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Things Only A True INFJ Would Understand
Things you’ll only understand if you’re an INFJ! From shyness to being an introvert we look at the world’s rarest personality type from the Myers Briggs personality test 15. All by Myself - INFJs are known for being inside their heads most of the time, having more inner dialogue than what they express around other people. Because of their neverending string of thoughts, it’s easy for them to feel isolated, even when they’re surrounded by friends. It may seem contradictory, but people who possess this personality type feel lonelier in a group than they do when they’re actually alone. Since INFJs are within the lowest percentile of the sixteen character varieties, they often sense that they’re misunderstood. Extroverted people feed off of those around them, gaining energy by being a part of social gatherings, but for INFJs it’s the opposite. It can be anxiety-causing, stress-inducing, and draining for not-so-social-butterflies to have to participate in interactions like this. 14. Communication - Since people with this personality type are so introverted, it is surprising that they are experts in communication when they open up. INFJs are intelligent, often book-read, and take a lot of time considering other people’s feelings. Plus, they are said to be able to sense the emotions of those around them. So, by examining these factors, one can see how INFJs can speak effectively to individuals and large groups if need be. In fact, there are many famous people with this personality type that everyone recognizes for their amazing speech-giving skills. Some of these renowned human beings include Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa. In fact, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech is one of the most memorable and moving orations of all time. Although it isn’t set in stone, these remarkable people are often classified as INFJs. So, even though they often prefer not to be outspoken, some of the recommended career paths for these unique folks are acting, marketing, teaching, and social working. 13. Organization - We’ve already discussed that INFJs have a constant chain of thoughts and an insane amount of inner dialogue. Because their brains are never at rest, it isn’t shocking that they sometimes feel mentally jumbled. Due to the lack of organization within, it’s important for them to maintain a harmonic atmosphere in their homes, at work, or at school. Keeping a calm environment helps INFJs deal more efficiently with the turmoil they face inside on a daily basis. It’s not fun to process a million thoughts at once, meanwhile dealing with clutter around the house. So if your INFJ friend is coming over, be a pal and tidy up, buttercup! 12. Intuitive - Considering it is the second word in the acronym for this personality type, it’s not surprising that these unique people are very intuitive. Opposed to their detail-focused counterparts, INFJs are more abstract. They pay more attention to overall events than specific aspects. So, rather than remembering the particulars of a conversation they had or precise interactions, they recall experiences by how they felt during them and from the impressions they left. INFJs are also often known for “reading between the lines.” While most people pay attention to what is explicitly said or done to them, people with this personality trait recognize the meaning behind incidents or individuals’ actions. Their intuition also plays into the fact that they trust their feelings more than what actually happened to them. INFJs have more faith in their perceptions than they do in logic, thus making decisions based on instinct instead of rationale. This reliance on intuition also determines their thought-process regarding problem-solving and often leads to eliminating ideas before attempting to follow through with them if they suspect a negative outcome. 11. Helping Others - Although they can seem withdrawn during interactions with others, don’t think that INFJs don’t care or aren’t listening. In fact, folks with this personality type care a lot about the people they come into contact with, especially if they’re close to them. Their focus on those around them is a strong guiding factor in how they behave. Their main goal is usually to keep things running smoothly and make their friends and family happy. INFJs experience a lot of emotions that go along with their aspirations to help. They frequently believe they know how people are feeling, and although what they perceive isn’t always correct, they generally think they recognize what someone needs. In fact, sometimes INFJs are so intent on keeping others content, they often forget about themselves.
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30 Psychology Tricks That Work On EVERYONE!
Psychological tricks that work on anybody! These amazing mind games and psychology tricks will help you fool your friends into thinking you have superpowers 30. Be taken more seriously- If you want people to take your words more seriously, Every time you tell someone something, say that your father taught you it because people tend to believe the advice of parents more than a younger person. 29. Rock Paper Scissors Champion- If you want to become a champion at rock, paper, scissors, right before playing the game, ask your opponent a random question. Almost always the other person will be confused and will throw out scissors without much thought. This distracts them from their original thought on which move they were going to throw out, and they panic in distraction and just throw out scissors. 28. The broccoli trick- If you want your kids to eat broccoli try asking them if they want five or two stalks of broccoli instead of asking them if they want broccoli. This way you’ve made up your mind and shows them that they are having broccoli for lunch, but instead, they feel like they have made their own decision. This same old trick can also work in other situations as well. 27. Annoying song stuck in your head- If a song is stuck in your head and you want to forget it, try thinking of the end of the song. Our brain tends to remember the things we've left unfinished. So think of the end of that annoying song, and you’ll be able to get it out of your head! This is your mind having a problem with leaving things unfinished.
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Zac Efron!
Things you never knew about Zac Efron! From his relationship with Seth Rogen to his problems with alcohol these unusual facts about this hollywood heartthrob will surprise you
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20 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained!
Weirdest cat behaviors explained! These are the top strange cat behaviors and how to understand cats and weird cat behaviors explained! 18. Random sprint - Does your cat run at a super fast speed and bounce off the couch out of nowhere? Don’t worry this is totally normal; cats can run up to 31 miles per hour, they're just getting their exercise in for the day! Most house cats have an extreme amount of energy that gets pent up and needs to be released. If they don’t get regular exercise on their own, they might need some more playful attention to avoid random sprints around the house. 17. Unladylike sitting - Why do people sit in unladylike positions? Well because it’s comfortable of course. Same goes for cats; when they are sprawled out with their legs open, that means they’re simply relaxed, trusting you, and happy. This means they know they are safe so they can relax. 16. Brings you presents- A dead rodent or bug at your feet might not be what you always wanted, but there are lots of theories about why your cat insists on doing this. As a kitten their mother might have brought them back a dead prey, so that’s where they got it from. Paying them more attention when they do this might be encouraging this behavior. Maybe they're being generous and saying thank you for feeding her or maybe sharing a successful hunt with you. This is them sharing what they caught with you as if you were a part of its real cat family. When cats are able to get more food than they need to eat, they might bring back extra kills to other members of the colony, especially kittens and nursing mothers. So your cat might just think you could use some help having enough to eat. Although this is a gross habit from a human’s perspective, don’t punish your cat for doing something that is only natural to them, because they don’t know any better. Instead try keeping them indoors, or put a bell on their collar to make it more difficult for them to catch prey.
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The SADDEST Things About Shania Twain's Life!
Real-life story of Shania Twain! Tragic facts about the retired famous country singer life from childhood to divorce
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13 Things You Didn't Know About Grace VanderWaal!
What You Don't Know About Grace VanderWaal! Fact you didn’t know about the America’s Got Talent winner who was praised by Simon Cowell as the next Taylor Swift! 13. Early Beginnings- The multitalented starlet first started writing her own tunes at just three years old and surprised all of us when she claimed she never sang in front of a live audience before she auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Born to Tina and Dave Vanderwaal, she has an older sister and older brother and says her family is very supportive of her ambitions. The pop singer was inspired to learn the ukulele from a family friend and rock singer Tyler Joseph. Finally, when she was 11 years old, she saved up enough money to buy her first ukulele. 12. Sister Inspiration- Vanderwaal’s song “Beautiful Thing” was written with her sister Olivia in mind and never performed it for her older sibling before appearing on America’s Got Talent. However, Grace did upload her performance on her Youtube page, but Olivia didn’t see it right away. Grace said that when she posted it online, her sister was at school and all of her sister’s friends were asking her if she saw the song that was written about her. After Olivia had listened to the song, she started crying. There’s a big chance that the waterworks probably happened again when Grace played it again in front of a live theater audience. 11. Personal Influences- Vanderwaal is widely known for performing all original songs on the AGT which includes “ I Don’t Know My Name, ” and you would think this is a lot of stress for a 12-year-old to be unique and liked at the same time. Well according to Vanderwaal, she states that she wasn’t too nervous when she showcased her work in front of millions of people. She said she was actually pretty comfortable about the whole experience because she tries to make songs to help people and relate it to them. She describes it as attempting to hold someone’s hand, and it comes out naturally. 10. A Big Congratulations- After the 12-year-old had won America’s Got Talent, she was congratulated by many people and celebrities, including Taylor Swift. The bad blood singer sent VanderWaal a beautiful surprise by sending her a color assortment of flowers. Her reaction to T-Swift’s gift was caught on camera and uploaded to Twitter, which showed her jumping up and down and screaming with joy. Aside from T-Swift, other celebrities took to Twitter to send VanderWaal some love like Katy Perry, Henry Winkler, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Mraz and Ellen DeGeneres. With many stars and fans supporting VanderWaal’s win, I’m sure we can expect great things from her!
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Jennifer Aniston!
Surprising facts about Jennifer Aniston! From her first movie to the Rachel haircut these unusual facts about this American sweetheart will surprise you
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10 Foods You CAN'T Get FAT From Even If You Tried!
Foods that will never make you fat! Healthy foods to eat which are low in calories and won’t make you gain weight when you eat them 10. Broccoli- Broccoli is a great healthy vegetable snack, not only it is low in calories, but it won’t make you gain any weight. In fact, it can help you lose weight by filling you up. A cup of this cooked vegetable is only 54 calories, and since it is 89 percent of water by weight, it aids in making you full fast. In addition, broccoli will help keep your digestion regular thanks to its fiber content. It’s also rich in vitamins K, C and A. You can start off by throwing some broccoli in a high fiber breakfast salad. Just remember to steer clear of the ranch, melted cheese or any other toppings as these fatty dressings can spike up the calorie content. Bear in mind that just eating broccoli alone in the morning, won’t make you lose weight if you’re on a diet. As with the other food items on this list, take into consideration of what other foods you’re eating and what exercises you’re practicing if you want to lose or stabilize your weight. 9. Plain, Lowfat Yogurt- Yogurt is an excellent tasty treat that aids with digestion and balances the bacteria in your stomach. But I know what you’re thinking, what’s so great about plain yogurt?! Well eating plain, unsweetened, low-fat yogurt is for the best because artificial flavorings are chock full of sugar that can contribute to weight gain. It’s important to stick to low fat instead of nonfat because when all of the natural fat is removed, other processed additives are thrown in to make it taste like regular yogurt. Not only is yogurt filling but it’s high in calcium. Scientists at the University of Knoxville have discovered that dietary calcium influences weight loss so high calcium foods preserve metabolism and heighten body fat breakdown. It’s also quick to eat and can be taken on the go. 8. Extra Firm Tofu- We’re not talking about regular tofu here, we’re talking about extra firm tofu. So what’s the difference? Well, extra firm tofu is a bean curd with lower water content than other types of tofu. It has more protein due to the presence of more soy, and it’s firm in texture, less crisp and virtually tasteless. Extra firm tofu is considered a slimming food because it is low in fat and low in calories. It is also a non animal high protein material that is rich in phosphorous and calcium that has a lot of magnesium and iron. Plus it’s versatile to cook; you can add it to a hot pot of soup, braise it, stew it or combine it with minced fish or use it to make tofu burger patties as a healthy alternative. If you’re not a big fan of extra firm tofu, you can go for silken, dried, sweet and fermented tofu to still get all the protein contents! 7. Apples- Fruits are essential to maintaining a healthy diet. Since apples are over 80% water, this replenishes volume and provides satiety without packing on extra calories. Pectin is a soluble fiber in the fruit that aids to slow down the digestion process and helps you feel full. Apples rank high on the satiety index, and a number of research findings conclude that eating fruit overall is linked to weight loss over time and lower calorie absorption. Another study observed the effect of consuming applesauce, apple slices or gulping some apple juice at the start of your meal. It was found that those people who ate substantial apple slices ate 91 lesser calories than those consuming applesauce and 150 lesser calories than those drinking apple juice. To sum it up, eating apple segments also ensued in higher fullness and lowered hunger and other forms of fruit. So what are you waiting for? Grab an apple and enjoy!
