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Eid dul Fitr 2018 in jizan sudia arabia
Jizan sabya city eid dul fitr 2018
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Sand storm in city Al Ras desert.  suadi Arabia
My name (A. Z) i m telecom engineer I was working this telecom site in al ras desert suadi arbia.I was doing work on wacrowave software in laptop. I was doing this work behind the mini shelter and minishelter door was open. My workers said. Sir there is sad storm. I understood that they r telling lie.in my front mini shelter door was open.and I could not watch and ignored.after few minutes my team workers said sir sad storm is coming stand-up and watched. And did close mini shelter door and watched Ooo MY GOD. Then I make is Vedio in mobile.
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Ek mulaqat zaroori...  Arsal
Hope like its
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