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Sigma Systems - The Leader in Catalog-Driven Software
Introducing the Digital Service Provider of the future: Sigma's catalog-driven approach improves the way service providers create, sell and deliver new digital products. With all product, service and resource data centralized, agility is the name of the game. Time to market is way down, and so is the cost. Sigma Systems - the leader in catalog-driven software. Learn more at www.sigma-systems.com.
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Catalog-Driven Concepts
What does it mean to be truly catalog-driven? See how Sigma Catalog can be a central product, service and resource catalog for BSS/OSS systems.
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Sigma Systems - OSS/BSS Software Solutions
Award-winning BSS/OSS systems designed to create, sell and deliver in the digital age. http://sigma-systems.com/sigma-products/ We help communications, media and high tech companies to quickly and cost-effectively innovate revenue-generating service offerings and provide a rich and personalized customer experience. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud for maximum flexibility.
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Embracing Change: Windstream's VP Enterprise Architecture & Transformation
In an era of consolidation, operators are increasingly burdened with complex legacy systems, long service intervals and unconsolidated data, resulting in less than satisfied customers. What is the path forward? Joe discusses why implementing an enterprise catalog to centralize all product, service and resource information is key to transforming the customer experience. Learn more about Sigma's Suite of B/OSS Software: http://sigma-systems.com/sigma-products/
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Sigma Systems - Catalog-Driven Solutions for Agile B/OSS
Technology has disrupted the traditional customer experience. To stay relevant, you must innovate quickly, adapt instantly and deliver flawlessly. Only Sigma’s catalog-driven portfolio can enable you to become a digital service provider of the future. Create faster with Sigma Catalog, sell smarter with Sigma CPQ, and activate seamlessly with Sigma Order Management and Provisioning. Learn how at www.sigma-systems.com
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Customer Testimonial - Christian Fuglsang | TDC
Learn how Sigma is supporting TDC in their efforts to simplify the selling process and improve customer experience.
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Sigma Order Management
Order Management Re-imagined http://sigma-systems.com/sigma-products/sigma-order-management/ Sigma Order Management provides advanced order management for telecom, media and high tech firms. Sigma Order Management was designed from the ground-up to integrate with a centralized product, service and resource catalog thus avoiding costly duplication of product data. Sigma Order Management reduces time to market for new products and drastically reduces order fallout.
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Sigma Systems: The Path to Digital Is Catalog-Driven
While the buzzwords of this year's Mobile World Congress event included AI, machine learning, 5G and IoE, the real focus was on CSPs and their uncertainty about how to become truly digital businesses. Sigma Systems' President and CEO, Tim Spencer, spoke to Light Reading's International Group Editor, Ray Le Maistre, on the failings of traditional B/OSS vendors, and how Sigma's catalog-driven approach is imperative in today's digital service environment.
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Customer Testimonial - Stanisław Karpińsk of Orange Belgium - On Becoming Omni-Channel
Stanisław Karpiński the Head of Enterprise and Security at Orange Belgium shares his thoughts on how Sigma Catalog helps them become truly omni-channel.
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Sigma Systems @ TM Forum Live! 2017 - Highlights
Check out Sigma's presence at TM Forum LIve! in Nice 2017. The Sigma team was busy demonstrating how and why The Path to Digital must start with catalog-driven, agile B/OSS. To learn more, please visit sigma-systems.com.
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Sigma Systems - Sigma Portfolio Inventory
Communication Service Providers can improve order conversion when they have insight into the types of services and products their customers have subscribed to.
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NFV/SDN: A Fresh Approach to Business Data Services
Brian Bauer, Director of Product Management at Sigma Systems discusses how NFV/SDN enables traditional telecom business services to scale down to the SME/SMB market.
