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I hate you I love you {Music Video}
Hey! This my 1st ever music video! Follow me on: Twitter Marini Janelle Gaming Messenger Marini Janelle Marquez Snapchat MJ Marquez
Love Story {Episode 1 Season1}
This is the beginning of the series also if you want shout outs comment down below some dares i will do some dares too! Hope you enjoyed it! Follow me also or text me on: Messenger: Marini Janelle Marquez Facebook: Marini Janelle Marquez Twitter: MariniJanelle_Gaming
Ahhh a shark is gonna eat me will we survive? | Roblox SharkBite |
Hey! Its me im gonna do a draw my life maybe in june.... Please a shoutout to my friends u can add me in roblox my name is Janelle_Gaming2005 and please add my friends girlenderhacker and meepsforme... See you guys in the next video!!!!
Another day with my sister yuri! {Royale High]
Hey guys welcome back im with my sister Yuri!!!! if u want me and yuri make more videos please smash the like button and we will see you in the next video bye guys!
AHH WERE GONNA DIE! WHO WILL WIN PART 1 {Build a boat for treasure}
Hey! ARE WE GONNA SURVIVE?! Im with my bffs and yeah stay tune for part 2!
Pizza Boxing Part 2// Work at a Pizza Place Part2
Hey this is part 2 of work at a pizza place!
Love story {Episode 2 Season 1}
Hey guys I might do some titles in some episodes and guys please subscribe if your new cause star voltz i forgot if its s or z but i think theres 2 but 1 of it is my classmates account she does stories and Im jealous of her cause she has more subscribes... hope you enjoyed and if you are wondering why as if i have no school i have I just didnt go to school can i wasnt feeling well... Musics are Slut Believer Follow me Marini Janelle Marquez on: Facebook Twitter Messenger ENJOY I WORKED SO HARD FOR IT AND PRAY FOR ME FOR MY EXAM/SUMMATIVE TEST ON TUESDAY PRAY FOR ME AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Late Upload In Royale High Roblox!!!
Hey guys late upload hahaha... Hey Im new to youtube and also subscribe to itsfunneh goldenglare and the krew srry if theres no voice thing...
Pizza boxing! Yay how exciting?// Part 1// Work at a Pizza Place
Hey guys! this is part 1 cause i accidentally click the stop recording so theres a part2 of this! Enjoy!
My Savior (Highschool Love Story;GatchaLife)
I meant Part 4 I was too busy hehehe anyways please suggest me some titles! Love you all see ya soon!💗
Highschool Love Story Ep.3 S1(GatchaLife)
Heres your request Tristan ❤ Like and subscribe if your new! I will see you in the next one! BAI!
Thanks for Watching Dont forget to like
I met a fan| Royale High |
Hey guys i met a fan please wait for part 2!
Sorry Guys...
So sorry guys please forgive i dont know what happened in the video and for my grammar i was just so sad but please leave your questions in the comments below...
Is this a good intro??? Or no intro?
Hey guys i will do a voice reveal! On August 11! So subsribe and i will do some gatcha verse videos!
Another day in the mines... |Mining Simulator|
HEY!!! Imma give some codes but 1st subscribe for more codes! Codes: Patriotic Sandy Coolwater ILOVECODES Supersecretcode And thats all! Love ya!
THE LAG IS REAL! {Mining Simulator} [#ALLALONE}
Hey guys i might not be posting videos because of family life and school days... Ughh I hate school days... PS: SHOUT OUTS TO Hexa, Mardhatiara Febiolla, And many more thanks for all your support! PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IF UR NEW!!!! LUV YOU GUYS! Also Facebook: Marini Janelle Marquez Twitter: MariniJanelleMarquez
Soo Excited sorry if its blurry
Hey buddies we are at nuvali laguna and we are gonna watch the dancing lights... The sounds are very tiring because of the vibration thats why I might shake during the video. SUBSCRIBE TO! SassyPleb MehMehMeh P.S I might do a tribe pleb intro! Thanks for joining me with my adventures Stay Tune!

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