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16 Incredibly Beautiful Kids Of Celebrities!
Celebrity kids who grew up amazingly good looking! These children of famous parents hit the genetics jackpot
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11 Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri!
Stuff you should never say to Siri! Top things you shouldn’t say to Apple iPhone’s Siri chatbot assistant. This video is brought to you by Fact Queen! Checkout another Fact Queen video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwA16y86B1g Subscribe to Fact Queen here: https://goo.gl/PSwwfg
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14 Things Rich People Do That POOR PEOPLE DON'T!
Rich people habits that the poor don’t do! Mindsets and characteristics of millionaires and the wealthy who do things differently than poor people 14. They don't save; they invest- Here’s a statement that is way too true. I'm sure you've never heard about a millionaire becoming wealthy by investing in a savings account right? They invest in companies, and stocks to make more money off the money they already to have and that’s how their wealth continues to grow, and they keep making more, instead of keeping money in a savings account not doing anything productive with it. 13. Buy it for life- Most of the world have a false idea about the economy and have this idea stuck in their heads that buying cheap is always best. But in reality, it’s better to buy a pair of shoes that cost $100 that will last five years, instead of a pair of shoes that cost $20 but will only last one year and require you to make five trips to the store to buy new ones. Buying things for life is a trend for some but a lifestyle for the rich. Wealthy people will spend more time investing in purchases before they make them, to make sure they're buying something that will last as long as possible and get the most value out of it. For example, this is why a rich man will buy a $1,000 suit even though the price might shock most of us, in the long term a suit that costs that much will last for decades. And if you know how to repair your own clothes it could last a lifetime. So in some cases buying more expenses things at a higher quality can be a smarter move in the long run. 12. Wait for good deals- There have been many studies about people who were offered $5 now, or $10 in two months and almost everyone chose to take the $5 now. People seem to have something slightly wrong in our brains because it's clear that $10 would be the smartest choice but most people’s immediate need for money makes them chose otherwise. Rich people don't seem to have this problem. Wealthy people will wait months or longer to get the best value they can for something and don't rush into get rich quick schemes.
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11 EASIEST Countries To Emigrate To!
Best countries to emigrate to! From travelling to retiring, these are the countries it’s super easy to emigrate to in case you’re thinking of moving to a new country #10 Singapore - The city state below Malaysia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and also a lenient permanent residence program. In contrast to the clean silver skyscrapers, Singapore is also home to unique bursts of colors. Historic gardens and marinas play largely into the culture of the island. Here’s the good news, Singapore will most likely give you a visit visa that is good for a year. If you can find a job and show you have been working for 6 months in the country, you can apply for permanent residence. Here is what separates Singapore though - the unemployment rate is 2%! It’s one of the lowest in the world. So if you have any skills or experience, finding a job will be easier than most countries. You can also fast track the process by starting and running a business in Singapore. They also have a Foreign Artistic Talent scheme to help implement talent into the local scene. The cost of living is higher than most places on the list, but so is the quality of life. Plus, it’s one of the greenest cities on earth, so you’d be doing your part by relocating there. #9 Canada - Canada is known as one of the most polite and welcoming countries in the world, it’s no wonder their immigration policies reflect this. A massive country that spans across 6 time zones, Canada is sure to have any situation you are looking for, whether you want to live in a cutting edge city like Toronto, or out in the Saskatchewan prairie. Like most situations, if you’re “skilled” or rich, you can get in quick because you are considered an asset and a plus to the country. For the wealthy, simply invest $250-$850k in an existing company, or start your own leading to job creation, and you’re in. If you don’t have that kind of coin, but do have the skills to compete, use the express entry system. Once you fill out the application, about 3,000 worthy applicants are plucked and given citizenship. For the rest of us, there is the trade agreement system. If you live in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, or the USA, and work for a company that has a base in Canada, you can do an intra-company transfer without a labour market opinion! Lastly, the old standby of a job offer and a work permit goes by clean as can be in maple leaf land. #8 Mexico - Or maybe you want the weather a little warmer, in which case Mexico is your go to American neighbor. Home to the best tacos, tequilas, and horn sections in the world, Mexican culture is one of the liveliest on Earth. Even deeper, a paper was published by the center of democracy that shows that Mexican elections were more independent, professional, and non-partisan than American elections. Despite a growing economy, Mexico maintains a low cost of living, while providing excellent healthcare. Add in beautiful beaches, and it’s no wonder Mexico is a destination for expatriates. If you have family in the country, you can take residence with very little paperwork, otherwise you will have to get a work visa. As long as you can prove you are working in Mexico, you don’t have to deal with too much assessment. For retirees or freelancers, you just have to prove you make at least $2,000 a month (sometimes higher) to gain residency. These are not the only options though, more and more people are living in Mexico part time. This is because if you are visiting Mexico for leisure or business, and that stay lasts less than 6 months, you do not require a visa of any time. Many Americans and Canadians, and even Europeans have started to split their time between their home country, and a life in Mexico with almost no hassle involved. In addition to all these options, Mexico recently passed laws to induct a “points” system, but this ratification has not gone into effect yet.
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15 Signs You're HIGHLY Intelligent!
Signs you might have higher than average IQ! From being an introvert to staying up late these are top signs you are high intelligent 15. Not just book smart- Intelligent people are aware that some things can't be learned in school or by reading a book. While good grades and a high GPA is a good indicator of being smart, there are other ways to measure intelligence that doesn’t involve tests, teachers or homework. Most of people’s intelligence is set through first-hand learning and experience in the real world. Exhibiting logic, working memory, abstract reasoning and a willingness to learn is the way to being street smart in settings outside of the classroom. Smart people are always ready to face the world around them and tackle each day with a need to learn more. 14. You understand how much you don’t know- The smartest ones have no trouble admitting when they don’t know something or are unfamiliar with a certain concept. This is because there are always new things to learn each and every day. Intelligent people are always willing to learn from others to expand their knowledge. They are open to talking to meeting with people and learning new things from them. Smart people are cumulative, meaning many things can expand your brain power which taking in other people’s opinions and critics, finding opportunities and searching for answers. 13. You have insatiable curiosity- Those who have a hungry mind and are curious about the world around them usually have higher levels of knowledge acquisition and intellectual investment over time. Curiosity leads to questions and the need to solve them. Not only does it keep your mind active and observant to new ideas, but it opens up new doors to possibilities. Most people would say curiosity killed the cat but instead for some people it actually nourishes them. In fact, most of the greatest inventions stemmed from human interest, anything from electricity to Apple’s ipads were inspired by curiosity. 12. You’re open minded- Smart people don’t easily close themselves off to new visions or suggestions. Intelligent people are usually open and willing to consider and look at another idea with value. They are open to alternative solutions and like to live outside the box. They embrace opposing views and look at things in a different angle. They also accept that there is also more than one correct answer to things. Intelligent people like to look at all possible scenarios and are eager to know more. 11. You’re skeptical-People of high intelligence will always draw skepticism, and it’s not because they have a negative viewpoint about something. It’s because they always want to test out different theories and answers to generate new ideas or concepts that are supported by facts and evidence. As counteractive as it sounds, skepticism is linked to open-mindedness due to the need for cognition and knowledge. Being skeptical not only challenges one’s learning critique, but it allows people to brainstorm and communicate about different concepts. 10. You ask good questions- It’s true what they say, there are no wrong or dumb questions as asking questions gives us an opportunity to learn. However, intelligent people know there is a huge difference between asking questions and asking the right questions. People with high intelligence ask thought provoke questions that challenges, disputes as well as provides answers. Asking questions that test your way of thinking and your beliefs can help you visualize new solutions to difficult problems.
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25 Things You Didn't Know About Khloe Kardashian!
Things you never knew about Khloe Kardashian! From her tattoo to her divorce these unusual facts about one of the Kardashian’s will surprise you
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What Happens To Your Body During Exercise!
Amazing things that happen to your body when you exercise! From reducing stress to improving your skin these are incredible fitness transformations that occur when you workout 12. Muscles- According to Livestrong.com, your muscles form some of the integral tissues in your body, and tissue changes occur with resistance exercise. Any form of exercise which includes lifting weights, jogging or doing pushups is some kind of resistance activity being placed on your muscles. When the resistance is greater than what your body can handle, muscle building or muscle hypertrophy is activated. So more blood is driven to the muscles being exercised to give additional oxygen. Without the supplemental oxygen, lactic acid will form in the body instead. But it is usually flushed out of the body within half an hour to an hour after working out. Tiny tears build in the muscle which helps them become active and bigger as the heal. This is perfectly normal. The greater the tear, the more you’ll be sore after exercising. This typically only lasts a few days as soreness means there are changes in your muscles. 11. Heart- As with any workout, your heart rate increases because you’re working much harder than you normally are. How much your rate will go up depends on how fit you are and the type of exercise you’re doing. Training experts vary on how high your heart rate should be when working out, but it does need to be significantly higher than your resting heart rate to enhance your cardiovascular fitness. As you begin your workout, your skeletal muscles compress the veins near them which push the blood towards your heart. They contract and relax, driving extra blood to your heart which causes your heart rate to go up. Within this process, it means you’re putting more labor on your arm and leg muscles which pump more blood to your heart. So when working out your heart will get used to high-level performance, and these changes will minimize your resting heart rate and boost your heart rate recovery after you exercise. 10. Lungs- During your workout, aside from your heart, another vital organ comes in action: the lungs. Your lungs provide energy, oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide which is created when producing energy. When you have healthy lungs, you keep maintaining a large breathing reserve. You may feel out of breath after intense activity, but you will not be out of breath. When your muscles and your body start to work harder, you will use more oxygen and make more carbon dioxide. To bear with the extra demand, you will start to increase your breathing from about 10 to 15 times a minute. Your circulation will also increase to force oxygen to your muscles so they can keep moving. When your lung function is cut short, you use a larger part of your breathing reserve which can feel uncomfortable as you try to catch your breath. This is entirely normal, and this type of training helps with circulation. Regular exercise activity can improve the function and strength of your lungs, making it more efficient. 9. Skin- When you exercise your increasing blood flow which helps maintain skin cells and keep them nourished. Your blood transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells working throughout your entire body including the skin. In addition, it improves wrinkles and acne and can even reverse skin aging. Also blood flow aids in washing away any waste products which flushes cellular debris from your body. Think of it as cleansing your body but from the inside. Sweating can help drive draw out the toxins in your body, but don’t assume this is a quick fix to vanish pimples. Exercise then shower afterward. Working out also helps to flush out your pores. With aerobic exercise, oxygenated blood circulates throughout your entire body will cause you to glow because your blood vessels fill up closer to the surface. After an intense workout, your vessels dilate which gives your skin a vibrant and healthy look. Not only doing exercise boost your collagen but it’ll help keep your skin firm, elastic and supple.
