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Pro Wakeboard Crash Compilation
Boaters Outlet believes in the saying, "No pain, no gain." In this video we go way back to the early days of progression with Byerly, The Gator, and many others. We support all wake boarders/wake skaters in their search to be creative, original, and influential. On the behalf of Boaters Outlet we thank you for inspiring us over the years.
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This is a great tutorial on the HS FS 360. Shaun Murray breaks down each step so you will be well on your way to learning your first 360!
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Neoprene Vs. Nylon Life Jackets
If you are deciding on a life jacket, the material can make a huge impact on comfort and durability. Watch this video to see if neoprene or nylon is the right jacket for you.
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How to set up a Wakeboard
http://www.boatersoutlet.com/wakeboards-and-accessories.aspx In this video we go over how to set up a wakeboard, binding position is very important for having a good time out on the water.
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Water Ski Ropes vs. Wakeboard Lines
http://www.boatersoutlet.com/waterskiropes.aspx In this video we go over the difference between a water ski rope and a wakeboard line. See our big selection of ski ropes and lines at BoatersOutlet.com.
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How to use a Fluke Anchor
In this video we go over how to properly set up an anchor, so you can save time and energy out on the lake.
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This is a quick video on how to install wakeboard tower speakers. In this video I installed a pair of Samson Sports S7HD tower speakers on a 2009 Supra Launch 22ssv. If you have any questions, please comment below. Be sure to check us out at http://www.boatersoutlet.com
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Pro Wakeboard Crash Compilation 3
Boaters Outlet believes in the saying, "No pain, no gain." We support all wake boarders/wake skaters in their search to be creative, original, and influential. On the behalf of Boaters Outlet we thank you for the inspiration.
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Meguiars Fiberglass Restoration Kit
Make your boat look brand new again with the Meguiars Fiberglass Restoration Kit! Check it out at BoatersOutlet.com.
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How To Measure For Your Bimini Top
A brief video illustrating how to measure for your bimini top
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2014 CWB Wakeboards In Action
Check out all the latest CWB boards at Boatersoutlet.com! Let us know if there is a video you would like posted of any certain board. We are here to help!
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How to Properly Fit an Adult Life Jacket
Here at Boaters Outlet we encourage everyone to wear a proper fitting life jacket for your safety and comfort out on the water. Watch this quick video to get a better idea on how to buy the right life vest for you.
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12 Honkeys - Scott Byerly Segment
Throwback Thursday! Scott Byerly in one of the greatest wakeboard films of all time, 12 HONKEYS!
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2015 CWB Wakeboards Preview
Take a sneak peak of the new 2015 CWB wakeboard line! Be sure to buy all your CWB gear from: http://www.boatersoutlet.com
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Connelly's Drifter SUP package lets you take your paddling adventures anywhere. The exceptionally lightweight inflatable Drifter paddleboard is easy to transport. When deflated, the paddleboard simply rolls up into a compact size. Once inflated, the high pressure, drop-stitch PVC construction is extremely stable. Fusion-wrapped rails increase rigidity. Package includes a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle, 3 fins, high pressure hand pump with gauge, and a carrying bag. 10' x 30" x 4". Weighs 20.5 lbs. 185-liter volume. For riders up to 200 lbs. check it out now at http://www.boatersoutlet.com
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Masterline Pro Lock Gloves
pro locks
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2015 Breddas Wakeboard Edit
Check out the latest O'brien Breddas board at http://www.boatersoutlet.com.
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Boater's Outlet employee Wyatt Green gets bit on the teat while trying to relax with the fish down at Lake Powell. Make sure to pack some pasties on your next visit. For licensing/usage please contact [email protected]
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How To Assemble Your Bimini Top
A brief video illustrating how to assemble your bimini top
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How to Choose a Slalom Ski
http://www.boatersoutlet.com/slalomskis.aspx In this video we talk about the difference in waterskis, and how you can decide what type of waterski to buy. Please email, or call us if you have any other questions! boatersoutlet.com
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How to pick up a Wakeboarder
This is a very important video demonstrating the correct way to retrieve a wakeboarder after he/she has fallen. Every person in Utah that owns a boat needs to watch this video! We hope to help boating enthusiasts everywhere, to have the safest and funnest time out on the water as possible!
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Inflating a Towable Tube
How to properly inflate your towable tube. Airhead describes the proper way to blow up your tube.
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O'brien System Wakeboard
Check out the new O'brien System Wakeboard package at BoatersOutlet.com!
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How To Install Your Bimini Top
A brief video illustrating how to install your bimini top
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Shaun Murray Wakeboarding Behind Yacht (Circa 2003)
Here is Murray proving you can have fund riding behind any boat, or yacht! So enjoy some classic Shaun Murray wakebording footage. If you know the exact size, make, and model of the boat let us know, I couldn't find it anywhere.
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2013 CWB Vibe Wakeboard
Check out the brand new 2013 CWB Vibe at Boatersoutlet.com
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2016 CWB Reverb Wakeboard
The Reverb is a user friendly shape with features designed to give the rider a forgiving, predictable feel while maintaining explosive performance. The deep center channel sets you slightly lower in the water increasing edge hold while carving into the wake. Subtle 3-Stage rocker provides pop off the lip of the wake. The full length center spine, combined with V-Tech in the tip and tail, makes hard, flat landings easier to set down.
