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Simone Biles at home
Simone Biles is a teenage gymnastics sensation and she could end up as one of the biggest stars of the Rio Olympics.
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Exclusive: Inside an Olympic dynasty
Eyewitness News anchor Anne Marie Tiernon recently got an exclusive look inside the ranch where Bela and Martha Karolyi train America's elite gymnasts.
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Domestic violence victim
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Marian student cut from baseball team over long hair
A Marian University student says he was cut from the baseball team because he wouldn't cut his hair. Story: http://bit.ly/14GbEp2
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911 dispatcher training
911 dispatchers are trained to listen closely for clues that could help them send help to a dangerous situation by listening to a coded message.
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True sportsmanship
It is the way the game is supposed to be played. So why is such a big deal? STORY: http://now.wthr.com/2iwOVoY
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Jim Nabors has died
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To Joey, with Love: Rory Feek shares story of love
It is a story of faith, music and hope.
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David Letterman on WTHR (then WLWI)
File video of David Letterman on WTHR, which was then under the call letters WLWI, giving a weather forecast and hosting his show "Clover Power."
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Rahal and Force: Racing toward marriage
IndyCar driver Graham Rahal and NHRA racer Courtney Force are combining their racing families this fall.
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Girl Scout gets tornado siren for Hancock County
A Hancock County teenager led the effort to pay for a much-needed tornado siren in a rural part of her county.
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WTHR aquarium test
WTHR-TV in Indianapolis conducted an aquarium test to show the dramatic difference between ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms. Inspired by a similar demonstration by the World Fire Safety Foundation, investigative reporter Bob Segall shows why smoke alarms with photoelectric technology are a much better option for detecting slow-burning smoky fires, which kill hundreds of people in homes and apartments each year. This news report first aired on WTHR-TV July 30, 2007.
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Haitian girl finds new home in Indiana after long wait
A Boone County family wouldn't give up on an overseas adoption until their heartache and patience finally paid off. "I was 8 and prayed for a sister," Anna said. The prayer never stopped. In 2008, her father Jay was on a mission trip to Haiti. He met three-year-old Fedeleine - or "Fifi" for short. "She had been abandoned by her parents and when the Haitian pastor found her, he thought she was dead. Her hair was falling out. She had sores on her skin, she had just been neglected. When he went and picked her up, he realized she was alive. So he took her to the orphanage," Jay said.
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Big Ben - behind the scenes
Most tourists walk away from London with at least one exterior shot of the famous clock tower. But during our April 2012 visit, Channel 13 did something few Americans ever get to do. Photographer Steve Rhodes went on a behind-the-scenes tour usually only given to British citizens.
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On the Chicago PD set
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USS Indianapolis found
The WWII Navy ship was located on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean Saturday.
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Sylvia Likens' sister missing
The family of Sylvia Likens is reliving the tragedy as police search for Sylvia's sister, Dianna Bedwell, and her husband after they vanished from a California casino.
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Takuma Sato takes home over 2 million at Victory Banquet
Takuma Sato picked up a check for more than $2.45 million for winning Sunday's Indianapolis 500.
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NFL bans local helmets
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'A Very Pentatonix Christmas' returns to NBC
The GRAMMY Award-winning group joined us on Eyewitness News at Noon Tuesday to talk about the special and some of their own favorite Christmas traditions.
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Tapping your cell phone
13 Investigates explains how your cell phone can be secretly hijacked and used against you - and how to protect yourself. ALSO SEE OUR STORY HERE: http://www.wthr.com/Global/story.asp?S=9346833
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Hinchcliffe finds love
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Home invasion sentence
Three men convicted of an Indianapolis home invasion will never walk outside of prison again.
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Tamika Catchings and her new husband
The "face" of the Indiana Fever is heading into her last season with the team -- and the first phase of a new season in life.
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VP-elect Mike Pence reacts after Donald Trump's win
Gov. Mike Pence speaks exclusively to our Kevin Rader after becoming the VP-elect.
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P.A.N.D.A.S. triggers sudden symptoms in children
An illness linked to strep throat is often misdiagnosed. It produces impulsive symptoms similar to Tourette's.
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Part three: Congress debates tax loophole
13 Investigates is getting action after exposing a multi-billion dollar tax loophole. Members of Congress are debating the problem we first reported in April.
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Part two: Will lawmakers act to close tax loophole for illegal immigrants?
From Indiana to Capitol Hill, thousands of people are now weighing in on a WTHR investigation exposing a tax loophole worth billions for undocumented workers.
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Heated confrontation caught on camera
A viral video shows a heated confrontation between an apartment resident and an off-duty officer.
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Remembering the Colemans
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Delphi girls murdered
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York Minster
more info at WTHR.com: http://wthr.com/story/19183101/exploring-yorks-minster
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Tia Coleman buries family
Tia Coleman will lay her husband and children to rest today after she survived the Missouri duck boat capsizing.
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Fostering children of addicts
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Jay's journey: Duke or bust
The iconic Duke Chapel rises up from the highest point on the Durham, North Carolina campus. A stop inside is a must for visitors and prospective students like Jay Ruckelshaus, who was heavily recruited. But Jay's future changed in an instant after a paralyzing dive into shallow water at Geist Reservoir. It happened just six weeks after graduating in 2011 as Cathedral High School's valedictorian. On campus, he was well known as the extraordinarily bright teen who had missed just one question on the SAT exam. Story: http://www.wthr.com/story/22219093/jays-journey-duke-or-bust
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Arrest made in 1988 murder case
Fort Wayne police have made an arrest 30 years after the murder of April Tinsley.
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Mike Tyson brings tour to Indianapolis
Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson returns to Indianapolis for the first time since serving prison time on a rape conviction.
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Indianapolis teacher sends letters to every former student
All of us have a favorite teacher from our days in school. Someone who made history, math or English interesting and fun. As an adult, we may not think about that person very often. But the students who had Mr. Stroup at Heritage Christian School are reminded of their favorite teacher every year.
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Cremona, Italy violin makers
WTHR-TV in Indianapolis introduces you to makers of rare violins in Cremona, Italy.
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Ride-along with IMPD
We want to show you what our law enforcement officers have to deal with in just one shift in one district. Eyewitness News Crimebeat reporter Steve Jefferson and a photographer spent more than nine hours in a patrol car this week with officers sworn to protect and serve the people of Indianapolis.
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13 Investigates: State Fair cheating
Decades after the Indiana State Fair introduced a drug testing program to prevent cheating, 13 Investigates has discovered all of the top prize-winners in the 2014 Indiana State Fair sheep competition have been stripped of their titles. 
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Saturday Coleman funeral
5 more members of the Indianapolis family will be laid to rest today.
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Is CBD oil legal?
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Adopt a Pothole
An Indianapolis man is in trouble with they mayor's office for a video he made showing him planting a tree in one of the city's many potholes.
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