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15 Tips To Look Beautiful WITHOUT MAKEUP!
Top rules for looking good without makeup! Simple life tricks and tips to look beautiful while wearing no makeup 15. Wash your face- Taking care of your skin is crucial in looking good without any makeup products. Your skin routine is a big factor in how your skin will look. Be sure to find a good facial wash that is gentle on the skin and use twice a day, once in the morning and again at night before you go to bed. At first, it might seem like a good idea to wash your face more than twice a day, doing so can actually over-dry your skin. It can make it irritable, making it look worse. Depending on your skin, you need to pick a cleanser that best suits you, a foaming or gel cleanser is excellent for oily skin, and a cream cleanser is perfect for dry skin. However, steer clear of bar soaps because they’re just too drying. Lastly, the most important step is to wash your hands before you wash your face. Even though this may sound like common sense, many people often skip this step. 14. Exfoliate your skin- Exfoliating your skin is a wonderful way to remove dead skin cells on your skin. It can help your face by making it look radiant and fresh and can create a natural, healthy glow which is a bonus if you’re going makeup free. Exfoliating can also help reduce acne because the process allows the pores to open up so your skin can breathe properly. For sensitive skin, you can use a soft washcloth and gently scrub your face. Find a skin wash that responds well with your skin and gently rub the washcloth on your face in slow circular motions. Now don’t forget to watch out for over exfoliating! Doing so can lead to pigmentation issues, sensitivity and irritation. 13. Use moisturizer on a daily basis- After you wash your face, you should follow up by applying a light coat of facial moisturizer. It boosts hydration in your skin and prevents dullness and flaking. Plus it also produces a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day long, making your skin bright and glowing. If you have sensitive skin, select a product that is scent free and gentle. If you are susceptible to pimples, opt for a product that is non oily and light. For those with drier skin types, choose a heavier moisturizer that contains nourishing and soothing ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter. These natural ingredients have beneficial properties and boost collagen in the skin. 12. Wear sunscreen- Since your face and skin are exposed to the sun on an everyday basis. It is fundamental to wear sunscreen every day, whether it’s windy, cloudy or snowy as UVA rays can still break down your skin. Especially if you’re not wearing makeup, your bare skin can get sunburnt which can lead to peeling. The sun’s harsh rays can make your skin age early which can lead to sun spots as we age. Protect your skin from sun damage by using an SPF product that is 30 or higher. You can also choose a sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer which saves you time and money. 11. Use Toner- Toner is a skin care item that is often an overlooked step, but when used correctly, it can work magic on your skin! Not only does it help improve your skin, but toner rebuilds your skin’s natural ph balance. Go for a toner that is alcohol-free because they help even out skin tone and are less drying. For example, toners for acne prone or oily skin can tighten pores and vanish extra oil trapped in the body. Toners for dry skin can hold in moisture and ease irritation. Use a toner after cleansing and before you moisturize for the best results.
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16 Body Language Signals He's Attracted To You!
Top signs that he’s attracted to you! These are the biggest body language signals and signs he’s interested and how to tell if a guy likes you! 12. Eye Contact - Another way to tell if a guy is attracted to you is by where he’s looking. It’s normal for a man to look you up and down to check you out, of course, which is a sign that he’s attracted to you; but, another place he should be looking is directly into your eyes. If he makes eye contact with you, it’s a strong signal that he thinks you’re good-looking. If the two of you are having a pleasant conversation and he keeps eye contact throughout it, then he’s into you. You can also tell if he thinks you’re attractive if he catches your eye from across the room. Let’s say you are on separate sides of a club, you lock eyes, and he continues gazing at you; this means that he’s probably getting ready to come and say “hi.” However, if a guy is looking everywhere but at you, then it’s safe to say he’s not interested. 11. Begins Talking - Another way to tell if a man finds you attractive is if he places himself in your vicinity; this is probably to be close to you and to begin a conversation. If he starts talking to you or tries to initiate a discussion, it means that he’s attracted to you. He wants to get to know you better and be close to you physically. If he’s shy, he might not introduce himself first. So, it’s more important to note that he has intentionally put himself next to you, most likely with the intention of catching your eye and sparking your interest. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself in a situation like this… if the attraction is mutual anyway. 10. Legs Apart - This one might seem a little strange… and suggestive. To be honest, it is a little suggestive, but a man usually isn’t doing this deliberately. Another signal to pay attention to concerns how a guy is sitting. If he is sitting with his legs crossed while he’s around you, he might not be interested in you; however, if he is sitting with his legs open, it is a strong signal of his physical attraction to you. First of all, it means he is making himself vulnerable. If his legs are open, he isn’t concerned about protecting his sensitive areas from you, and he’s letting you know that he trusts you. Secondly, this posture is implicative of his feelings; if he sits with his legs spread, it not only implies his physical interest in you but also means he wants to know you on an emotional level. However, if things are getting a little too risque, go ahead and let him know.
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22 Things You Didn't Know About Kourtney Kardashian!
Things you never knew about Kourtney Kardashian! From her fear of spiders to Justin Bieber to her children these unusual facts about one of the Kardashian’s will surprise you
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About KRISTEN STEWART!
Things you never knew about Kristen Stewart! From her relationship with Robert Pattinson to her role in Twilight to pole dancing these unusual facts about one of film’s biggest stars will surprise you 15. International Success Although many people are familiar with Kristen Stewart’s roles in American films such as the Twilight series, she has also worked on films outside of the United States. She appeared in Clouds of Sils Maria, which was filmed in Switzerland and also featured Juliette Binoche and Chloe Grace Moretz. In the film, Kristen’s character is Binoche’s character’s assistant, and they wind up in an intimate relationship. The film is considered a French-German-Swiss co-production, and was presented at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. In February 2015, Kristen won the César Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film. This made her the first American to be nominated for a César Award in thirty years, and the first American to ever win. 14. Short Film Director Kristen Stewart was raised by parents who were both involved with film. Her father is a producer, and her mother is a script supervisor. Since she was nine years old, she aspired to become a director, even though she went on to become an actress. This summer, Kristen announced that she is directing her first short film. The film is called Come Swim, and is based on a poem she wrote several years ago that developed into a story. She would not disclose the budget for her film, but she did reveal that her friend will play the starring role. Her friend is not an actor, and his last name was not publically disclosed. Come Swim is being created for Refinery29’s ShatterBox Anthology, which will also include films from 11 other female filmmakers. 13. Lizzie Borden Project Kristen is set to appear in a film based on an infamous murder trial. Lizzie Borden was an axe murderer who was acquitted for her father and stepmother’s murders in 1892. In the upcoming biopic, Kristen will play the live-in maid for the Borden family. Her character, Bridget Sullivan is also a key witness to the murders. The project is currently untitled, features several other recognizable names. 12. Proud of Twilight In an interview with author Patti Smith for Interview Magazine, Kristen talked about how proud she was of her work in the Twilight films. She received criticism for her role, including being asked if she was ready to take on “real, serious” assignments. Although she understands why people would dislike the franchise, she told Smith that she has very fond memories of working on the films. She also noted that every film she’s worked on contributed to her personal growth, and that includes the Twilight films. Starting at age 17, Kristen portrayed Bella Swan in all five Twilight films, which were based on the four books from the popular book series by the same name (the final book was divided into two movies). 11. Bisexual Kristen Stewart was in a highly publicized relationship with her co-star, Robert Pattinson while the Twilight films were popular. She went on to date Alicia Cargile, a visual-effects producer. She wasn’t fond of discussing her private life before she started dating women, but then decided that her acknowledgement of her sexuality could have a positive impact. Kristen is still trying to figure out what parts of her personal life are worth sharing with her fans, and what should be kept private. 10. Struggles with Anxiety Since she was younger, Kristen struggled with some level of anxiety. She recalls how she felt at the premiere of her first major film, Panic Room. During a photoshoot, a photographer asked her to calm down, but she couldn’t even unclench her fists. Kristen claims that she’s always had “high-functioning adrenal glands.” Now, she writes poetry and paints, which calms her down. Although she has not discussed it in great detail, she also dealt with ADHD. 9. In The Buff Kristen appeared in a French indie film called Personal Shopper, which was directed by Oliver Assayas. She noted that the director didn’t acknowledge her nude scenes as different from any other scenes in the film. Although she doesn’t have an issue with performing without clothes, she thinks Americans don’t appreciate it as much as the French do. Kristen explains that nudity could add strength to a character by literally and metaphorically making their whole selves visible. In particular, she felt that her scene in Personal Shopper shows how lonely her character is because she’s actually talking to a fake person on the phone.
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13 CELEBRITY SIBLINGS You Didn’t Even Know Existed!
Top hollywood siblings who you never knew existed! These famous celeb actors and actresses have brothers, sisters, and twins who are basically the same person
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12 MOST Common Traits of CHEATERS!
Most common traits found in cheaters! Looking at the usual behaviors of girls and guys who cheat on their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives
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20 Celeb Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents!
Kids who look just like their famous parents! These celebrity kids and teens are look alikes with their moms and dads
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Best Zodiac Combinations For Couples!
Best horoscope astrology combinations for relationships! From Virgo to Cancer to Leo we look at the ideal pairings of zodiac signs for love and dating 12. Aries and Aquarius- Most people say opposites attract and in this case, they do. Mars, the planet of passion of war rules over Aries while Saturn, the planet of logic and restraint rules Aquarius. So you can see how these two might bump heads.Their compatibility may not always be easy to understand, but this relationship combination works in many ways. This relationship relies on patience and understanding as Aries has a bold personality that is too loud with Aquarius. But they are supportive of each other resulting in a harmonious and solitary relationship. Not only do they like trying new things together but they understand the importance of having some alone time as well. 11. Taurus and Cancer- The two zodiac signs have instant chemistry because they can connect to each other spiritually and mentally. Cancer is a water sign that nourishes a Taurean when they’re feeling vulnerable. When Taurus and Cancer fall in love, they are sensitive to one another’s feelings and will establish a strong emotional bond early in their union. As an Earth sign, Taurus is open and welcoming to Cancer’s mother like nurture.They are also a great match because they prefer a quiet night at home rather than a night out on the town. Their relationship is natural and flows with ease. They have an equal partnership and also share the same ideals about a family and a future together. 10. Gemini and Aquarius- Both signs exhibit excellent communication and intellect, making it great relationship because they stimulate one another which can lead to insightful and fascinating conversations. Both signs are creative lovers and enjoy keeping each other on their toes romantically. You’re also both independent in your career as well as your personal lives and enjoy space in a relationship, which is beneficial for both of you. Mentally, you both share a sense of humor and you both bond emotionally through fun activities. Since Aquarius and Gemini are both ruled by the same element of Air, both signs share the same way of thinking. Not only do both of you bounce off ideas to one another but you enjoy one another’s feedback. 9. Cancer and Pisces- This is an ideal match. Both signs are affectionate, caring and understanding of one another. Cancer is likely to take the lead in this relationship, always nurturing and looking out for Pisces, in which Pisces provides the emotional support for Cancer. The balance is harmonious and equal because both signs give and take. There is a spiritual connection that stems from both signs. The relationship will be full of compassion, stability, and sensitivity. Both signs are water signs, and since water is tangible, both have no problem to adapting to each other and are very flexible in their schedules. Both signs are very hard working when it comes to attaining their goals. Even though they may work towards different goals of lifestyle and acquisition, they still share an end goal to be fruitful and happy with one another. #love #astrology #zodiac
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15 Celebs Who Were Born FILTHY RICH!
