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Easyjet CDG to LPL landing in Liverpool
Easyjet from CDG Paris to LPL Liverpool landing in Liverpool
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Small tour of Castell Alun
A small vid to show inside of Castell alun high school
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Home-made disk fan, from a CD/DVD player dc moter.
I have taken a the dc moter from a dvd player, and attatch 3, 9v cells. Then place the pre-cut disk on. Pkease subscribe and like for more random shizz.
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Huge rapid downpour, thunder and lightning, Wales
A huge down pour of rain, lightening, thunder and strong winds hit North Wales... We are expecting to have huge winds in the next few days.
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Ryan air 737-800 inside view Manchester-Portugal
A very bad/short vid from ages agow in a Ryan air..to holiday in Faro.. Please like and subscribe for more vids.
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Baileys on a plain
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Taz, playing on a kinect in Game
My friend and fellow AI member, playing on the kinect for the xbox360 in Game. Please like/subscribe for more vids.
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How to break a Lego creation;gravity!
(This was taken a while agow, so don't complain) I use gravity to break a crap creation into peices. It works well. Please subscribe for more random shizz.
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The Krazyhouse; behind closed doors
A walk through I took with my uncle who ownes the club. An unseen sight in the day. Its a night club I recomend.
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The father, drunk.
Just something to get my own-back, here is this enjoy my father. Please like and subscribe for more vids.
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Miller cutting a cavity in cherry wood
Using a Miller to cut a cavity into a block of cherry wood
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Llandudno air show, red arrows
Just a small clip of the fantastic show we saw
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Jasper, the robot dog slayer!
My dads dog 'Jasper' does not know what to think when he can see the dog wich will one day replace all organic dogs today. (He may not slay it, but I assumed the position) please subscribe for shizz.
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Proof! That a Sniper on ME does not. "Shake"
Ieu, you're a fool
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Welsh, Arriva train on path crossing in snow
Just a small clip, of a local arriva train going in the snow,looks kinda 'cool' Please subscribe and like for more vids.
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Rabbit out for walkies
Taking NooNoo for a walk, perfect Rabbit
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Necnom in Steampunk cosplay
Thanks very much Dan Ellis for nominating me. I did this with four energy drinks....And I am so damn hyper. Good luck Ieuan, Joe and George for when you try. (Other energy drinks are available)
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Two Bailey dogs
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How to soak a scott!
We chucked a bucket, the a whole bin of water on our scottish friend. Short and funny. Please like/subscribe for more vids.
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Arriva TW, Wrexham to Birmingham
Train pulling into Wrexham General
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For Ieu
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Bikes in Brum
Small display of a bike jump in Birmingham near the library
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Flybe prop slam-down landing
Bit of an old vid But from Belfast to Manchester, in a Flybe Prop. Basically the pilot planted us into the ground. Turn you're volume up, and listen to the sound of us slamming into the earth.
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Outpost paintballs of death!
(Does not contain any death.) [I do not own any rights to this company] Outpost paintball, very fun for a great price. Please subscribe for random shizz.
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Jet2.com 757-200 manchester-faro
Another small vid, going from manchester to Faro in portugal. Nice aircraft I have to say. Please like/subscribe for more vids.
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Air France, landing in Paris CDG: turbulent
Turbulent landing into CDG with air France
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Fastest tortoise on earth
Berlin Zoo's fastest tortoise
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Behind the scenes tour explosion Disney Paris
A video of the behind the scenes of movies tram tour in Paris Disneyland
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Rabbit scares Cat
A cat afraid of a Rabbit. Noo-Noo the rabbit. And poppy the cat
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Amsterdam Schipol to Liverpool with Easy Jet
From Amsterdam to Liverpool by easy jet.
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