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swan vs goose HD
These swans dominating this water for years. For some reason the geese decided to build a nest in the same area. The moment their children were big enough to leave they left, and i never saw them back again. Filmed from my garden and next to the house.
Views: 426085 Nicky Valentijn
Diving/swimming with Great White Sharks Filmed for the First time (Carcharias the Great White 2000)
Includes almost shark attack at 03:00. Filmed in Gansbaai South Africa near Dyer island. Some french guys meet andre who introduce them to diving with great whites. First time white sharks filmed without cage. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2664032/?ref_=rt_li_tt
Views: 627699 Nicky Valentijn
Serrasalmus Manueli Swimming and Eating
Serralmus Manueli 17,5 cm / 7" 400L Tank
Views: 5254 Nicky Valentijn
Great White Shark - Cage Diving Gansbaai 2009
Great white shark Gansbaai july/august 2009, South-africa Cage diving with the "apex predator" boot No bites only swimming Self filmed with JVC Everio GZ-HD40
Views: 48056 Nicky Valentijn
ctenopoma acutirostre / african leaf fish / leopard gourami
My 12,5 cm(5" ctenopoma chilling in 160*50*50. Filled with 200L (50 gallon). Living with 6 archer fish ,8 corydoras and 6 synodontis.
Views: 1983 Nicky Valentijn
Archerfish shooting & jumping at crickets
archerfish (toxotes) aquarium size 160*50*50 200L/50 gallon
Views: 801 Nicky Valentijn
Great White Shark - Biting Sharks Gansbaai 2009 cage diving
Great white sharks Gansbaai, South-Africa july/august 2009 Cage diving on "apex predator" boot" Biting sharks videos Self filmed with JVC Everio GZ-HD40
Views: 5477 Nicky Valentijn
south africa great white shark 's vs Blur Song 2
filmed when cagediving in gansbaai south africa at dyer island 2009
Views: 3281 Nicky Valentijn
Diving in Mombasa Kenia
Diving in Mombasa in Kenia @ reef close to beach.
Views: 861 Nicky Valentijn
archer fish shooting crickets
aquarium size 160x50 cm archer fish around 10-12 cm
Views: 878 Nicky Valentijn
Serrasalmus Manueli Attacking
Serrasalmus Manueli 17,5 cm / 7" 400L
Views: 2692 Nicky Valentijn
Great White Sharks @ Dyer Island Gansbay South-Africa
Filmed on holiday, from boot and cage
Views: 437 Nicky Valentijn
Archer Fish shooting crickets / schuttersvissen schieten krekels
My 6 archer fish shooting crickets Mijn 6 schuttersvisjes schieten krekels
Views: 130 Nicky Valentijn
Great White Shark - slomotion sharks Gansbaai South Africa 2009
Great white sharks Gansbaai South Africa july/august 2009 Sharks slomotion Self filmed videos, slow downed
Views: 15102 Nicky Valentijn
lions on night safari
lions on night safari in kenia tsavo east
Views: 375 Nicky Valentijn
archerfish shooting crickets zoomed in / schuttersvisjes schieten krekels ingezoomd
my 6 archerfish shooting down cricket, camera zoomed in mijn 6 schuttersvisjes schieten krekels eraf, camaera ingezoomd
Views: 40 Nicky Valentijn
Africa leaf fish (ctenopoma acutirostre) jumping
Africa leaf fish jumping for cricket.
Views: 260 Nicky Valentijn
African Bush Fish(Ctenopoma acutirostre) - ambush prey
My African Bush Fish stealth hunting prey
Views: 254 Nicky Valentijn
Kenya diving - Baracuda - Tiwi beach
November 2018 Amani tiwi beach resort Baracuda Diving
Views: 107 Nicky Valentijn
Archerfish & AfricanBushFish feeding
my 160*50*50 cm aquarium/paludarium Feeding mealworms 6x archerfish 1x africanbushfish 8x corycat 6x synodontis dwarf
Views: 161 Nicky Valentijn
archer Fish shooting crickets / schuttersvisjes schieten krekels 2
My 6 Archerfish shooting down crickets Mijn 6 schuttersvisjes schieten krekels neer
Views: 31 Nicky Valentijn
archerfish eating meal worms / schuttersvissen eten meelwormen
6 archer fish eating meal worms for dinner 6 schuttersvissen eten meel wormen
Views: 104 Nicky Valentijn
African Leaf Fish (ctenopoma acutirostre) chasing archerfish
My africa leaf fish chases the archer multiple times a day. They never defense or attack back. The archers only attack each other. Thank size 160*50*50.
Views: 281 Nicky Valentijn
Pleco attacking Serrasalmus Piranha
My small Serrasalmus (10 cm) eats algae tablets. When getting too close to the pleco it's attack my piranha. Probably his teritorium or his food. In time the piranha will oversize him en then we will see what happens..
Views: 75 Nicky Valentijn
manta 's @ malediven 2009 hd
malediven embudu
Views: 1295 Nicky Valentijn
Rope fish eating bloodworm
Small ropefish eating bloodworms
Views: 93 Nicky Valentijn
Piranha feeding Serrasalmus (odyssei)
My 12 cm serrasalmus eating mealworms Possible serrasalmus odyssei aquarium 120*50*55 cm
Views: 86 Nicky Valentijn
Diving @ mexico playa
Diving in mexico @ playa del carmen
Views: 158 Nicky Valentijn
African leaf fish (ctenopoma acutirostre) stretching his mouth
My african leaf fish stretching/gaping his mouth
Views: 192 Nicky Valentijn
duiken @ mexico cancun
Views: 230 Nicky Valentijn
kooduiken met witte haaien @ dyer eiland gansbaai
een paar vette opnamen van vorige jaar. zelf gefilmd met JVC everio cam. locatie: dyer island,shark alley,kleinbaai,gansbaai,zuid-afrika
Views: 4256 Nicky Valentijn
African bush fish (ctenopoma) Jumps for food
My african bush fish jumps for cricket.
Views: 41 Nicky Valentijn
African Leaf Fish ( ctenopoma ) playing with a leaf..
My 5"/12,5cm African Leaf Fish likes to chill under a leaf. Also known als African Bush fish, Climbing Perch Leopard gourami , ctenopoma Acutirostre
Views: 14 Nicky Valentijn
Great White Shark Gansbaai 2009 filmed from the boat
Great white sharks Gansbaai,South-Africa july/august 2009 filmed from the "apex predator" boat self made videos with JVC Everio GZ-HD40
Views: 1949 Nicky Valentijn
Serrasalmus Manueli 17.5 cm
Serrasalmus Manueli 400 Liter Tank
Views: 462 Nicky Valentijn
Manueli 7"
Views: 143 Nicky Valentijn
diving @ embudu maldives
diving around embudu in maldives. 2009 may
Views: 297 Nicky Valentijn

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