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LPD Inc: Leadership, Sales and Brands
Hi, I'm Dan Stiff, President and CEO of LPD Inc. For over 30 years we've been building leadership bench strength, sales people's careers, and brands in the market place. Dan Stiff is the author and lecturer of the program, "Sell the Brand First: How to Sell Your Brand and Create Lasting Customer Loyalty". Sell the Brand First is practical advice on how all salespeople can us the brand to boost their sales. LPD Inc offers professional advice for maximizing Your brand with videos one-on-one lessons and look-in lectures. Visit our website for more information: lpdinc.com
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A Positive Business Mindset and Its Effect on Skill Set Application
Mindset is critical to success in life. It's the most important part of preparation for any meeting on leadership, coaching, or brands - but especially impactful in a sales setting - whether B2B or B2C. Visit our website below to learn how mindset impacts your result even before you get started. Visit Our Website: http://www.lpdinc.com Hi, I'm Dan Stiff, President and CEO of LPD Inc. For over 30 years we've been helping leaders and sales people do a better job of representing their brands in the market place. Mindset defined is a mental attitude. It's a state of mind, it's an inclination. In other words, it's how we think. Allow me to illustrate: Imagine we are driving down the highway and somebody cuts us off in heavy traffic. What do we think? "You're an idiot!" Or maybe worse: we have a customer relationship and this relationship is about how the customer always objects, the customer never returns my phone call, or the customer flat-out just doesn't buy from us. What do we think? "Guess what, the next time I call on this customer, we're going to repeat that behavior." Those are all mindsets that occupy our head before we even make eye-contact. Mindset effects how you enter a room, how you start a conversation, or how you engage a problem. It's the roll-up of all the things we do that effect our attitude about people, about business, about our career, and even about life. So when your mindset is firmly in place, and it's positive, then your skill set can kick into gear. Skill set is defined as the application of knowledge or competency that you have on the job. It's what you do with what you know. It's how you interact with customers face to face, it's how you send a critical email, it is the application of the knowledge and competencies that you own. So that application is the difference when it comes to skill set and when you actually do make eye-contact. I hope that when you come out of this video, you can apply what we've talked about today to both the mindset and skill set kind of way. Thank you for joining us. Visit Our Website: http://www.lpdinc.com
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Who's your Hero?
We all have heroes in our life. Who have you learned your life lessons from? Are you a hero in someone's life?
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Brand Identity and Logos: Sell the Brand First
You have a brand whether you intend to or not... Better to shape your brand than simply let it happen.
The Human Factor - We Are a Miracle
This video describes how much of a miracle we are, and the miraculous operation of our human body. It also looks at our "human factor". LPD Inc. is committed to helping individuals and company cultures grow and prosper. LPD Inc. specializes in Professional Sales Training, Leadership Development, and Brand Leverage including how to sell your Brand and capture your Brand Story. LPD Inc. teaches Life Lessons, People Skills and Business Acumen. Hopefully you will find some courage, character and motivational help by visiting our channel. Visit our website: http://www.lpdinc.com