Famous people who were born filthy rich! These famous actors and celebrities were born rich having been brought up in families with a lot of money and wealth 15. Bryce Dallas Howard- Best known for starring in notable movies like the Twilight Saga and Jurassic World, acting and money are in her genes. Her dad is actor and Oscar-winning director Ron Howard. With a net worth is estimated at $140 million, Ron’s children wouldn’t have to work at all. Born into a wealthy and lavish lifestyle, she was already rich before she broke into Hollywood. But Bryce followed in her father’s footsteps and landed her first lead role as Ivy in the 2004 thriller The Village. With over 27 years and counting of acting experience under her belt and an estimated net worth of $15 million, she definitely doesn’t need to use her dad’s name to get where she is right now. 13. Kate Mara- With a net worth of $10 million from starring in movies like Brokeback Mountain, and Shooter, it seems like Kate Mara is living comfortably. Even if the starlet didn’t pursue a career in Hollywood, she would still be fine either way. The actress and her sister are the daughters of Timothy Christopher Mara, who is the founder of the New York Giants while her mother’s family founded the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both families have retained at least partial ownership of the both NFL teams since their foundings. Her father and paternal uncles have high ranking positions and are credited for much of the Pittsburgh Steelers success, landing the team six Super Bowl wins! Put the two teams together, and you have a combined net worth of $2.32 billion. But the actress Mara has stated that football is the glue that holds her family together. 12. Paul Giamatti- When your father is the president of Yale University and the commissioner of Major League Baseball, your life is pretty much already set! His father A. Bartlett Giamatti was the youngest Yale president in its history, and even though he passed away shortly after being the new MLB commissioner, his legacy lives on. But Paul Giamatti didn’t depend on his father’s fortune to reach his goal. The actor first got his big break back in the 1990’s and had starred in notable films like The Illusionist, Big Fat Liar, and Straight Outta Compton. With a net worth of $25 million, I think he’s doing just fine on his own. 11. Ivanka Trump- Way before her dad even became the 45th president of the United States, Ivanka was following in the footsteps of her business tycoon father, Donald Trump. Donald and his ex-wife Ivana has been quite victorious in their endeavors of activities, and as the first born child, Ivanka is set to inherit a ton of money. Surprisingly, Ivanka doesn’t display the type of behavior you’d expect from being raised in a prosperous family. She is a business woman herself and designs her own collections. In fact, her current net worth is estimated at $150 million, and I’m sure it’ll grow even more.
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13 DARK SECRETS From The Cast Of Full House!
Strange secret facts from the cast of Full House! From the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to John Stamos to Bob Saget we look at dark hidden secrets
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If A Woman Has These 15 Traits, Never Let Her Go!
If a woman has these qualities, then you should never let her go! These are the top good traits of women and how to know if she is the one and the women to hold on to! 12. She compromises Life can’t always be sunshine and rainbows and at some point during your relationship you and your partner will argue about something. It’s completely normal, and a given that something is bound to leave the both of you upset or disagreeing with each other, but a relationship only works if both people are willing to work on the issues. Psychologists at UCLA have done surveys on 172 married couples for eleven years and Author Thomas Bradbury said, “It’s easy to be committed to your relationship when it’s going well, as a relationship changes, however, shouldn’t you say at some point something like, I’m committed to this relationship, but it’s not going very well, I need to have some resolve, make some sacrifices and take the steps I need to take to keep this relationship moving forward.” Scientists say people who are willing to compromise and make the sacrifices will have a long and happy marriage. 11. Open heart Having a partner who stands out in public without even trying to and can make herself heard in a crowd can make things a lot easier for you. The University of Westminster did a study that showed that people who are more open to love and expression of love and share personal information about themselves are seen as more attractive by other people. The authors who did the study said that this quality is such a major one that people will judge the person’s physical appearance of open people as more beautiful or handsome. It has a lot to do with the way someone views you, and even if you’re not the most gorgeous person on the planet, chances are if you have an open heart and aren’t afraid to be open about yourself, people will find you much more attractive and inviting.
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What GIRLS' Texts Really Mean!
Texts all girls send and the meaning behind them! The hidden meaning of sms messages girls send to guys they know or are dating 14. “Whatcha up to?”- This text is simple and straightforward. She’s asking what you’re doing at the moment and if you’re busy. While she indirectly wants you to come out and hang out with her, she won’t say it because she wants the conversation to unfold on its own. This is her way of testing the waters and seeing if you’ll make the conscious effort on your own to say, “I’m not busy at all, want to hang out?” While you might think it’s much easier to be upfront and ask to spend time, she doesn’t want to seem too eager or desperate just in case you actually are occupied with something else. If you respond that you are busy at that moment, then she can expect that you’ll probably be busy for awhile and won’t waste her time sitting around and waiting for you to text her. 13. “Who is ___?” Even in a text, you already know where this conversation is going, and you can probably hear the sound of her voice too. This means she was probably doing some snooping on social media or heard some gossip from a friend about a particular person in your past or possibly in your future. To cut to the chase, she found out about a girl that she sees as a possible threat. Whether this girl is just a friend or an old ex, it means you better tell her the truth and the current status of where she is in your life because if you don’t, you can expect her to bring it up again. Even though you reassure her that this girl might not be a significant person in your life, she’ll still worry about it and keep an eye on her for a few months just to be sure. 12. “Haha” or” lol”- You send her a funny picture or tell her a joke and if she texts back haha or lol, you might think the conversation is going pretty well. But I hate to burst your bubble, but getting a text like this might be out of pure laziness. I mean how many of us actually laughed out loud when we send lol? Most of the time, these are just filler texts. She might be trying to keep the conversation because she might not know what else to say or it might just be a polite way to respond when she’s generally not interested. These are quick responses that can be typed in a few seconds. Obviously, there’s a big difference from getting a “hahaha” versus just a “haha.” If you want to keep her interest, try switching up the conversation to keep her engaged. 11. “We should hang out soon.”-During the early of stages of getting to know one another, this text might come up a lot especially if you guys have busy schedules. Most of the time, when we say “we should hang out soon,” we never make an actual effort to go through with these plans, and it’s just a kind way of saying that they miss you. However, if a girl does say that you guys should hang out soon and follows up by asking when you’re free, then she’s really trying to make these plans come true. Now, that she’s made the initial step, it’s up to you whether or not you want to follow through with her. 10.” I’m fine.”- This text is a big red flag! Also known as opposite day. If you guys are fighting or if she’s had a bad day and you ask how she’s doing, and she replies with “I’m fine,” she isn’t okay at all. In fact, she’s just saying this because she doesn’t want to make a big deal of her issues and worries. But even to other people, this response is crystal clear that she isn’t okay, and even if you try to ask her what’s wrong, she might just text back “nothing.” While you might think she’s being stubborn by not being upfront and honest about her emotions, she might be giving you short answers because she doesn’t want to start a fight or she just wants to put an end to the conversation. The best thing to do is to let her know that you care about her and give her time to come around. By letting her know that you’re there to comfort her in her hour of need is a good way to show her that you’re there for the good times and the bad.
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13 RICHEST Actors in the World!
Top richest actors on Earth! These famous hollywood celebs are some of the richest people in the world with extreme wealth and high net worths 13. Dwayne Johnson- Known as The Rock, is an actor and professional wrestler with a net worth of $220 million. Dwayne is from Hayward California. He first debuted in the wrestling ring for the first time in 1996, in his seventeenth year wrestling professionally, he became the WWE Champion after the most awaited and action-packed event in WrestleMania. Apart from wrestling Dwayne has been in multiple films as an actor. He broke into an acting career in 2001; he appeared in “The Mummy Returns” playing the Scorpion King. For a while, he divided his time up between acting and wrestling but retired from wrestling at the beginning of 2016. His popularity has grown tremendously in the last few years due to films such as “Fast Five,” and G.I. Joe: Retaliation.” He has been in recent movies such as the new “Baywatch” movie and “Rampage.” As well as the voice of Maui in the animated Disney movie, “Moana.” Dwayne also works for multiple charities, one of them is the Make A Wish Foundation, and the Kids Wish Network, and he also has his own Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation. 12. Tom Hanks- Tom Hanks is a very successful actor, writer, producer, and director. He is one of the most famous and best-paid actors in Hollywood. He has a net worth of $350 million. He is the number one most consistent box office money-making star in the world. His world total box office gross is about $8.3 billion. Tom has proven that he can do almost every genre of a movie out there, some of his most famous are, Sleepless in Seattle, Apollo 13, You’ve got mail, Cast Away, Toy Story, The Da Vinci Code, Forrest Gump, and many others! In 1993 and 1994, Hanks became the second actor in history to win back to back awards for Best Actor. He won in 1992 for the movie Philadelphia, and in 1994 for Forrest Gump. He has produced and directed several films, including The Polar Express and Cast Away.
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21 Things You Didn't Know About Sofia Vergara!
What you didn’t know about Sofia Vergara! Amazing facts about the Columbian born actress and model from Modern Family 21. Where Sofia came from- Sofia Margarita Vergara was born on July 10th, 1972 in Atlantico, Colombia, to a Roman Catholic family. Her mother, Margarita Vergara was a stay at home mom, and her father, Julio Enrique Vergara who was a cattle farmer for the meat industry in Colombia. She comes from a large family and has many cousins and five siblings. She has a younger sister named Sandra Vergara, and she is also an actress. 20. Education- Growing up, she attended a private bilingual Spanish/English school, called Marymount. Attending this bilingual school allowed her to master English as well as her native language, Spanish. She was raised in a Catholic family home and attended a Catholic school. But her religious beliefs sometimes conflicted with her modeling and acting successes. 19. How she was discovered- Sofia was first discovered at the age of 17 by a photographer on a Colombian beach. She was quickly offered work, but Sofia was hesitant at first about taking revealing bikini jobs, but surprisingly her teachers at her school were the ones that encouraged her to go for her dream after being scouted on the beach.