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Sigma Catalog
Launch New Products, Faster than Ever http://sigma-systems.com/sigma-products/catalog/ The sheer complexity of product offerings today creates a business environment that is slow, complicated and ill-equipped to meet ever-growing customer demands. Sigma Catalog solves this problem by creating a unified catalog for creating, selling and delivering rich product offerings across all channels. Built for cable and telco companies, this PLM software provides master data management for the entire customer journey.
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Sigma Systems - On Telkomsel Win
Tim Spencer, CEO of Sigma talks to Juliet Media about Telcomsel win at Digital Tranformation World 2018
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Customer Testimonial - Stanisław Karpińsk of Orange Belgium Talking Product Innovation Agility
Stanisław Karpiński the Head of Enterprise and Security at Orange Belgium shares his thoughts on how Sigma Catalog helps them achieve a culture of agility.
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Sigma Chief Strategy Officer- Catherine Michel
How sigma systems is moving the digital economy forward.
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Sigma Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Configure Price Quote Software Capable of the Complexity of Telecom, Media and High-Tech Companies http://sigma-systems.com/sigma-products/sigma-configure-price-quote/ Sigma CPQ is Configure Price Quote software that powers the front end of the Quoting and Order Capture process. Because of it’s ability to handle complex products and bundles, Sigma CPQ is perfect for telecom and cable operators.
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Sigma Provisioning
Provision and Activate High-Volume Services http://sigma-systems.com/sigma-products/sigma-provisioning/ Sigma Provisioning provides award-winning, service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform enables service-layer transformation to support triple and multi-play service bundles. Sigma Provisioning is coupled with our pre-configured Solutions that rapidly accelerate time to revenue via integration with industry leading technology partner solutions.
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Customer Testimonial - Dean Walters | Liberty Global
End-to-End Service Automation Provisioning and activation services need to be highly automated and accurate in order to scale up the next generation of products and services. Liberty Global CIO, Dean Walters, explains how Sigma Systems helps Liberty Global create end-to-end service automation. Learn more here: http://sigma-systems.com/?p=11866
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Evolve 2014 - Orlando
WHAT HAPPENS AT EVOLVE? Leading cable/media and telecommunications operators will share their strategies and experiences in launching new products and packages that meet their customers’ demands, help them to attract and retain customers, and position themselves as the trusted advisors for all of their communications services. For more than 7 years Evolve has provided Sigma’s partners the opportunity to connect with a growing number of top-tier service providers from around the world. In recent years, the event has drawn existing Sigma customers and prospects who are exploring ways to create, sell and deliver new products. We are expecting over 120 attendees this year. From informative presentations from the world's leading service providers to live demonstrations and intimate networking events, Evolve is an excellent venue for you to find out how to Master What's Next.
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Intro Video - Evolve 2014 | Master What's Next
This was the introduction video for Sigma Systems' 7th annual conference, Evolve. Evolve is a great opportunity to connect with a growing number of top-tier service providers from around the world. In recent years, the event has drawn existing Sigma customers and prospects who are exploring ways to create, sell and deliver new products.
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Deliver What's Next with Sigma Order Management
Sigma Systems Order Management Overview
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Customer Testimonial - Sami Chabbah | Proximus
Sami Chabbah, Proximus, discusses why a catalog-driven approach to B/OSS is supporting the operator's ability to rationalize their IT environment, simplify product offerings and reduce operational costs.
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Evolve 2015 - New Orleans
Evolve is Sigma’s annual user conference that brings Sigma customers, users, partners and prospects together to solve challenges facing the telecom, media and high-tech world. Learn more at http://evolve.sigma-systems.com Evolve brings the best and brightest of the communications industry together to tackle some of the most challenging issues of the industry. How do communications service providers compete and innovate in the over-the-top and internet of things space? How do we create, sell and deliver an omni-channel experience? Connect directly with Sigma staff to explore the new ways to create, sell and deliver your new products. Leave with a clear strategy for increasing revenue and reducing operational cost. Partners are a key to Sigma’s and Sigma customer’s success. Meet with our technology partners to get a fresh perspective on building smarter, scalable solutions within your organization.
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