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How to monetize your data with a Data Management Platform (DMP)
Drive targeted & efficient marketing with a Data Management Platform - Learn more: https://mapp.com/data-management-platform/
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Why do you need a Data Management Platform (DMP) and how to get started
With so many marketing channels, you face a growing challenge: how to deliver the right message at the right time through the right channel? To achieve this effectively, you need to leverage all your data to understand your customers and drive your marketing. Using a Data Management Platform (DMP), you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing spend. Matthijs Keij, Market Leader DMP at Mapp, and Kim van der Zande, Head of Mapp's Center of Excellence DMP, explain what is a DMP and give tips for getting started. Bring all your data together so you can target your audience more accurately and effectively. Want to learn more? Please visit: https://mapp.com/us/customer-engagement-platform/data-management-platform/
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Mapp - Your shortest route to customer engagement.
The road to deliver a seamless and powerful digital marketing solution can be complicated - and often frustrating. With Mapp, you have one partner, who can simplify it all and lead your digital engagement process across the entire customer lifecycle. Imagine one platform to create and execute personalized email campaigns, optimize mobile, social and web and fully manage and integrate interaction data across the entire customer engagement journey. How can we make this possible? Learn more about Mapp, our Customer Engagement Platform and our services, get in touch with us! https://mapp.com
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The differences between a DMP and CDP
People who have just implemented their DMP often ask the question: “why would I need a CDP now?!” Data management platforms or DMPs, are very poorly named, as they only manage a portion of your data. DMPs lack the execution layer, the ability for you to natively deploy campaigns into email or in-app messaging, SMS or any other channel. DMPs handle display and paid-search very well, but the other channels are lacking. Thus, in this hyper-connected and always-on world, your consumers are expecting well-orchestrated cross-channel engagements from you and the DMP is not necessarily able to deliver on that. That's where the Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes in.
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Mapp Story and Vision
What is behind the Mapp name? How can Mapp help? What makes Mapp different? How can Mapp drive results? Mike Biwer, CEO at Mapp, explains our story and vision.
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Mapp at dmexco 2016 #HelloMapp
Thanks to everyone who said Hello to Mapp at dmexco! If you did not have the chance to talk to us in Cologne, visit our website and get in touch: https://mapp.com/ #HelloMapp From: Frau Skroblies und Freunde vimeo.com/frauskroblies Music: Joakim Karud – Summer Vibes soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Unlock the goldmine that is your data - Mapp's Data Management Platform
Would you have time for a one-on-one digital consultation? Schedule a free live demo customized for your specific needs. One of our local experts will get in touch with you and guide you through the Customer Engagement Platform's features and use cases. Request a live demo now: https://mapp.com/demo Do you want to see more demo videos? Visit https://mapp.com/demo-video/
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The secret recipe to create The Ultimate Digital Travel Experience
Holidays are no longer about simply going into a travel agent. It’s all about engagement, offline and online! Download also our eBook "The secret recipe to create The Ultimate Digital Travel Experience" to learn why experience matters in the digital world, what are the 5 key challenges preventing retailers from providing the Ultimate Digital Experience and what are the 4 simple steps to implementing the Ultimate Digital Experience: https://mapp.com/travel Or meet Josh, who is one of the 76% of people booking vacations online, making all his travel arrangements over the web, completely transforming his journey: https://mapp.com/resources/infographic-the-ultimate-digital-travel-experience/
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A Real-Life Shopper's Experience
Discover Sofia's complete customer journey, made possible by Mapp Cloud.
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Understanding CDPs beyond martech acronyms
Marketers around the world are struggling with the leveraging of their data. They receive injunctions such as “you ought to be data savvy”, but in reality, the Martech landscape is more complex than one may think. This assumption is not based on hearsay, such difficulties faced by marketers are underpinned by facts and figures. Let me explain my vision and where I think the CDP is going, moving forward.