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The Truth About Prince William & Kate's Marriage
What you didn’t know about Prince William & Kate’s Marriage! From the wedding ring to the wedding cake things you didn’t know about the marriage of England’s royal family 18. Their wedding date was officially considered a national holiday- Kate and Will both tied the knot at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. Their wedding date was declared a national holiday given to British territories, Turks, and Bermuda, as well as Caicos and the Falkland Islands. The couple first met in 2001, in college, where they both attended St. Andrews in Scotland. Kate actually got really shy and started blushing and ran off when she met William for the first time. Kate is also the first Royal wife in British History to have a degree! She has a Masters degree in the History of Art. William majored in geography. 17. Spared no expense- The total cost of the wedding came out to be a shocking $34 million. Their venue was free of charge, but the two cakes cost $80,000, and the flowers cost a whopping $800,000, and we can’t forget about Kate’s dress which totaled out at $434,000. Those are insane amounts of money, but would you expect anything less from a royal family. 16. No makeup artist needed- Kate took four makeup lessons from a makeup artist in London. Her makeup teacher, Arabella Preston was supposed to come on her big day, but she didn’t have to, Kate was comfortable and confident enough to do it herself. 15. Ellie Goulding- Famous British singer Ellie Goulding performed at the royal wedding. She sang her own version of Elton John’s “Your Song” as the couples first dance. Ellie said she was so nervous about performing for the royal wedding her hands were shaking. 14. No ring exchange- You would think the fancy, royal bride and groom would have a point in their wedding when they show off and exchange their wedding rings, but that wasn’t the case. If you’re a big fan of the royal couple, you may have noticed that the Duke of Cambridge doesn't wear a wedding ring, in fact, he doesn't wear any jewelry. William made the decision to ditch the tradition and go ringless. It was his personal preference and something him and Kate discussed prior to the wedding. Maybe he got the quirk from his grandfather, Prince Philip because he never wore a ring either. So ring exchange only went one way in this wedding. Prince William isn’t one to wear jewelry, but Kate’s engagement ring, of course, is to no surprise, the same sapphire and diamond stunner that Prince William’s mother Princess Diana wore. Prince Harry had been keeping the ring safe but when he found out William wanted to propose he happily handed it over to him.
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15 TALLEST Actors In The World!
The world’s tallest actors! These are the tallest actors and celebs and the heights of the tallest actors in the world! 13. Liam Neeson - 6’4” (193 cm) Liam Neeson was born in Northern Ireland. He began acting in the 1970s, and had fully integrated himself in the Hollywood system by the end of the 80s. His first massive role was the lead in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler's List, a performance which earned him an academy award nomination. Audiences were ecstatic when the high caliber actor was cast as the wise jedi Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. In 2008, his career hit a new gear when he played an ex-CIA operative searching for his daughter in Taken. The movie was a huge success, and has launched him into several other action films that serve the gentleman’s imposing tall frame including The Grey and The Commuter. 12. Jeff Goldblum - 6’5” (195 cm) Jeff Goldblum first got his start as a gang thug in the controversial 1974 Charles Bronson film Death Wish. He had big parts here and there, including line roles in Annie Hall and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In 1981, he was nominated for a Genie Award (Canadian film award) for best performance by a foreign actor for his portrayal of Aldo Gehring in 1981’s Threshold. Five years later he won a Saturn Award under David Cronenberg’s direction in the 1986 movie The Fly. And guess what? In 1989 he starred in a movie entitled The Tall Guy! But it was his role as the charming scientist in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park that made audiences adore the 6’5” nontraditional actor. Three years later he hit jackpot again in Independence Day, causing him to become one of the 1990s highest grossing actors, and a pop culture mainstay up to this very day. 11. John Cleese - 6’5” (195 cm) In 1962, John Cleese was at Cambridge University performing in a Footlights show called “Cambridge Circus”. There, he met Graham Chapman, two would go on to create Monty Python’s Flying Circus, arguably the most influential sketch comedy group of all time. Cleese, 6’5” used as height as his advantage, playing the high status, authoritative characters who had a inkling for hurling insults. After the success of the group, Cleese went on to create and star in Fawlty Towers, one of Britain’s all time best sitcoms. Cleese is still working today on films, television, video games, and even broadway, and as appeared in over 200 projects throughout his lifetime.
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17 Signs An Introvert LIKES You!
Top signs an introvert is into you! These are the best body language and introvert signs and how to tell if an introvert likes you! 7. Making Suggestions - This sign has its roots in how introverts are very caring toward the people they like. They will be there to fall back on and lift the person up if they’re feeling down. But, they won’t just be there to listen; they’ll do whatever they can to support their friends or partners. An introvert will give those they like any advice they can to help them along. They’re very observant since they spend most of their time listening instead of talking. So, they can gather a lot of information to assist those they care about in problematic situations. The majority of the time they wouldn’t be open with their opinions, so if they are letting you know what they think to support you, it’s indicative of their admiration. 6. Unveiling Themselves - Just like introverts will open up about their feelings if they like someone, they will often open up about their secrets as well. They need to feel as if they can trust someone wholeheartedly before they let them in on their confidential information. This can include their deepest desires, things that have happened to them in the past, or maybe even embarrassing moments they generally don’t share with other people. Whatever the case, if they’ve opened up to you about something special, it means they’re into you. 5. It’s All in the Details - All that time introverts spend observing those around them comes in handy when interacting with the people they like. If you’ve noticed that someone has memorized your order at Subway, knows your music preferences or your favorite color, or even brings you small thoughtful gifts, it’s a huge indication that the person is interested in you. It means that they’ve spent time and energy getting to know the details of your preferences. It is especially something to pay attention to when they use this knowledge and make it a point to show you. If an introvert is openly expressing the fact that they’ve gathered this information and use it to gain your attention, it’s a sign that they like you. #love
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11 Scientific Facts About CHEATING!
Most shocking scientific facts about cheating! Strange facts about why men, women, husbands, and wives cheat in relationships 11. You’re more likely to cheat in the afternoon- Ethic researchers of Harvard University conducted a morality test that put 274 adults through four trials during different times in the day. They found that their volunteers had a higher level of self-control and moral consciousness in the daytime and were likely to participate in unethical behavior including cheating during the afternoon. Also known as the “morning morality effect,” the results show that our willpower is a delicate mental state that decreases the more you use it or as the day goes on. In the end, it turns out our morality is like dieting. It’s easier to do the right thing at the start of your day, so when it comes to decision making like cheating consider the best time of day to make a moral choice on whether or not you want to follow through with that decision. 10. Women in ovulation desire other people.- According to a 2011 research report on PsychologyToday.com scientists have learned that women who were two weeks into ovulation had an inclination in the desire for another person other than their partner. Three researchers studied women who did not take birth control and examined their monthly patterns of sexual longing for someone else other than their current mate as they entered ovulation. However after the women stopped ovulating, the women’s feelings of fantasizing desires stopped. Scientists at the University of St. Andrews and St. Aberdeen also discovered that women with low progesterone before ovulation are more likely to have adulterous affairs. But when a woman’s progesterone levels are increased during the second half of her cycle, she is likely to stay committed to her partner as the 9. Cheating men may be more likely to get heart attacks- In a 2012 study, researchers have found that extramarital affairs outside of the home were linked with a higher risk of cardiovascular risks, including fatal heart attacks. Possible reasons for the correlation could include stress to keep the relationship a secret, a guilty conscience and keeping up the demands of the affair. Back in January 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examined postmortem records of 5,559 people who died suddenly from heart complications. They found that 75% percent of those individuals who died during sex were having extramarital sex. It’s suspected that a secret sexual relationship in unfamiliar settings with a secret lover can induce a higher heart rate and increased blood pressure resulting in increased oxygen demand. 8. Men and women see cheating differently- Cheating on a loved one can have serious consequences which can even end the relationship. However, how we define cheating varies from person to person and men and women have different opinions on what constitutes cheating. Adultery at one point was just considered a physical act, but in today’s society emotional attachments to other people are is also seen as infidelity. Emotional cheating, whether it involves sex or not is having a meaningful relationship with someone else other than your mate. Researchers found that men were distressed at the thought of their partners enjoying sex with another person, while women were more concerned about their spouses being emotionally involved with another person than physically intimate. With these research results, it ultimately comes down to having respect for your partner and being aware of what actions define actual cheating.
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5 Reasons Alicia Keys STOPPED Wearing Makeup!
The real reason Alicia Keys stopped wearing makeup! Why the famous music celeb decided to go mostly with no makeup and let her natural beauty shine
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23 Tips Your Crush Wants To Be MORE THAN FRIENDS!
Does your secret crush like you? These are the best signs that your hidden crush may want to be more than friends and actually date you 23. Your crush gets jealous- As one of the signs they like you, you’ll probably notice they start to act strangely towards you whenever you talk about someone else they find attractive. This is one of the best ways to test him or her. Maybe start talking to a random person and say you like something about them, like their eyes for example, and see if they react in an unusual way. If they do, then you can know your on the right track. People usually only act jealous and territorial about someone when they have feelings for them. 22. Eye Contact- Think about when you're talking to your crush, do they look into your eyes and maintain eye contact longer than usual? If so, that’s a for sure sign they're into you as more than a friend. People usually make eye contact when they are interested or feel something with you. It might be on purpose or just because they get lost in your eyes. Either way, this is an excellent way to tell if someone is having feelings for you. 21. Body Language- You can find out if someone likes you not only from their words but their body language as well. According to the science of body language, if your crush uses their hands when they're talking to you more than they do with other people this could be a good sign. If they attempt to break the touch barrier and look for excuses to “accidentally” brush their hand against yours, or putting their arm around you, this is a good sign. Paying attention to these little gestures can help you find out if your crush is falling for you or not.
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17 SHORTEST Actors In The World!
Top shortest actors in the world! These are short actors and surprisingly short celebrities and the world’s shortest actors! 8. Michael J. Fox - This Canadian-born actor has been on the scene since 1973. However, the role that truly jump-started his career was his portrayal of Marty McFly in the 1985 film, Back to the Future. He’s known for other work as well including a couple of television shows, like Spin City from 1996 to 2001 and The Good Wife from 2010 to 2016. It’s safe to say Michael J. Fox has made a big impact even if he doesn’t measure up to most men physically. This award-winning star is just under 5’5”, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking home four Golden Globes and five Primetime Emmys throughout his career so far. Although Fox can’t travel back in time in real life, there’s no need since he’ll continue to accomplish great things in the future. 7. Kevin Hart - Although this comedian began his career on stage doing stand-up, he has prospered in the field of acting, while continuing his live performances. Kevin Hart had a rough introduction to the entertainment industry, similar to most people who are just starting out. He was reportedly unpopular during his first appearance at The Laff House in his hometown. After continuing his efforts in spite of initial defeat, Hart was cast in television movies and series, like North Hollywood in 2001 and Undeclared from 2002 to 2003. He went on to take roles in bigger-name films like Ride Along in 2014 to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle just last year. He’s known for all of these achievements, but people also recognize him as being somewhat shorter than most. Hart stands at 5’4”, and has even included his compactness in some of his stand-up routines over the years. This actor may have trouble reaching the top of the fridge, but he has no problem attaining new heights in his career. 6. Seth Green - A huge deal in the world of comedy, this actor is ahead of the curve when it comes to making people laugh. Seth Green has played in movies like Without a Paddle in 2004 and Dear Dictator just recently. He’s also well-known for his ongoing work in television series including Robot Chicken and Family Guy, and has taken home several awards for the former. Although he’s reached new heights through his career, Green only stands at 5’4”. But, what this actor doesn’t have regarding tallness, he makes up for in comedic genius
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8 Actors Who Went TOO Far For A Role!
