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Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python
Raymond Hettinger Learn to take better advantage of Python's best features and improve existing code through a series of code transformations, "When you see this, do that instead."
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Loop like a native: while, for, iterators, generators
Ned Batchelder Python provides powerful primitives for iterating over your data in ways that let you express yourself clearly and directly. But even programmers familiar with the tools don't use them as fully as they could. This talk will cover Pyt
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Pragmatic Unicode, or, How do I stop the pain?
Ned Batchelder Python has great Unicode support, but it's still your responsibility to handle it properly. I'll do a quick overview of what Unicode is, but only enough to get your program working properly. I'll describe strategies to make your code
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Python's Class Development Toolkit
Raymond Hettinger This is a short, but thorough tutorial on the Python's built-in toolset for creating classes. We look at commonly encountered challenges and how to solve them using Python.
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The End Of Object Inheritance & The Beginning Of A New Modularity
Augie Fackler, Nathaniel Manista After 15 years' combined experience developing software of all types we are done with object inheritance. Come learn about elegant, superior solutions to the problems inheritance claims to adequately solve.
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The future of Linux Containers
Solomon Hykes
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Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger is a freelance programmer with experience in cloud computing, high frequency trading, genomics, and optimization.
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My Adventures with Mock
Brad Montgomery http://pyvideo.org/video/2267/my-adventures-with-mock https://pyohio.org/schedule/presentation/37/ Mock is a powerful testing library. Unfortunately, there seems to be a trend of confusion and distress among those who are just getting started with Mock. This talk will highlight my experience learning Mock, and will list a few of the patterns that I've seen emerge during my quest for 100% test coverage. The Free Ohio-based Python Conference PyOhio is a free (thanks sponsors!)
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The Art of Subclassing
Raymond Hettinger All problems have simple, easy-to-understand, logical wrong answers. Subclassing in Python is no exception. Avoid the common pitfalls and learn everything you need to know about making effective use of inheritance in Python.
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The Clean Architecture in Python
Brandon Rhodes http://pyvideo.org/video/2840/the-clean-architecture-in-python http://pyohio.org/schedule/presentation/58/ Even design-conscious programmers find large applications difficult to maintain. Come learn about how the recently propounded “Clean Architecture” applies in Python, and how this high-level design pattern fits particularly well with the features of the Python language and answers questions that experienced programmers have been asking. (An update of my un-recorded talk from PyCon Ireland 2013!)
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A Python Æsthetic: Beauty and Why I Python
Brandon Rhodes Why did I start using Python in the late 1990s? Was it for any of the reasons that I remain a fan today? In this talk we will explore how Python, even while training us to avoid and become blind to its rough edges, works to teach us ne
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Python Packaging from Init to Deploy
Dave Forgac http://www.pyvideo.org/video/3685/python-packaging-from-init-to-deploy http://pyohio.org/schedule/presentation/187/ Python packaging really isn't that bad (anymore.) In this talk you'll learn how you can take your beautiful new Python code and share it with the world in a way that everyone benefits. I will cover tools and techniques you can use to get the boring stuff out of the way so you can focus on your code and deploy quickly, frequently, and consistently.
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Flexing SQLAlchemy's Relational Power
Brandon Rhodes How do you take the big step from casual SQLAlchemy user, who treats your database as a mysterious object store, to advanced power user, who optimizes critical queries, plans indexing and migrations, and generates efficient reports? Th
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Deep Freeze: building better stand-alone apps with Python
Ryan Kelly There's more to shipping a stand-alone python app than just running py2exe over your code. Want to deploy automatic updates? Want to be sure it runs on legacy platforms? Want to add professional touches like code signing? And want to d
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Crypto 101
Laurens Van Houtven An introduction to applied cryptography and information security suitable for programmers of all ages and skill levels.
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Using Python to Code by Voice
Tavis RuddTwo years ago I developed a case of Emacs Pinkie (RSI) so severe my hands went numb and I could no longer type or work. Desperate, I tried voice recognition. At first programming with it was painfully slow but, as I couldn't type, I persevered. After several months of vocab tweaking and duct-tape coding in Python and Emacs Lisp, I had a system that enabled me to code faster and more efficiently by voice than I ever had by hand. In a fast-paced live demo, I will create a small system using Python, plus a few other languages for good measure, and deploy it without touching the keyboard. The demo gods will make a scheduled appearance. I hope to convince you that voice recognition is no longer a crutch for the disabled or limited to plain prose. It's now a highly effective tool that could benefit all programmers.