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Tutoriel DMP Mapp Digital : présentation des fonctionnalités d'une DMP
Presentation in french language of the main features and functions of the Mapp DMP solution. Mapp DMP allows you to quickly and easilly collect trafic on your web site to prepare targeted audience segments. Also it helps to better drive maximum ROI from your display campaigns/programatic
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Mapp Helps Marketers Break Away From the Pack
Mapp helps companies beat their competition with compelling, eye-catching marketing, without breaking the bank. We bring back the fun to digital marketing, while pushing marketers to crush it at their job. Mapp’s marketing technology is for the marketer who knows it’s not always about working harder, but working smarter. Mapp isn’t a point solution that you hack together with your other tools to run multi-channel campaigns. And it’s not like the big-name enterprise marketing clouds that try (unsuccessfully) to be everything you need - and charge you every dollar you have. Instead, Mapp is a rad digital marketing platform for companies that don't want to follow the other marketing sheep. Break away from the pack.
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Customer Data Platforms (CDP) for marketers
CDP is a new tool for an old concept First of all, to put data at the center of the marketing challenge is nothing new, and CDP is kind of an iteration of that. The main principle behind it is that if we fix one of those challenges, it truly democratizes the data across the marketing organization and across the business as a whole.
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Discover the value of a partnership with Mapp
We’re thrilled to share our knowledge, support and passion with our partners to bring the best value to our clients. Learn more about our partner program: https://mapp.com/about/partner-program and why to become a Technology, Reseller or Publishing partner.
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The future of programmatic advertising
Programmatic has allowed advertisers to reach prospective customers in real time. The ad buying experience has been made faster, cheaper and simpler for companies that opt for digital advertising. Given that programmatic uses algorithms to better position an ad, it saves time and money for advertisers and provides a lot of ground for optimization and improvement.
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DMP: La data est l’or noir du XXIème siècle
Dromadaire est un site fondé par Rafik Smati (http://www.objectif-france.org/drs/biographie-de-rafik-smati.html) dans les débuts du Web. À l'occasion d’une présentation au iMedia Brand Summit (https://www.imedia-summit.fr/) de Biarritz des 13 et 14 juin 2017, Rafik a été interviewé sur sa vision et de ce qu'il a lui-même nommé la troisième révolution du Web. Cette nouvelle révolution du Web, c'est la révolution des données, celle qui fait que les données de l'entreprise deviennent ce qu'il appelle « l'or noir du XXIe siècle ». Dans cette interview, Rafik Smati, qui est aussi client de Mapp France, nous explique comment Dromadaire transforme son marketing au travers de son usage de la DMP. Plus encore, il insiste sur l'utilisation éthique de la donnée, et enjoint les clients à bien regarder avec quels prestataires ils travaillent.
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6 Steps to Successful Acquisition with Mapp
How do you continuously build a valued, highly-qualified opted-in database? How do you deliver personalized messages and drive brand affinity while remaining compliant? Watch this video to learn how you can do all of this with Mapp.
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Tutoriel DMP : retargeting et création d'audience
2nd tutorial in French about the Mapp DMP. This one explains how to prepare your audience creation to do a better display retargeting
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The Ultimate Digital Retail Experience - Get personal with your #DigitalJourney
It's the age of the customer New digital technologies and channels have multiplied and will continue to do so - and customers are using a multitude of different devices to research, review and ultimately purchase goods and services. As a retailer in the digital age, adding value to every customer interaction with a personalised experience can help you really stand out from the crowd in this noisy, tech addicted world. This is the Ultimate Digital Retail Experience. Download your free copy of our eBook: https://www.mapp.com/RetailDigitalJourney Our latest eBook "The secret recipe to create the Ultimate Digital Retail Experience" identifies 4 key steps to kick-start your multi-channel, one-to-one customer engagement strategy, and offer the ultimate digital experience to your customers. It's time to embrace the age of smarter shopping.
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The New Role of CDP in Data-Driven Marketing
Wish you could leverage all your customer data to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? With the emergence of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and the compliance requirements of GDPR, companies should be seizing the opportunity to access real-time, unsiloed customer data to drive better engagements and stronger conversions. Watch this webinar to learn how a CDP solves for marketing data pains and see how Mapp Digital customers take advantage of CDP in a post-GDPR era.
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Mapp's DMP for Media Agencies
This 2-minute video explains why a data management platform can solve many challenges media agencies face around new customer acquisition. Mapp's DMP collects, unifies, and matches data to run more targeted and effective campaigns for your clients.
