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Fire All-Stars Volume Trailer
[WWW.FIREGROOVE.COM] Fire All-stars Vol. 1 takes you on a journey through the lives of fifteen of the most dedicated fire dancers in the world, each a master of their art. From Japan to France, South Africa to the United States, this documentary digs deep into the international fire community revealing the passion that drives these unique artists. Enjoy in-depth interviews and tons of jaw-dropping performances with a variety of fire tools including poi, double staff, contact staff, buugeng, hoop, fans, meteor and more! Not only will Fire All-stars Vol. 1 inspire spinners to take it to the next level but it will also inspire you to step outside of the box, follow your dream, and tackle your fears! The All-stars: Yuta, Imakokode, Sage, Noel Yee, Zan, Dai Zaobab, Rovo, Arashi, MCP, Andy House, Ronan, and Lester, Kamala, Hannah and Jade of Fire Groove! Features: · Fifteen of the best fire dancers in the world · Mind-blowing fire performances · Inspiring interviews · Never-before-seen moves & tricks · Hilarious behind the scenes footage · Showcases a variety of fire tools · Unique insight into the intl fire community
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Fire Groove: Indra Demo
[www.firegroove.com] Hannah and Kamala doin what they do best!!!!
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Fire Groove: Los Pinguos Music Video
[www.firegroove.com] This is a music video we performed in for the band Los Pinguos.. They Kick Ass!!!
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Fire Groove: D:Fuse Music Video
We teamed up with D:fuse to bring you this bad ass music video!!!
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Fire Groove: Lester Solo
[www.firegroove.com] Lester Mooney solo shots with double staff, contact staff, and poi up at the mansion. Lafa Taylor on the beats.... Enough Said!
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Fire Groove: Indra Live
[www.firegroove.com] A compilation of some of our best fire shows
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Fire Groove: Demo
[www.firegroove.com] Here's a video that we entered into the Circles of Light Competition...
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Fire Groove: LA Decom 2007
[www.firegroove.com]Here are some shots from our performance at LA Decom 2007.. Thanks to Chris Bradley for putting this all together
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Fire Groove: Shoes Music Video
[www.firegroove.com] This could possibly be the funniest video on you tube, and we were so happy that we could be part of it.. Let's Get Some Shoes!!!
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Fire Groove: Night in Hollywood
[www.firegroove.com] A new demo with Kamala, Jade, Hannah, and Lester. A little bit of live shows and a little mansion shoot!!! Enjoy...
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Fire Groove: Instructional Video Trailer
[www.firegroove.com] Check out our instructional video trailer to see if our staff and poi groove DVD's are right for you!!
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Fire Groove: Backyard Firedance Session
[www.firegroove.com] I just recently started editing, and I took some primitive video of Kam, Jade, and myself to make up the first of the Backyard Bash. A little Poi, Staff, Double staff, and of course a little staff huckin. Hope you Enjoy
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Fire Groove: Contact Staff
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Fire Groove: LTN LA Flavor
[www.firegroove.com] Here is a show called LA Flavor that did a short segment on Fire Groove and our classes.
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Fire Groove: New Demo COL 2007
[www.firegroove.com] We entered this into Circles of Light 2007 international competition.. I guess you could say it is also our new demo!! Dancers: Hannah, Kamala, Lester, and Jade
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Fire Groove: Backyard Session Part Two
[www.firegroove.com] Here's another session we had in May 06 with a couple friends that we don't get to spin with much.. Just having a good time in the old backyard!!!
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Fire Groove: Single Fire Staff
[www.firegroove.com] A quick clip from our show at hollywood and highland 2005 NYE.. DASK Productions
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