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2016 CWB Standard Wakeboard
When designing his pro model Josh wanted a board that was fun for anyone to ride, but also let him push the limits of what he does on the water. We started with a continuous rocker pattern for an easy-going natural carving board and added very subtle bottom features to maintain board speed and maneuverability. The tip and tail have a thin profile and are equipped with V-Tech to absorb energy on landings in the flats. Four bolt on fins are designed to release easily off the wake like molded fins but are removable for trips to the park. We're not saying riding The Standard will give you Twelker's style, but it's not going to hurt.
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Aquaglide FreeFall - Extra large, commercial grade slide and play station for water.
Extra large, commercial grade play station for on water use. Little brother to the Summit, theres nothing little about it! Combines 3 distinct play areas to provide unlimited entertainment. Features climbing, sliding, and a large enclosed splash station for playing or relaxing. Feel your heart in your throat as you surge toward the water on this 10 foot tall monster. Modular design allows the addition of virtually unlimited options. SwimStep access platform sold separately. http://www.boatersoutlet.com/aquaglide-freefall.aspx
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What is Rocker in Wakeboards/Wakeskates?
http://www.boatersoutlet.com/wakeskates.aspx In this video we explain what rocker is in a wakeboard/wakeskate, and how you can better understand what board to buy for your skill level. Please call us or email us if you have any questions, and be sure to check out our website at BoatersOutlet.com!
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How to Remove/Install a Boat Propeller
In this video we go over how to change a propeller on an outdrive. If you have any other questions about props, feel free to give us a call!
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2016 CWB Voodoo Wakesurf
You don't have to be into black magic to dig the Voodoo. If you like a pure surf style board that is fast, free and fun this board is for you. A wide tip and tail add to total surface area supporting bigger riders. This also takes some curve out of the rail creating a fast but stable feel. The Voodoo can hang way back on a wave and is reactive enough to boost forward on command. You can charge, carve and slash with nothing holding you back.
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How to Use an Anchor Buddy
The stretchable anchor line! Simply drop anchor about 30’ out, proceed to shore, and Anchor Buddy stretches, while your anchor stays set. As you pay out your bow line, Anchor Buddy retracts, anchoring your boat safely offshore. Also works great for anchoring in rough water. Easy, safe and convenient…the Anchor Buddy has colors to match popular boat trims and accessories. For temporary anchoring / mooring only. Mini Buddy PWC- Stretches from 7’ to 18’ and is the ideal solution for shallow water and small craft applications.
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2018 O'Brien Rome
Looking to get booted like Jeff Langley? The Rome is a great place to start. This super stiff board utilizes a wider profile and a 5-Stage Rocker to maximize lift off the wake. Normally you’d have to worry about the repercussions of going too high, but with the Rome’s center spine, hard landings are a thing of the past. With its width, floaty Feather Core, Delta Base, and bottom channeling, the Rome is a perfect board for intermediate to advanced riders looking for the ultimate relaxed, freeride feel. The Rome Wakeboard is part of the O'Brien 2018 line up! Available at Boaters Outlet or https://boatersoutlet.com/ If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (801)-568-0858
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How to Properly Operate a Personal Water Craft (PWC)
ALL PWC OWNERS, PLEASE WATCH! This is a very good video on what not to do when operating a PWC. Take the instruction from this video and apply it! It will make PWC operation not only safer, but more enjoyable for everyone around you.
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About Carver Bimini Tops
A brief video illustrating the quality and care that is put into every Carver Bimini Top
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SeaEagle Razor Lite Kayak
Buy all of your Sea Eagle products at http://www.boatersoutlet.com
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2018 Obrien FX 1 Wakesurfer (BOATERS OUTLET)
BOATERS OUTLET has a huge selection of Wakesurfers! boaters outlet.com
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GoPro Hero 3 Wakeboarding
http://www.boatersoutlet.com Get setup with a GoPro and a brand new wakeboard this year from BoatersOutlet.com!
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Check out the latest CWB Wakeboards at http://www.boatersoutlet.com
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2013 Connelly Big Daddy
Check out the Connelly Big Daddy at BoatersOutlet.com!
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Check out the latest CWB gear at http://www.boatersoutlet.com
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2013 CWB Kink Wakeboard
Check out the brand new 2013 CWB Kink at BoatersOutlet.com!
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2013 Connelly Concept
Check out the Connelly Concept at BoatersOutlet.com!
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2013 CWB Laguna Wakesurf
http://www.boatersoutlet.com/2013cwb-laguna-wakesurfer.aspx Check out the brand new CWB Laguna wakesurf board at BoatersOutlet.com!
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2013 Connelly Sonic Waterski
Check out the brand new Connelly Sonic at BoatersOutlet.com! Check out the Boaters Outlet channel for info on the latest gear, boating advice, and entertaining videos. We want to make your time out on the water as fun as possible. Let us know if we can answer any questions you have about our products! We are here to help, and WE ARE BOATING!
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