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Automate Engagements and Nurture Leads - Mapp's Customer Engagement Platform
Would you have time for a one-on-one digital consultation? Schedule a free live demo customized for your specific needs. One of our local experts will get in touch with you and guide you through the Customer Engagement Platform's features and use cases. Request a live demo now: https://mapp.com/demo Do you want to see more demo videos? Visit https://mapp.com/demo-video/
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Why do CDPs need AI?
There are so many opportunities that are being missed because marketers either don't have time, lack the resources, or lack the skill set to even look at the data. It's right there. If you spend half an hour, you can see it, but many marketers do not have that time. The biggest quick win for any kind of data platform is to leverage AI to be able to visualize and highlight the opportunities in a more obvious fashion.
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The State of Digital Customer Engagement in Denmark 2016
Download the study: http://socl.io/DM-study-DK Digital marketing has been here for many years now. What started as a small part of the marketing mix grew to be a key focus for many brands and marketing teams. But the lines between what’s digital and what’s not digital are slowly fading. With the rise of smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and other mobile and wearable devices, customers are now connected 24-7, and marketers need to constantly engage them in real time, across all channels. The challenge is then to establish a lasting customer-centric relationship with our audience, while leveraging multiple data sources to understand customers’ behavior. With this in mind, we took a close look into how some of the major brands with webshops in Denmark are utilising digital marketing channels to engage their customers. This extensive study looks through the digital marketing strategy of 50 of the top ecommerce brands and provides insights into how they are using the digital space to engage with their customers consistently across the main digital channels.
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Comment mettre en place rapidement une DMP. Témoignage d’Aurélien Caquel de la société Mon Eden.
Découvrez comment une petite entreprise ‘pure player’ du web comme Mon Eden https://www.moneden.fr/ utilise une Data Management Platform (DMP). Aurélien Caquel nous explique comment on peut rentabiliser ce type d’outil très rapidement, en comprenant mieux ses chemins de conversion. Meilleur ciblage des profils de visiteurs les plus intéressants, exclusion facile des visiteurs ayant réalisé récemment un achat, possibilité d’adapter en dynamique son système d’enchères, réengagement marketing facilité. La DMP n’est clairement pas dédiée aux très grands comptes. Aurélien nous parle de son retour d’expérience.
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Etat de l'engagement clients en France en 2016
Etat de l'engagement client digital en 2016 en France Téléchargez: http://socl.io/DM-study-FR La maîtrise de la communication sur l'ensemble des canaux digitaux est essentielle dans toute stratégie marketing. Que votre marque opère uniquement en ligne ou possède également des magasins physiques. Pour déterminer ce qui les rend plus performantes, nous avons suivi et analysé pendant quatre semaines l'activité de marketing digital des 50 plus grandes marques de commerce électronique en France. En lisant l'étude vous découvrirez : - la fréquence des e-mails promotionnels, des notifications push et des publications sur les réseaux sociaux - combien de marques personnalisent le contenu sur leur site web, dans leurs e-mails et leurs applications mobiles - les plateformes de médias sociaux les plus utilisées - les conseils et les meilleures pratiques de notre équipe de spécialistes du marketing digital Alors bonne lecture !
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Why are CDPs emerging now?
If data has always been important, why are Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) emerging now? There are three main reasons for this.
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Meet Mapp!
Mapp Digital is one of the largest independent digital marketing technology companies in the world. Built by marketers for marketers, Mapp provides a comprehensive family of software and customer-centric services including a sophisticated data management platform; tools that optimize email, mobile, app, social and web marketing; and campaign management and strategy consulting. Mapp has more than 3,000 customers including Puma, PepsiCo, KFC, PacSun, Thomas Cook, Deutsche Telekom, Bon Prix, CNET, Xerox, TUIfly, Lloyds Banking Group, TSB Bank, and Deutsche Bank. Visit our website: https://mapp.com/ #hellomapp
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How to Optimize Your Marketing Technology Stack with Unified Customer Data
As a customer-centric marketer, you are always working towards gaining a 360-degree view of your customer and their journey with your business. Synthesizing these rich insights about individual customers is only possible with a unified data set, at the center of an optimized and integrated MarTech stack. In this webinar replay, we uncover the challenges marketers face in today’s world of marketing technology. Find out how: * Data silos are impeding your business' success. * Learn how to break through data silos and create a converged data infrastructure. * Discover how your marketing can become truly customer-centric with 360-degree customer profiles. Watch to learn how to innovate your marketing technology and get a better understanding of your customer.