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Keynote - Eben Upton
Eben Upton Eben Upton is a founder and trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and serves as its Executive Director. The Raspberry Pi is an ultra-low cost, credit card-sized computer designed to fill a much-needed technological gap in communities tha
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Literate Programming in the Large
Timothy Daly Axiom is an open source computer algebra system written mostly in Common Lisp. As one of the original authors at IBM Research I wrote a fair amount of code. Later Axiom was sold commercially as a competitor to Mathematica and Maple. When
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Python 3.3: Trust Me, It's Better than 2.7
Brett Cannon In this talk I will try to convince you that Python 3.3 is superior to Python 2.7 by going over the differences between Python 2.7 and Python 3.3 along with benchmark information to show where Python 3.3 shines in comparison to Python 2.
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Militarizing Your Backyard with Python: Computer Vision and the Squirrel Hordes
Kurt Grandis Has your garden been ravaged by the marauding squirrel hordes? Has your bird feeder been pillaged? Tired of shaking your fist at the neighbor children? Learn how to use Python to tap into computer vision libraries and build an automated
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Plover: Thought to Text at 240 WPM
Mirabai Knight Stenographic technology has been locked down to expensive, proprietary hardware and software for decades, depriving the world of the most efficient text entry system devised to date. Plover, a free, cross-platform steno engine that wor
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How the Internet works
Jessica McKellar This talk is an introduction to the Internet's structure and protocols through fun experiments from the Python perspective. We'll use Python libraries like Scapy and Twisted to explore what happens at a networking level as you surf t
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The Naming of Ducks: Where Dynamic Types Meet Smart Conventions
Brandon Rhodes While Java and C# use static type declarations to eliminate ambiguity, the Python programmer must survive through sheer clarity and consistency in naming variables. We will explore the deep unspoken conventions that the Python comm
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Stepping Through CPython
Larry Hastings Ever wondered how CPython actually works internally? This talk will show you. We start with a simple Python program, then slowly step through CPython, showing in exhaustive detail what happens when it runs that program. Along the wa
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Fast Test, Slow Test
Gary Bernhardt Most unit tests aren't and their authors suffer for it. What is a unit test, really? How can writing them prevent classic testing problems? If you do write them, what trade-offs are you implicitly making?
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Introduction to OpenStack
Sandy Walsh OpenStack is a large python application being developed collaboratively with Rackspace, Red Hat, Canonical, Dell, HP, Intel, IBM, Citrix and a host of other companies. This application is the software that Cloud Computing is built on. It
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Keynote: David Beazley
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Messaging at Scale at Instagram
Rick Branson As activity accelerated from just a few thousand activities per day to hundreds of millions, Instagram needed a reliable, scalable messaging infrastructure to distribute work and messages. In this talk, I'll jump from a crash course in t
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A Pure Python Genetic Algorithms Framework
Ashwin Panchapakesan Genetic algorithms are a class of evolutionary algorithms, which have been around since the mid 1950s. Since then, a lot of study has been done on these algorithms, using them to solve various different types of problems. While m
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Typography for Docs
Matthew Butterick Should writers of documentation care about typography? As someone who reads a lot of documentation, I can see that many don't. But good typography can reinforce your meaning, conserve reader attention, and make your docs more inviti
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Worry-Free Parsers with Parsley
Allen Short Writing parsers has often been a task difficult for programmers to take on. Many of the tools available for parsing require writing grammar rules and code that work very different from everything else in Python. Parsley is a library that
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Elasticsearch in an Hour
John Berryman http://pyohio.org/schedule/presentation/258/ The use of search is ubiquitous. As a developer you need search in your technology tool belt. This talk introduces Elasticsearch, a front-running, open source search technology. We'll create an application, execute a search, and dive into internals so that you'll know where search is most useful. PyOhio is a free (thanks sponsors!) annual conference for Python programmers in and around Ohio and the entire Midwest. http://pyohio.org/
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Use curses, don't swear
Sean Zicari I find it very handy to be able to fire up the command line and make changes through a well-designed CLI tool. I'd like to show how the 3rd party urwid library or the built-in curses library can be used to build such tools easily.
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Biomedical Ontologies with Python
Ryan Freckleton Biomedical ontologies are large, graphical data structures that describe concepts in biology and medicine. An ongoing area of research is determining how to integrate these from different sub-domains, since they are too large to integ
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Is Python Beginner Friendly?
Simeon Franklin Python is increasingly used as a teaching language for new programmers and touted as an easy language to learn for experienced developers. Its self proclaimed virtues of beauty, explicitness, simplicity and readability certainly shoul
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Gary Bernhardt An exploration of the boundaries between pieces of code, including: isolated testing, behavior vs. data, mutation vs. immutability, how data shape affords parallelism, transforming interface dependencies into data dependencies, and wha
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Machine learning the hard way -- a story about ponies
Nathan Taggart http://pyvideo.org/video/2849/machine-learning-the-hard-way-a-story-about-po http://pyohio.org/schedule/presentation/75/ Before you dive into a machine learning project, learn from the mistakes that I made while building a prediction engine for betting on horse races. In this introductory talk, learn about common data science tasks like data munging, pre-processing, classification, regression, and interpreting results.
