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Killed By Drunk Driver October 2, 2000. Tribute To Lauren Hartnett
Lauren Hartnett, 25, was killed by a drunk driver named Amy on October 2, 2000 in Sonoma County, California. This video shows what would of been the last half mile and 50 seconds of her life. At the time of the accident Lauren was driving her 1999 Saturn west bound on River Road to her home in Forestville, Ca. She worked two jobs. But that night she had just got off work from Wal-Mart in Windsor, Ca. She probably did not see the truck until the last second and had no time to react before impact. Hopefully she had no time to be afraid or feel pain. The cars hit so hard Lauren was partially ejected through the windshield and most likely the seat belt was what nearly decapitated her. Her Saturn was no match for the Dodge truck and was pushed back 100 feet to their final resting place. An innocent life taken by a repeat DUI offender, now murderer who decided to drive drunk with no lights at speeds around 80mph in the wrong lane. It truly is a tragic story of what happened to Lauren and the passenger in Amy's truck Chris Carillo who was also killed. (Tribute to Chris to come soon) Even though I know we can never bring them back, their memory needs to be kept alive and story told. The woman who was responsible lost her leg in the accident, but that was about as much as she has suffered. She now owns a bar in Rhode Island, where she posted a picture stating she was "Living The Dream". And when asked on the application for the liquor license if she had been convicted of a crime she casually wrote "Yes. DUI 2000 California". She failed to mention the two counts of felony vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. How can a person who has not shown she could hold herself accountable for her own drinking be relied upon to assess those she is serving alcohol too. Who else has she endangered? Those who can do something have been notified, but as if Christmas Day we are still waiting for them to act. I do not own any rights to the song.
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Trubute to Lauren Hartnett & Chris Carrillo Victims Of Drunk Driving
New Years 2015 is only a couple hours old. Somewhere there are two different families and friends all over that feel the sting of Lauren and Chris not being with them to celebrate. Somewhere in Rhode Island is the woman who did it. She has hid this secret for 14 years, which is long enough. Too long. She said she would spend her lift committed to keeping their memory alive. Didn't happen. Instead she opens a bar and grill. Brags about Bloody Mary's and "Living The Dream". "Life is good" she posted to a picture on a trip to the beach to collect sand. Life hasn't been good for the families who's daughters, sisters, granddaughters, friends she took away.
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Liquor License Given To Convicted DUI Killer Narragansett RI Town Council 9/3/13
This is the portion of the Narragansett Town Council meeting where the liquor license was approved for someone who was convicted a vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence when she killed two people drunk driving on October 2, 2000. A question on the application asks if you have been convicted of a DUI. The answer written simply was, "Yes 2000 DUI California." That was a lie. I do not own any rights to the original video.
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