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Five Benefits of Orchestrating Cross Channel Marketing with Mapp's Whiteboard
Your customers engage with your brand differently. Running multi-channel marketing campaigns are the most effective way to drive engagement, but they add complexity to your marketing organization. Mapp Digital simplifies cross-channel marketing. With Mapp’s newly enhanced Whiteboard, marketers can design, schedule, and automate cross-channel digital campaigns (email, social, web, and mobile) for their unique customer journeys. And once campaigns have been initiated, Whiteboard also provides a consolidated view of the campaign’s actions and performance statistics. Watch this 20-minute webinar to learn the 5 key benefits every digital marketer will gain from using Mapp’s Whiteboard.
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Mapp Brand Launch - 29th September 2016 London
Here are some of the highlights from the Mapp UK brand launch in London on the 29th September 2016. It was a great night, thank you to everyone who attended!
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Making Retail Personal - Use data to reach the right customers
Marketing in the Retail landscape faces many challenges. Hear Mapp & Edinburgh Wooden Mill Group discuss data strategies you can implement to reach the right customers and increase customer lifetime value. In this webinar replay we deep-dive into: - Retail Strategies - How EMWG market across their 14 different brands using Mapp Engage - How you can keep up with the digital savvy shopper Learn how you can break through data silos and how to take a data led approach to your marketing and how technology can innovate your email, web, social and display campaigns. Read our blog on the webinar here: https://mapp.com/blog/making-retail-personal-with-real-time-data-webinar/
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Mapp Product Vision - May 2018:  The Road to Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Intelligence
Catch this on-demand webinar recording as Matt Langie, CMO at Mapp Digital, provides an exclusive look at the Mapp Cloud strategic vision for customer acquisition and engagement. During this webinar, you will hear about: A refocused product vision for Mapp customers An overview of the 4 primary execution solutions of the Mapp Cloud Mapp Cloud customer success stories presented by Jeremiah Budzik, Solutions Consultant at Mapp Digital The foundation for future Mapp Cloud development We look forward to having you join us!
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Mapp brand launch - 18th October 2016 France
Bel événement de lancement de Mapp en France à la Galerie à Puteaux. Encore un grand merci à nos clients et partenaires présents à cette occasion. Remerciements particuliers à Nathalie Phan Place du SNCD, Alain Doustalet d’Orange et Nicolas Gajic de Citroën pour leurs présentations. Last but not least à Hervé Bloch et Digilink de nous avoir accueilli. Et NonStopProd (http://www.nonstoprod.com) pour la réalisation de cette vidéo.
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Provide the right messages and learn from insights - Mapp's Customer Engagement Platform
Would you have time for a one-on-one digital consultation? Schedule a free live demo customized for your specific needs. One of our local experts will get in touch with you and guide you through the Customer Engagement Platform's features and use cases. Request a live demo now: https://mapp.com/demo Do you want to see more demo videos? Visit https://mapp.com/demo-video/
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Mapp Customer Success Stories
Looking for some inspiration to help your customers drive acquisition and engagement? Interested to learn insights that will help you to resell Mapp Engage and Mapp Connect? Check out this on-demand webinar to hear Jeremiah Budzik, Solutions Consultant at Mapp Digital, share several success examples of Mapp customers specifically for our partner community. Register today to: - Discover Mapp customer success across different industries with measured results - Hear business challenges marketers face and the specific solutions implemented - Gain actionable insights from customer use cases
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Mapp Holiday Season’s Greetings
Watch our Holiday Season’s Greetings from the Mappsters in San Diego, Madrid, Kraków, Copenhagen, Paris, Raleigh, London, Manila, Amsterdam, Munich and Milan. Thank you for 2017 and we look forward to another exciting #DigitalJourney in 2018. #MappyHolidays
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Podcast #1: Baby it's Hot in Here! How to Leverage Email Heat Mapping with Mapp Digital
On this episode of Mappcast, join Mapp Digital's Katie Manly, Global Marketing Strategy Consultant and Ben Bloom, Senior Digital Strategist as they discuss ways to understand creative performance across a multitude of devices, including Heat Mapping. This hot technique for understanding campaign engagement can be leveraged across browsers and apps which your audience uses to consume your content. Listen to this podcast to learn how to ignite these interactions into actionable insights now. #HelloMapp #Mappcast
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Slideshow: Mapp Brand Launch at Dmexco 2016
Relive dmexco 2016 (September 14/15 in Cologne, Germany) and the announcement of our new brand and market strategy. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! If you did not have the chance to talk to us at dmexco, visit our website and get in touch: https://mapp.com/ Pictures: David Königsbauer #HelloMapp
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Podcast #2: All That Glitters Is Not Marketing Gold -  Lose Your Tech Obsession!