Top actors who went too far for a role! These are the celebs who went too far and actors who went too far for a movie role! 5. Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans Daniel Day-Lewis is no doubt the most famous method actor in recent memory. He rose to prevalence winning an academy award for his portrayal of Christy Brown in My Left Foot, a role which required Lewis accomplish everything in the script using only his, you guessed it, left foot. He even refused to leave the wheelchair his palsy stricken character would realistically be confined to, breaking two ribs in the process due to the consistent contortion of his body. So when Michael Mann cast him as Hawkeye in The Last of the Mohicans, everyone (especially the ladies) were excited to see him transform into the resourceful, strapping, full haired frontiersman based on Daniel Boone. But Day-Lewis, the son of a poet, had no wilderness or weapons experience. Over the next six months, He lived in the wilderness learning survival and weaponry from a Fort Brad general who specializes in training fighter pilots shot down in enemy territory, pretty intense stuff. He also worked with a man who treats the 18th century like a lifestyle, living outside, tracking and hunting animals for food and clothing just like Daniel Boone did in his day. By the end of the six months, Lewis was one with the role, and with the wilderness his character so stoically cherished. Lewis was so invested in fact, that when filming was over, he had a hard time adjusting to normal, civilized life. This is not an uncommon byproduct of his acting method, as he has spoken in the past of a comedown period. A “bereavement” of the character he in which “no part of you wishes to leave the character behind”. Considering the source material, Mohicans was the hardest character to separate from. He had become so deep in the lifestyle that he started to suffer from claustrophobia, claiming that he couldn’t be inside for more than an hour. He also sought medical attention for “slight hallucinations”, and was prescribed a cocktail of pharmaceuticals to stabilize his mind. It was not long after this film that Daniel quit acting for a period of time to study as a cobbler in France. Many believe this was motivated by the strain he put himself under preparing for and undoing this role. 4. Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant For some actors, the idea of taking a role too far for the sake of the performance might be non-existent. They proudly consider it part of their craft, and maybe they should. Almost everyone on this list earned an academy award or nomination for their insistence. Chief among the dissenters might be Leonardo DiCaprio, who was considered for many years to be the best actor that had never won an academy award. This all ended in 2016 when he finally took home the Oscar for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant. But no matter how covetous the golden statue is, it’s never worth risking your life for, which Leo did multiple times while filming. The story of the frontier fur traders was filmed deep in the Canadian wilderness. DiCaprio subjected himself to extreme cold while shooting to help capture the mindset, eventually subjecting himself to hypothermia by diving into freezing rivers with little clothes on. He also ate raw liver and crawled inside the carcass of an animal, exposing himself to extreme bacteria. If you ask him today he will probably tell you it was worth it, but if he had developed a serious infection or gone deep into hyperthermia out there deep in isolated Canadian forest, there is no telling if he could have been evacuated in time to be saved. Too far.
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Top 16 Uses For Coca Cola You Probably DIDN’T KNOW!
Mind-blowing Coke hacks that actually work! These top tips and tricks for using Coca Cola for different life hacks will surprise you 16. Reduce bug itching- Summer time means bugs come out to play. While you can try to avoid these pesky bugs, you can’t always help it! The good part is if you have a can of Coke lying around then you can use it as a quick remedy to provide immediate relief from itching caused by a mosquito bite. The drink works by liquidating the insect saliva that activates the allergic reaction. Besides, the acidity in the beverage also helps in eradicating the venom left on your skin, when you’re poked by a wasp or a bee. By pouring Coca-Cola on the affected area, it helps to ease the pain caused by bites. 15. Cure your hiccups- Getting the hiccups is quite annoying. Most people will just wait patiently until their hiccups have gone away but sometimes holding your breath or getting scared won’t immediately stop your hiccups. But next time you find yourself hiccuping, chill some Coca Cola and then take a big gulp. But don’t actually drink it! Just gargle it for a few seconds. It might leave a tingly feeling in your mouth, but it might help cure your hiccups after a few tries! 14. Eliminating greasy clothing stains- If you accidentally spill soda on your clothes, you’re probably thinking it’s going to stain permanently. But don’t worry, coke works in the most mysterious ways and can even help you vanish the stains on your shirt. Yes, it does sound skeptical but pouring a little bit on the beverage can help you lift those tricky grease stains. All you have to do is treat the spot with some coke for a few minutes before throwing it in the washing machine. Then pour the rest of the can into the washing machine when you do the laundry. Then watch the magic happen! Not only will the stain be absent, but the drink also removes foul odors from your clothes in the wash too!
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Keanu!
Top things you didn’t know about Keanu Reeves! These are the unknown facts about Keanu and what you didn’t know about Keanu Reeves! 7. Dropout - Keanu Reeves set his sights on the performing arts when he was just a teenager. In fact, regular schooling just wasn’t this actor’s forte. Besides his short stint with hockey, he never found much interest in the typical high school life. Academics didn’t mean much to him, and his nonchalant ways showed in his work. Plus, he has dyslexia which made typical lesson plans more of a challenge. Reeves attended four different high schools within just five years. He was even expelled from one of the institutes, called the Etobicoke School of the Arts, for bad behavior. When he was enrolled in the Avondale Secondary Alternative School, he worked on his acting career while trying to obtain a diploma. However, Keanu ultimately decided scholarly life wasn’t for him, and he dropped out. Most of the time, failing to graduate doesn’t work out well for people, but for this talented star, it pushed his career in the right direction. 6. Hardships - Although this actor has had a lot of success throughout his career, his life has by no means been without difficulties. We’ve already discussed his little sister’s battle with leukemia, but that isn’t the only hardship The Matrix star has faced. River Phoenix, a brother of four siblings, fellow actor, and friend of Keanu was lost in 1993 to an overdose. The two had worked together in films like I Love You to Death in 1990 and My Own Private Idaho in 1991. They were very close, and Reeves needed time to grieve Phoenix’s passing, so he took time to himself to mourn. Then about five years later, he met Jennifer Syme. He fell in love with her, and they were going to have a daughter together. Sadly, the little girl was stillborn. They struggled to stay together after the loss of their baby, but eventually, they separated. About a year and a half after they split up, Syme was in a car accident and passed away. This series of heartbreaking events had life-long effects on Reeves, but he found a way to push through and continue pursuing his aspirations. 5. Get to the Chopper! - In this case, we’re talking about motorcycles. He’s done just about everything else throughout his career, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Reeves is also a passionate motorcyclist. He’s always been interested in riding bikes, but when it came to modifying the machines, he had a bit more trouble. So with the help of fellow motorbike enthusiast and builder, Gard Hollinger, he discovered a way to make his dream come true. Together, they founded the Arch Motorcycle Company, a place that makes top-notch customizable bikes. Their standard models include the KRGT-1, 1s, and Method 143. However, these can be personalized through their unique process, leaving each customer with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. From playing bass to making bikes, it seems there’s nothing Keanu Reeves isn’t capable of.
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15 Things That Change Once You Get Rich!
Top that change once you’re rich! These are the things you’ll get once you make more money and become rich like a new car or new house and all the things that change when you become rich! 12. Your Appearance - Another thing that is sure to change once you become rich is how you look. You might be accustomed to purchasing your clothes at department stores, but when you come into more money, you’ll be able to buy the attire you’ve always wanted from brands you couldn’t afford. Your closet will be filled with high-end garbs like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana instead of H&M and Forever 21. However, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that will change about your looks. Have you ever dreamed of hiring a personal trainer? Have you ever thought, “if only I had someone to help me out, I’d have the body I’ve always wanted!”? It’s true that getting in shape can be difficult alone, but if you have the cash, you’ll be working with best in no time. If exercise isn’t getting you the physique you desire, money can also buy you cosmetic enhancements such as hair implants and lip plumping services. Some of these might be more extreme than others, but being rich is sure to change your appearance one way or another. 11. Try New Things - Not only will you transform into a new person regarding your clothes, but your entire lifestyle will also change. This adjustment includes moving on to unfamiliar things. You’ll be more inclined to try various foods and activities, and you might even take on a new hobby. It’s true that money can’t buy everything, but it will allow you to do things you had never thought of before and probably couldn’t afford. Do you want to learn how to pilot a helicopter or master the tango? No problem! The world is at your fingertips if you’re wealthy. You could hire someone to teach you or sign up for classes you couldn’t have paid for otherwise. Who knows, maybe you’ll even give skydiving a try. 10. How Others Treat You - We already talked about how strangers will begin wanting what you have once you start making the big bucks. However, it isn’t only the envious that will treat you differently. Almost everyone you run into will change how they act around and towards you. People will begin catering to you; they’ll offer to run errands for you, bring you coffee, and ask you for advice. They will also stop questioning you. When you’re successful, it proves to people that what you’re doing or saying has worked for you, making them less likely to doubt you. Just take a look at most celebrities; if they’ve made a statement, even if it is false, people are likely to believe them because they are in positions of power. Not only will your bank account grow, so will your influence. This may not always be a positive thing; but, when you’re rich, there’s no stopping the distinctive treatment you’ll receive.
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13 Things Flight Attendants Know That YOU DON’T!
Secrets flight attendants don’t tell passengers! Airplane secrets you won’t believe flight attendants never tell you 13. You can tip your flight attendant- Many people tip their waiter, taxi driver, and even the hotel bellman but what about flight attendants? While you most certainly can tip flight attendants, many airlines actually discourage tipping. Corey Caldwell, a spokesperson for the Association of Flight Attendants, says passengers shouldn’t tip flight attendants because just like firefighters, police officers and other professionals, it is their primary concern to maintain passengers security and safety. Others say that flight attendants go out of their way to provide excellent service and demonstrate patience to help passengers feel comfortable on board, so tipping is a way to show their appreciation. While many travelers assume flight attendants bring in a lot of money, that’s not always the case. Flight attendants can work a 12-hour shift but only get paid for the flight hours, and that doesn’t include deplaning or boarding either. So many people think dishing out a few bucks to your flight attendant won’t hurt. 12. Flight Turbulence- Flight Turbulence can be a scary thing to go through mid-flight. But if wondering why your pilot just doesn’t steer around it; it’s not always that simple. Clear air turbulence or CAT can’t be determined accurately for flights to be planned around it. The pilot will try to avoid CAT if they can since the only advance notice comes from other pilots traveling on the same route. However navigating around it doesn’t entail a smooth course either. CBS or cumulonimbus clouds can be avoided during flights, but it gets harder to do so when landing. As the plane approaches the airport, there is less altitude so it must be essential for the aircraft to be aligned with the runway five miles from touching base. But turning off course isn’t possible when landing if within the five-mile radius so if a CB cloud is in the way then sometimes landings are temporarily stopped to allow the CB to float away. 11. Beaten up and lost bags- Just because you wrote “fragile” or “handle with care” on your luggage doesn’t mean it’s tucked away nice and neatly on the plane. Checked luggage gets a beating which is literally why they call it “throwing bags” for a reason. In addition, luggage handles and wheels often crack or break on impact. Loose ends can get caught in the conveyor belt while it’s being loaded on causing tears in straps and zippers. Then there’s the pain of having your baggage lost. While employees may attest that it fell off the truck, the truth is sometimes the airport code is mistranslated. Your belongings might get placed on the wrong cart and wheeled to the wrong plane. But if your luggage winds up in a different destination, it won’t get shipped to you until it reaches the place it was scanned to go. 10. Sleeping Pilot- When it comes to being a pilot, long travel and flying can result in being on duty for 16 hours or even more without taking a break. Include the added stress of being in charge of hundreds of passengers while safely getting them to their destination and being away from your family for extended periods of time can affect your mental and physical health. On long flights, there are two pilots which are good. One pilot mans the controls and flight settings while the other one naps. While it might not be legal, naps are important to shake away the sleepiness. Despite it being illegal for pilots to take naps in the United States, controlled naps for pilots are legal in the United Kingdom. Although, I would much rather have my pilot take a quick thirty-minute nap to feel refreshed if it allows for them to be alert and aware the rest of the flight.
