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Blackstone Mobile Set Up
It is so easy to set up a Blackstone Flat Top Grill. I did it quickly without rushing
Lang BBQ Smokers at The National BBQ Cup
Lang BBQ Smokers at The National BBQ Cup 2012
Danny Coogle cooking Pork Ribs and Rib Tips Royal Oak Charcoal, Moore's Marinade
Danny Coogle cooking Pork Ribs and Rib Tips on Royal Oak Charcoal, Moore's Marinade
Kaelynn  Harris take The J. Lee Gourmet BBQ Sauce Test
Beautiful young lady at The Pre Reception for The Oscars! Take the J. Lee Gourmet BBQ Sauce Test
Dre's Place Pudding "As the Rotisserie Turns"
Dre's Place BBQ cooks up some Pudding like his mom used to make. We got some friends who stop by and its a whole lot of fun!
Grill Mat works good saves the mess
Available on BBQSuperStars
Stump from Stump's Smokers
Stump who created Stump's Smokers talks about Stump's Smokers and a lot of other things!
True BBQ West Columbia and here is the Man
He started on the street corner and has moved into the parking lot and now into a building he knows what he is doing!!!
Dre's PLace BBQ "As the Rotisserie Turns" Ohio State Fair Dre's Place Part 1
Dre has his whole family working at the Ohio State Fair some to pay back money Dre gave them over the year and some to see them for a while.
Killer B's Jim Burg does a Huge Rib Prep
Jim Burg is a BBQ Champion and he did a rib prep on site in Rome Georgia Home of the Smokin Thunder, Air Show, US Navy and Military Show!
Goblin Gourmet Deep Fried Gummy Bears on As the Rotisserie Turns Dre's Place BBQ
Carnival Eats was in this trailer about 4 hours before me but I got it up first of course! Here is the real deal!
Danny Coogle cooks a Pork Loin on Royal Oak, Moore's Marinade
Danny Coogle Cooks a Boneless Pork Loin on a Royal Oak Charcoal, Moore's Marinade http://pitbullsbbqschool.com/ Danny Coogle has an Online BBQ School now get the link and check out Championship BBQ Competition on Site and get talked through every step!
Dre's Place BBQ
Dre's BBQ is the Best in the Land! Dre is a nice guy with a great family!
Famous Dave Gives a life Changing Speech at the National BBQ Association
Famous Dave is a good man, A Great Man, A man to be honored. I really was touched by meeting him his speech was everything and More!! I'll never forget what he said and after I quit crying I seem to make a new beginning!!
Danny Coogle cooking Flat Ribs on a Royal Oak Charcoal, Moore's Marinade
Beef Ribs on a Smoker like you never seen them before! Wow how good did they turn out! Royal Oak Charchoal, Moore's Marinade
Dre's Place BBQ at Cleveland County Fair Shelby NC
Dre's Place BBQ in Shelby North Carolina at the Cleveland County Fair doing what Dre does best. Talk BBQ and hang out
Lynn Anderson talks with Darryl Mast of BBQSuperStars
Lynn Anderson talks about The View, Dancing With The Stars, and her Future in Country Music. They offered to do a movie of her life with Cheryl Ladd playing her as the featured roll. Its a great day for BBQSuperStars!!
As the Rotisserie Turns Dre's Place BBQ Pelham Al Twist Day Epi 3 Mini Series
Everything that seems to be the way it is isn't always the way it is. It was a great day for Dre's Place BBQ.
Lil Bit of Smoke comes to Spartanburg South Carolina
Lil Bit of Smoke from Boston Massachusetts come to Atalanta to see Dre's Place BBQ and Stops by Spartanburg to see BBQSuperStars
Ming-Na Wen take The J. Lee Gourmet BBQ Sauce Test
Ming-Na Wen is the prettiest Asian girl on Television! She loved J. Lee Gourmet BBQ Sauce
Myron Mixon Greatest of all Time
Myron Mixon won over 240 contest and 4 world championships. Myron has come out with the best smokers in the world and is doing schools to teach you how to do it. He has rubs sauces and cookbooks. He is the greatest of all time
The Backwoods Smoker Movie Starring Jeff Smith
Aiken South Carolina was the site of a great contest and Jeff Smith of Smokin Stacks cooked a great contest and won. Here is his complete cook on a BackWoods Smoker. Nothing cooks like a BackWoods.
Smokin Yankee's BBQ took 5th Chicken on a Mak Grill
Smokin Yankee's BBQ Took 5th in Chicken on a Mak Grill and competed in the MGM Bull Sin City BBQ Challenge
Lynn Anderson Sings I Beg Your Pardon in Artesia NM
Lynn Anderson is doing projects still and singing she can really sing! I Beg Your Pardon
Stump Smokers Christmas Wishes
Stump did and interview with me and wished the country a merry christmas.