On this episode of Mappcast, join Mapp Digital's Katie Wheeler, Product Marketing and Adam Covati, Senior Director Product Management, as they reveal how to conquer that tech obsession that lives within all of us marketers. #HelloMapp #Mappcast
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The State of Digital Customer Engagement in Italy 2016
Quanto è evoluta la comunicazione digitale dei brand in Italia? Scarica lo studio completo: http://socl.io/DM-study-IT Al giorno d'oggi il digital gioca un ruolo fondamentale all'interno del piano marketing dei brand. Sia che possiedano store online oppure negozi fisici, per le aziende è diventato importante implementare una strategia multicanale digitale che consenta loro di guidare i clienti lungo un customer journey personalizzato. Per capire come comunicano online i 50 brand più popolari in Italia, abbiamo monitorato e analizzato la loro attività marketing via email, mobile app e social per quattro settimane. Nello studio potrai scoprire: - La frequenza d'invio di email promozionali, notifiche push e post sui social media - Quanti brand personalizzano i contenuti sul sito, nelle email e nelle app - Quali sono i social più popolari - Consigli e best practice dagli esperti di Mapp Digital
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Case Study: Mapp helps Freesat successfully challenge the UK market leader and boost subscribers
Freesat is a subscription free satellite TV service based in the UK. Their objectives: increase awareness of their service by targeting users of competitor services with a powerful message to convince them to switch. Watch to learn how Mapp's Digital Services Team deployed a lead generation campaign combined the use of data-driven prospect targeting and a smart nurture content delivery to generate exceptional results. New customers conversions exceeded target by 74% whilst engagement rates exceeded expectation by over 80% overall.
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10 Must-Ask Questions for Evaluating a Digital Marketing Platform
With the plethora of marketing technology vendors available, it’s a challenge to find the best provider with the right solution for your company and your goals. The replay of this webinar will help your evaluation process by highlighting 10 key questions you must ask every marketing vendor. For each question, we have identified the risk of not having the feature/function and the must-haves you should be looking for in a platform. By asking the right questions to digital marketing vendors, you can accelerate the time-to-value and avoid buyer’s remorse down the road.
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Webinar replay: What CMOs Demand From MarTech in 2019, featuring Forrester Research
As a senior marketing executive, do you believe you’re delivering the best customer experience at every brand touch point? The movement towards digital transformation was supposed to improve the customer experience. But in a new report being published this month, a team of researchers from Forrester Research, Inc., finds that “too many CMOs focus on short-term ROI driven decisions. Their teams lack the data and technology skills required to orchestrate the digital delivery of the brand promise.” How can MarTech improve your company's digital delivery? Watch Mapp’s webinar “2019 Predictions: What CMOs Demand from MarTech This Year” featuring guest speaker, Thomas Husson, VP & Principal Analyst from Forrester Research. CEO of Mapp, Steve Warren, joins Thomas to highlight how brands of all sizes, not just large enterprises, can make the same demands from marketing technology.
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How to secure high quality leads with - Mapp's Customer Engagement Platform
Would you have time for a one-on-one digital consultation? Schedule a free live demo customized for your specific needs. One of our local experts will get in touch with you and guide you through the Customer Engagement Platform's features and use cases. Request a live demo now: https://mapp.com/demo Do you want to see more demo videos? Visit https://mapp.com/demo-video/
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