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18 TALLEST Actresses In The World!
Top tallest actresses in the world! This is the height of the tallest female celebrities and the tallest actresses in the world! 7. Karen Gillan- Karen is a Scottish actress, director, and screenwriter who first rose to prominence as a model in New York City while she was attending acting school at the Academy of Theatre Arts. Her height seems like an obvious requirement to pursue such a career, even though her real dream from the very beginning was to be an actress instead of a model. Karen Gillan stands at 5 foot 11 inches, despite that she began as a model, is still surprising just because of how tall she really is. When you just look at her upper torso and head, she seems like she would have a petite frame but that’s not the case. Who knew that this Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who star was so tall? 6. Sigourney Weaver- She is six foot tall, and arguably one of Hollywood’s best actresses. You probably recognize her from classics like the Alien franchise, Annie Hall, the Ghostbusters franchise, Working Girl, and Avatar. But what sets her apart from others is her height. She stands at an impressive six feet tall, and is one of Hollywood’s tallest actresses! 5. Jane Lynch- Of course, we all know Jane Lynch is tall, but maybe you didn’t realize she is six feet tall! In the famous show Glee, where she plays Sue Sylvester we always just thought she was tall because she is always standing next to teenagers in the show, or because she was co-starring next to Matthew Morrison, who is petite and little. But in real life Jane is just as tall as she seems in the tv show, standing at a whopping six feet tall. For Jane, her height has never held her back, and she has managed to build a good reputation for her height. Her height has helped her gain authoritative roles. Jane Lynch said in an interview that her height had been a big part of the reason for landing so many roles. Instead of letting her height set her back she embraces it and uses it to her advantage!
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Signs You're MORE SUCCESSFUL Than You Think
How to know you're successful in life! You may think you're not a success but if step back perhaps you realize that you are 18. Education- Do you make a conscious effort to continue to educate yourself every day? Even in just small ways? If you do, that is a massive sign of successful people and can be a great benefit in all aspects of your life. Something as simple as reading an actual book once in a while, or paying close attention to politics and elections, trying out tours and learning about the city you live in, and watching documentaries, are all beneficial and useful ways to spend your free time. A big sign your more successful than you think is that you're always challenging yourself to keep learning and broadening your limits of knowledge. You can never learn or know too much. 17. Being rational- You make rational decisions between multiple things that you want in order to maintain your budget and not go broke. You're mature enough to understand that when you’re working with a decent budget, you can’t just have everything you want all the time. If you’d really like to visit a friend in another city, you know how to channel your energy into cutting back on other things and temporary luxuries, like going out to eat when you have food at home, or not taking an uber everywhere when it’s not necessary. You realize that you have to give up a couple of things for a short period of time in order to make your goals happen or get what you're saving up for. 16. Around you- Regardless of the fact that there is a lot to keep up within today’s world, you’re always making sure you’re at least somewhat educated on significant events that are going on around you, as well as the things going on nowhere near you. It’s a good thing to know what's going on in the world you live in because if not, it makes you seem like you don’t care and are just living in a self-absorbed bubble. 15. Give it your all- You're more successful than you think if you give it you're all at work even if you know that the current job your working at is never going to be your true calling. Also if you know, you won’t be working there in a month, or a year, or even a week from now, you still show up every day ready to bring something to the table and be a source of help to the workplace and to the people around you. You might hate your current job situation, but you still show up on time every day and do what your suppose to do, and regardless if you like the job or your boss, you always leave on good terms and don’t just walk out because you realize if you need their reference later on or need to come back to the job, that you left on good terms and didn’t burn any bridges.
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13 DARK SECRETS From The Cast Of That 70’s Show!
Strange secret facts from the cast of That 70’s Show! From Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis first kiss to characters Mitch Hedberg and Tommy Chong we look at dark hidden secrets 13. Forgotten Pals- When Ashton Kutcher co-hosted “Live with Kelly” he was eager to interviewing his former co-star and friend Laura Prepon as well as yelling at her too. When the actress got engaged to Ben Foster, he found out through the news citing it was weird since the two were friends. When she came out, they exchanged hugs in which the actor whispered, “I am soo pissed at you.” He went on to say “Pre, this is unacceptable.” Prepon told him, “ I know, but if anyone understands privacy, it’s you.” While he commented that private lives include friends, both were equally shocked at each other engagements including when Kunis and Kutcher got together, since she didn’t know they were an item. 12. Mila Kunis- It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the sassy and witty Jackie Burkhart on the beloved show. But if it wasn’t for Kunis lying about her age to nab the iconic role, we might have had a different actress. Kunis was only fourteen years old at the time when auditioned for the role of Jackie Burkhart. Initially, producers didn’t want to cast any minors because it would result in some limitations in the filming schedule. Kunis revealed to People Magazine that when producers had asked about her age, she told them she would be eighteen on her birthday but didn’t tell what year. Pretty clever. Ultimately the role went to her in the end! 11. Lisa Robin Kelly’s downward spiral- Nobody played Eric’s manipulative and smart mouthed older sister better than Lisa Robin Kelly. Even though Kelly was in her thirties, she did a fantastic job playing a 20-year-old college dropout with comical remarks and snarky jokes. She rose to fame while on the show, but throughout the years she faced some battles that landed her in hot water. She first gained drinking problems that led to two DUI’s and an assault charge. Despite the show trying to help her recover, she was terminated and was replaced by actress Christina Moore. Unfortunately, her ongoing battle with substance abuse took over her life. During that time she revealed she lost her baby. In 2013, she died in her sleep a few days at the Pax Rehab House from an accidental intoxication. 10. First Kiss- Back in 2001, the actress told People magazine that her first kiss was with fellow co-star Ashton Kutcher. To make thing worse, the two were strangers on the set but admitted she did have a crush on the Kutcher, who was once a male model. She revealed that at the time she felt uncomfortable and nervous. But stated that Kutcher was fun and broke the tension by giving her funny compliments and making her laugh. However, Kutcher was also nervous and responded back in 2001 that he had no idea he was her first kiss. He admitted that he had butterflies as well. Practice does make perfect since the pair would go on to make plenty of more on-screen kisses!
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12 MIND-BLOWING Mind Tricks To Fool Your Friends!
Mind tricks you can do on your friends! Most amazing riddles and illusions ever and how these mind blowing mind games work 12. Scary Visions- This trick can be a bit scary, so pick a friend who is brave enough to take on this mind-blowing illusion! In a dark room, have your friend stand about twenty inches away from a large mirror and hold a candle directly behind them. Have your friend gaze at their reflection in the mirror, and after a minute they will start to see their face become horribly distorted. Italian psychologist Giovanni Caputo set up this trick and tested it out on fifty people. Twenty-eight percent of those people saw images of an old woman, child or ancestor in the mirror and some people even saw animal faces like a cat, pig or a lion. All fifty participants experienced some form of this dissociative identity effect, at least for some apparition of strange faces and often reported strong emotional responses like they were being watched; mostly attributed as a result of the brain failing to combine all the facial elements into a single image. 11. Mary’s Mother- Read this sentence correctly. Mary’s mom had four children: April, May, June and blank. If you replied with July, then you’re wrong. The correct answer is Mary. National Geographic’s Brain Games host Jason Silva, says your brain is wired to be efficient and looks for a pattern in everything. Even though the answer lies at the beginning of the sentence, your brain automatically blurts out July because that’s the next month that follows in that order. This mind trick showcases how your automatic or system one brain process works. This way also utilizes shortcuts as an attempt to save energy in the brain to do other tasks like running the body or keeping yourself alive. 10. Leg control?- Have your friend sit down and tell that with the power of your mind, that you can monitor their leg and anything they do with their arm, you will command their leg to do. First, tell them to raise their left foot and make clockwise circles with their leg. Now tell them to make counterclockwise circles with their left arm. Now bring the attention that her leg is now doing the same! Instruct your pal to get their leg going clockwise again with the left hand in a still motion. Then tell her to draw a stickman in the air, and their foot will start drawing as well. When you are trying to do difficult multitasks with limbs on the same side of your body, the way your nerves get indications results in the natural dominance of your hands and arms over legs and feet. But your friend doesn’t have to know the real reason why just make them think you’re some sort of psychic or magician. 9. Money Grab- Here’s an easy game you can play with a friend. Hold out any dollar bill to your pal and have them place their index finger and thumb a few inches away from the bill, ready to grab it. Prepare to drop the bill. However, your friend isn’t allowed to move their whole arm. They can only use their fingers. Then let go of the money. Your friend won’t be able to catch the money no matter how hard they try because it all has to do with mental processing speed and time. Everything you see happens one-tenth of a second before it records in the brain, which is the amount of time required to assess the information that comes in through the eyes and your senses. Besides watching the dollar bill drop, your brain also has to tell your fingers to move to catch the bill. So by the time this happens, the money is out of reach. So it’s actually interesting to wonder how quickly our brains can function, but we tend to overestimate our reaction time.
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The Truth About The Obamas’ Marriage
This is the truth behind the former president and Michelle’s marriage! These are the top facts about the relationship and marriage of Barack and Michelle and the truth about the Obamas’ marriage! 6. Before the Presidency - Before going full-force into the kitchen, so to speak, Michelle and Barack had to decide whether or not they could take the heat. They wanted to figure out what political involvement could do for their more profound objectives involving social change. Considering Barack’s dreams of a more progressive society is one of the things that drew Michelle to him initially, it isn’t surprising that they would want the ultimate aim of his presidency to encompass those passions. Although he believed the best way to go about achieving these aspirations would be through politics, his wife tried to go around it, attempting change on a smaller scale through community organizations. They didn’t want their marriage solely based on government projects, but instead, wanted their union to magnify the goals they’d already set for themselves. This thought-process and pre-planning strengthened the couple’s relationship so that once he became president, the stress of the position wouldn’t tear them apart. Michelle backed him up throughout everything even though her early beliefs were against government involvement. It looks like it worked out in their favor and the two made an impact on societal standards that will last an eternity. 5. During the Presidency - Michelle had a lot of say during Barack’s run for office and maintained an important position throughout his presidential career. However, she said she was by no means a “co-president.” Although she and her husband discussed a lot of matters together, such as healthcare, and Michelle helped him in many ways concerning his public image, Barack made most decisions concerning things like military matters. She also remained focused on her own goals for societal change. In 2009, she put in a new garden at the white house to generate a discussion about the country’s welfare. Michelle began the campaign called “Let’s Move!” in 2010, whose goal is to create a healthier future for the nation’s families. The movement encourages fresh food choices, provides better options to school cafeterias, makes healthy alternatives more budget-friendly, and promotes exercise. So, even while Barack was making huge moves as president, Michelle was following her aspirations.
