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Law Abiding Citizen - Clyde's a Born Tactitian - HD
Spies are a dime a dozen. Clyde's a think tank type guy. Assume this guy can hear and see everything that you're doing.
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Happy Gilmore - Double or Nothing - HD
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Dirty Grandpa (Unrated) - Karaoke Night - HD
Shadia and Jason discover each other.
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Friday - Look! She's Bendin' Over - HD
Claude have mercy, the lord is my shepard, he knows what I want!
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Bugs Bunny - I Want an Easter Egg - HD
Bugs tangles with the dead end kid.
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Caddyshack - Lets Liven This Place Up - HD
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Barnyard - Hittin The Hay - HD
The barnyard gang start the party after confirming farmer Brown is fast asleep.
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The Other Guys (Extended) - Dirty Mike and the Boys - HD
We determined a bunch of old homeless dudes had an orgy in the car. You know what it's called when they do that in there? It's called a soup kitchen!
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The Ugly Truth - Dinner With Corporate - HD
You got to love her enthusiasm right?
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Grown Ups 2 - Tire Ride - HD
Higgins takes a ride in a truck tire.
Views: 409853 YoureAJagOff
Vacation (2015) - White Water Rafting - HD
Rusty takes the family whitewater rafting.
Views: 881533 YoureAJagOff
Barnyard - There Is a Cow Outside - HD
This is a cow farm, you're gonna have cows outside.
Views: 408620 YoureAJagOff
R.I.P.D. - Nick's First Assignment - HD
Roy introduces Nick to his first deado.
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Bad Teacher (Unrated) - Is that Marijuana? - HD
It's medicinal marijuana.
Views: 435112 YoureAJagOff
Storks - She Was - HD
Tulip and Junior continue their pilgrimage to deliver their precious cargo.
Views: 2318052 YoureAJagOff
R.I.P.D. - She Billy Goated Me - HD
Why she covers up them ankles with them damn white boots, never understand!
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Next Friday - Meet D'Wana - HD
Uh oh. Look out, it's Day-Day's X. What's she doing with that big ass key?
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R.I.P.D. - The Universe's Witness Protection - HD
Nick observes his funeral from the sidelines. But Nick doesn't understand why his widowed wife doesn't recognize him when he tries to make contact with her.
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The 3 Stooges - Pie The Pie - HD
From the full length featurette: In The Sweet Pie And Pie (1941)
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Grown Ups - Wiley's An Animal - HD
Bailey: I want you to go down there hanging by your feet! Wiley: Is that even safe? Bailey: What do you care? You're an animal!
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Dirty Grandpa (Unrated) - That Guy Looks So Familiar - HD
I know that guy from somewhere! He was in my photography class. I'm going to go over and say hi.
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Now You See Me 2 - Lula Woos Jack - HD
Lula playfully flirts with Jack.
Views: 1014977 YoureAJagOff
Waiting - Mitch Snaps - HD
Through the whole movie Mitch doesn't get to get one word in edgewise. I'm surprised he lasted THAT long! roflmafao
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Grumpier Old Men - Hey Pop - HD
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GoodFellas - Everybody Takes a Beating - HD
But mostly he was pissed because I hung around at the cab stand. He knew what went on at that cab stand, and every once in a while I'd have to take a beating.
Views: 296989 YoureAJagOff
Just Go With It - Be My Pretend Wife - HD
You invent a fake wife every Friday night?
Views: 1051258 YoureAJagOff
GoodFellas - No More Shines - HD
I guess they didn't come up there and tell you.
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Pineapple Express - Item 9. It's The Bees Knees! - HD
In 1937 the military passes judgment on Item 9.
Views: 263759 YoureAJagOff
Men in Black - You Insensitive Prick! - HD
Do you have any idea how much that stings!
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GoodFellas - You're a Funny Guy - HD
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Men in Black - Heres The Deal - HD
At any given time, there are about 1500 aliens on the planet.
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R.I.P.D. -  Riding With the Best - HD
Nick takes a ride with his new partner Roy.
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The Untouchables - Everybody's Touchable - HD
Proof that nobody is untouchable. (Remastered for better continuity per suggestion of Gaston Palavicino)
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Storks - Preparing For The Stork - HD
Nate starts prepping for the arrival of the stork and convinces his father to help him.
Views: 3275924 YoureAJagOff
Grown Ups - Sneaking Into Line - HD
We're doing the backdoor shuffle. We're cutting into line.
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Morris Day & The Time (End Credits) - HD
Morris Day & The Time perform the closing credits.
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Meet The Parents - At the Airport - HD
Please step aside, we will be boarding your row momentarily.
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R.I.P.D. -  Tough Day - HD
Nick, you have skills we want! So, you can either take your chances with judgment, or join the R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department)
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Barnyard - Boy Tipping - HD
That's called boy tipping!
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The 3 Stooges - Raw Oyster Stew - HD
Today we got raw oyster stew. What you have?
Views: 214305 YoureAJagOff
Barnyard - Wild Mike - HD
He just can't fight it, Otis is a real party animal!
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Storks - The Orphan Tulip - HD
Tulip has turned 18 and can now be liberated.
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Barnyard - I Won't Back Down - HD
Ben sings I won't Back down as he goes up against Dag and his pack as they try to raid the henhouse.
Views: 620931 YoureAJagOff
Grown Ups 2 - A Loss of Appetite - HD
Greg has a loss of appetite because of something he saw earlier in the day.
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Back To School - Contemporary American History - HD
I hold history very sacred!
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Alien - Crew Expendable - HD
Ash's last words are a smug offering of his sympathies as he mocks the crew's chances of survival. What and AshHole. :-)
Views: 185318 YoureAJagOff
Storks - How You Like Me Now - HD
Pigeon Toady follows the trail of Tulip & Junior and reports their whereabouts to Hunter.
Views: 2011544 YoureAJagOff
R.I.P.D. - Eternal Affairs - HD
Roy and Nick have to answer for letting Fat Elvis escape.
Views: 1233542 YoureAJagOff
Horrible Bosses (Totally Inappropriate Edition) - Mixing Business With Pleasure - HD
Julia crosses way over the line pushing Dale to the brink by purposely mixing business with pleasure on top of Dale's fiancée.
Views: 646607 YoureAJagOff

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