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SimpleCV - Computer Vision using Python
Katherine Scott This talk is a brief summary of Computer Vision tutorial we proposed for PyCon. In this talk we will discuss what computer vision is, why it's useful, what tools exist in the Python ecosystem, and how to apply it to your project. T
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11. A Startup Junkie's Journey to Python via Java, C#, Ruby and Scala
Andy Parsons Between choosing technologies, bootstrapping your company and product and hiring the critical early team, startup CTO's have their hands full. I've done it many times, and over the years I have honed my view of how to build something new
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Elasticsearch (Part 1): Indexing and Querying
Erik Rose Elasticsearch provides an easy path to clusterable full-text search, with synonyms, faceting, and geographic math, but there's a paucity of written wisdom beyond its API docs. This talk, part 1 of a 2-part series, surveys its capabilities a
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A hands-on introduction to Python for beginning programmers
Jessica McKellar http://pyvideo.org/video/1850/a-hands-on-introduction-to-python-for-beginning-p https://us.pycon.org/2013/schedule/presentation/1/ Beginning programmers: welcome to PyCon! Jumpstart your Python and programming careers with this 3-hour interactive tutorial. By the end, you'll have hands-on exposure to many core programming concepts, be able to write useful Python programs, and have a roadmap for continuing to learn and practice programming in Python. This class assumes no prior programming experience.
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Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking
David Beazley What's more fun than learning Python? Learning Python by hacking on public data! In this tutorial, you'll learn Python basics by reading files, scraping the web, building data structures, and analyzing real world data. By the end, you w
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Lessons Learned in Teaching Python
Alexandra Strong, Christine Cheung Sharing what you know with others is an extremely rewarding experience, and may challenge and develop your knowledge of Python. I will share my teaching experiences; covering venues, materials, lesson plans, tech
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Building an image processing pipeline with Python
Franck Chastagnol This talk covers the details of how to build a highly scalable image processing pipeline using Python and third-party open source libraries and tools such as OpenCV, NumPy, Tesseract, ImageMagick, Tornado, Nginx and MySQL.
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Python 3 Metaprogramming
David Beazley Some of the most significant changes in Python 3 are related to metaprogramming. In this tutorial, I'll cover decorators, class decorators, descriptors, and metaclasses. However, the focus will be on idioms and examples that are only
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How Do Python Coroutines Work?
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis http://www.pyvideo.org/video/3765/how-do-python-coroutines-work https://pygotham.org/2015/talks/162/how-do-python-coroutines-work Python 3's new “asyncio” module is an efficient async framework similar to Node. But unlike Node, it emphasizes a modern idiom called "coroutines" instead of callbacks. Coroutines promise the best of two worlds: the efficiency of callbacks, with a natural and robust coding style similar to synchronous programming. I’ll explain how asyncio’s coroutines work, and show how they are built using Python generators, the “yield from” statement, and the Future and Task classes. You will gain a deep understanding of this miraculous new programming idiom in the Python standard library.
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40. Media Goblin: the Road to Federation
Deb Nicholson, Christopher Allan Webber From just a gleam in founder Chris Webber's eye to a full tilt media hosting project supporting photos, HTML5 video, and more, the road to federation has been a wild ride so far. Come talk to us about the chall
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Stop Writing Classes
Jack Diederich Classes are great but they are also overused. This talk will describe examples of class overuse taken from real world code and refactor the unnecessary classes, exceptions, and modules out of them.
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Documentation, Disrupted: How Two Technical Writers Changed Google Engineering Culture
Riona MacNamara http://lanyrd.com/2015/writethedocs/sdmwxg/ Last year, we were inspired to action by a presentation at Write the Docs. This talk will tell the story of what happened next: how, in two quarters, we worked with a small self-forming team of amazing writers and engineers to build a platform in six months is well on the way to becoming a part of the standard Google engineering workflow. We’ll share how that platform transformed our role as technical writers and our relationship with engineering. We’ll cover design and implementation details, but we’ll also talk about our experience - how we learned that being audacious (but not reckless), focused (but open and generous), and unafraid could revitalize our whole approach to work and save us from burnout. We'll talk about our ever-growing appetite for disruption: How it changed beyond recognition our relationships with engineers, fellow writers, and senior leadership, making us fall in love again with our roles as documentarians.
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