"As the Rotisserie Turns" with Dre's Place BBQ Day 2 Ft Myers
It gets exciting in the Kitchen as Pat takes control of the situation. The new hires don't all make it.
Disc Cooking in Artesia New Mexico Looking Good!!
Disc are a Big Item In New Mexico, Tailgating has found them now! Watch as these pro's go at it New Mexico Style
Johnny Riley in Artesia, New Mexico
Johnny Riley was in Artesia, New Mexico, He flat flat laid it down! Johnny is out of Houston Texas.
Loading the Cooker with Hams and Butts Myron Mixon Memories Class
Doing it like Jack Mixon this cooker has never been used it is beautiful. The meat is beautiful the school was beautiful. Myron Mixon is a class act.
Texas Pete Butter Milk Chicken
Texas Pete is some of the best Hot Sauce in America. It makes Chicken really good!
Killer B's BBQ Team-Jim Burg Makes Gumbo Chicken and Sausage
Killer B's BBQ was in Tryon, NC and cooking for a lot of his friends, He put together a Gumbo that was out of this world! Watch as Jim Burg of Killer B's BBQ and Killer Bee's Wood Supply cooks up a Storm on a Memphis Pellet Cooker available at Fireside Outdoor Kitchens and Grill!
Soul 2 earth Lakeland Florida was bad to the bone
Dre's Place BBQ "As the Rotisserie Turns" Day 4 at Ohio State Fair The Movie
Ezekiel Elliott's dad.Dre is a peace maker and peace is what he has to make. There are chills and spills as the family work hard and go at it hard too! Big Mike decides he's gonna do it his way! Pat says hit the highway and the fun begins! Look out its gonna get crazy at The Ohio State Fair and there are a lot of people in the family!
Tuffy Stone would have won
Tuffy Stone would have won Florida if he was not late on his turn in for Brisket. Tuffy took it like a man. He is a real good guy and a tough competitor. A credit to himself and KCBS. He took first in Ribs and Second in pork. He would have won.
"As the Rotisserie Turns" at Dre's Place BBQ Day 1 Ft Myers
Dre's Place lands in Ft Meyers Florida and its day one for the crew. Dre has decided to hire people on the road so everyday is and adventure as to weather they qualify! Pat and Dre Bullock "As the Rotisserie Turns"
Big Boy Q In Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Clay Hill has put together a fantastic restaurant in Myrtle Beach! I ate the Brisket, and Pork and it was so good. It was fantastic. Located at 4120 Postal Way, Myrtle Beach, its your next destination in South Carolina
Dre's Place BBQ Food Truck Wars
Dre's Place BBQ went to Orlando and cooked up a storm. It was a great event. Roland Copeland was great from Boston
Myron Mixon Smokers Starting David Mixon The Professor of Mixon Inc.
David is the most educated and intelligent book wise of the Mixon's. He obviously has been to college, graduate school, and probably has a PHD! Myron Mixon Smokers at NBBQA!
As the Rotisserie Turns with Dre's Place BBQ Pelham Al Epi 1 Mini Series
Its day two in Pelham Alabama at the fair and there just isn't to many people at the Fair. Its still a lot of fun as Dre's Place BBQ is always ready
Renee Lawless takes The J  Lee's Gourmet BBQ Sauce Test
Renee Lawless of The Haves and Have Nots took the J. Lee Sauce Test and she loved it!
As the Rotisserie Turns with Dres Place Day 4 Ft Myers
Dre and Pat just have a Dre's Place BBQ day on Day 4 Lots of Friends, Lots of Good BBQ! Lots of Fun! We all can enjoy this one! Lets eat some BBQ!
Danny Coogle Seasons and Fires up a Royal Oak Charcoal, Moore's Marinade
Danny Coogle Seasons and Fires up a Lang 36" Royal Oak Charcoal, Moore's Marinade
Hot Rod Tv Introducing Yoder Smokers out of Yoder Kansas
Yoder Smokers out of Yoder Kansas came to the Jack Daniel world Championship the Smoker Toy was only $6500. Nice cooker for that money!
Henry's Barbecue Artesia New Mexico
John Henry is a great BBQ Cook that has done a great job putting together a super BBQ Restaurant. Make it a destination on your next trip to the South East!
Myron Mixon talking about the evolution of his rubs
Myron at the Memories Class the first ever done by Myron
Dre's Place BBQ As the Rotisserie Turns at the Ohio State Fair Part 2
Pat took over the reins and got a lot of great work done but then it rained.