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14 Celebs Who HAVE ISSUES With Taylor Swift!
Celebrities who don’t like Taylor Swift! From hate to misunderstandings these celebs have had conflict with the famous singer 14. Miley Cyrus- Even though Taylor Swift made an appearance in the Hannah Montana movie, it was strictly business. Back in 2015, Cyrus revealed in The New York Times that she wasn’t interested in joining Taylor’s squad of famous friends because none of her friends were famous. She stated that she just liked real people living real lives because she was inspired by it. Cyrus also shared her opinion on Swift’s action regarding the bad blood music video in a Marie Claire issue. Cyrus said that she didn’t understand the whole violence thing and asked if that was a good thing. Miley went on to say, “And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my boobs out? I’m not sure how boobs are worse than guns.” Good point Miley! 13. Joe Jonas- Back in 2008, this Jonas brother broke up with the singer in the worst way possible, over a 27-second phone call. While many sympathized with Swift over her heartbreak, Jonas defended himself by saying that phone calls can only last as long as the person on the receiving end is willing to talk, hinting that Swift possibly hung up on him. Since then, the two weren’t spotted together until 2015, when Jonas started dating Gigi Hadid who is a friend of Swift’s. While the two double date, things seem to go well until Hadid and Jonas broke up later that year. But despite their breakup, it didn’t appear to affect Jonas and Swift’s platonic acquaintance. 12. Demi Lovato- Back in February 2016, Demi Lovato took to Twitter to express her grief after the New York Supreme Court ruled Kesha had to stay under Dr. Luke’s contract. Lovato tweeted multiple times about women empowerment, even though Swift made a hefty donation to Kesha for legal fees, it seemed like Lovato was still unamused. Demi tweeted “Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and then I’ll be impressed.” Even though Demi later clarified on Twitter that she wasn’t personally attacking Swift, the two still don’t see eye to eye especially after Lovato sided with Kim Kardashian after she attempted to expose Swift.
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12 Best ZODIAC COMBINATIONS For Relationships!
Best astrological signs for dating! These zodiac combinations of tell you what are the best compatible guys and girls for your relationships 12. Aries- As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are natural born leaders who love a challenge and wants someone who is equally the same. One best match for an Aries is a Gemini because together they love sharing their mutual need of knowledge and are always thinking of ways to surprise one another. Another great match is a Sagittarius as both love being active, social and like to live on the edge. These two are sure to keep their relationship fun and spontaneous. Leo and Aries are also another great match because their union is compatible in terms of socially and privately. Both feed off one’s energies but also have no problem being intimate alone together as well. 11. Taurus-Taureans are extremely headstrong and opinionated. They possess hard working qualities and value the finer things in life like good music, exquisite food and fine art so it’s important for them to connect with someone who is willing to keep up with their lifestyle. As an earth sign, it is best their other half also embodies a similar energy type but isn’t limited to this. Cancer and Taurus are sensitive and empathic to one another so communication with these two signs are easy. Capricorn and Taurus are a perfect match because they both share a need for long term security and are interested in maintaining long lasting relationships. Lastly another great match for Taurus is Pisces as both are great lovers and Taurus’s ability to keep Pisces grounded keeps the relationship stable. 10. Gemini- As a symbol of twins, Geminis are adaptive and flexible. They are social butterflies as well as natural communicators who are witty and quick. Geminis have a dual nature and fit well with those who express vitality and curiosity. Libra and Gemini are said to be an ideal partnership due to their love of art and culture. Their relationship is a great ride that benefits both of them and allows for each person to grow. Another great match for Gemini is Aquarius and their relationship is bound to be full of surprises that will keep their relationship flourishing. Aries and Gemini are another perfect match and their lives together will be complemented as they both possess playful qualities and open mindedness. 9. Cancer- Much like that crab that represents this sign, Cancer has a thick outer shell and they are assertive and tough to break down on the outside. However they are also sensitive and emotionally deep seat which makes them a keeper in many relationships due to their sensibilities and willingness to protect others. Taurus and Cancer are also great in many ways because they balance each other out with their weaknesses and strong qualities, which allows both of them to express themselves freely. Another compatible match for Cancer is a Scorpio because they make each other feel loved and safe, making this a tuneful relationship. Lastly, Virgo and Cancer are a great pair because they look to one another for guidance and take turns discussing their ventures and future together. 8. Leo- As with their lion symbol, Leos are courageous and upfront individuals who are strong willed and bold in their daily lives. But they are known for being attentive, warm and are willing to please their partner as long as they return the favor as well. Sagittarius and Leo make a great pair because they are both fire signs and are guaranteed to keep their relationship thrilling and passionate. Another great match for Leo is an Aries because they have similar temperaments, but this makes it easy for them to understand one another, making their lives together harmonious and warm. Gemini and Leo are signs that greet life with grace and enthusiasm. With Leo’s fun loving approach and Gemini’s social openness, these qualities complement each other. #love #astrology #zodiac
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14 HIDING HACKS That Will Fool Even The Smartest Thief!
Top amazing hiding hacks that will fool any burglar! These secret places to hide your things will give you tips and tricks to keep your stuff safe 14. False Stair Tread- Harry Potter has taught us that there’s a lot of empty space beneath a staircase. In fact, his whole room underneath it! So why not using it to store your valuables? If you have a two story house, then this is the perfect hiding spot for your things.You can do this by removing a stair tread and cut a hole into the landing or hollow out an entire step. You can also add in dividers to section off your belongings too. The best part is it’s so discreet nobody will ever know that it’s there. Another creative hack is to make a stair drawer. Instead of hollowing it out on the top, you can cut out the bottom instead and make a drawer! It is easy to open and just as hidden as a fake stair tread! 13. Air Vent Secret Stash- Even though it’s in plain sight, it still does a fantastic job at keeping your belongings safe. Air vents are so common so an air vent styled safe would blend well in any office, whether it’s at home or the office. Instead of cutting out an actual vent in your home, you can purchase this product for less than $100 to keep everything you own in one space. The vent-safe comes with a faceplate that resembles a standard vent that you would find on any HVAC system. The concept is pretty basic as well. Inside is a steel box that can fit inside of a wall. It also comes with a white grilled to cover up your stuff and there are also optional magnets for a smooth release. Even though it’s not the largest space, it does a good job of concealing the right amount of products like jewelry, money and even a handgun. 12. Hollowed Out Bookcase- It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it really does work! How many thieves would be willing to spend their time rummaging through books to find any hidden valuables? Most likely intruders will just see what’s visible and grab whatever they can, so a hidden bookcase is a perfect place to hide your stuff. While a hollowed book works just as well, it doesn’t leave much room to store your belongings. Instead, attach several books using a glue gun to a plywood box attached to the back. If the sides of the books are visible, you can fold back the covers of the books on the right and left sides of the assembly before cutting it up. Now the trick is to make sure the bookcase blends in normally on your shelves with other books, best to keep it on a high shelf or flat shelf and away from a person’s eye level. 11. Hidden Outlet Safe- For only $9.99, this hidden fake wall outlet is sold on Amazon and makes the perfect cover up to store your valuables and other small goods. Not only does it look exactly like a wall outlet but it’s easy to assemble too. Even though it might not be the biggest space to store your things, it still does a good job of keeping your belongings covered. We’re all told to stay away from electric outlets, so robbers aren’t going to spend time looking for every single outlet to see if there’s anything stored inside. 10. Diversion Can Safe- Diversion can safes are one of the best sensible things on sale because they camouflage as everyday objects and are perfect for when you are traveling or even at home. They are especially ideal when going camping or hiking outdoors and so thief wants to rummage through cans of food. There are so many types of diversion can safes, anything from a container of gum, a bottle of Windex and even deodorant sprays. According to the Chicago Crime Commission, a robber spends an average of 8 minutes in a person’s home, so put the odds in your favor and hide what you can. These products are usually weighted to feel full, so even if a robber picks it up or pushes it to the side, they’ll never know what’s truly inside.
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10 Cool Things Your BODY SAYS ABOUT YOU!
Facts you never knew about the human body! From body language to what having blue eyes means these are amazing top things your body says about you. 10. People with Red Hair- Those with red hair have the rarest hair color in the world, so consider yourself a needle in the haystack if you have red hair. Redheads actually have lower concentrations of eumelanin inside their body and can’t attain vitamin D, but because of this, their body produces their own Vitamin D instead! Redheads are also known to change their temperature quicker than the average person. According to research, it is because those with redheads are more sensitive to cold and hot pain. A German sex researcher also discovered that women with red hair had a more active sex life than the average women, experiencing private sessions three times a week on average compared to their brunette and blonde counterparts who have it twice a week. Hmmm, too bad the guys weren’t questioned too! 9. Your toes can reveal your personality- As hard as it is to believe, your toes can show a lot about your identity and the type of person you are. For example, the second toe on your foot depicts what you want in your life. If there is a space between your second and third toe, then you are trying to isolate yourself from your emotions. The longer your second toe means you have more leadership qualities than the average person. If your third toe is also comparatively long, then says you are resourceful and vibrant especially at work. However if it is short, it means you enjoying relaxing and aren’t affected too much by the problems that come your way. While this may lead others to think you are lazy, you would argue that life is short so savor it! Your fourth toe showcases the relationships in your life. A straight and long fourth toe means that your family is vital in your life and you are a nurturer and vocal when it comes to your family. While on the other hand, a short fourth toe indicates that your focus is somewhere else and that relationships and family aren’t as serious to you. Last but not least; your pinky toe. If you can wiggle your little toe away from your other toes, then you are adventurous, flirtatious and impulsive. If you can’t do so, then you are loyal, predictable and love routine in your life. 8. There’s more than meets the eye- They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but they could also be a window to see your personality traits and how much you can drink. If you have brown or dark eyes, you may not be able to hold down your liquor compared to your blue or green eyed pals. Those with lighter colored eyes are considered more frequent drinkers and can drink more quantities of alcohol. A personality and individual differences study published in 2001 also claim that those with dark eyes are more sensitive to other drugs and alcohol which may result in them to drink less than others. Those with darker eyes, however, have more melanin and those with more of this pigment have a faster reaction time. With more melanin in the brain, dark-eyed individuals work faster and more efficiently too. As crazy as it sounds, blue eyed people are also all related. The gene mutation for blue eyes dates back nears the Black Sea Coast around 6,500 to 10,000 years ago. A geneticist from Copenhagen University states that we all initially started with brown eyes, but a genetic change switched off the process that creates brown melanin pigment. One theory suggests this shift became widespread due to cold weather and dark skies that helped changed eye color.
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