Luther King Jr
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Donna Summer many voices throughout her career
This video/audio compilation is to highlight some of donna's different voices throughout her career. She was a vocal chameleon take a listen. Here's my tribute to Donna listen on music platforms https://artist.landr.com/music/800739545502 Also listen on my soundcloud Kar_free for more Donna tributes I dont own any other clips of sound or visuals you are about to watch. All compiled via youtube. Thank you to all who had music posted from Donna. I'm not including the following hits from Donna Summer in this video/audio compilation:As I want people to listen to other albums that arent straight disco with hints of other genres. Dim all the lights She works had for the money Bad Girls Hot Stuff Love to love you Mcarthur Park I feel love Last Dance On the radio Whats left then? A whole lotta music. Take a listen to one of the greatest vocalists yet the most popular underrated vocalists in America. Albums to listen to Live and More Christias Spirit I'm a rainbow The wanderer Cats without claws Bad Girls Another place and time and many more
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Kara - Beggars Gold Official song about Poverty in America
Follow my instagram Karaforyou Soundcloud Kar_free I don't own any of the clips. This is a video compilation of youtubers clips accompanied with original music that delves into homelessness and poverty in America. Music sung and created by Kara. Clips derived from the following Youtubers pages. Go follow if you'd like Destination tips youtube page BBC news youtube Grist youtube Platinum Stacks youtube Edgar McNeill youtube page CharlieBo313 Youtube Invisible People youtube page
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Recording #3
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